(for those who can’t read my horrible hand writing.)

Pimp: DAAAAADDDDDDDDDDD! Pay Attention To me! You love Crud More don’t you! You Always draw him more! DAD LOVE ME!

Sho: Pimp Shut up!  I love you and Crud equally. He’s just been getting more attention lately thats all.

Crud: Neeeeehhhhhhhhh

(< V > It’s just a sketch that came to my mind, and uhgggg, i’m sorry aha it’s sorta a sketch, Though I can’t really imagine Pimp to be the kind to whine like that, though it was draw writing the dialogue aha…

I guess, it’s suppose to be a little realism vs. cartoon so it’s suppose to look this way, I’m sorry i’m bad at drawing masculine men! >^<)

i’ll just drop this off here, and go hide in my corner now )