pimped out rooms

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Thor finds out Loki likes Darcy and vice-versa and is insufferable, which naturally Loki pretends to hate but totally loves.

“I just don’t understand why the scary leather loving pirate guy wants me here so bad to be honest.”  Darcy said to Jane in a loud exaggerated whisper. “I mean I’m just the coffee monkey who monitors your eating and sleeping patterns.”

“Hush, Darce, I am sure Director Fury values you’re input on these kinds of things.” Jane replied with a much more subtle whisper than her intern.

Currently Darcy and a couple members of the team of misfits (aka the ‘avengers’) were occupying a conference room (though it was a pretty pimped out conference room with all the touch screens and hologram thingies). Thor, Bruce, Jane, and Loki were waiting in awkward silence for the fashionably late Nicky Fury to debrief them on their upcoming project.

The science nerds (plus Thor) were sitting at the conference table at 9 in the morning on a Saturday. Well, all were sitting apart from Loki who was currently doing an amusing unintentional impression of an Asgardian James Dean standing up with his arms crossed and his back against the wall.

A couple more minutes passed before Darcy looked around suddenly as if she was on a quest for something and when she seemingly couldn’t find what she was looking for she let out a frustrated huff and slumped back into her chair lifting her legs so they were on top of the expensive table.

Loki looked up at Miss. Lewis’s silent display of frustration with an amused smirk. He had spent a great deal of time with the humorous little mortal and has grown to be quite fond of her.

 “Why, Miss. Lewis, what has got you to be so restless?” Loki asked humoring her. At this, Thor looked curiously at his brother. As of late Loki hadn’t been one to give into ‘humoring’ any body

“There’s no DOUGHNUTS! Every early morning conference meeting is required by unofficial law to provide doughnuts and coffee.” Darcy said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world gesturing to the empty table. “I mean if SHEILD can afford all this fancy-ass computer tables and stuff I am pretty sure they can spare a couple bucks to pay for some damn doughnuts for their employees they force out of bed at 8:30 in the morning, but NO…..” then muttering under her breath “have some humanity people” she said crossing her arms again.

“Ah, how unfortunate” Loki said sarcastically though still smirking with his eyes alight with humor.

“Hey! I don’t need your norse flavored sass right now Lokster, I’m already hungry bored, you don’t wanna test me right now” she says narrowing her blue eyes at him from behind her glasses.

“Oh, I can hardly conceal my fear of the might of your wrath” Loki drawled placing a hand dramatically over his heart. Darcy stuck her tongue out at him. However, Loki caught her lip twitch upwards threatening to smile a half a second later.

“Why are you even here?” she asked “don’t you have more important mischief things to do, oh God of Mischief? I mean shouldn’t you be covering toilet seats with glue or planting whoopee cushions underneath unsuspecting SHEILD agents?” Darcy rhetorically asked.

“Why, I am here to enjoy the pleasure of your company, of course.” He proclaimed fallowing it up with a dramatic bow all the while maintaining eye-contact with her smirking.

She blushed and before she could respond Thor beat her to it.

“Well, brother, you certainly must be here for the pleasure of Lady Darcy’s company, you were not required to be here this morning” Thor said in a poorly masked attempt to be subtle. Loki only offered to come after he learned that Miss. Lewis would be attending as well.

Thor has noticed the shift in the relationship between the two of them over the past three months of his ‘community service’ (as Lady Darcy called it) here on Midgard.  The two seemed to be growing quite fond of each other and Thor relished in his brother’s change of attitude even if it wasn’t yet directed at him.

“Awwwwwwe, Loki really does care” Darcy said while delicately brushing away some nonexistent tears of happiness.

“Well, Darce you didn’t have to come either,” Jane spoke up catching onto Thor’s matchmaking “I told you I could have given you the breakdown of the meeting later, you just came when you found out Loki was going to be here.”

Jane lacked even more subtlety than Thor. She was clearly a woman of science not matchmaking.

“Yeah well, I thought there’d be doughnuts too” Darcy muttered looking away from Loki’s delighted smirking face.

“Ah, Miss. Lewis it appears your face is turning into a delightfully appealing shade of pink,” Loki said smirking at the woman “Perhaps the heat and congestion of this crowded chamber is getting to you, allow me to escort you to the medical facility” Loki said swooping down on her and leading her with his hand on the small of her back out of the room. Both of them attempting to hide the mischievous looks they exchanged with each other.

And before anyone else could say anything they were out of the room leaving the three others behind them.

 Bruce attempted to hide an amused snort at the looks of shock and confusion that was etched across the previously smug faces of Thor and Jane

He spoke up drawing their attention away from the door. “I don’t expect those two are going to the medical center, they may have to make a detour to one of their rooms.”

Thor and Jane exchanged looks when they realized that their matchmaking skills may have kicked in a little too late.

Because currently Darcy and Loki were occupying a nearby vacant hallway, and they were certainly enjoying the pleasure of each other’s company, however there wasn’t much talking going on.