pimpcup asked:

Hello! I also love your headcanons! They always make me smile :D

Thank you so much!! It honestly means so much that people say these sorts of things because I love being in the ITF fandom and I love making up these silly things and talking to people so much it gives me such a sense of community and importance and I feel like I have a place here and knowing that people actually enjoy the stuff I do means so much you have no idea thank you!! xx

pimpcup asked:

All the cool stuff happens in Auckland! Any chance the panel will be streamed online?

ah, it won’t be streamed live but i thiiink it’s gonna be filmed and posted online later :)

pimpcup asked:

Nothing will ever fix zits unless you get on meds. I've accepted this hard fact after years of battle with my face.

yeah and even prescription creams and stuff might not work but ive heard good things about using certain birth controls to balance out hormones but obviously talk to your doctor about that!