It doesn’t matter who you were. What you were doing before the turn, it doesn’t matter. Hasn’t mattered for a long time.

Payne In My Heart(Chapter 6)

****Stil Liam’s POV*****

The next day, I took Jasmine out the entire time. We went out to breakfast, I won her a bear at the carnival, and had a picnic for lunch at the park. We were lying on the grass eating what was left of the chips and looking at the clouds. “Let’s play a game, how about we ask random,simple questions about eachother to get to know eachother more."i suggested.

"Alright, what’s your favorite color?"she asked me.

"Purple."i answered truthfully,"okay, what’s your ethnic background?”

“My mom’s part central american and my dad is full on Salvadorian, but I was born here, but people don’t think I’m of Latin decent because i have pale skin, but i know a little bit of spanish, my cousin teaches me sometimes.” I looked at her and just smiled. Shes’s beautiful, smart, funny, and is Latin. “So what was your last relationship?"she asked me skeptically.

"I was with a girl names Danielle and we dated for 2 years and then she broke uo with me to pursue her dancing/modeling career."I explained.

"Oh,I’m sorry,” she sat up,her eyes dropped and she looked sad.I too sat up and turned to face her. I lifted her chin so i could look into her eyes.“What’s wrong?"I asked her with a worried expression.

"It’s just, you dated a dancer slash model, and i just don’t understsnd why you are here with me!"she threw her arms up, tears forming in here eyes,"I know you didn’t do anything wrong, but it just, i don’t know, how am i supposed to follow her up, and, and….” I cupped my hands on either side of her face and silienced her lips with mine. I felt her hesitating, trying to pull back, eyes wide open. I kept kissing her passionately and then i felt her give up. Her eyes drooped closed and then the intensity of the kiss kept growing. I wrapped one of my hands around her waist tighlty, crushing her to me, and my other hand was holding her face to mine. Her fingers were knotted in my hair and we both fell back against the ground. I smiled inbetween the kiss and so did she. She bit my lip, and i was surprised. I hadn’t seen this side in her, but I also didn’t want to take advantge of her. I slowed down and eventually pulled away. “Jasmine, I don’t need a model slash dancer girlfriend, and why would you want to follow her up? I love you the way you are,"her eyes grew wide when i said those words,” I love your hair… your hands… your arms… your neck… your cheeks… your eyes"i told her, kissing each of those parts as i decribed them,“but most importantly, i just love you. If it was between you and a model, I would pick you any day.” I gave her a peck on the lips and i now wrapped both my arms around her. We layed on the ground in silence for a while. She was nestled right next to me and I could tell she felt safe.

I broke the silence,“So blue streaks huh?” She giggled and said,“hey, its my favorite color. Don’t judge!” “hey, why dont we walk around a bit. see what we can find.” I stood and pulled her up. We both packed up the picnic basket and dropped it off at the car. I held her hand the whole time,never letting go. We passed some shops and looked around. The place where we went to was packed andshe decided to stand in the corner and decide our next move. There was a lady selling bracelts next to us and I bought Jasmine this charm bracelet i caught her looking at. I put it on her and her smile made my world complete.

We walked back down the street trying to find our way back to the car. Suddenly, this man stepped in front of us. Judging on his shabby clothes and filthy skin, he looked homeless but evidently had enough money looking because he had a cigarette in his hand. “Hey, arnt you that boy in that band that sing that song all over the radio?” He pointed his cigarette at me as if trying to recall me from his memory. He took a giant puff of his cigarette and blew it in Jasmine’s direction. He did it once more, but this time she started coughing. Her coughing grew more intense and she started wheezing heavily. I faced her and held her,“Are you okay?What’s going on?"I grapped onto her and asked in a panicked tone. "I……have……asthma"she choked out. The man was oblivious to the whole scene that was happeing right in front of him and he kept blowing clouds of smoke in her face. Her face turned red, and her coughing became more violent, her eyes grew wide,and she was basically gasping for air. Her lips turnes blue,she was more pale that usual, and she was sweating. I snatched the cigarette from the man and threw it as far away as I could. The man,still not paying attention, ran after it. She pointed a shaky finger at her purse that was now on the ground. I picked it up getting the hint and dug through it, i pulled out her inhaler and handed it to her. But it was too late, she had already collapsed.

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Payne In My Heart(Chapter 18)

       My eyes slowly opened, trying to adjust to the light coming in from the window. Liam was still fast asleep, his arms wrapped protectively around my waist. I layed there in silence, letting the memories of last night pour into my head. My hand traced the line on my neck that Liam had covered in kisses last night. I smiled in delight, remembering it all.

       However, the loud sound coming from my stomach interrupted my day dream. I tried to ignore the sound, my mind picking up where it left off. But another growl escaped from it, only this time it was louder. God, I was hungry. Then, my hunger came to the point of being unbearable after I tried putting it off for another couple of minutes. But how was I suppose to get up without waking Liam?

       I slowly inched my legs to the edge of the bed, and my arm tried to pry off Liam’s. After I successfully pulled his arm off enough for me to slide out, I began to get up. As I was trying to untangle myself from the bed sheet, Liam’s hand caught my wrist, pulling me back into bed.

His strong  arms pulled me closer to him,nuzzling his head in my neck, as he asked,“What’s wrong babe?”

I could hear the raspy,sleepiness in his voice,and replied,“I was just getting up because I was hungry, sorry i woke you.”

 "No, it’s fine. You’re hungry? Well I dont blame you, after last night.“

       My cheeks turned a harsh shade of red, trying to hide my face in the pillow as i blushed, but still nodded. He immediately let me go, and began to get up.

"Uh Liam, where are you going?” I sat up from the bed and gave him a confused look.

“To go make you breakfast of course,"was all he replied, grabbing a pair of shorts out of the drawer nearby and simply slipping them on as he walked out the room.

       I gushed at how sweet he was. Curious, I hopped out of bed, and rummaged through Liam’s drawer, searching for one of his shirts. I found an large old gray crew neck tshirt and put it on. It probably reached above my mid thigh, but hung loosely. I walked out of the room, rubbing my eyes lazily as they struggled to adjust to the light.

       As I got to the kitchen, Liam was cooking omelettes on the stove. I stealthily snuck up behind him, and jumped on his back,startling him. I wrapped my legs around his torso and started attacking his neck with several kisses. His back stiffened from the shock, but quickly laughed.

"You’re such a weirdo,"he chuckled as he turned his head to connect his lips with mine. His arms grabbed onto my thighs, lifting me up from his back and slowly setting me back down to the ground.

"Mmmmm smells good, what can I do to help?"I asked.

"Nothing, you’re not allowed to help, I want to make this special."he informed me.

       I giggled, and walked over to the sofa, plopping myself on it. I grabbed the remote and started flipping through the channels. I settled with a local gossip show.

       A bubbly reporter appeared on screen,holding a stack of papers in her hand, trying to look as professional as possible. She glanced at the papers, and her voice boomed,

*Breaking News: Start feeling the Payne girls, Liam Payne spends the night with mystery girl, Louis Tomlinson reveals in tweet! All coming up next…*

       My jaw dropped and I just sat there, emotionless. My body went numb with shock. I just couldn’t process what just happened.

**************Liam’s POV******************

"Hey Jaz, food’s ready!"I  called. After I didn’t hear a response for a while, I curiously went to check on her. She was on the couch, her head between her knees.

"Babe? You alright?” I shook her shoulder, but she wouldn’t budge. “What’s wrong babe?”

She still wouldn’t give. I knealt in front of her, trying to see to see her beautiful face. But I quickly became more worried, and started pleading for her to look at me. All she did was lift her arm and point at the television. I looked at the screen just as the program was coming back from commercial.

*Did a mystery girl feel the Payne last night? Louis Tomlinson tweeted yesterday: Jasmine is going to feel the Payne tonight! Who is Jasmine? Was this a one time thing or has Daddy Direction been keeping a secret from us? We will keep you guys posted when we find out more…*

Suddenly, I heard her cry, her body shook with each sob. I knew we weren’t prepared for this, but it had to be done eventually. We can finally come out as a couple! But why was she so sad about it?

“Babe, dont cry, you’re far to beauitful to cry,"I said, smoothing her hair.

She lifted her head, and her eyes were red and puffy. I wiped her tears away with my thumbs, and hugged her close to my chest.

"Think of it as a good thing, we can finally go public, no nore hiding, I can show the world my amazing girlfriend."I yelled enthusiastically.

"Liam, I know that, and I’m glad we can finally come out, it’s just that, how will your fans react? I know what happened to Eleanor, she was completely raided with hate, I’m just trying to say is that I’m scared of it all…"her voice trailed off, as more tears started to rim her eyes.

"Listen, the fans will fall in love with you like I did. If something does hapen, I’ll be here with you every step of the way."I reassured her.

She nodded, and started to wipe the tears away from her eyes.

"C'mon, let’s forget about this right now, breakfast is ready!”

***************Author’s Note: Sorry for being a day late! I hope you guys like the chapter, load more stuff happening later on, this is partially a filler chapter, but hope you guys like it. And I apologize for it being pretty short compared to my  other chapters, but remember its just a filler chapter, enjoy! xx