October 10

The Biologic Show is a comic book series written and drawn by Al Columbia. The first issue, #0, was released on October 10, 1994 by Fantagraphics Books. Each issue of The Biologic Show contains several short stories and illustrated poems. Many of the pieces deal with disturbing subject matter such as mutilation, incest, and the occult. Issue #0 introduces three of Columbia’s recurring characters: the hapless, Koko the Clown-like Seymour Sunshine in the opening story “No Tomorrow If I Must Return”, and the sibling duo Pim and Francie in “Tar Frogs”. Reaction to The Biologic Show upon its release was mixed. One of the few contemporaneous reviews of issue #0 in the comics press dismissed it as “an array of senselessness. Themes are inane or non-existent and none seem to progress any sense of story.” However, the series was highly praised by other alternative comics creators including Mike Allred and Jim Woodring, who wrote that “[i]t’s full of stuff you don’t want to think about too much, but it’s so much fun to look at that you can’t help but linger. [Columbia] does tricks with time and revelations that are shockingly deft.”