CATCH ME. [Page 1]

 Hello!! Here is the first page of the League of Legends that I’m working on. I really hope you enjoy this guys!! Because I have so much plans for the story.

Here is a really young Caitlyn, trying to catch the “bad people” who make problems in Piltolver! And it looks like she need help!!

(I love to name this page “How I met your mother xDDDDDDD) (Ok, no, just joking)

I was thinking about open a Patreon page if this have good reviews, because I really want to do it but I dont really have so much time.

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shukuchiisms  asked:

the young kitsune, sees jinx shooting piltolver security robots, she starts laughing "hey ... that sounds like fun! I would like to try ...."

“Of course it’s fun! Bullets make eeevvverything fun!!” She said with a laugh