I will close my physical eyes and dismiss the temptations of matter. I will peer through the darkness of silence until my eyes of relativity open into the one inner eye of light. When my two eyes that behold both good and evil become single, and behold in everything, only the divine goodness of God, I shall see that my body, mind, and soul have become filled with His omnipresent light.

The Journey of Pilgrimage

Sometimes we think that a spiritual pilgrimage means traveling a long distance. But each time you make a journey to the ashram or to a temple, or even to the little shrine within your own home to practice your sadhana of meditation and seeking God, it should be with the same enthusiasm and joy, the same anticipation and joy, the same anticipation and openness of your heart and mind that you would feel if you were setting out on a long pilgrimage. For that is what sadhana is, isn’t it? - a pilgrimage of the soul back to God.

You know what is meant by anticipation; it is when you especially want something, and you feel a great sense of joyous urgency and longing inside: “I can’t wait until I get to my destination!” So when you come to any sacred location, and also when you enter daily into meditation, leaving behind for some time your worries, your family and business responsibilities, go into that environment with the conscious remembrance of what you are seeking from that pilgrimage: “I have come, Lord, to Your holy place. Let me drink deeply of Your presence, of your blessings and love!” Thus you make yourself receptive, and you will find that when you return to your duties, even though your outer difficulties may still be there, you will have a deeper vitality and inner peace, a deeper divine attunement that will make you better able to resolve them.

-Sri Mrinalini Mata, SRF Mag, Summer 13.

* Photo of St Francis shrine taken this week at SRF Lakeshrine, Pacific Palisades, Ca during Convocation.

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