Tyler & Josh doing the handshake
Shanghai, China | 7.28.15

no phun intended masterpost

i hadnt seen a full masterpost yet and someone asked me to post it so here are all 17 of the supposed 19 songs that were released, theyre all youtube videos but you’ll be able to download them by using a video converter

  1. blasphemy
  2. drown
  3. hole in the ground
  4. save
  5. taken by sleep
  6. i want to know
  7. just like yesterday
  8. never change
  9. prove me wrong
  10. realize that its wrong
  11. tonight
  12. falling too
  13. whisper
  14. TB saga
  15. trees
  16. where did we go
  17. hear me now

the two songs that are missing are called chords and im a goner (i dont know if that is supposed be an original version of goner or if whoever had npi got it mixed up)


Twenty one pilots - Lane Boy (Warner Acoustics)