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Keith lunged toward Lance once more, pinning him for the third time in two minutes. Their sparring matches usually ended in Keith’s victory, but never this quickly.

“Come on, Lance; you’re not even trying,” he prodded. Lance’s grimace (the one he’d been sporting all day, Keith had noticed) turned into an outright scowl at Keith’s jab.

“Sorry,” he said flippantly, “I’m distracted. And tired. Can I be done with this for the day?” Shiro looked surprised when Lance turned toward him, but before he could answer, Keith was interrupting.

“Seriously? You’re just ‘done with this for the day?’” 

Lance bristled. “I wasn’t asking you.”

“You know why we train, right?” Keith pressed. 

“Keith, knock it off,” Shiro grumbled, but Keith didn’t stop his assault. 

“It’s because what we do is important. So whatever you’ve got that’s distracting you, whatever girl turned you down at the space mall or whatever conditioner you ran out of, you need to forget about it so you can focus on your actual responsibility to the universe for once.”

“Well, I’m sorry; not all of us just have this one big responsibility to the fucking universe,” Lance snapped in a terrifying quiet tone. “Can I not be cut a little bit of slack on the one day that I can’t stop thinking about the responsibility I was pulled away from?”

Keith looked shocked, his mouth falling open for a moment. Lance sighed and rubbed his face tiredly. 

“What are you talking about?”

“Look, I’m sorry. I just–I’m stressed out. Can I just go back to my room?” Lance asked.

“No,” Shiro replied, “Tell us what you meant. What other responsibilities are you talking about?” Lance often felt homesick, Shiro knew, but he had always thought it was missing the comforts of home–not some kind of fear of what he had left behind.

Lance hesitated. “I mean, my mom is back on Earth, raising six children alone, and the next oldest one is my little sister, and she’s only 14.”

Shiro softened. “I’m sorry,” he replied, “I had no idea. But you know they’re fine, right? You mom was on her own with them while you were at Garrison, wasn’t she?”

“Well yeah,” Lance admitted, “but that’s the problem. That school is expensive, and it took almost all of our savings money. I was supposed to start working over the summer as a cargo pilot and eventually get a full time piloting job to cover the expenses, but now I’m here, and they’re on Earth with all my debt and loans on one income. My sister is supposed to start looking at schools this year, but without my loans paid off, she’s not going to have any options. She’s just going to have to get a job, and that’s–I just can’t–today is–” he trailed off, but Pidge knew what he was trying to say.

“The deadline for Garrison applications,” she finished. Lance nodded, not taking his eyes off the floor. 

“Mi hermanita would have made a really great pilot,” he near-whispered, smiling sadly, “way better than me. And she’s not going to get to be one. Because I’m here defending the universe. So, yeah,” he looked back up at Keith with tears shimmering in his eyes, “I know this is my one big duty. And I know it comes with sacrifices, and I’ve made them all willingly. But I just–my sister shouldn’t have to, right? She doesn’t get to go to flight school because of her brother, who she probably thinks is dead anyway? I’m trying, but I just–today I need a little slack.” He set his bayard down on the ground and turned away. “I’m done with this for the day,” he said as he went back to his room. No one stopped him this time.

The night shift

Pairing: JongIn x Reader

Genre: Smut (submissive, blow job attached)

Word Count: 2,4k

Anon’s req: “ Hello! Can I have a Kai smut in which he’s usually really proud of himself because he’s always dominant and makes his girlfriend feel good but one day she decides to take the lead? Thank you! ‘

     The left side on your bed is empty every single night. It feels cold and strange now that your husband has to work the night shift for almost a month. And it’s not an easy job to be a pilot, to have hundreds of people aboard and to work like it’s day. Of course, the airplane has a radar and specific things that help the work during the night, but it’s much more complicated for you to understand. 

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Unknown King - part VII

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Great Gatsby AU

Summary: After moving to New York, aspiring author Y/N gets more than what she bargained for when she befriends her mysterious neighbor. In a blur of riches and beauty, she finds herself falling for the man who remains unknown.

A/N: Sugar daddy Bucky starts to emerge in this part

Word count: 1.8 +

Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI


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You spent Friday afternoon dodging butlers, gardeners, chefs and servers who were going in and out of the house, preparing for the party that would happen later that night. Bucky went away to meet someone for business arrangements. You lounged in your bedroom, staring down and watched as the workers unfolded the amusement park before you. Shea was putting fresh towels in the bathroom.

“What are you going to wear for the party, Y/N?” She asked.

“I’m not sure,” You replied. “I’m actually not even sure if I should attend the party.”

“And why is that?” Her voice echoed in the cast bathroom.

You shrugged, “I don’t want to run into any of my coworkers and I also don’t want them to suspect anything.”

“I see,” She said. “Would you still like me to help you pick out something to wear?”

You nodded and walked towards the giant walk in closet that came with the bedroom. You had very little clothing so you only used the first floor of the closet. With Shea’s help, you agreed with a chair of worn out jeans and a shirt.

“I like it,” Shea said. “Very trendy.” She paused and placed a finger on her earpiece. “I have just received word that Mister Barnes has touched down and will arrive at any moment.”

She was right, about fifteen minutes later, the mansion gates were opened and a black SUV Cadillac rolled in. You walked out just as Bucky was climbing the steps. He smiled and pulled you in for a long lingering kiss.

“Hey there, gorgeous,” He said in his low voice. “Did you miss me?”

“Your trip war shorter than I realized it would be,” You said.

“Henry, my pilot does his job well,” He explained and looked over your head to see the commotion going on in his house. “I can see that the preparations are almost done.”

“Mister Barnes,” Ace interrupted. “Where would you like me to put the packages?”

Bucky turned to him before looking back at you, “Put them in Y/N’s room. I’m sure she’ll have a splendid time opening them all.”

You watched as three butlers grabbed two bags each and carried them into the house. Your lips parted and you turned to Bucky, he smiled at you.

“You didn’t have to do that,” You said.

“But I wanted to,” He added. “Go on, I’ll be there in a bit.”

Although you probably should have argued with him some more, you couldn’t help but be excited about the new gifts. You’ve never been given more than 5 presents in your lifetime and now you were receiving 6 at the same time. You turned on your heel and hurried up the stairs, careful not to run into servers who were rushing around with trays of wine glasses. The butlers walked past you as you entered your bedroom.

You didn’t know where to begin. You grabbed the box white box that said ‘Jimmy Choo’, you opened it and instantly fell in love with the beautiful champagne heels that sat in the box. They fit you perfectly and put the box on your bed before moving onto the next gift. You pulled out a sheer gray robe with gray fur trimming. You immediately slipped it on and felt overwhelmed. All in all, you received two new dresses another pair of shoes and a brand new Macbook.

“Do you like it?” Bucky asked.

You turned and engulfed him into a kiss, “ I love it.”

“Almost forgot one thing,” He pulled out something from behind his back. It was a velvet rectangular box. He opened it and revealed a gorgeous pearl necklace that had over twenty pearls. You took it in your hand and continued to stare at it, not believing what was before your eyes.

“It’s beautiful,” You said.

“Picked it out myself,” He smiled proudly.

“But why?” You looked at him. “Why would you get it for me?”

“You deserve to get treated like the queen that you are.”

“Are you sure you wouldn’t want to join the party?” Bucky asked.

You shook your head and balanced the glass of liquor in your hand. “I would much rather be here with you.” You looked out the window in his study. The pandemonium was in the courtyard. Men and women jumped into the pool and acted as if they were at a carnival. They danced wherever and with whoever they desired.

You had spent the entire time in his study, talking about his business trip and upcoming ones. You slowly grew tired of watching and turned away before sitting on the velvet sofa that was in the room. You leaned back and rested the glass on the coffee table. You closed your eyes just as Ace walked in.

“Mister Barnes it’s Mister Harrison,” He said.

“He’s here? Now?” Bucky asked. You opened your eyes to see an annoyed look flash through his eyes. “Will you be alright by yourself for a few minutes?”

You nodded.

“Sorry, doll, it’s business,” He said and followed Ace out the door.

Within the thirty minutes that he was gone, you had ordered five drinks. By the time he walked back into the room, you were quite tipsy. He looked angry but when his eyes fell on you, they softened and he pulled you into a kiss. He tucked a strand of your hair behind your ear and held you against his chest. He sighed and you weren’t sure if you wanted to ask him about the event that just occurred.

“Have you seen the firework show?” He asked.

“From the small window in my cottage,” You said.

“What’s the point of coming to these parties if you miss the best part?” He grabbed your hand. “Come on, I’ll give you the best view.”

He led you to a door that was hidden behind a thick curtain. Bucky opened it and revealed a dimly lit spiral staircase. He motioned for you to go up and you did, without hesitation. By the time you reached the top, your thighs were on fire. You pushed the door open and stepped onto the roof. You looked behind you, Bucky emerged from one of the many towers that were built into the palace.

Bucky pointed to the horizon. “ The show’s about to start.”

Just as the words left his mouth, fireworks erupted throughout the sky, lighting it all up. It was one after another. You walked closer to the edge, Bucky held your waist close to his body. You looked down and watched as a man dressed in a suit was moving his hands as if conducting the fireworks himself. They sparkled in the sky in dozens of brilliant colors. A smile plays on your lips as you watched the mesmerizing show of color and fire.

Something in the corner of your eye caught your attention, you looked away momentarily and saw a few of Bucky’s butlers beating the shit out of an older man. You pursed your lips and immediately looked away. You looked back into the sky just as the last of the fireworks went off. They spread across the sky in giants balls of shimmering light. You turned and pressed a kiss on Bucky as the fireworks continued to rage on behind you.

You woke up in a room that was bigger than any you’ve ever been in. The ceiling was high, the chandelier was dark, its crystals were dim. The duvet was a silky gold color. The bed was large, making you feel small and alone. You sat up. Your hair was disheveled and your shirt was on the floor. The drapes were dark and covered the probably equally tall windows. You looked around, the second floor of the bedroom had tall shelves with clothes. Each cubby was full. You pushed yourself off the bed and grabbed your sheer robe that was draped over a chair. You picked up your shirt and hurried out of the room. The train of the robe billowed behind you as you rushed through the halls. You turned a corner and crashed into Shea

“Y/N!” She exclaimed. “I was just coming to fetch you from Mister Barnes’ bedroom.”

“Holy shit,” You said aloud. “His room is huge!”

“I wouldn’t know, I’ve never been in it,” She said and shrugged onto the next subject. “Want me to take you to your room? The house is big, it’s easy to get lost.”

You nodded meekly.

You breathed in a breath of fresh air once you stepped into your bedroom. Shea opened the balcony doors, the thin curtains flowed in from the light gust of wind that was picking up.

“Mister Barnes in waiting for you in the kitchen,” Shea said. “Now I have some errands to run.”

“Thank you, Shea,” You smiled as she left.

You changed into something more comfortable before slipping on your robe and walking down to the kitchen. Bucky looked at you and smiled. You couldn’t help but feel sick.

“Morning doll, you look beautiful,” He said.

You gave him a forced smile, “Last night, did we…?”

He furrowed his eyebrows then shook his head, “God, no. You were drunk and half conscious, I didn’t want to take advantage of you.”

You walked over to him, cupped his cheeks and stood on your toes to kiss him, “You have no idea how relieved I am to hear that. Not that I don’t want to do that with you,” You quickly said. “It’s just that, I down want it to be like that.” You blushed furiously as the word vomit continued to spill out of your mouth.

Bucky smiled, “I know what you mean, love.” He kissed your forehead. “I made breakfast.” He showed you the plate of French toast.

Your mouth watered as you took the plate. The smell was so strong but so good. You didn’t realize how hungry you were until you wolfed down three slices of the French toast. You leaned back in your chair and took a deep breath.

“That was delicious,” You remarked.

“I’m glad you liked it,” he said.

You looked around the kitchen. The vivid memory of the butlers beating up the guy was still burning in your head. You found yourself staring off into the distance, your mind going blank as you looked at nothing in particular. You forced yourself to look away, meeting Bucky’s eyes once again.

“I spaced out for a moment there,” You regarded.

Ace walked into the room, he whispered something into Bucky’s ear. He nodded and stood up, “I need to take this.” He walked out of the room with Ace trailing behind him. Shea appeared from around the corner. You needed to get out of the house for a while.

“Shea, would you like to come with me to the store?” You asked.

Her eyes widened momentarily, “Are you sure you want me to come?”

You nodded, “Yes, we can have someone drive us.”

“Okay,” She said. “I’ll have Thomas bring a car over.”

You felt like you were suffocating. Living in Bucky’s place was great but you only ever left the house when you went out on dates. It’s time you get some fresh air and go out on your own. You needed to clear your head and Bucky will be fine if he’s alone for a while.

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I Hate You

Word Total: 1091…  

Request: Anonymous asked: Can I request one where Poe and reader are always arguing and everybody is like damn don’t let them be in the same room together but secretly they totally banging and love each other and nobody figures whats really going on

Pairing:  Poe Dameron x Reader

“Not again” Rey sighed rubbing her temples as soon as Y/N and Poe started to shout at each other, for the simple fact that he had left the door open behind him. “Could you two be civil for at least a minu─”

“That’s why someone invented the doors,” Y/N with angry steps she stood in front of the door, took the handle and smiled back at Poe. “To have privacy, Dameron” Poe rolled his eyes and crossed his arms across his chest. “You take this and then slowly pushed it the opposite way you opened it and there you go you close the damn door”

Finn looked back and forth between Y/N and Poe. “Why do we have to be together with them in a room?” He turned his head towards Rey’s direction. “Whose idea was to put this two in a room?” he added as they started to shout at each other about anything that wasn’t the problem at first: the door.

“It was mine actually”

Everyone’s head turn towards the open door and saw General Organa. Y/N quickly closed her mouth and Poe stood straight putting his hands behind him “I need two experts to complete this mission” the General said as she entered the room and stood in the middle.

“Complete? She barely can count to ten” Poe said with a smirk pointing towards Y/N. “Besides she doesn’t-“

“Shut up, Dameron. You can even fix a damn water leak in your bathroom. My grandmother could do a better job in piloting… please the best pilot of the galaxy my─”

Y/N shut her mouth as soon as General Organa look at her. “I apologize” she smiled at the General then glared at Poe who snickered beside her.

“In my defense, it was difficult to rea-“

“Shut up you two, you quarrel like an old couple”


“We don’t─”

“In that case, can you both be silent and listen to me; for a moment”

Y/N crossed her arms across her chest and walked towards Rey. “If she be-“

“Dameron, please be silent. I’ll be brief”

Poe nodded and glared at Y/N, she completely ignored him and kept looking at the flickering lamps beside her. Moths were attracted by the random lighting provided by the old lamps attached to the wall.  

“Well…” Rey said with an awkward smile, she clapped her hands and looked around the enormous room. Y/N was walking towards the flickering lights, it was making her anxious seeing that flickering lights…

“Don’t touch it”

“I was just looking at it, genius”

“Here we go again”



Y/N sat by the lake looking at the two moon reflected on the pond in front of her. “You’re good at this” She smiled and dipped her feet down into the small pond. Y/N smiled as the cold water calm down her aching feet, been on your feet for four hours wasn’t pleasant at all.

She turned around and saw Poe walking towards her. He had a smile on his face with his hands behind his back. “You’re not coming to kill me, are you? I do hate you, so you know” Y/N questioned with a smile on her face.

Poe let out a laugh and shook his head, “I hate you too”

Y/N let out a snort and shook her head. Poe handed her the lovely bouquet of baby breath flowers, she took a sniff and smiled at Poe; who sat beside her looking at her. “Thank you”

“It was nothing, you deserve much better; after the things I said-“

“And I am sorry, for calling you an idiot”

“You have called me worse,you’re” Poe said with a smile, Y/N nodded looking down her feet with shame. “I am sorry about that too”


Y/N sighed and scoop up beside Poe, she put her head on his shoulder and looked back at the pond. “We should tell them”


“Why not?”

Poe put his arm around Y/N’s shoulder and softly kissed her head. “I don’t want to put you in danger Y/N, this is the only way I can protect you. Nobody can know about us, I want to keep you safe”

“I am an engineer, Poe. I can very well take care of myself”

“I don’t want to lose anyone else”


Y/N raised her head from his shoulder, she raised her hand and touched his cheek. “You will never lose me, Poe. I’ll promise, but we can’t keep doing this. It’s difficult to come with insults for you”

“But is easy for me”

Y/N raised her head from his shoulder and playfully shoved Poe. “I hate you so much” Poe chuckled and Y/N put her hand on his shoulder again.  “Poe, we can’t this anymore. We need to tell them, they are our friends. I doubt they are going to hurt me, just let them know”

Poe nodded and bend down to kiss Y/N, “If that’s what you wish, Y/N” He took a deep breath and shouted “You can come out now”

Rey and Finn look at each other and blushed. They carefully came out of the bushes behind them. Rey scratched the back of her head and Finn looked around except for them. “What are you doing here?”

“We thought you were going to kill each other” Rey answered. “And the General said to prevent you know…”

Finn nodded in agreement and looked at them. “Why did you hide this from us?”

“You know, Poe. He was trying to be overprotective it was his idea to hide it from you guys”

“No, it was your idea”

“My idea? You were the one that suggested that we should hide this relationship from anyone. You thought that hidden relationships were more enjoyable. All the prohibited was more romanti─”  

“It was, but it was your idea to fake hate to each other”

“I never said that”

“You were the one that called me donkey poopoo”

“No, I didn’t. You called me a space idiot. Poe PooPoo” Y/N sassed back

Finn and Rey looked at each other and smiled. “We are just-“

“Poopoo? I am no-“

“You called me an egocentrically prick. In front of my father, you know how embarrassing that was” Y/N said she stood up and pushed Poe into the pond. Rey and Finn quickly took a sharp turn and ran.  “At least it was more decent, calling you a donkey. But I shall apologize to the donkey for offending him by comparing him to you, Dameron”

Y/N squealed as soon as her body hit the freezing water.


maximus029  asked:

I love getting an inside look at quests from your blog. Any way you wouldn't mind going over what your day is like/how you get your ideas implemented into the game?

Thanks! I’m happy to share! This is actually a two part question, so I’m going to address the first to contextualize the second.

Here’s a typical day at the office for me:

I get in to work between 9 and 10. I can get in early if I want, as my schedule is fairly flexible, but I try not get in any later than 10. This job is intensely collaborative so it’s important I’m there when everyone else is there.

First thing I do is start up my tools. We use an editor to make changes to WoW, and we can view those changes in real time on our own personal desktop servers. Mine is called Jen’s Blanket Fort. While tools are firing up I check my emails. I get anywhere from 10-50 a day, depending on where we are in the development cycle. Most of them pertain to best practices, feedback, company events, scheduling (Outlook is my life- if it isn’t in the calendar it doesn’t exist), and general sharing between other departments within the WoW team.

Once I’ve addressed all my emails, what I do next depends heavily on where I am at in the development cycle. A quest chain goes through a number of phases before players see them, and any of these steps can be repeated in the process of iteration.

Planning- If I just received an assignment or an older assignment needs more iteration, I will spend some time planning. This usually entails writing up paper designs for my quests which give a high level overview of things like number of quests, game areas I’ll be using, which characters I’ll be leveraging (or creating) and any other important flavor notes that frame the ‘sell’ behind my chain. This is also where I indicate where I’ll be doing crazy one-off quests that may require some additional development time (see: most of Suramar). This phase can also include research, idea generation, and bouncing ideas off other people. It’s pretty nebulous when you’re done planning, but the goal is to get the folks upstairs to agree to let you build the thing. Once they agree, it’s onto the next phase.

Implementation- Making the thing. The editor we use is a robust but challenging tool. There are a hundred ways to skin a cat, they say, and that is no less true for making a quest. Implementation means turning those written plans into reality. Put creatures in, make them do stuff, write quest text, make sure you can do the quest, combine into a chain. It sounds simple but this is ultimately where I spend most of my time. If the implementation reveals problems in my plan, I go back to that phase. If the implementation gets done, I move onto the next phase.

Feedback- Once I’ve implemented a thing, I send off instructions to my team to tell them how to play through it on their client. Multiple people will play my content and send me feedback in varying levels of detail ranging from high level story feedback to the nitty gritty details of naming conventions and spawning. 

Usually we will solicit a minimum of two rounds of feedback- First is early feedback (called First Pass) in which the quest chain is playable only in the literal sense. Most of it is ‘stood up ugly’ but the extra details that make it ready for players are typically absent for the sake of time. This is where the guys upstairs get a first look at how I use the characters I do, which mechanics I create, and how everything fits together. The focus is on whether or not it is an acceptable iteration of the core concept I was asked to build.

If things are still looking wonky at this point, we can go all the way back to the planning phase or start over on our first pass. But if the feedback is relatively minor then I’ll implement it and send the content back out for second pass review. At this point a larger swath of the team usually has a look at it and I get more feedback of the ‘I liked this but not this’ variety. It’s all useful, but the goal of first pass feedback is usually aimed at standards, whereas second pass feedback is aimed at making the content ready for players.

At any point in the feedback timeframe I can go back to earlier phases. How long a chain stays in the feedback phase depends largely on its complexity, context (is it a chapter quest for a zone? The expansion? Or is it a side quest most players won’t even see?), and whether or not other things surrounding the chain don’t change. During early zone iteration for new expansions, for example, things can happen that might completely change how you approach building a chain, or the story you were trying to tell is no longer the case. This is fairly rare but does happen, which is why we make it a point to get things out for feedback as early in the development process as humanly possible. It’s called ‘avoiding the grand reveal.’

Polish- Now, we’ve been through multiple rounds of feedback (at least 2, potentially more) and we’re ready to start really dressing things up. This is where things like spell visuals, super complex spawn actions, easter eggs, and other super specific details often get put into the game. This is picking off the designer’s wish list, things that aren’t necessary for the quest chain to play well, but ultimately would be nice to have. This phase can be as short as a few days but rarely lasts more than a few weeks.

Bug Fixing- When the content gets into a stable enough state that things won’t be changing super drastically, we send our content out to quality assurance to start the testing process. We get bugs pretty constantly, so I tend to fix them as I get them instead of letting them build up. This phase will last as long as the content is out. I fixed a Legion launch Suramar bug last week, for example.

Here’s the kicker, though. I can be working on multiple pieces of content in multiple phases at the same time. I can be in the planning phase for one chain, polish for another, and bug fixing for another and that’s just a normal day. We try not to have more than one chain being created for the first time at the same time, but it’s quite common to get a thing to first pass, then move on to making the next thing while gathering feedback for the first thing.

And somewhere in there, I get lunch.

On top of creating my own content, I am very much part of a team. I’m available at my desk to soundboard ideas for other people. I frequently bounce ideas off my coworkers in return. We share each other’s work via play tests, so a good chunk of my time is playing things other people have made and providing feedback for them. Fridays are usually where a lot of play testing happens.

I also frequent the forums and wowhead to check up on things I made that the players have access to. I keep tabs on general sentiment surrounding not only my content but the game as a whole and try to keep that in mind as I make things going forward. It’s mostly the Game Director’s job to pilot the ship, but one of Blizzard’s core values is that every voice matters. If I notice something that I personally don’t like, I make myself part of the solution.

One of my favorite things to do is watch people stream my content. During the opening days of Suramar on the Beta, we had a stream up on the quest pit TV to watch.

Some days are more focused than others. Ultimately I choose what I do and when, how fast I make things, how much time I give to each step, and how much feedback I choose to respond to. A huge part of being good at this job is being humble. These people I’m working with are just as smart or smarter than I am. We’re all working toward the same goal of making an awesome experience for our players.

As for my own ideas? You learn to make each assignment your own. We all play within a specific set of rules. I could put trolls in Suramar, but ultimately it would be a tough sell and no amount of passion would convince the folks who write my paycheck to let me make it happen. That doesn’t mean I don’t get to make trolls, ever. It means I need to embrace the assignments I am given and make the most of it. Find interesting textures within them. I don’t play many elves in roleplay, but I worked on Suramar for a year.

You choose to give it your all. Choose to love the thing you’re making. Find the fun. And that is how my ideas get into the game- because they jive with what everyone else is doing.

This ended up being very long, but if you made it this far, thank you.

TL:DR- No work day is the same. I make what they tell me to make and I am dang good at it. 

merc9andazombie  asked:

What if, after Flareon's heroic piloting job with Red, this Pokemon wants to go to FLIGHT SCHOOL. Like, imagine the application. "Sir, you are a fire poodle without thumbs." "FLAREON! FL-FLARE" The other Eevee Pals are encouraging on Flareon's career choice. Meanwhile, Lance is trying to ride Latios.

It’s not just the other eevee’s that are behind Flareon’s career choice, Keith is 130% behind it too XD


Lance: Shut up i do what i want! *falls off*

Shiro: *sighs, while placing face in hands*

Pidge: *hysterical laughter*

Hunk: *rushes forward to catch him*


Paul Dierden Appreciation Week: day 5 » moment you Sarah realized he was good
↳ “Hi Beth… I need you to do something for me… They know you’re not Beth. Run!