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His smile makes me smile. Tell me I’m not the only one  ❤

Imagine being shy and always hanging out with Josh and the rest of the crew think you are so cute together, because you have saved each other from all the dark thoughts

Word count: 585


You always struggled to find that one person who would help you pind your happy place. People always say you are strong enough to find it yourself, but there are times where that feels impossible. You were always shy and innocent, nobody had ever heard you swear, and a lot of them assumed you had a pretty happy life. But the truth was, you were constantly waging wars with your dark thoughts. You even saw them in the mirror as you were at the lowest point, almost hating yourself.

Nobody seemed to understand, weather because they didn’t want to, or because they were too busy battling their own demons. It only made it more difficult to open up to people, to ask them for help. You often thought you could handle it all by yourself, but it turned out you did need someone, someone to just be there, to just sit next to you, and make you feel a little better. When you met Josh Dun, you knew you had found that person. He was exactly what you needed, he understood and he wanted to help.

You were always a woman of a few words, and he didn’t mind, he loved you for who you were. For some reason, you always wanted to be around him, at first not knowing why. Soon, you realized it was because he made you feel protected, and the sound of his laugh made all of your dark thoughts dissapear. He helped you deal with your demons and you helped him deal with his. It’s an understatement to say that Josh’s best friend, Tyler Joseph, was grateful for you caming into Josh’s life.

Josh and him always helped each other and were there for each other, but once Tyler got married to Jenna, he wanted his best friend to find someone as amazing as his wife. And that someone was you. Josh did, and still does, everything to make you feel special and protected. If you are having a bad day, he would engulf you in his arms and just hold you, until you were feeling better and wanted to talk about it. He also made sure you were happy, just as much as you made sure he was happy. 

A few weeks since you two moved in together you woke up in the morning and saw Josh just sitting at the edge of the bed, silently staring at his hands. You knew immediately how he was feeling, and you hugged him from behind, placing small kisses on his back, and just holding him tight, just as tight as he holds you when you are upset. He smiled at you and the both of you agreed to have a lazy day indoors, as you too were not feeling like facing the society today. Tyler and Jenna would just smile at how cute you looked together, and you were happy to be going on tour with them. 

Jenna became like a sister to you, and you loved spending time together, going on double dates and messing around together. You were a little anxious when it came to going on tour with the boys, but Jenna told you she would love for you to come, so she wasn’t the only girl and “the voice of reason” as she called it. You laughed and agreed, knowing it was time to take that step. Tyler and Jenna thought of you as family and all that was left was for Joshua to pop the question.

I hope you like it and don’t mind it’s so short. If you want a longer one let me know and I will write it  ❤


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Twenty-One Pilots by Daniel Marquez



During a period of both racial and gender discrimination, Bessie Coleman Broke down boundaries in 1921 by becoming the world’s first Black woman to earn a pilot’s license. She developed an interest in aviation whilst working as a manicurist in Chicago at the White Sox Barber Shop, where she often heard stories about pilots flying in World War I.

Unfortunately, as a Black woman, Coleman soon learned that no American flight school was willing to train her. She was advised by Chicago Defender founder Robert S. Abbott to study abroad, and as such, she took classes in French and headed overseas to earn an international aviation license from the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale.

Though Coleman returned home to become a media sensation, she soon discovered that barnstorming (stunt flying) would be the only way to make a steady income as an aviator. She then proceeded to travel to France, Germany and the Netherlands to expand upon her skills. Due to the combination of her studies, her daredevil mindset, her opportunistic spirit and her background as a Black woman, she quickly gained a strong following as a major attraction at air shows.

Coleman used her platform to encourage other Black individuals to learn how to fly and often took a stand against racism. She refused to do a lecture at a school in Waxahachie, Texas until Black students were allowed to use the same entrance as white students. After she was offered a role in a feature-length film, she walked off the set upon learning that her wardrobe would perpetuate a derogatory image of Black people.

In 1926 - at only 34 years old - Coleman plunged to her death while rehearsing one of her famous stunts. Approximately 10,000 mourners were present at her funeral in Chicago, which was presided over by civil rights icon Ida B. Wells.