this is pilotart’s character isaiah! i think he is an incubus? could be a succubus! i dont know their gender yet. but they wear a blazer over a hoodie and that’s adorable. 

EDIT: photoshopped the pic, better levels or sumthin 

EDIT 2: wait is the incu-/succu- thing based on what gender the people they eat from are? and also why is it binary in the first place? that seems silly. maybe this is simply a cubi and i have been presumptuous in assigning them a binary gender, or any gender at all!!!

EDIT 3: HE IS A HE AND NOT A CUBUS HE IS A GUARDIAN. which is interesting!!! er!!

I am currently the fastest man in the West or something. In a purely art sense, thank you.

Malik, Malik, Malik. I love you, and if this new game DOES take us back to Altair’s time, you better be there being a grumpy shit with new, beautiful rendering or I will flip many bureaus tables.