pilot: part 2


A/N: Someone requested another One Minute Ashton smut! Sorry this took so long to write but I’m having a few troubles at the moment.


It had been a few days since the Truth or Dare game at Michael’s house and you hadn’t seen Ashton or any of the boys since then. You were beginning to think they didn’t want you around anymore. 

While you scrubbed down the tables of the cute 60’s diner you had worked in for a few months, you thought back to the great time you had with Ashton that night. 

“Fuck… Ash…” you moan, raking your nails down his back, sure to leave red marks there. “Faster.”

He obliges your command and begins to pick up his pace until he is relentlessly pounding into you, making the headboard hit the wall repeatedly. Ashton doesn’t bother to hide his moans and neither do you, letting the pleasure take over you completely.

You shake your head and snap back to reality, there was no point dwelling on it if he didn’t want anything to do with you anymore. Although you didn’t want to think about it, you couldn’t help the wet feeling beginning to form in your panties. Now was a bad time to be getting all hot and flustered but you couldn’t stop the memories of Ashton touching your most private parts. 

Much to your dismay, you let out a quiet groan at the thought of Ashton bringing you to your high again. Thankfully, no one was around to hear it. Everyone else had gone home pretty much as soon as the diner closed and you volunteered to stay behind and lock up. Looking around to make sure the blinds on the windows were closed, you smirked to yourself. Here you were, alone in a diner that echoed sound off the walls like a ball being bounced off it. 

The rag you were holding to clean the tables was soon thrown across the diner and into a basket on the floor of the kitchen. You may as well make this as comfortable for you as it could get. You plugged your phone into the speakers and began the playlist you made that you knew always turned you on. The notes of a song started you play and with each heavy drum beat, you felt yourself get more and more wet. You ripped your shirt open, a button or two flying off but right now, you couldn’t give a damn about them. 

You slide your tight, black work skirt down your legs and step out of it. Left clad in only your underwear and black heels your work required you to wear, you climb the closest table to you, eager to get this party started.

“Shit…” You moan as your fingers creep under the thin material of your panties, rubbing your clit lightly. “Ugh… Fuck!" 

Your hips gyrate to match the circles your fingers are drawing on your heat. Noises of pleasure escape your lips and you find yourself moaning out Ashton’s name, imagining his fingers on you instead of your own. It doesn’t take long before your first orgasm rolls over you, causing your legs to tense up and your mouth to fall open, your eyes clenching shut.

Moisture is painted up your stomach as you move your fingers from your wetness up and down your body. You can feel your walls still clenching slightly as you come down from your high. 

"Wow. That was hot,” The familiar voice brings you quickly back to normality and you remember where you are. Quickly sitting up, you see Ashton’s usual smirk plastered on his face and you think of how much you honestly missed him. 

“How did you get in here, Ashton?” You start the rest of the conversation of coldly, crossing your arms over your chest.

“The door was unlocked, babe… You should have thought of that before you started… Um-”

“Touching myself?” You finish for him.

“Exactly,” He nods. “And before you ask, I got word from a little birdy that you had stayed behind after work. I was going to surprise you when you got home but I couldn’t wait to see you. Although, I thought we agreed that night at Michael’s, it was my job to make you come that way.”

“You haven’t spoken to me since then, I thought you had given up your job. I guess I grew… impatient and had to take over,” you shrugged, spreading your legs as far apart as you could get them. “How about we play a round of Truth or Dare, Ash?”

His eyes widened incredibly and he nodded, taking a seat on the vinyl chair in front of you. You placed your legs either side of his and leant forward, tapping your fingers against his collarbone. 

“Truth or Dare?" 

"Dare,” You whispered, fanning your lips over his.

“I dare you to keep quiet for an entire minute.”

“Why don’t you make me?” You smirk, kissing Ashton directly on his lips, pulling him closer to you by weaving your fingers in his hair. 

You had calmed down by now and you were focused on showing Ashton how much you missed his touch. He pulled away from your heated make-out session to place chaste kisses down your neck and nibbling softly at your earlobe. Oh yes, you had definitely missed this. This was your turn, though as you pushed him back and lowered yourself onto his lap. You grinded your hips against his with a force that made him hard almost straight away.

He was growing tired of the teasing and you could see it, but you weren’t letting him take control tonight. Ashton’s hair ruffled as his shirt was pulled over his head and chucked aimlessly on the floor. 

“Did you… Did you lock the door?” You asked breathlessly. 

“Yes, didn’t think I would let anyone interrupt this, did you? Fuck no.”

For some strange reason, you laughed. You laughed because of how absurd this situation was. When you first met Ashton, you thought he was immature and you would never have guessed he was like this. You would never have guessed Ashton could turn you on as much as he did. He trailed his hands down your front, dipping his fingers into your underwear the same way you had done earlier. Your breathing became heavy and your eyes rolled back. Only Ashton made you feel this way and you were wondering if that was a good thing or not.

Stuff the teasing, you needed him and you both knew it. Before he could react, you had pushed him down so he was lying on the vinyl couch. He attempted to flip you over but you weren’t having any of it. A surpressed moan finally escaped his lips when you palmed him over his jeans, these would need to come off.

Within the next minute, all yours and Ashton’s clothing had been thrown somewhere in the room and you were grinding against him hard. A loud string of curses escaped his lips and echoed off the walls, you felt even more turned on, if it were possible. 

You guided him to your entrance and you both let out sighs of relief when you finally sunk down onto him. You moved your hips against him, your clit rubbing against his pelvic bone. He pounded up into you as hard as his position would allow and you both met each other’s thrust. 

“Oh, shit, shit, shit,” You whined, throwing your head back and digging your nails into Ashton’s arms.

Ashton began to thrust towards you, his length filling you entirely and making your eyes roll back in pleasure. He closed his eyes as though it was all a dream and if he kept them open, you would disappear and none of it would be true. A shiver ran down your spine as Ashton’s fingers delicately traced over your hips, leaving behind a ghostly touch. You could feel your core pulse faster and stronger, knowing that you were getting closer to reaching your peak. But today, you were in control and you were not going to come first.

“Come on,” You whisper,  grinding harder against Ashton’s crotch, making him let out a low groan.

“It’s almost as if you don’t want to come,” He laughs.

“Of course I do, Ash… I just want you to come first,” Your voice comes out quiet and demanding, a look in your eye that has him in a trance.

Ashton doesn’t close his eyes again and instead, gets himself lost in yours. A fire blazes deep within you but you repress the urge to let go. Loud moans fill the cafe and you know that neither one of you will last very much longer but you had to hold it longer than he did.

“Fuck!” Ashton swore loudly as he released suddenly, his legs tensing up and his hands clenching into fists at your waist. 

You mentally thanked anyone who cared that Ashton had finally let go so you could, too. Your vision blurred slightly as you repeated his name over and over again in loud calls and short notes. Your body collapsed on top of his as you both lay there catching your breath.

“Good thing I locked the door…” Ashton whispered in your ear, a laugh escaping both of your lips.


Again, sorry this took so long to write. I have a Calum smut coming soon so look out for it! xx 


Avengers headcannons part 2 (the tower life)

Stark tower has a room devoted to cuddly things (pillows, toys, blankets, ect)

Each avenger has their own mini-apartment in stark tower. Each apartment has a bedroom, bathroom and breakfast bar/lounge area and walk in wardrobe.
One floor of the tower is their shared apartment with a kitchen, huge lounge, bathroom, ect. They all live in that 99% of the time.

The top of Stark tower is only open for certain people, nobody else is allowed.

Likewise so is the lab.

They have a movie room as well, full of beanbags and a massive screen and a whole wall of DVDs.

There is a whole floor training room, the thing is a huge obstacle course.

There is also a whole floor range.

They have a elevator system run by JARVIS, no buttons.

They always have the same delivery boys. They’re trusted to go in the tower and deliver it.

JARVIS knows everyone’s orders for about 29 different take-aways.

The avengers have ‘team nights’ they all have to attend. They watch movies together, play karaoke, do drinking games, snowball fights, pillow fights.

Once a week someone cooks for everyone in the tower. It falls on Bruce or Natasha a lot.

The vents are big enough to climb through, Clint loves to go through the complex vents and elevator shafts a lot. He’s run into Natasha and Coulson quite a few times, and Catches glimpses of Bucky every now as then.


AU: Jane Foster dies as she gives birth leaving Loki and her child behind. Because Jane died in Asgard, her body and soul leaves to Fólkvangr Paradise. Frigga asks All-father to make a compromise with the the goddess Freyja, ruler of the paradise and allow Jane to return to Asgard. Frigga confronts her son, telling Loki that Jane will return but he must be patient. Three years pass, and Loki travels to Fólkvangr Paradise with his brother Thor and friend Sif to be reunited with his wife: Jane. They return to Asgard safe, though Jane is still moral. Loki gives her the Idunn apple and Æsir life is given to her. Her golden brown eyes glow in happiness when Loki brings their child, she carries Lokison for the first time.