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i havent been keeping up with canadian politics for the past year so im completely uneducated in this regard, but can i ask what's wrong with Trudeau? I want to be more knowledgeable of what's been going on

A lot.

Here’s a short list I made a little while ago:

-Trudeau is considering selling our ports & airports.

-Trudeau is pushing an infrastructure bank, which is going to privatize public infrastructure.

-Trudeau selling weapons to Saudi Arabia.

-Trudeau approving 2 huge oil pipelines and happy about Donald Trump’s approval of Keystone XL.

-Despite making it pretty clear before the election that communities and First Nations would need to give consent for projects, Trudeau has backtracked and now says that this is no longer true.

-Justin Trudeau bailing out Bombardier with millions, doesn’t care that their CEO’s are getting huge bonuses as they’re laying off thousands of workers.

-Their Marijuana legislation is filled with harsh penalties, and it is not true legalization. There will be limits on the amount you can grow and carry (and if you exceed these limits you can be arrested or charged), and new harsh penalties related to youth & driving under the influence.

-Justin Trudeau’s government is refusing to pay First Nations children equally, despite the Human Rights Commission sending him notices saying he has to (they have now sent 4 compliance orders for him to comply with the law).

-Justin Trudeau’s government is still underfunding First Nations education.

-Justin Trudeau supports Donald Trump’s bombing of Syria.

-Justin Trudeau is in favour of Regime Change in Syria, which many feel could escalate violence in that region.

-Justin Trudeau has not ruled out sending the military into Syria.

-Justin Trudeau is refusing to change the ‘Safe Third Country’ agreement to help refugees fleeing the USA.

-Justin Trudeau is refusing to fund a basic income pilot project on PEI.

-Justin Trudeau abandoned electoral reform (a big election promise) and has stuck with the First Past the Post system (a system the Conservative Party of Canada also supports).

-Justin Trudeau refuses to decriminalize marijuana in the meantime. Cops will arrest thousands more people for marijuana possession before 2018.

-Justin Trudeau is refusing to pardon anyone for marijuana possession despite knowing full well how harmful this can be for people job searching or crossing the border.

-Justin Trudeau is not in favour of a $15/hour minimum wage.

-Despite his feminist rhetoric, Status of Women Canada received no new funding in the 2017 budget.

-Justin Trudeau broke a campaign promise to close a tax loophole that largely benefits millionaire CEO’s.

-Justin Trudeau is breaking indigenous rights to consent with permits given on the Site C Dam and Kinder Morgan Oil Pipeline.

-Justin Trudeau’s tax cut for the middle cut, benefits the top 10% of income earners the most. Those making under $40,000 per year get nothing.

-Justin Trudeau still hasn’t changed or repealed the draconian anti-terrorism bill, Bill C-51.

-Despite a push from the NDP, Trudeau is refusing to expand our healthcare system to cover things like Pharmacare.

-Justin Trudeau is maintaining Stephen Harper’s cuts to healthcare transfers.

-Justin Trudeau is maintaining Stephen Harper’s weak climate change targets

.-Justin Trudeau wants to delay a promise to cut methane (a potent greenhouse gas) emissions for 3 years or more.

There’s plenty more than that. Yes, arguably Justin Trudeau is better than Stephen Harper, but that is a very low bar to pass.

If you need sources on any of these points I can provide them.

December 5, 1961, pilot testing Project LOLA, a massive network of hand-painted mosaics and tracked cameras that trained astronauts for the moon landings.

:Looks the entirety of tumblr dead in the eye:

Listen, 2017 is going to be remembered as a shitty year for a lot of reasons, but don’t let one of those reasons be that we could have had a full fledged Stargate reboot but didn’t support the obvious Pilot Project to Gauge Interest that is Stargate Origins.

Come on, it’s going to have aliens and lady egyptologists and things that go WHOOSH. Pretty please with an entire mountain or sugar on top, support this.

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Narwhal Tusks

Gifted to me by a wonderful friend!

Legalities: Narwhal are primarily hunted for their meat by the Inuit of northern Canada. This hunt is tightly regulated by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and pilot projects are providing more local autonomy. The tusks provide a secondary resource and source of cash and are not the primary objective of the hunt. Trade in this ivory and its ownership is legal within Canada.

TrekFest 2017

Four times you fell for Bones, and the one time he fell for you, pt5: The World-Ender

Word Count: 2272
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Author’s Note: The first two sections are from Bones POV before it shifts back to the reader. 

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

The Enterprise received the distress call. Just barely. It had been picked up on a subspace repeating frequency and was dated from weeks ago. It didn’t matter. Jim had immediately changed the course of the ship to intervene in the disaster. Or at the very least, look for survivors. So little was known about Stazlatz Prime. There’d been a single diplomatic undertaking to the planet when it had first come in contact with the federation, but otherwise had kept itself separate from the Federation - choosing to remain neutral because of the proximity to the Romulan neutral zone. Stazlatz leaders felt it would be more beneficial to maintain trade options with both the Federation and the Romulan Empire. And for a small planet with a smaller population and limited resources, they were probably right.

Doctor McCoy busied himself in MedBay, supervising the preparation of supplies and disaster kits. There was little information that had come with the distress call. Just that there had been a natural disaster and help was needed. And because of the location of the planet, the Enterprise was going the need to take a cautious approach, ensuring that it didn’t drop out of warp space into a Romulan rescue effort, and thereby cause a war.

“Bones, we’ve dropped out of warp and will be at Stazlatz Prime in three hours. How are your preparations?” Jim’s voice came through McCoy’s communicator, jolting him from his thoughts.

“We’re just finishing on the nourishment kits. My information shows Stazlatz Prime is quite arid, so I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot of dehydration,” he replied.

“Initial scans of the planet show catastrophic seismic activity,” Jim offered.

“Good to know. We’ll increase available supplies for trauma as well.” He started clicking through protocols on his PADD and making selections.

“I’ll update you as I learn more. Kirk out.”

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The Cast:  

Okay, I’m going to lay out what I knew when I knew it and let everyone judge for themselves.

  • 2015 - At some point during the 2015 convention season Sean Maguire told someone privately that all the cast had contracts through season 7 except Jennifer Morrison who was expected to walk after season 6.  This seemed dead solid information and I really see no reason for him to have misrepresented it.
  • February 2016 - Paul Lee is fired as ABC president and replaced by Channing Dungey.  ABC has been somewhat resistant to Disney corporate culture since it was acquired by the mouse 20 years ago and I was told that Dungey’s role was to finally bring the network in line with Disney’s over all strategy.  Dungey was described as a traditional business woman who disliked “gut” instinct (something Lee was known for).  The entire network was said to be riddled with actors who were given over sized contracts, development deals and other perks as favorites of particular executives.  Apparently this comes out of Shonda Rhimes success in taking what is seen as risky moves with favorites.  But network suits are not Shonda Rhimes and there was very little return seen on a lot of these deals.  The rumor was that Dungey was taking a flamethrower to them and insisting that any unsual contract be justified with data and if they were not the favorite would be cut as an example to other execs that if they over paid their favorites they risked getting them fired.
  • April 2016 - I was told Jennifer Morrison was refusing to do any interview with an outlet smaller than Major-Major (a term for a major national publication of a certain audience reach).
  • July 2016 - Jennifer Morrison skipped the SDCC press room for the show claiming illness.  I have no reason to doubt this but at the time I asked around and there was some interpretation that this was part of a pattern which she had used during her exit from House.  On that show she had refused to do show PR for more than a year (by essentially refusing to talk about the lead, the set dynamics, her characters romantic storyline with house and with her at the time fiance, or her personal relationship with her fiance… essentially anything a reporter might want to ask).  She also had behaved out of the norm during House press when she briefly returned, using their publicity to talk about HIMYM.  Which … looks a lot like the way she’s handled Once promotion and Sundogs.
  • July 27, 2016 - Jen posted this picture on Instagram.  It was widely seen as a message being sent to the network.
  • August 2016 - I was told that Jen was in contract negotiations with ABC but that everyone was waiting for fall audience tracking data so the talks were basically on hold.  I do not know what the fall data was but I have been told by several sources that her tracking was unusually bad during season 5 which in some part was attributed to the audience rejecting Dark Swan, dislike of the Dark Swan look, and that she cried too much.  Jen spoke about the crying issue during her NerdHQ panel.
  • September 2016 - I was told that Jen had put out feelers to pilot productions widely.  Again it appeared to be a message sending game with the network.
  • January 2017 - Dungey gives her TCA comments which I and others I spoke to interpreted as a message to Morrison.  Also a sign that things had started to go badly and preparing the audience for a major change.
  • January 2017 - Jennifer Morrison announces that she has no contract.  Generally interpreted by those I spoke to as a response to Dungey’s TCA and an attempt to mobilize her fan base.
  • Around this time I received an anonymous message i choose not to publish by someone claiming that Lana Parrilla had told them her contract expired this year along with everyone else during a meet and greet in New Jersey.  I showed the message to a number of friends who’s reaction was that Parrilla would not discuss her personal financial information in a meet and greet with fans much less everyone elses.  It also conflicted with the information from Maguire.  I didn’t publish it because I didn’t give it credence and didn’t want to cause disruption in the fandom for something I didn’t believe.
  • January 2017 - Robert Carlyle says he has a decision to make by the end of the month.  No details on what that decision might be.
  • February 2017 - I was told that Jen’s agents “…would like everyone to believe that she would walk away from the show like the hero away from a burning oil tanker.”  Whatever that means.
  • Feb-March 2017 - Rumor has it that Lana Parrilla instigated discussions with a few pilot productions far enough along to get a financial offer from them before passing on the projects.  This is generally the start of any negotiation with a current employer because it is an outside estimate of their fair market value.  What I was told was that for a new project you take that number and go to your current show and say “I want twice this.”  Because her name had not come up publicly and there was an obvious explanation for what happened I choose to not share the rumor.
  • Feb-March 2017 - Jennifer Morrison took a number of meetings with pilot projects including NBC but would not consider any that did not include giving her a producer credit.  Rumor had been for months that Morrison and ABC were stalled over something “not money” that neither side would budge on.  General consensus was that it was this.  ABC would be unlikely to give a single actor in an ensemble producer credit because it would disrupt set dynamics (traditionally it’s given to actors on shows where they are the clear lead, example Mark Harmon on NCIS, the leads on Castle and Bones).  Such a credit would make her the boss of other cast members and give creative control and the right to over rule directors.  The feeling was the only way she could get that was if it was given to Goodwin and Parrilla as well.
  • February 2017 - Jen posts the below picture on instragram.  Again consensus was that she was sending a message either to the network or to get her fans to mobilize on her behalf with the network.
  • March 2017 - Friend at a another studio tells me this reads like a 2 year final season renewal to her.  Which would require settling all the actor contracts through year 8.
  • March 2017 - I’ve been told by several sources that the industry gossip was that if Jen left then Colin would be written off with her.
  • March 2017 - It is believed that all the appropriate female leads for pilots likely to be picked up have been cast.
  • Today - The articles were published in TVLine and Deadline which seem to conflict with each other.  My industry savy friend still says “they’re crazy pants”.  – “Both those outlets will publish whatever people tell them. They’re easy to use in negotiations. Sometimes they get real info. Sometimes they get whatever people want to sell them to enhance their position. They don’t care because they get hits either way.  If Variety or Hollywood Reporter do more than report that other outlets said this, then it has some substance.”

I leave you to judge for yourself.  I know nothing I have not said in this post.

Was capturing some footage from DS9′s pilot for a project and an errant thought entered my head. Wow, so glad they decided to go with a different nose for Quark after this. He’s much more handsome that way. After which I realised my brain put the words “Quark” and “handsome” in the same sequence. Do I just turn myself in to the cops now? Can one volunteer for jail?


CARYN GANZ It’s fury, it’s vengeance, it’s gossip. It’s a horror movie, a fairy tale contorted into a calamity. Musically, it’s a pubescent growth spurt — sudden, jerky and accompanied by a sneer.

“Look What You Made Me Do” feels like pure calculation: This one isn’t for the moms toe-tapping at the “1989” concert, or the radio stations still chin-scratching over whether Ms. Swift is country or pop. This song is for the base — the superfans on the internet who are always ready for a fight.

The music? It can be fascinating, alternately cinematic and grindy. The lyric video? It’s stark and striking. Taken together, they feel almost like a Twenty One Pilots project, shape-shifting and dark. But then there’s that “you” looming over everything.

The song isn’t called “Look What I Did,” it’s “Look What You Made Me Do,” a surprising flipping of agency at a moment where Ms. Swift is being heralded for her strong language in court, where she testified that a radio host assaulted her with no equivocation: “I’m being blamed for the unfortunate events of his life that are a product of his decisions. Not mine.” But making this song was her decision: not his. It sounds powerful, yet joyless.

And while the track may be about her longtime antagonist Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry is once again collateral damage here: Her album “Witness” came out the same day Ms. Swift restored her catalog to Spotify, and she’ll be hosting the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night — where Ms. Swift is unveiling her full new video, ensuring the name on everybody’s lips is gonna be Taylor.

ts1989fanatic I had not thought about the KP angle but DAMN GIRL way to make a point.

Hey So! this is a WIP that no one is every ever supposed to see, but I am too excited to keep it secret.

I am also looking for feedback! Please tell me what you think of it so far, what do you like, what should I do differently, what has weird timing, and what works alltogether.

and if it’s too sketchy to make out, let me know and I’ll work on making my wips more legible.

the end of TAZ:Balance was wonderful and they deserve to be happy. I never thought it would have such an impact on me, but specifically Taako and Lup’s amazing sibling relationship connected with me personally. I want to be sure that this video is good enough to give to my sister. so please let me know your thoughts.