Franchesca Ramsey lands Comedy Central pilot

  • On Tuesday, Comedy Central announced that comedian Franchesca Ramsey ( @chescaleigh on Tumblr) secured a pilot for an untitled project for the network.
  • According to Comedy Central’s press release, Ramsey’s new show will feature a set of comedians that will tackle some of the most pressing social and political issues.
  •  The project will “will heal America through brutal comedy, surprising guests, and breakdowns of the most pressing cultural issues you never knew you cared about,” the release said.
  • Ramsey will also serve as executive producer of the show, alongside Eric Brown, Andrew Kornhaber and Kara Welker. Read more (4/19/17)

NOTE: This post has been corrected. It previously stated incorrectly that Ramsey is the first black woman to have a Comedy Central pilot. Jessica Williams developed a show with the network in 2016. 

[6/100 Days of Productivity Project]

Made the monthly layout for March 2017 in my bullet journal! I’ve been falling in love with my grey Pilot Mildliner and my MUJI hexagon pen (in 0.38mm) all over again. TIME FOR MARCH TO BE MY MONTH OF PRODUCTIVITY!!!

(I know I’m an amateur in calligraphy, but I’m working on it!)

If you’re interested in the Mildliners, I recommend checking ‘em out here at Kawaii Pen Shop where they have the Cool set of 5 mildliners AND best of all? I have a discount code for my followers for 10% off: julesanima

I appreciate it if you use the discount code as I do receive a small commission, but if you don’t, that’s absolutely fine too! :)

It’s so uncool when you wanna blast your brains out with loud music and it’s not as loud as you expected it to be.
—  things that bother me at 1:12 AM

The calm before the storm.

Just a little look at one of the WIP environment for one of the campaign mission. And once again I am working on another new landscape workflow (I should really stick to one method, but its getting more efficient now) which I hope is going to be the final one out of the mall. It’s obviously not finished or textured properly yet but it will get to that point in a few days hopefully.

I’ll try to find some time soon after finishing the campaign level scripting to do the overhaul i mentioned on the previous post and some other stuff. Basically a lot of stuff still needs to be reworked, especially the audio.

A few model contributions from volunteers. Thank you guys!

R-60 and R-27A by Trenton Pfiefer

R-77 and FAB-500 by Anton Kalgin

I’ll try to get these in the game at some point. A lot of stuff on my plate at the moment and I’m doing things one by one.

Questions and Answers 

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STUDIO: CBS Television Studios
TEAM: Ben Cavell, Sarah Timberman, Carl Beverly, Chris Chulack

LOGLINE: Follows the lives of the elite Navy SEALs as they train, plan and execute the most dangerous, high-stakes missions our country can ask.

Cast (thus far)

  • David Boreanaz (Bones) will play Jason, the respected, committed leader of his assault team who’s been through more than a dozen deployments., with scars inside and out.
  • Neil Brown Jr. (Straight Outta Compton) will play Ray, the longest-tenured member of Jason’s assault team, and his most trusted friend and colleague.
  • Jessica Paré (Mad Men) will play Mandy, a whip-smart CIA analyst driven to rid the world of evil and get the bad guys.
  • Toni Trucks (NCIS: New Orleans) will play Diaz, the logistics officer responsible for making the arrangements to get the team and their gear where they need to be.
  • Max Thieriot (Bates Motel) will play Clay, a Navy SEAL millennial, who’s extremely capable, but his easy confidence and swagger hides a deep insecurity.
  • A.J. Buckley (CSI: NY) will play Sonny, a strong fighter combatting self-destructive tendencies, always at the edge of exploding, but hugely loyal to Jason and his team.

Further details:

The Cast:  

Okay, I’m going to lay out what I knew when I knew it and let everyone judge for themselves.

  • 2015 - At some point during the 2015 convention season Sean Maguire told someone privately that all the cast had contracts through season 7 except Jennifer Morrison who was expected to walk after season 6.  This seemed dead solid information and I really see no reason for him to have misrepresented it.
  • February 2016 - Paul Lee is fired as ABC president and replaced by Channing Dungey.  ABC has been somewhat resistant to Disney corporate culture since it was acquired by the mouse 20 years ago and I was told that Dungey’s role was to finally bring the network in line with Disney’s over all strategy.  Dungey was described as a traditional business woman who disliked “gut” instinct (something Lee was known for).  The entire network was said to be riddled with actors who were given over sized contracts, development deals and other perks as favorites of particular executives.  Apparently this comes out of Shonda Rhimes success in taking what is seen as risky moves with favorites.  But network suits are not Shonda Rhimes and there was very little return seen on a lot of these deals.  The rumor was that Dungey was taking a flamethrower to them and insisting that any unsual contract be justified with data and if they were not the favorite would be cut as an example to other execs that if they over paid their favorites they risked getting them fired.
  • April 2016 - I was told Jennifer Morrison was refusing to do any interview with an outlet smaller than Major-Major (a term for a major national publication of a certain audience reach).
  • July 2016 - Jennifer Morrison skipped the SDCC press room for the show claiming illness.  I have no reason to doubt this but at the time I asked around and there was some interpretation that this was part of a pattern which she had used during her exit from House.  On that show she had refused to do show PR for more than a year (by essentially refusing to talk about the lead, the set dynamics, her characters romantic storyline with house and with her at the time fiance, or her personal relationship with her fiance… essentially anything a reporter might want to ask).  She also had behaved out of the norm during House press when she briefly returned, using their publicity to talk about HIMYM.  Which … looks a lot like the way she’s handled Once promotion and Sundogs.
  • July 27, 2016 - Jen posted this picture on Instagram.  It was widely seen as a message being sent to the network.
  • August 2016 - I was told that Jen was in contract negotiations with ABC but that everyone was waiting for fall audience tracking data so the talks were basically on hold.  I do not know what the fall data was but I have been told by several sources that her tracking was unusually bad during season 5 which in some part was attributed to the audience rejecting Dark Swan, dislike of the Dark Swan look, and that she cried too much.  Jen spoke about the crying issue during her NerdHQ panel.
  • September 2016 - I was told that Jen had put out feelers to pilot productions widely.  Again it appeared to be a message sending game with the network.
  • January 2017 - Dungey gives her TCA comments which I and others I spoke to interpreted as a message to Morrison.  Also a sign that things had started to go badly and preparing the audience for a major change.
  • January 2017 - Jennifer Morrison announces that she has no contract.  Generally interpreted by those I spoke to as a response to Dungey’s TCA and an attempt to mobilize her fan base.
  • Around this time I received an anonymous message i choose not to publish by someone claiming that Lana Parrilla had told them her contract expired this year along with everyone else during a meet and greet in New Jersey.  I showed the message to a number of friends who’s reaction was that Parrilla would not discuss her personal financial information in a meet and greet with fans much less everyone elses.  It also conflicted with the information from Maguire.  I didn’t publish it because I didn’t give it credence and didn’t want to cause disruption in the fandom for something I didn’t believe.
  • January 2017 - Robert Carlyle says he has a decision to make by the end of the month.  No details on what that decision might be.
  • February 2017 - I was told that Jen’s agents “…would like everyone to believe that she would walk away from the show like the hero away from a burning oil tanker.”  Whatever that means.
  • Feb-March 2017 - Rumor has it that Lana Parrilla instigated discussions with a few pilot productions far enough along to get a financial offer from them before passing on the projects.  This is generally the start of any negotiation with a current employer because it is an outside estimate of their fair market value.  What I was told was that for a new project you take that number and go to your current show and say “I want twice this.”  Because her name had not come up publicly and there was an obvious explanation for what happened I choose to not share the rumor.
  • Feb-March 2017 - Jennifer Morrison took a number of meetings with pilot projects including NBC but would not consider any that did not include giving her a producer credit.  Rumor had been for months that Morrison and ABC were stalled over something “not money” that neither side would budge on.  General consensus was that it was this.  ABC would be unlikely to give a single actor in an ensemble producer credit because it would disrupt set dynamics (traditionally it’s given to actors on shows where they are the clear lead, example Mark Harmon on NCIS, the leads on Castle and Bones).  Such a credit would make her the boss of other cast members and give creative control and the right to over rule directors.  The feeling was the only way she could get that was if it was given to Goodwin and Parrilla as well.
  • February 2017 - Jen posts the below picture on instragram.  Again consensus was that she was sending a message either to the network or to get her fans to mobilize on her behalf with the network.
  • March 2017 - Friend at a another studio tells me this reads like a 2 year final season renewal to her.  Which would require settling all the actor contracts through year 8.
  • March 2017 - I’ve been told by several sources that the industry gossip was that if Jen left then Colin would be written off with her.
  • March 2017 - It is believed that all the appropriate female leads for pilots likely to be picked up have been cast.
  • Today - The articles were published in TVLine and Deadline which seem to conflict with each other.  My industry savy friend still says “they’re crazy pants”.  – “Both those outlets will publish whatever people tell them. They’re easy to use in negotiations. Sometimes they get real info. Sometimes they get whatever people want to sell them to enhance their position. They don’t care because they get hits either way.  If Variety or Hollywood Reporter do more than report that other outlets said this, then it has some substance.”

I leave you to judge for yourself.  I know nothing I have not said in this post.

“ And Glee Club will never end, Mr. Shue… because you are Glee Club. ”


Attention Clique! 

We’ve all seen Tyler’s “new lyrics” for Stressed Out:

I wish I wrote a different song no one’s ever heard
I wish my mom would just admit she’s sick of every word
Overplayed, overstayed, it was a smash hit,
funny how overplayed songs sound like crap
I was told our true fans don’t like this song,
but I hope they sing along,
but I hope they sing along

I want to show Tyler and Josh that we love the song, that we’re ecstatic for their success, and that we’re still in this with them!

The plan is to hold these signs up during Stressed Out, or you can make your own sign with the slogan, too! 

You can download the sign here! Print it out, share them with your friends! Even if you’re not able to make it to a show, please spread the word - we want this to reach the boys as much as possible. 

We’d like to have Clique members at each show to hand out signs, explain the Project, and to help us make sure this succeeds! Please message me here with your date if you want to be a leader for that date! 

Here you can submit pictures, stories, or anything else from the project!

Good luck, and stay alive, frens! |-/


glee + iconic [defining] numbers + throughout all seasons

You know what would have been fun? it’s sort of late now, but it would be really neat to have 13 artists collaborate to make a Miraculous Ladybug 2017 calendar. It would have been each artist tasked with drawing a picture themed around their given month (and one for the cover) and be given as a free download for people to print out and compile into a calendar they could have on their wall. We could even have season 2 air dates and anniversaries and character birthdays (if any are known) as dates, as well as holidays celebrated in france and events that take place in paris, so that you could look at it and think “ah, maybe Alya would be doing that!” 

That would have been really fun, i wish i had thought of it earlier.

Well honestly, it could still be done. Cause like, even if we didnt get it out until late January it would still be useful for the year. And if people felt compelled to do so on their own time you can really easy convert the photos into an ACTUAL calendar at any target or walmart or place like that, lots of sites online do it too. 


Would any artists be down to work with a two monthish deadline to create one piece for their assigned month? Two months for one picture, themed around whatever month you get. So if its a fall month maybe the characters in fall wear and leaves and its a plaza or something interesting. You could research events that take place in Paris that month and perhaps depict the characters (probably the main four, adding in anyone else as additional if they’d like but sticking mainly to them because they are the mains) at the event. 

i’d also need someone who would be confident creating the actual grid day to day look for the bottom part of the calendar. it would be best to have one person do all twelve by just creating a template and shifting the numbers in needed, not hard just tedious. I havent the program to make any that look good or i’d do it myself. and we could assign a second person to adding in all the dates and tidbits and what not, perhaps someone who enjoys researching and looking through events in different cities and that sort of thing since it could be boring otherwise. 

i’m gonna shelve this idea, i’ll leave it up for a few days to see if anyone is interested. if you are an artist or are want the two additional positions should i move forward with this please leave a reply on this post. reblogs to spread the idea around would be appreciated. I think it could be fun and relatively easy to manage. I’ll go through any artists who volunteer and pick people personally, so please please leave a reply if you want to work on it! tag your fav artists, perhaps they’d be interested.