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Let’s talk about the run on joke that is Alex Busybody’s voice which sounds an awfully lot like Sonic the Hedgehog’s

Those of you who watched the pilot episode, as well as know of the existence of Alex Busybody, would probably happen to stumble upon and even make you’re own jokes about his “Sonic voice’.

That’s Alex ^^

Now what you may not know about Alex is that he was actually, literally voiced by one of the many voice actors that voiced Sonic the Hedgehog, and for those of you that don’t know who Sonic is, this is him:

Now the voice actor went uncredited as said by Stefan when I asked for the name, but I got the name anyways:

Sam Vincent, also know as: Samuel Vincent, Sam Khouth, Samuel Khouth.

This is Sam:

I looked him up and found this, which is the proof he was a Sonic voice actor, or more his singing voice actor

If you can’t read that, this is what it says:

‘He is also known for Sonic’s singing voice in Sonic Underground

So, yeah.

Alex was literally voiced by Sonic.

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Nickname: there are so many omg (I have so creative friends haha) zey, zeyneo, zeynope, jeynope, j, namu, true hip hap soul

Gender: female

Star Sign: aquarius

Height: 163 cm 

Time right now: 9:32pm

Last thing I googled: “youtube monkey error” yeah… ahaha

Favourite Bands: bangtan and exo (and many more also lot of non kpop bands I am too lazy to list rn)

Favourite Solo Artists: ehhhh excluding those who are in bands …. ed sheeran, and eehhhhhh I can’t think of anyone rn dafuq

Song stuck in your head: lane boy by twenty one pilots 

Last movie I watched: the great wall 

Last TV Show I watched: hwarang I guess 

When did you create your blog: I have no clue 2013??

What kind of stuff do you post: lots of exo and baek and other random bands I listen to, also random pretty stuff I find on my dash and occasionally some other fandom stuff I’m into like animes and also cute animal yea idk it’s a mess hahaha

When did your blog reach its peak: it never really had a peak idek lmao

Do you have any other blogs: I just recently made a bangtan side blog @hob-and-kookies ^^

Do you get asks regularly: nope not at all ahahah

Why you chose your URL: I really like baeks squishy tummy soooooo asdfgj

Following: 595

Posts: near to 18k

Hogwarts House: slytherin hehe

Pokémon Team: mystic

Favorite colors: blue and bordeaux 

Average hours of sleep: 5/ 6 hours 

Lucky Numbers: 2 and 7 and any combination of those two

Favorite Characters: itachi, oikawa, izaya .. just to name a few damn I could list every anime crush here

What are you wearing right now: pyjamas

How many blankets do you sleep with: I have like a two in one blanket in winter and I take one of them away in summer

Dream job: hopefully be an successful architect ;;;

Dream trip: there are so manyy places I want to visit but for now I would say korea, japan and italy

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T: Have you ever been escorted out by security?

J: Uh, from a show? I don’t know…

T: Your own show?

J: I guess just in general, no. I wish that I could say yes.

T: I feel like you should say yes.

J: Yeah. I get into a lot of trouble, I cause scenes and major trouble. 

T: It’s better for our band if you do.


things tyler and josh do in interviews

things tyler does in interviews

takes his wedding ring off his finger and plays with it

picks at his nails intensely

sits with his head on his hand and stares into space

pulls at his hair

sits on his hands

wears sunglasses indoors

makes a lot of hand gestures

stares deadpan into the camera like he’s on the office

avoids the question and goes off on a tangent

refuses to name any other bands as inspirations

insists his dream band is the dixie chicks and celine dion’s backing band

says he wants to get a baby cow tattooed on his calf

says ‘see you on another time’ at the end

stares at josh

things josh does in interviews

spaces out while tyler talks

says ‘um’ at the start of every sentence

says ‘yeah’ after anything tyler says

takes years to get to his point

chuckles at tyler’s dumb jokes for moral support

gives advice from his grandpa

puts his arm on the back of the chair/sofa

wears hats

nods gently along to tyler’s speeches

mentions their physique a lot

talks about cereal

retells his most tattooed guy at the record store story in a slightly different way each time

stares at tyler

Hey friends! I recently came across an old video (2011) of Tyler singing a snippet of Isle of Flightless Birds and thought I’d share! Please please please watch this. Tyler puts the same breathtaking amount of emotion now as he did back then, and I think that’s pretty incredible. (x)


josh looking like an actual model in sleepers chapter 1 [x]


Henry + his swan nightlight


twenty one pilots: Heavydirtysoul [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Watch twenty one pilots’ official video for their track ‘Heavydirtysoul’ from their album Blurryface in the video above! 


This is a video of twenty one pilots performing Anathema live in 2011. It includes: the correct way to say it, Josh telling a story, Tyler saying “screw you music industry”, Josh singing, and Tyler simultaneously playing drums and rapping



(Credit to ty’s edits on Vine)

twenty one pilots are the same people they were with a hundred thousand fans as they are with a million fans. they deserve every bit of success they receive. I’m so proud of them and all they’ve achieved |-/