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Looking for new blogs to follow!

Hi friends! My dash needs a little refresher. So if you post any of the following things, I’ll check out your blog and likely follow!


Connor Franta

Troye Sivan

Dan and Phil

Good Mythical Morning/Rhett and Link

Basically any YouTube content because I’m trash

Music/Bands (specifical 5sos, One Direction, Twenty One Pilots, and All Time Low)

Artsy/Instagram/aesthetic shit

Gallavich (Ian and Mickey from Shameless)

Jonnor and/or The Fosters

Girl Meets World (preferably Lucaya and Riarkle shippers)

Also, let me know if you post at least one of the things above and are lgbt+ in any way (esp. trans, nonbinary, and demigendered because I nedd more trans friends). Tell me either in a reblog, ask, or messanger and I’ll definitely follow you.