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some fun pre development facts about mass effect andromeda before you play :)

  • if you bought the super deluxe secret mega pack for $101.99, you’ll get a cute lingerie set that’s locked to scott. just to scott. for the low price of $1.99, scott gets a cute lingerie set.
  • 10 lucky individuals will recieve a code on the inside of their andromeda case. 9 of these codes will cause the system in question to literally just fucking explode, but one lucky user’s ryder will be permanently equipped with a 10 gallon hat. if you try to take it off, liam will show up behind you, gently chid you with a ‘yaint gonna forget your hat now are ya’, and place a replacement hat on your head. 
  • there was talk of copying fallout 4′s radio system, but sheryl chee ruined this by demanding the station genres be locked to vaporwave, dubstep and nightcore. “vetra only listens to nightcore,” she stated, “vetra ONLY listens to nightcore!” she said nothing else on the matter. the rest were so unsettled, this plan was scrapped
  • david gaider, who never worked on a mass effect game, did not actually leave the studio. he just replaced mike gamble, and slinks around the edmonton building posing as his double, periodically banishing people who break in to a terrifying pocket dimension.
  • the original hero’s last name was intended to be “Fry”, and they were to have stumbled upon the Andromeda Initiative’s cryopods wholly accidentally when they fell backwards into one while delivering pizza on a new years eve.
  • contrary to popular belief, cora is not a single soccer mom. she’s three soccer moms piloting a single uniform soccer mom suit.
  • carver and bethany hawke, well known for their roles as “bethany and carver hawke” in the critically commercially universally acclaimed panned enjoyed controversial game ‘Dragon Age 2′ are returning to the studio that gave them their start in the roles of Sara Ryder and squadmate Nakmor Drack, respectively
  • the reason scott ryder allegedly has such a small ass is because bioware’s Good Ass Budget was divided between Sebastian and Vivienne. truth be told, there is no more ass budget. anyone you see with an ass is just pretending.
  • if you put your ear up to your console or pc tower when playing a disc version of andromeda and listen closely, you can still hear ashley williams telling you to fuck off in a serene, smooth soothing voice usually reserved for her friends and family
ID #82897

Name: Sara
Age: 19
Country: Iceland

Hello! My name is Sara and i’m from a small island in the Atlantic Ocean called Iceland. I’ve never had a proper pen pal so I’m excited to see if this will work out. I’m a soccer player and I live for music. I play guitar and ukulele thought i’m not great. My favorite bands are Twenty One Pilots, OneRepublic, Imagine Dragons, The Chainsmokers and many more. I also love movies and tv shows. I love to travel and I plan to go somewhere after I graduate school. I am very open-minded and though I am an introvert I enjoy meeting new people especially someone from another country.

Preferences: I don’t have any preferences, gender doesn’t matter and neither does location, the further away the better! age is just a number so if you like anything you read please contact me on tumblr :)

Preferences: N/A

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tv shows

* the 100  * Teen Wolf  * Shadowhunters  * Orphan Black  * Vampire Diaries 


* Halsey  * Troye Sivan  * Drake  * One Direction/Zayn  * 21pilots  * 5sos  * Beyonce   * Selena Gomez  * The 1975  * Justin Bieber  * The Weeknd 


* pastel colors   * photography  * Soccer  * Disney  *  song lyric edits  * Percy Jackson  * Harry Potter  * other YA books  *quotes  * movies

just modern anakin things:

  • loves space and art
  • futbol fan
  • is a cat person
  • danish born, but, moved to the states as a child
  • speaks danish, english, and french. prefers danish
  • is a  ( born november 18th, currently is in his late twenties )
  • lives in las vegas
  • is a homicide detective
  • excelled in math and science in both high school and college
  • used to work as a mechanic before becoming a cop
  • had some trouble with street racing as a teenager
  • is childhood best friends with ahsoka and rex
  • has a pilot’s license
  • played soccer in high school and through college
  • was raised by his single mother and grew up poor yet he is humble af
  • is married to padme and they have the twins together

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our-last-kiss-tasted-of-tabacco  asked:

Hold on, hold on.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DDD: FUCK YOU BITCH Ugh my heart. Thanks for sharing btw <3

I know! That’s my reaction exactly! Poor baby, I just want to give him a big hug.  (。┰ω┰。)

Here’s an translation of a part of the chapter, I’d like to share with you all. She said some mean things to Shiro-chan. o(-`д´- 。)

Ne Tada-kun, Have you ever thought of wanting a mother?
Why? Don’t all your friends at school have mothers?
Because I already have Father.
じゃあただくんは大きくなったらなになりたい? バイロットとかサッカー選手とか、女の子にモテるよね~
Then, what does Tada-kun want to be when he grows up? Maybe a pilot or a soccer player, you would be very popular with the girls.
When I grow up, I want to always be with Father.
But when Tada-kun becomes an adult, you’ll get married to someone. Your dad will be by himself. Surely your dad will get a new mother.
Then I will marry Father
Ha?! You can’t possibly do that! Are you an idiot? Stop it! That’s digusting!