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  • Steven Moffat: Bill being gay only comes up when it’s relevant.
  • The Pilot: For instance, when she randomly tells a story about a crush, seconds into the episode.
  • The Pilot: When someone makes a remark about guys.
  • The Pilot: When a love story starts to develop.
  • The Pilot: ...oh, that's ALSO this week's plot.
  • The Pilot: ...AND the resolution of the episode.
  • The Pilot: Travelling with the Doctor, she might meet Heather again.
  • Steven Moffat: Like I said, only when it's relevant.

Alright friends, it’s headcanon time again! This time going right for the feels.

This will go in the “Headcanon” category. If you want to take this idea and expand upon it, please do! Tag me so I can see what you create! And HERE are my other headcanons!

  • When all’s said and done, Zarkon is defeated and the universe is saved, the paladins would return home.
  • And there are questions. ESPECIALLY from the World Space Government (which I’m sure there must be?). We see in Episode 1 that humans haven’t discovered alien life yet, and they just brought back two sentient, very intelligent, human-like creatures with super advanced technology. Not to mention a successful human-galra hybrid (seemingly) without huge biological problems.
  • (And aliens have a concept of a mall? And what on Earth is ‘Quintessence’? It’s a castle and a ship?)
  • So there is a long period of time before Team Voltron is actually free to do what they want. And once they’re free, the questions start to come from within the group.
  • What’s going to happen with Coran and Allura? Where are they going to go? If anywhere? There’s no Altea to return to. Is Allura still considered the princess if she only rules over one person, who’s her caretaker? What if the universe needs Voltron again? 
  • What about Keith’s relationship with the Blade of Marmora? Would he go back to be a part of them? Would he pursue his mother?
  • Now that the Holts are back, will they complete the Kerberos Mission? Would Shiro dare go back there, considering what a traumatic experience that was? Would Pidge join them?
  • Could Lance and Hunk go back to the Garrison to actually get pilot’s licenses? Even though they’re pro lion pilots? Where does being a paladin rank in the military?  What about their families? How would they explain any of this?
  • No one really wants to think about any of that. So in the meantime, the paladins decide they should show the Alteans Earth, both in terms of natural wonders and the culture of humans. They take turns deciding where to go and make a long road trip out of it.

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My belated Valentines day present to myself. Forehead kisses are the best, and Shallan deserves all of them. So does Kal, really.

No ship hate, please. You can take this as romantic or platonic if you like. If this isn’t your OTP, that’s cool too.

PS: Oh, and if you’re seeing this in the Voltron tags, uhh, we’ve been using the pairing tag “Shalladin” (and “Shaladin” to a lesser degree) for a few years here in the Cosmere fandom, so if you have anything else to use as a tag (or at least sticking to Shaladin with one L) we’d love you dearly for it. I love Voltron too, but those of us following the Shalladin tag for Cosmere reasons have been bombarded with the anti-Shiro-pilot/pro Shiro-pilot shipping war lately.

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what do u think is the worst/funniest anti ih argument? to me, it was when kubo said his plan was to make ichigo and rukia's kids meet each other and they said "ih/rr is just a plot device for the kids to meet, they arent important to the story" jdfjds

Some of the most ???? anti arguments I can think of are:
-When they used moments from the beginning of the series in attempts to cancel out something that happened later in the series (i.e. this new, recent moment doesn’t prove xyz because THIS moment from 400 chapters ago exists to debunk it!! checkmate, orgs.) Because apparently they work in reverse and don’t understand how development works.

-IH is unhealthy because Orihime is just too dependent on Ichigo ://// btw Ichigo CANNOT FUNCTION without Rukia. 
-ichihime won’t/shouldn’t happen because it’s “too much orange” (because it’s impossible to fall in love with someone who has a similar hair color as you. This then lead to the argument that Kubo changed Ichigo’s hair color from black to orange after the pilot chapter so that he could end up with Rukia?? I don’t even know).

-Speaking of the pilot chapter, the obvious IH implications of Rukia figuring out that Ichigo had feelings for Orihime and then confessing those feelings to Orihime for him meant nothing and the pilot chapter was obviously pro-IR because….Rukia shrank after losing her powers and was taking a bath in Ichigo’s teacup? idfk where to start with this one.

-Ichigo has a closer bond with Byakuya than he does with Orihime (I’m not joking, they seriously argued this).

-Ichigo going to HM had nothing to do with Orihime; he went there to fight Grimmjow because he was pissed off that Grimmjow hurt Rukia that one time (…lmao. Even though Grimmjow mentioning that he “tore Ichigo’s nakama apart” [x] had no effect on Ichigo [x], and he didn’t get the reaction he wanted until Orihime was mentioned [x] [x]).

-IchiHime is toxic and unhealthy. btw i ship ulquihime 

-Ichigo didn’t rage-attack Ulquiorra for saying Orihime’s name even though he literally refused to fight him until Orihime was mentioned and then lashed out in immediate, consecutive panels directly following the mention of Orihime’s name, which was also followed up only 13 chapters later with a confirmation from Nel in bold print that Ichigo dove towards Ulquiorra after hearing him say Orihime’s name. But nope, it had nothing to do with Orihime. Orgs are delusional.

-Something something she dried his rain yadda yadda authorial intent blah blah blah black sun white moon. (Repeat 3x) 

-Orihime made a metaphor about being the rain once and Ichigo hates the rain because it brings him misery so basically Orihime is the cause of a lot of his misery and despair and he needs Rukia because, you guessed it, she dries his rain (again, not even joking).

-Orihime isn’t in love with Ichigo even though she was given an explicit love confession in canon. You see, she only has a shallow crush on her fantasy version of Ichigo. This conclusion is based entirely on two daydreams that took up as little as one and a quarter pages in a 686 chapter manga, as if that .2% of material is the greatest testament and summation of her feelings, and irrevocably cancels out the other 99.8% of evidence of her feelings (including the fact that she saw Ichigo at his worst, as a ‘monster,’ and instead of that shattering her so-called ‘fantasy,’ she still loved him just the same. Or that time she was literally brainwashed but it somehow wasn’t enough to do away with her silly, shallow crush?? As if her love was so deep and profound it couldn’t be erased?? Strange.)

-That moment in the final battle when Ichigo hollowfies and then smiles at Orihime and says “yo/hey” and they argued “he’s not smiling at Orihime, he’s smiling at the wall” (………lmao).

-Ichigo thinks of Orihime as a little sister type, which was still argued even after he blushed about her body while his mentors played Cupid for them for five straight pages.

-Ichigo being a blushing, sweating, flustered mess for five straight pages about Orihime, displaying the most obvious, universally-known visual cues in manga that illustrate attraction, doesn’t actually prove that he’s attracted to her because he didn’t explicitly say he was attracted to her. Also, he panicked and said that her clothes were “a little too revealing” (while trying his hardest not to look at her so his face wouldn’t catch on fire) so he was obviously grossed out and definitely not attracted. The persistent blush on his face and the sweatdrops dripping from his brow mean nothing. 

-Orihime is desperate for wearing her final arc clothes to get Ichigo’s attention… Ignoring the fact that it’s explicitly stated how she was deceived into wearing them by Urahara and tried to cover herself in shame when she realized she had been tricked because she did not want to be sexualized to get Ichigo’s attention. But why bother with reading comprehension when we can call Orihime a desperate whore instead?

-Ichigo supposedly “friendzones” Orihime, but Orihime almost changing clothes in front of Ishida because she mistook him for her best female friend (“oops! I thought you were Tatsuki!! lol”) means nothing and the narrative meant for ishihime to happen even though Orihime spent literally the entire manga in love with Ichigo.

-Ichigo didn’t go to HM to save Orihime, he only went to fight. Because they took Grimmjow’s words literally and don’t seem to understand that the two go hand-in-hand because Ichigo fights in order to protect. 

-Orihime voluntarily went to HM just to “copy” Rukia’s SS rescue arc in a desperate attempt to get Ichigo’s attention????? (Even though she was completely bewildered when she realized her nakama had come to save her because she didn’t think she was worth saving. And then she literally tells Ichigo he doesn’t have to fight and can leave her behind to die as long as he doesn’t get hurt anymore. But yeah, she wanted to be saved for attention.)

-Orihime’s “Six Hearts Beat as One” speech about the six nakama wasn’t actually about the nakama. It was about Orihime accepting that Ichigo and Rukia were in love and that she could never compete, even though their feelings were never so much as implied as romantic in canon, nor were the two of them ever singled out in Orihime’s speech. Still, somehow, “six hearts beat as one” translates to “IR forever.” Go figure.

-Bleach, a shounen manga, in which Kubo himself stated “Bleach is a story about Ichigo,” was actually a fated shoujo love story about Ichigo and Rukia being destined lovers. Because, black sun white moon. And don’t forget the colorspreads. 

-Orihime annoys Ichigo and he doesn’t like spending time with her, which is why he turned down her offer to go visit Chad in the FB arc (Even though it was made clear that he didn’t turn her down because he didn’t want to hang out, but because he couldn’t, as he already had plans to meet Ginjou at the FB headquarters. And if he didn’t like spending time with Orihime he literally wouldn’t have invited her up to his bedroom the day before for the bread date, thus, voluntarily spending time with her. But, logic.)

-Orihime doesn’t accept the real Ichigo because she was afraid when he hollowfied, ignoring that she only expressed fear that Ichigo himself would be harmed by the hollow rather than that he would harm her, and that she has obvious trauma regarding hollows after the incident with her brother, which is why a flashback of that incident was provided. But no, it had nothing to do with her own personal trauma or her fear for Ichigo’s well-being. It was all to prove that IH is ~toxic.

-Orihime should not have married the man she loves who also loves her in return. Instead, she should have married the guy she has zero romantic interest in because maybe his dad would loan her some money. IH is toxic and ishihime is true love because, true love means marrying for money. Also, Ishida is entitled to marry her because he’s so nice to her :))))) She owes him, otherwise she’s a selfish bitch. She’s responsible for mating with him in order to restore the Quincy family line and she should be ashamed of herself for not marrying him and must cheat on her husband with him in order to make amends. We will also berate her and call her a worthless tittywhore but please remember that she could have redeemed herself by marrying Ishida instead :))) we only want what’s best for our worthless tittywhore after all :)))

-Kubo made IH happen because Orihime is his self-insert waifu and he ruined the series to give his fave what she wanted….even though they spent the entire series prior to this claiming that Rukia was obviously Kubo’s fave, and that he only created Orihime so that she could fail in comparison to Rukia/IR. Bonus points for the argument that Kubo wrote moments where Orihime was harmed by enemies in order to “”punish her”” because he hated her. But now she is his fave/self-insert waifu who gets whatever she wants. Makes sense. 

-The conspiracy theories about Kubo making IH happen just to ~spite WSJ~ because it somehow doesn’t make any sense to these people that he didn’t make ichiruki romantic after explicitly stating in an official interview that IR was not romantic. For the thousandth time, and I quote, “despite standing in a close position with each other, it is not romance (laughs).” 

-Fans hate Kubo for betraying them with an IH/RR ending and will boycott his work, they say as WDKALY sells better than DSTS lol

Basically all of their arguments are terrible lmao they were wrong about virtually everything to do with the ships. 

“This is perfect! The Crystal Gems finally have a pilot!”

Somewhere, deep in the jungles of wherever, Poodle just let out a single, sad tear.

Also, this line set me at ease. This is what the show has in mind for Navy, eh? A dedicated pilot for the Crystal Gem’s new spacecraft? I dig it! That frees up everyone to get in on the action, while Navy stays behind and pilots like a pro.


new josh dun interview coming at ya!

So I drew my sprit animal, Joshua Dun. First time drawing realistic art!

I’m obviously not a professional, so constructive criticism is greatly appreciated <3

(Please do not steal or repost without signature and credit. Thanks!)