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i get lots of questions about what kinds of pens i use, so i thought i’d make a post for convenience :’’) the x’s are links to posts where i’ve used the pen.

  • sakura pigma micron 01 (0.25mm) - i usually don’t like using pens with tips smaller than 0.5mm since i feel like i’m scratching the paper with them, but microns are felt tip so i can deal with it (heh). i like using this pen for when i have to cramp a lot of information in a small space. (x)
  • pilot precise v5 (0.5mm) - I LOVE THESE PENS!! A+ ink flow, crisp lines, and a v smooth writing experience. it takes a while for the ink to dry sometimes, so i use these mostly for when i’m rewriting notes instead of in-class notes. (x, x, x, x, x)
  • muji gel ink ballpoint (0.5mm) - i’m gonna be honest, i bought my first pack of muji pens about a month after i started my studyblr because everyone had them. but!! for all the hype they get, they are nice pens. v smooth & lots of color options!! my only qualms are that they run out of ink pretty fast and the ink tends to smear if you highlight over it. (x, x, x)
  • pentel rsvp fine (0.7mm) - my go-to pen for in-class notes! the ink doesn’t smear very much, which is excellent because i’m one of those people that writes everything down (oops). definitely not the best pen ever, but it does its job well. ALSO it has a grip which makes it v comfortable to write with!! (i started using it when i was making this review sheet, except it ran out of ink halfway through and i switched to using a bic cristal pen)
  • paper mate inkjoy 100 (1.0mm) - my other in-class notes pen! i use it less than the rsvp because it likes to transfer onto my hand more, but the ink is darker and it’s a wider pen. i’ll usually use it when i have to fill up more space and don’t want to write as much heh :^) (x, x)
  • uniball signo um-153 (1.0mm) - v nice if you’re looking for a pen that writes boldly and thickly!! i bought this pen not too long ago, so i haven’t written with it that much yet, but i’ll probably use it for headings or something like that (x)

FUN FACT these are all capped pens… i stay away from retractable pens because i’m one of those people that clicks them constantly if i have one in my hands (ㅠᴗㅠ)


Layout for March!

Good month so far, I’m falling a little into a procrastination slump when it comes to work that’s due wayyy in the future, but I’m sure to pick back up when I don’t feel as grossly sick as I do right now.

My tracker definitely has helped me reduce my bingeing this month, I’ve been more in control of myself than I have been in a long time!


which pen type should you use? (based on the angle and pressure you write with, and texture and aesthetic preference)

a series of infographics by me! 

pen recommendations for each type under the cut!

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I get asks about what kind of pens I use for my bujo. So here is literally every pen/markers I use and own.

• Pilot V5 Precise Rolling Ball •
Great for everyday use. I use it during lectures as well for note-taking - although it does take a while to set and if you’re not exactly careful, you’ll get smudges. But still my fave.

• Faber-Castell PITT Calligraphy Pen •
Mainly for titles. Great for those who are just beginning to venture into calligraphy. I actually just talked my best friend into buying one because she wants to get into bullet journaling.

• Staedtler Permanent Lumocolor S •
I use this for writing on washi tape because everything else tends to rub off. It’s great for little details.

• Manuscript CalliCreative Italic in Silver •
Used for designs and accents. I also use this for dark washi tapes because I haven’t found a white pen that works over dark washi. Yet.

• Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pen •
This is actually my first experience with brush pens and I. Love. It! I only have one color so far, Medium Skin 116, but I will be buying more!

• Ad Markers •
I have soooo much of these markers. (As you can see in the red box.) They’re amazing for drawing and coloring but the biggest set-back (for me) is that they bleed right through the page. No matter how high quality the paper is.

• Staedtler Triplus Fineliner 0.3mm •
I recently just got these and I’m already in love with them! They write so nicely and smoothly - it’s a complete dream. I was actually very reluctant to buy these but after seeing Bilan’s (@studyfulltime) bujo spreads, I was convinced.

So yeah… There you go guys. Let me know if you have any more questions. I’m friendly 😊.

anonymous asked:

This is going to be a silly question - but I want to know what types of pens all the medblrs use! Personally, I'm a Pilot Precise V5 type of person. But you can never have too many amazing pens.

JetStream Rollerball 0.5 micro, Pilot G-2 0.38, and Muji rollerball 0.38 are ALWAYS in my white coat pocket! 


august 19 / for the anon who asked what stationery i use!! this is everything i carry in my pencil bag for school. i am studyblr aesthetic trash forgive me

the pencil bag is from staples and i keep it in my binder, but i took it out for photo purposes hehe. everything in the front mesh pocket are the things i use the most. you can keep reading if your interested more about the supplies!

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Is it just me,

or do all these “studyblr” and “Studyspo” blogs say the same exact things over and over again and get 5 million notes (from people who are procrastinating on Tumblr learning how to study rather than actually studying…).

Let’s see if I can do it too…

Use colors! Color code everything!

Underline everything!

Highlight everything!

Get organized!

Use tabs and calendars and everything you can possibly find at Office Depo that is colorful and office-supply ish!

Make a schedule!

Take breaks!

Use great pens! (And they HAVE to be Stabilo or Pilot V5 Precise or Sharpie pens or Bic throwaways or whatever…)

Write EVERYTHING in a notebook (which of course HAS to be a Moleskine or a Composition book or a Lisa Frank College Ruled Spiral bound or a Trapper Keeper with loose leaf wide ruled paper)!

Don’t write ANYTHING down! Put everything on your laptop/iPad/tablet with Evernote/Skitch/Quizlet/Penultimate / Notability/Papyrus.

Don’t read anything! Watch all the videos!

Don’t waste your time with videos! Read every line of your textbook!

Study early in the morning!

Study late at night!

Study all day!

Study in short spurts!

Use flashcards for everything!

Don’t waste your time with flashcards, make flow charts and posters!

Eat healthy!

Get lots of sleep!


Listen to music!

Cut out all distractions like music and internet!

Drink tons of coffee! 

Avoid caffeine!

Make checklists!

Use the Cornell method / Pomodoro method / Feynman Method!

Make study guides!

Is that enough? I guess so. Guys, don’t waste half your study time trying a million different study methods. Use what has produced good results for you in the past. Change what hasn’t. 


This is the long awaited post about the supplies I use in my Bullet Journal! Of course I have a lot of the standards that everyone has, but hey after doing some extensive research and now experiencing them I am throughly in love.

For my Journal itself I have a squared moleskine in black. I do recommend the darker colours because my white moleskine gets dirty very quickly since I carry them with my everywhere. (I am lucky enough to live very close to a moleskine store which is very dangerous as you can imagine)

For adding colour to the sides of my pages (reference my bullet journal spread in my post) I use Staedtler Triplus Fineliners. I cannot speak highly enough of these pens. I bought the 10 colour set before I bought the full 20 just to try them out and I fell in love. They’re the kind of pen where you start making random excuses to write just so you can use them. (I ordered this set off Amazon)

For any colour coding I use Zebra Mildliners. I do /not/ like highlighters and almost refused to use them all through high school, but these are converting me. The pale colours make them almost impossible to see through pages (except where the ink collects) and it holds true for even the darker colours. (I ordered all 3 packs as a set on Amazon)

For drawing lines for boxes/my calendar, ect. I use Prismacolor Inking Pens. I have had these pens for 4 years now for art purposes. You can get the set I have at Office Depot, or a lot of craft/art supplies stores. These are nice though because in a lot of Art stores the sizes are sold individually so if one pen runs out you don’t have to buy a whole new set. They also have an extremely long life, if you are just using them for inking. I think I've only replaced one or two in the 4 years I’ve had them. (I don’t remember where I got mine)

For titles I use a Pilot Precise V5 RT Ultra Fine (0.5mm). It’s a rollerball pen that is fairly inexpensive and I do love it. It comes in packs of 3 black or 1 black, 1 red, and 1 blue. (I bought mine from Office Depot, but I’m sure Amazon has them).

For the rest of my regular writing I use a Pilot BP-S Fine. This is a cheap ball point pen, but it has a really nice fine tip and writes really well. This would be great for anyone who really loves fine tipped pens and doesn’t want to have to worry about the ink bleed of felt tip/rollerball/gel pens. (I ordered a box of 12 off Amazon).

I have some standards:

- Colour dot stickers and colour star stickers for colour coding

- Whiteout tape (Papermate Brand)

- Lots of Post-it notes for little notes/quotes/motivational messages

- My Collection of Washi Tape that started 3 years ago

If anyone is interested the case I have Washi Tape in is Vaultz brand and they have different colours/designs. They’re sold at Office Depot, but you could probably find them on Amazon.

This is part 2/2 of my bullet journal posts


What’s in my pencil pouch?
-pouch: I’m not sure where this is from I got it in the tenement museum in New York and it’s the best one I’ve ever had
-yoobi pencil sharpener: this works amazingly well, it’s also the best pencil sharpener I’ve had so far and I got it for under a dollar at target
-sharpie highlighters: available almost anywhere; they’re good but I really want the midliners
-pilot precise V5s: my favorite black pens
-pencils: I use both regular #2 and a .7 mechanical
Stabilos: these don’t technically fit in my pouch but they’re part of my gear and I take them everywhere! Highly recommended!!


I didn’t intend to ink these, yet here we are. 8|

The Malachite Twins! This was supposed to be a composition sketch so that I could do some Watercolor Art, but LMAO THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN

I’m supposed to be trying to work on my animation and painting skills, but I somehow miraculously improved my manga style inking. (Which is somethig I’ve always been super insecure about XD)

Red Pencil Lead + Pilot Precise V5 pen

No Way in Heaven

thelittlewolf45 said: Can you do a Gadreel and Samadriel AU one where the reader is their little sister and she has a bad nightmare and they wake her up and stay with her until she stops crying and falls asleep on Gadreel’s chest. It’s fluff and cuddles and cuteness everywhere

A/N: I hope that you like this!

Word count: 1,110

Pairing: none.

Warnings: descriptive nightmare about a fire.


The world was on fire. Your room, your toys, the pictures on the walls; everything. It didn’t matter where you looked, because a cloud of smoke and a bright orange glow prevented you from actually seeing anything. You tried to move, tried to run or at least simply stand up from your bed, but it was as if you were glued permanently to the burning mattress.

Flames licked your skin without any forgiveness, leaving behind a pain that you had never felt before. You thrashed and turned in the bed, shrill, high-pitched screams tearing apart your throat.


You heard it clearly, the strong voice of one of your brothers, but you thought that it was only an illusion, a trick of the own mind that was torturing you.

“(Y/N), princess, wake up!”

You screamed again, fighting against the invisible ropes that kept you tied to the bed. Everything was becoming darker, the corners of your vision blurring slightly, tears staining your cheeks. You were going to die…

You woke up with a start, your chest heaving up and down as you tried to calm down. Breathing wasn’t as easy as it should have been, and even more so with the way your throat seemed to be closed up. Every breath you took was small and painful, burning your throat and nose like the cold air of winter.

“(Y/N), it’s okay, it’s okay!” Gadreel said, and for the first time, you registered the fact that he and your other brother, Samandriel, were on either side of your bed, their worried faces staring back at you.

You tried to hold the tears that were rapidly forming in your eyes, making your vision like a foggy window pane. But it only took a few seconds for your facade to come crashing down, its heaviness pulling you with it. Sobs wrecked your ten year old body, strong as the waves that crashed against the rocks of an ocean on a hurricane season.

Immediately, Gadreel gathered you in his arms, hugging you as you cried. He moved so that his back was leaning against the headboard of your bed, getting into a more comfortable position. Samandriel sat next to him, one of his hands reaching forward and brushing your hair softly, murmuring calming “sh”s every once in a while.

Gadreel and Samandriel were your favorite brothers; it was not as if you loved them more than your other family members, but you would much rather prefer that they were the ones that would comfort you when you had nightmares, and you were lucky that tonight had played out just like that.

Gadreel was almost ten years older than you, but thanks to his summer holidays, he was able to be at home for some good amount of time. There was a five year gap between you and Samandriel, and though you knew that some day he would too need to leave, you were grateful to have him by your side for when Gadreel wasn’t home.

It wasn’t until ten minutes later that you started to calm down, mainly because of the quiet tune that Gadreel was humming, or maybe the soft way that Samandriel played with your hair. Either way, you knew that it was thanks to both of your brothers that you were able to reduce your sobs into mere sniffles.

“Do you want to talk about your dream, princess?” Samandriel asked gently, his bright blue eyes staring at you understandingly just in case you said no. However, you nodded slowly, wiping away the tears on your cheeks before speaking.

“Don’t blame Lucifer, but we kind of watched a scary movie the other night,” you whispered, the tiniest tone of sheepishness in your voice.

Lucifer was one of your oldest brothers, the second oldest, in fact, and though he wasn’t as mischievous as your brother Gabriel, he had managed to get away with letting you watch a recent horror movie with him. The main theme being about fire. You’d promised you wouldn’t tell any of your siblings, but now that the cat was out of the bag, you might as well say everything about it.

“It was about this man that would set people’s houses on fire,” you explained, fumbling with the bottom of your pajama top, concentrating on tangling and untangling a loosed string around your finger. “A-and well…that’s what I dreamt about tonight.”

“(Y/N), you know we wouldn’t let anything happen to you, right?” Gadreel asked, pulling you closer to him. “Me and Sammy—and everybody else—we would protect you from anything.”

“I know, but the fire was so hot! And I couldn’t move or do anything!” you whispered loudly, your heart beating so fast that you could hear it pulsing through your ears. “I-I tried to, Gad, I really did!”

“I know, honey, I know,” Gadreel nodded, treating you as if you were a five year old once more. “But there’s no way in heaven that we’ll ever let that happen to you.”

He kissed your forehead, twirling a piece of your hair with his index finger and pulling you on his lap. You relaxed at his touch, wrapping your arms around him and listening to his heart beat. The bed dipped slightly closer to Gadreel as Samandriel shifted closer to you and him, the knowledge of his presence making you feel even safer.

“Would you like me to tell you a story, (Y/N)?” Samandriel asked softly. You nodded tiredly, a small yawn accompanying your action. “Well, it all starts with a man —a pilot, to be precise— whose small plane started to malfunction while in the middle of the desert. Now, while this man was trying to fix the problem so that he could continue to travel, he was met with a certain person who could not have stranger tales than anything he had ever heard before.”

Samandriel kept talking for a few minutes more, telling the events of a book he had read before, but then Gadreel raised a finger to his mouth, his eyes drifting down to your small, sleeping figure. You were breathing soundly, eyelashes brushing top part of your cheeks.
A small smile tugged at Samandriel’s lips, the worry that he had had when he and Gadreel heard you scream slipping away.

“Do you think she’ll be okay?” he murmured, quietly enough so that you wouldn’t wake up.

“Yeah, though I think she’ll get Lucifer to buy her ice cream before she starts acting like it,” Gadreel said with a small smirk. “But she’ll be okay. She’s got us to take care of her.”

thegrimfloof  asked:

I've got a wee question, what do you use to line your traditional sketches?

These are currently my go-to pens!

Copic Multiliner - Fine nib usually, Brush pen tip is also nice. The ink is water and copic proof, so I trust it to not bleed. I find the tips better feeling and lasting then Microns.

Pilot Precise V5 Extra Fine - My staple “cheap” pen, I buy them by the box. No good for wet media, the ink will bleed. Great for sketching and notes.

Morning Glory Mach 3 - My new love. Incredibly fine line, smooth sketching, holds up to marker and comes in many beautiful colors.