pilot powers

My name is Tyler, and I wanted to start a band, so I picked a name, a logo, and wrote and recorded songs in my basement. I really had no idea what I was doing. All I knew was that music did something to me. What I DID know was that I needed help bringing the songs to life on stage. Then I met Josh, a kid with no plan B. He lived and breathed plan A: music. And I liked that he beat the crap out of his instrument.

Then we played shows, all kinds of shows. It never really was discussed, we just knew we had no choice but to play with as much conviction for 5 people as we would for 5,000. We wanted our shows to be more about others than about ourselves, creating an unpredictable but always beautiful dance with the people in the crowd. Honesty and authenticity works, and, as it turns out, people wanna be a part of that.

9,765. Turns out it doesn’t take a million likes to get the music industry’s attention.

On November 19th, 2011, we played in front of a sold out hometown for 1700 of our most dedicated fans in Columbus, Ohio. A few years of hard work materialized into one night, our fans were the first local fan base to ever sell the place out to that
capacity. I don’t know exactly how it happened, but after that night people from 'the industry’ started asking the question, ‘What’s going on in Ohio?’

The next 3 months were the craziest months of our lives. Out of nowhere, we had a dozen labels interested in our small local band, taking us completely off guard. We had questions: Would we lose creative control? Would we be turned into something
we are not? Can we keep doing what we are doing, the way we were doing it? Are we selling out? Encouraged by the answers to those questions, we signed a record deal called Fueled By Ramen. A record deal!

Tonight, 5 months later, we are back in Columbus to explain the incredible news to the people who deserve to hear it first. But it’s just the beginning. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for us
and our fans. And to them we say: We never got a big break. You created our big break. Thank you.

So if you are pursuing your dreams, pursuing what it is you are passionate about, I hope this story encourages you. And if you know someone who is, encourage them with this: Don’t give up. Push through the droughts. Channel the inevitable disappointments back into your craft. Break molds. Think. Create. But most importantly: Stay alive. And in the meantime, make it about others. That seems to work. Stay strong, live on, and power to the local dreamer.

—  Tyler Joseph, after being signed by Fueled by Ramen with Josh Dun.

I drew this over the summer but never posted it… so here you go ^^

Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots, drawn in green and a slight tinge of orange because those are cantaloupe colors and his voice reminds me of a cantaloupe


Trees performed at the Joseph’s house

Can’t believe how far they’ve come

Power to the local dreamer

Changing my perspective for lyrics from a powerful song, Life In Her Yet by Rag'n'bone Man. Day 7 of the November challenge by @journaling-junkie.
And don’t forget, go vote tomorrow. It’s not just about the president, it’s also about the state and local representatives who might have a huge impact on your lives. Previous generations fought very hard to make sure we all had the right to vote, please go use it and use it wisely.

Blurry will fuck Josh up pt. 2

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tyler bottoms but like i said, blurry makes josh his bitch 

part 1

(i’m in a hotel rn in moline and there are way too many hours between now and the twenty one pilots show - okay 5 hours - but we’ll probably get down there early, park, and sit in the car bc we have seats)

*pls excuse typos/grammar*


josh was going insane. ever since he had that amazing experience with blurry, and found out what an extraordinary top tyler could be, he could not stop thinking about it. tyler was his baby - soft hair, soft voice, soft hands, soft ass. everything about him was soft, except for his cock in their more heated moments. that’s when tyler would pull josh over and beg to be fucked. josh loved topping tyler so much, it never got old seeing him writhe underneath and whimper with every touch until he got off. 

but josh was envious of tyler sometimes. he wanted to experience being bottom again, and despite feeling like more of a “top” around tyler, he could not stop thinking of the time when blurry fucked him and made him feel so out of control. when he was jacking off in the shower, that’s where his thoughts flowed. tyler’s..no..blurry’s throbbing cock rutting inside him, and his hot body forcing him into the mattress and using him until he screamed. after cumming to the thought of tyler fucking him in the ass, he felt guilty enough to finally express his feelings to him. 

“hey tyler, remember when i said i didn’t know you had it in you to top? when you were blurry?” josh said, just coming right out with it. tyler looked up from his laptop and cocked a brow at it. 

“yeah, why?” tyler asked, not knowing exactly where he was going with this. 

“well i know it may not be true, what blurry said, but i…was wondering if you wanted to um…maybe top me sometimes?” josh said, letting out a sigh of relief once he finally got it out. 

tyler looked at how cute and nervous josh was, biting his lip and playing with his thumbs. he was surprised, but glad he asked instead of holding that in. 

“you don’t have to be shy about it, joshie. of course i’ll top you. i don’t know if i can be like blurry, but i can try.” tyler said, with all his sweetness. josh knew tyler could be a pretty good actor sometimes, so all he had to do was explain what tyler couldn’t remember blurry did.

there was a little that tyler could remember. for example, he could remember blurry specifically making tyler watch as he ordered josh to open himself. he has the visual memory of josh doing that, and feeling sort of wrong for watching, but also turned on because he seemed to be enjoying himself. tyler remembers blurry controlling his movements and overpowering his thoughts and impulse control. blurry drew from tyler’s fantasies, but some of it was just blurry, or tyler’s dark side. tyler had dark, intrusive thoughts that he’d never act on that blurry did, such as entering josh without preparation or warning. he has thoughts of topping josh sometimes when he sees that fine ass, but wouldn’t necessarily have the heart to act be rough with him. he just loves josh too much to do the things blurry could, but josh got off on it, so he would try. he could also remember the force of two orgasms in one, but blacked out afterwards. fading into blurry was a lot like getting high, from what he could remember. he was lucid, but not completely in control, and too under the influence of emotions for rational thoughts or actions. it was a total out of body experience.

“can you go a little harder?” josh whined. 

tyler looked down at josh’s flushed, sweaty faced, all contorted from tyler’s ministrations. he swept some hairs from his eyes and kissed his lips before humping faster, almost falling apart from how josh clenched around his cock greedily.

josh’s baby was being so soft and gentle with him, and josh felt his orgasm approaching, but not with the same intensity or darkness. this was nice, and he was grateful, but josh craved danger while being bottomed by tyler. topping was his time to be slow and gentle with him, or give into his aggression if that’s where tyler wanted to go. 

“fuck josh, i’m gonna cum. you’re so tight” tyler whimpered, speeding up his hips and slapping into josh’s ass. he gripped josh’s cock in his hand and began pumping him hard and fast, knowing josh was also close. this was the most rough tyler got with him and they’ve been at it a while. josh was moaning with every thrust, head rolling against the pillows. his hands were on tyler’s ass, taking pleasure in the way tyler’s muscles moved with his efforts, and tyler attacked his neck with hickies. 

“yes baby, cum for me. oh my…fuck you’re so sexy” josh cooed, thrusting his hips up and fucking himself on tyler’s throbbing cock while squeezing his ass. tyler made a frustrated noise, close to a growl right in josh’s ear, and released himself inside him. josh’s eyes shot open in surprise at the noise his baby made and started cumming himself. did his orgasm make blurry come out for a sec?

when they both came down, tyler laid beside josh exhausted and completely spent. they both were satisfied, but tyler knew he didn’t completely fulfill josh’s blurryface fantasy. he probably couldn’t unless he….

“maybe i can turn into him for you, josh, but you have to promise me you won’t let me hurt you” tyler said.

“of course i won’t, angel. you know me. i can take care of myself. even though blurry is much stronger, he’s still you. and i love all of you” 


ohhhh cliffhanger

imagine telling seventeen year old tyler, screaming vocal demos in his basement, that in eleven years time he would win a grammy with his best friend, who lived, breathed and had now more than achieved plan a

i really miss the hype during the blurryface era.

the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you finally found out what blurryface looked like at an ungodly hour of the night.

the theories about the colors on the album cover, and which blurry has control of.

the theories about what the lyrics mean in accordance to blurry.

the theories in general.

bring them back.