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I scream, you scream, we all scream cause we are terrified of Donald Trump’s presidency. I’ll stay inside cause I don’t want to lose my life. Should’ve voted for someone better. (Should’ve voted for someone better) Down in the election, half of the population will be forced to go back where they came from.

When Zack, along with the viewer, is initiated into the mysteries of Murphy in the pilot episode, we’re lead to believe that we’re seeing a pretty typical trip to school for Milo. But “The Doctor Zone Files” reveals that Murphy’s Law may vary: as Milo himself puts it, “It’s unpredictable!” Like a lot of claims made about Murphy’s Law (obviously, not everything that could go wrong does), this one’s pretty broad; multiple episodes have shown that Milo’s friend Melissa has developed a faculty for predicting when Murphy’s Law will strike, which indicates that it has a logic of its own. And on most days, at least, it seems that Milo can ride the bus with his fellow students in relative safety–we see him do so in “Worked Day.”

So what made the first day of school different? Well:

A new kid came in from out of town. He didn’t know about Milo’s condition. He talked to him in a friendly way and even accepted his handshake. Which–look at how the kids at the stop react. 

They’re worried about this poor sap who’s here indicating a clear willingness to befriend Milo Murphy. They’re not only worried about him, they’re potentially worried about how it’s going to affect them (notice how Bradley is clutching his backpack). 

I propose that Murphy’s Law overacted because, quite simply, Milo was on the verge of making a new friend, and the worst thing that could happen to him would be for that friend to be scared off.

And, see, this is nothing new. This happens every time Milo is put in a situation wherein a friendship could potentially form. In “Rooting for the Enemy” we find out that a girl named Joni, who sat next to Milo recently, only just got her cast off and is unwilling to try a second time. In the same episode, Mort has a friendly conversation with Milo and is promptly thrown headfirst over a ledge and into a pond: 

By the way, Joni does end up in Milo’s blast radius again when she sits directly behind him on the bus in “Worked Day”.

She looks a little nervous to me. Can’t blame the girl. She’s even closer to him than Melissa is!

…but she’s probably fairly safe, because, while she’s close to him, she’s not sitting next to him. The real danger lies in talking to him or associating with him in the way a friend would.

Melissa and Zack are hanging out with him, but they’re probably all right too–at this point, they’ve both been established as friends of Milo. Both of them have firmly and repeatedly refused to be put off, so while they’re still getting swept up in Murphy’s Law and still risking life and limb by being in its vicinity, it’s no longer headhunting either of them specifically. 

Here’s what really sells this one for me:

We’ve seen that Melissa is normally unafraid to be close to Milo, though she’s not above establishing an “adequate buffer zone.” In the pilot, she initially walks gladly up to her friend, apparently prepared to stand next to him as she might on a normal morning…but then she hesitates.

We see her take a moment to test her surroundings before announcing her decision to put some distance between herself and Milo. Milo’s response is a thumbs-up and a cheerful “Good call!”

My guess is that this is a situation that both of them are familiar with through long experience. Milo standing here chatting with the new guy is a clear danger signal for Melissa, just as it is for the others at the stop. Milo, though equally aware that he’s in for a more-than-usually deadly morning, is undeterred. With his characteristic optimism, he’s embracing this possible friendship despite the risk it’s going to involve, but that doesn’t mean he expects Melissa to do it. 

Zack rides out the storm and stays with Milo; at some point before the series started, Melissa had to make a decision to do the same thing. They’re the exceptions. The vast majority of people who came close to befriending Milo were unable to take the heat. 


I got a copy of Star Wars Propaganda: A History of Persuasive Art in the Galaxy!

Here are the Rebels relevant pages.

For those that can’t read it, here’s what it says on the 2nd pic.

This art was never meant for recruitment. An illustration by Sabine Wren, it showcases the flying power of Phoenix Squadron, a hard hitting contingent of A-Wing fighters that raided the Imperial supply depots during the early days of the Galactic Civil War. Originally intended as a gift for lead pilot, Hera Syndulla, the artwork caught the eye of Mon Mothma, who thought it exemplified the effectiveness of their fledgling fighter forces. Mothma requested Wren complete it and add a call to action.

Lots of really cool posters! Also doesn’t really share as much as we thought. Sabine is confirmed as “The Artist” in Aftermath which means she survives past RotJ which is exciting! No confirmations though on the fate of Hera or the rest of Phoenix Squadron. 


it’s okay // listen here

whatever makes you happy. whatever you want. you’re so fucking special. i wish i was special. but I’m a creep, i’m a weirdo. what the hell am i doing here? i don’t belong here.

ABC’s Mayor Comedy Pilot From Daveed Diggs Casts Brandon Micheal Hall As Lead
ABC’s untitled City Mayor comedy pilot, from Jeremy Bronson (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon) and Hamilton co-star Daveed Diggs, has set Search Party’s Brandon Micheal Hall to play the lea…
By Nellie Andreeva

ABC’s untitled City Mayor comedy pilot, from Jeremy Bronson (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon) and Hamilton co-star Daveed Diggs, has set Search Party‘s Brandon Micheal Hall to play the lead. The casting was done in conjunction with the formal pilot green light for the single-camera comedy yesterday as the project had a cast-contingent pilot production commitment, contingent on casting the lead role.

This is awesome news. Official call for a pilot and the lead immediately cast; now cross your fingers it’s picked up in May!

there seems to be an influx of people against the idea of black paladin Keith/Keith piloting black while Shiro is away and tbh it makes me kinda sad

I wanna see my boy lead Voltron and pilot black officially until Shiro comes back


In honor of their win tonight, 21 Pilots lead singer Tyler Joseph. I loved his sweet acceptance speech tonight.  I love this video. 

Hollstein Astronaut AU

Because ukulelekatie asked for one.  Not exactly what you wanted?   But maybe close?  I don’t know, but I really liked the idea.

“Mission Control to Athena.  What’s your status Athena?”

A beat.

“Well hello there Mission Control.  You’re new.  What’s your name cutie?”

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