pilot goggles

I made some small babystep tutorial for those who struggle drawing the Splatoon Pilot Googles, I enjoy drawing them a lot! This is my own simple way how I draw ‘em and I hope it’s understandable enough so it can help some people here.

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Some doodles of my inkling self >W< I made this around the time of the Autobots vs. Decepticons splatfest and forgot to post it! Silly me ;u;

Toon Michaela(Inkling Form)© and Artwork© belongs to me, ToxicSoul77.

Do NOT copy, trace, or steal. Thank you! ouo

me everytime i see Overwatch/Sonic the Hedgehog crossover fanart: while Tails and Tracer have both very similar color schemes and several design elements in common such as spiky hair and pilots goggles, and Tracer has piloting expertise like Tails does, i cannot help but feel, in my heart of hearts, that Tails’ skillset and affinity for tinkering and technology would be more along the lines, of Symmetra, due to her natural affini