pilot g 2 pens

Currently loving ▪ Pilot G-2 0.38 pens, Frixion highlighters and bullet journalling ▪ @rhomany’s uncolourcoding has worked very well for me over the last few weeks and I have enjoyed a couple of functional and productive weeks in my Retrowslim. Mabel (Malden) is earning her keep in the background for future dates. Next month, I am considering a return to a Moleskine/Leuchtturm for wee bit more room. If you bullet journal in a TN, have pictures on IG or have a video on YouTube - I would love to look at them. Link me up below 😊 by thecursivebird

I went into Staples today and all I bought were things that were clear lol.

This years school supplies ft.:
MacBook Air
Apple Headphones
Moleskine Bujo
clear phone case from Five Below
Staples clear white three-ring binder
Staples clear white pencil case
Paper Mate Sharpwriter pencils
Pilot G-2 black pens
Five Muji notebooks
Mini cactus erasers from Target
wooden ruler
five Staples clear white file folders

how i take science notes

so, as ive mentioned many times before, im taking 10th grade earth science. my teacher specifically wants us to use the cornell notetaking method, but ive adapted it for revision and so they’ll be very easy to study for the big regents exam at the end of the year! this is just my method of note-taking; it may not be for everyone. but i do hope it helps some people??

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anonymous asked:

do you prefer the pilot g-2 pens or the pilot juice pens? i can't tell which one you use

okay so i loved my black pilot juice pen but i LOST IT and i need to reorder it, the one you see me using all the time is the g-2, which i love, it’s slightly inkier than the juice pens, but the juice pens are so NEAT and are so amazing i need to order more black ones rip

Had to replace my beloved black Pilot G-2 because I lost it, but luckily I found and bought a really cool gold G-2 as well. I used it on next week’s spread, as well as switching up how my spread is layed out, and I love it.

Pens used: Fine Pilot G-2 (black)
Fine Pilot G-2 (gold)
Pentel Art Brush #101 (black)


Mar. 17, 2017 | 11:01 AM PDT

March Study Challenge
Day 17: What’s in my pencil case

First time trying out flatlay photography!

I actually use two pencil cases, because I’m hella cheap and can’t find one large enough to fit everything.  I also included my pitiful box of journaling supplies, which I keep on my desk.  Half of these are just random stuff I found in the catch-all room, a chaotic mess of a room, with cardboard boxes literally stacked up to the ceiling.

List of supplies under the cut:

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week in review//March 5- March 12

I’m posting this a couple of days late because I’ve been on vacation! Now I’m back, and ready to be more active!

for day 14 of the march study challenge, I’ve gotta say that I prefer black ink! It just looks so classy. (My favorite pen is the Pilot G-2 because they last forever and don’t make you broke)

anonymous asked:

what do you keep in your pencil case?? xx

mechanical pencils from daiso, muji gel pens, a big white eraser, a glue stick, mini post it notes, highlighters in various colors, my fave pilot G-2 0.5 pens, a black double-sided sharpie, my gray mildliner, and usually some sort of chap stick!

somewherenow  asked:

i love all of the doodles in your bujo!!! would you be willing 'to share what the markers are that you use in your pencil case in that picture set you took?

sure!!! i also plan on making a supplies + doodles video soon-ish, so i’ll go more into detail then, BUT my faves are my tombow brush pens, my pilot g-2 0.38 pen, my uni-pin 02 pens, and this random rainbow pencil i found at a stationery store here in seattle yesterday. 


I’m posting this before I chicken out again.
Progess drawings from my boredom. I finally picked up my pencil and drew something… then I filled it in with my gel pens. XD
Which I consider a feat. I use Pilot G-2 07 (or 05) pens in most of my artwork. And coloured pencils.

After years of searching: Pilot G-2 (07) metallic pens and Noodlers “bulletproof” Black ink (used with EF nib) are the perfect Bible companions, thin paper and all. Virtually no bleed through, and so beautiful to use. (Just an FYI for those of you who may be struggling to find pens/ink for thin paper. Happy Easter, all!

themedtimes  asked:

hi lily ! my favorite stationery products are my pilot g-2 pens and muji a5 notebooks. (br)

hiiii my blogrates have already closed but i’ll do yours anyways. i wish i could i afford those, they always look so nice and i’ve heard lots of good things about them.

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