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Hi💕💕💕💕 I just started with my Bullet journal,any ideas of what spreads i can do? Other than the normal monthly and weekly logs

Ok I’m really sorry this was supposed to just be a simple list of some pages for a bullet journal and it turned into this

Bujo basics (see more bujo masterposts at the bottom):

Here’s some basic bujo advice that I can’t back up because I’ve never had one:

  1. use pencil first if you’re trying our a new format (and just in general because you never know when you’ll make mistakes).
  2. stick to a limited color palette (preferably lighter colors) if your worried about how it will look.
  3. be realistic about how much you can do; if you’re not a good artist, don’t make the focus point of your spread a huge elaborate drawing.
  4. don’t beat yourself up over mistakes you make. only you have to see your bujo so it’s really not the end of the world if you mess up a bit.


Just a tip: there are 4 main kinds of notebooks - lined, dotted, gridded, and blank. I only linked dotted notebooks above, but those brands also made other notebooks so they shouldn’t be too hard to find.

  1. lined notebooks are good for when your bujo is writing-heavy (so if it’s also functioning as a journal).
  2. dotted notebooks are probably what you see most often because they’re so versatile. they’re great for both writing and more doodle heavy bujos (but if you have trouble writing in a straight line they probably aren’t for you).
  3. gridded notebooks are great if your a perfectionist because they make it super easy to draw straight lines.
  4. blank notebooks are what you want to use if your bujo will be very art focused.


these are just some pens that are popular in the studyblr community, but you can literally use any pen (or pencil) that you want. any pens that you already have in you house are fine, so please don’t go out and buy any of these just for your bujo!

EXTRA: you can check my supplies tag and there should be some swatches like this

More supplies:

here are some stationary websites & brands!


if you don’t want to go through all those  links, here are the most popular places to get stationary!


you’ll generally have four types of spreads: daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. people have a combination of the for (daily and monthly; weekly and monthly; weekly, monthly, and yearly).

  • EXTRA: some resolutions that you can track in your daily log

Page ideas (what the ask was really about):

the above is where bullet journals get even more customizable. you can add whatever pages you want to your bujo, usually in front or behind your weekly spreads.

An extra section:

some specifics about what you can add to your bujo if you want it to look great



Some more bullet journaling masterposts:

People with AMAZING bujos:

*people with really cool layouts great for inspiration


august 22, 2017

studyblr is a lot harder than i thought but at the same time, i like how it’s challenging me to create better, efficient notes, which i can’t even do right now because i don’t have a desk??? cries. also, the pilot g-2 pen is honestly the best and i cried when i thought i lost it yesterday. 

+++ revamped my theme, icon, and header, finally 

[ thursday | 09.21.2017 ]

어제 듣기 연습하고 싶어서 “도가니"라는 한국 영화를 봤다. 자막 없이 먼저 보고 나중에 자막 읽으면서 또 보려고 했는데 가슴 아픈 씬이 너무 많아서 1시간 보다가 "아 기가 막혔어.. 이거 다시 보고 싶지 않아.. 이런 정말 많이 화가 나는 장면이 많은 영화를 다시 못보겠다"는 생각이 들어서 자막 틀어넣고 남은 부분을 보기로 했다. 그 영화 때문에 잠들 수 없을 정도로 스트레스 많이 받았다. 공포 영화 아닌데 공포 영화보단 더 무섭다고 생각한다. 실화란 이야기라서.

I wanted to do some listening practice yesterday so I decided to watch a Korean movie called "Silenced”. I was supposed to watch it first without subtitles then watch it again while reading the subtitles but there were too many disheartening scenes that after one hour of watching, I was like “Ah. I’m speechless. I don’t want to watch this again. I don’t think I can watch this movie again. It’s full of infuriating scenes.” so I decided to watch the rest of the movie with the subtitles turned on. I was so stressed out because of that movie to the extent that I couldn’t bring myself to go to sleep. It wasn’t even a horror movie but I think it was more scary than a horror movie since it was a true to life story.

Have you guys watched Silenced?
What are your thoughts about it?

Supplies used: Limelight notebook, Pilot G-2 0.5mm Gel Pen, Stabilo Boss Pastel Highlighter in Lilac Haze

Notes where taken from Talk to Me in Korean’s Everyday Korean Idiomatic Expressions

지금 듣고 있는 노래: 빅뱅의 My Heaven 🎶

studygram: @meloncremekr


8.3.17 - what’s in my pencil case (and my first original post)!

- pencil case
- eraser
- sharpie
- wite out in pen version
- mildliners (i change the colors once in a while)
- skinny bic mechanical pencil in 0.5mm (this is the pencil i lend to classmates)
- papermate mechanical pencil in 0.5mm (and this is the pencil i preferably use)
- red pentel energel pen in 0.7mm
- pilot g-2 in 0.38mm (one of my faves!!!!)
- uniball frixon clicker in 0.7mm (erasable so that’s cool)


// spent a few minutes studying urban politics st the library and the floors looked very nice with my outfit. it was generally a pretty productive day. i didn’t have writing & rhetoric lectures today so that was so nice.

// tools used: pilot g-2 pen 0.38mm, crayola supertip marker, tombow brush pen, and a sharpie pen



sorry guys for the lack of posts but when school finished i started working and i had not time to be active here !! now that i’m done with everything i can post more o(^▽^)o  

today i started learning hiragana and i looove it !! 📖

the stuff that i used:

• pilot G-2 07

• stabilo pen 68 neon

• stabilo point 88 fine 0,4

• washi tape from tiger

listening to: yes i am by mamamoo (mamamoms)

Study Head Canons

AN: Some study hcs for my smarty babies cuz my one and only final is tomorrow!!!!!!!!

I didn’t realize I wrote mostly Karasuno I’m sorry


  1. His notebooks are very colorful!
  2. Likes to study in coffee shops with a latte. Has a studyblr or a studygram as a result and has a lot of followers.
  3. Strictly uses Pilot G-2 pens in 0.38 point.
  4. Definitely bullet journals. No stickers, though.
  6. Gets stressed out kind of easily from all of the work load included with practice, so it’s not uncommon for him to be cramming the last minute.
  7. Eats sweets like cookies for his study snack.
  8. Listens to only one song on repeat; song choice depends on mood.
  9. Surprisingly gets distracted easily, so he uses one of those extensions that blocks all social media for a certain amount of time.


  1. All of his notebooks/pen ink are pitch black.
  2. Has one purple pen because a classmate let him borrow it one time but then he forgot to give it back and they never asked for it so he uses it for important terms/dates in his planner.
  3. Has to borrow Suga’s TI-84 all of the time because he hasn’t bought one yet they’re like $100
  4. Crams on weekends, not all in one day, but is the type to cram so much but still aces exams.
  5. Likes to study in the kitchen because his room is too distracting and would be tempted to take many naps.
  6. Decides to take many naps on the couch instead.
  7. Changes his periods font size to 14pt because he hates writing papers.
  8. A pen chewer.


  1. Likes to borrow Yachi’s highlighters because he thinks they actually work to help him memorize things.
  2. Mostly uses 0.5 pt mechanical pencils. Doesn’t like pens because they’re permanent and he gets anxious.
  3. Prefers notecards instead of notebooks, that way he can study on the go more easily.
  4. Also prefers ebooks. They’re much easier to carry around, though they do cost more.
  5. Studies in the library because he feeds off of the atmosphere and energy of his classmates (he thinks it will motivate him to study)
  6. Very dilligent! Will study for hours without any distractions.
  7. Has to sneak away from Kinnoshita, Tanaka, Narita, and Nishinoya or else they’ll follow him and copy his notes.


  1. Really knows how to manage his time well. He actually uses the ugly planners that are given on the first day of classes and writes down when all the quizzes and exams are as stated in the syllabus.
  2. Follows the syllabus pretty well. If certain chapters are to be read that night, then he can’t go to bed without reading them.
  3. Can’t be listening to music because he’s the type to bop to it or scream out the lyrics.
  4. Also wears his reading glasses!!!!!
  5. Normally studies in his room on his desk, but his second favorite place is the library.
  6. Likes to eat crunchy foods like crisp apples or potato chips as his study snack.
  7. Has to study in sweats/comfortable clothing but not pajamas or else he’ll fall asleep.
  8. Doesn’t care too much for stationary, so all of his pens are black and has only yellow highlighters.


  1. Only studies in his room.
  2. Has like, two colored pens for important notes and a regular pen. Doesn’t like pencils, even for math homework, and only uses them for exams.
  3. Has the super fancy TI-nspire calculator.
  4. Eats only fruits for study snacks.
  5. Absolutely has to listen to music. He listens to those lo-fi hip-hop beats so he’s not distracted by lyrics.
  6. A fidgeter. Knows how to do nerdy pen tricks.
  7. Doodles in his notes sometimes. He likes to doodle random shapes and ugly puppies.
  8. Doesn’t like e-books and prefers to buy an actual book.
  9. Can only study aloone because he gets distracted and can’t sit still in his seat.


  1. Colors!!!! Lots and lots of colors!!! Pens! Notebooks! Stickers!!! Stationary!
  2. Has a studyblr and follows many studyblrs. Bonds with Akaashi over studyblrs and aesthetics.
  3. Only uses Sarasa pens in 0.4 pt for her notes, Mildliner highlighters, and A5 notebook paper.
  4. Has several bullet journals for different things.
  5. Has maybe 20 brush tip pens/markers.
  6. Has like 3 pencil cases and alternates which ones to take everyday for her daily aesthetic (warm colors, cool colors, pastels, etc)
  7. Has cute non-prescription glasses.
  8. Watches their matches on her study breaks.
  9. Her laptop case is either the clear one with many stickers from cafes and friends or a pink one with plants on them.
  10. Likes to study with stress free candles lit.

{91/100 days of productivity}
Pen swatches
from top to bottom

|Papermate Inkjoy|Stabilo Re-Liner|knockoff Muji pen|Sharpie fineliner|Papermate Flair|Pilot G-2 07|Steadler triplus fineliner|

7/100 days of productivity
today i started my ap lang summer assignment and wow making sixty flashcards takes a lot longer than I thought I would

also if anyone knows how to get brighter pictures please message me and let me know!!! I feel like mine are so dark haha

aaannnddd i’m using the pilot g-2 .38 pen and it is v good, highly recommend

Currently loving ▪ Pilot G-2 0.38 pens, Frixion highlighters and bullet journalling ▪ @rhomany’s uncolourcoding has worked very well for me over the last few weeks and I have enjoyed a couple of functional and productive weeks in my Retrowslim. Mabel (Malden) is earning her keep in the background for future dates. Next month, I am considering a return to a Moleskine/Leuchtturm for wee bit more room. If you bullet journal in a TN, have pictures on IG or have a video on YouTube - I would love to look at them. Link me up below 😊 by thecursivebird


// day six of korean studies - - - stroke order + written vs. font

items used: black pen- EnerGel Liquid Gel Ink 0.7 mm (Pentel)  orange pen- G-2 0.7 mm (Pilot)  markers- black and orange double ended brush markers (Punctuate)  flags- Yuru Animal stick markers  cat tape- is one of those deco tape dispensers (forgot :/)

links: n/a




hi folks!! (*^ ・^)ノ⌒☆

unfortunately my holidays have come to an end :(

in a week i’m going to school bUT september always gets me excited because it means  s t a t i o n e r y !!

i usually change the colours of my notes regarding the season so for fall i put into my pencil case a lot of stuff that is warm-coloured 🍂

- pencil case: faber castell

- gel black pen: pilot G-2 07

- black pen: stadler noris stick 434 M

- pencil: i bought it with a bunch of other pencils from tiger

- ruler: a basic transparent ruler, i have it since 2010 lol

- scissors: a yellow pair of scissors (it was a gift so i don’t remember where they are from rip)

- whiteout: copper mini roller

- eraser: i bought it from tiger

- glue: uhu stic (the big one)

- sharpener: it was a gift from my sister but it is a basic smol sharpener

- fine pens: stabilo point 88 fine 0,4

- thick pens: stabilo pen 68 / washable color pen from the shop “ale-hop” that i found when i went to spain

- highlighter: stabilo boss original (the pastel yellow and orange)

i’m gonna make lots of other blog posts for back to school so stay tuned 🦊

i wish you all an amazing start of the year !! love u

listening to: honeymoon, b.a.p.

how i take science notes

so, as ive mentioned many times before, im taking 10th grade earth science. my teacher specifically wants us to use the cornell notetaking method, but ive adapted it for revision and so they’ll be very easy to study for the big regents exam at the end of the year! this is just my method of note-taking; it may not be for everyone. but i do hope it helps some people??

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