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I know we’re all worried and upset about Shiro, trust me I am too. But I’m also really excited to see how his absence will shake things up in the team and leave space for other characters to grow. I think everyone is poised for great development, with them working together to find Shiro. One thing’s for sure we’re gonna see new dynamics take shape



During a period of both racial and gender discrimination, Bessie Coleman Broke down boundaries in 1921 by becoming the world’s first Black woman to earn a pilot’s license. She developed an interest in aviation whilst working as a manicurist in Chicago at the White Sox Barber Shop, where she often heard stories about pilots flying in World War I.

Unfortunately, as a Black woman, Coleman soon learned that no American flight school was willing to train her. She was advised by Chicago Defender founder Robert S. Abbott to study abroad, and as such, she took classes in French and headed overseas to earn an international aviation license from the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale.

Though Coleman returned home to become a media sensation, she soon discovered that barnstorming (stunt flying) would be the only way to make a steady income as an aviator. She then proceeded to travel to France, Germany and the Netherlands to expand upon her skills. Due to the combination of her studies, her daredevil mindset, her opportunistic spirit and her background as a Black woman, she quickly gained a strong following as a major attraction at air shows.

Coleman used her platform to encourage other Black individuals to learn how to fly and often took a stand against racism. She refused to do a lecture at a school in Waxahachie, Texas until Black students were allowed to use the same entrance as white students. After she was offered a role in a feature-length film, she walked off the set upon learning that her wardrobe would perpetuate a derogatory image of Black people.

In 1926 - at only 34 years old - Coleman plunged to her death while rehearsing one of her famous stunts. Approximately 10,000 mourners were present at her funeral in Chicago, which was presided over by civil rights icon Ida B. Wells.


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↳ “He could have had me… but he picked her. That could only be love.”

Valentine’s Confession

Josh Dun x reader

Summary: You, the makeup artist of twenty one pilots, begin developing feelings for Josh and to your surprise, Josh feels the same.

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A/N: So I changed it up a bit by making Josh a year older (I don’t know why). And Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

You have known Josh, basically, since you were born. Your mom and his mom were very close and because of that they always scheduled playdates for the two of you. Josh was a year older but you two grew to be best friends.

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I think some people forget that Sasha was 12 yrs old in the pilot. TWELVE. She literally developed/pubertised throughout the show. While all the other girls are in their mid Twenties, Sasha just turned 19. Shes still a Teenager and its not right for her to be harassed about her body when its still developing. She shouldn’t have to post a message explaining what her body is going through. Can we all focus on her amazing acting skills instead of her physical appearance.

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So, Chris is shopping around a potential pilot, like Darren is doing with Royalties? Pilot season is over for pickups so neither will be on this Fall, unless it's a streaming show likely. This seems very initial and the headline is misleading unfortunately, as the show is not picked up.

The Hollywood Reporter stated that he is set to create and star in the Indigo Children pilot. It also indicated he will be shopping it around to broadcast, cable, premium, and streaming channels. I think it was pretty clear. This is very preliminary. I am sure we won’t see it for quite some time.

What’s exciting is that chris has partners to shop and develop the pilot, the intellect to create it, and the acting ability to star. I’m really excited for him.

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Given current ratings, I honestly think that chances of renewal for the loo will come down to the strength of the pilots. These are the pilots in development in all networks (www(.)hollywoodreporter(.)com/live-feed/tv-pilots-2017-complete-guide-966599). There's at least two or three I could see them picking up. If the 1oo continues to perform at a 0.4 demo, but other pilots developed are VERY strong, I could see the CW cancelling the show to give the spot to a new one.

The list. I agree with you.

Two thoughts:

1. Searchers is Jason’s new show. This may be they trying to cancel or change theloo without saying “It’s his fault”. (not only this, but convenient) 

2. the “”challenge” I see in this is that they are already cancelling some shows, so we don’t need one or two good pilots



Developed as part of E4’s Funny Cuts strand, cut down from its originally planned eighteen minutes to a measly thirteen, and broadcast only once in November 2007 at the ridiculous time of 11:40pm with absolutely zero promotion, it’s no surprise that pilot was not developed into a full run.  This pilot included the talents of Rich Fulcher, Simon Farnaby, Matt Berry, Julian Barratt, and Nina Conti,  I haven’t posted this in a while.  It should have gotten a series.  

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Am I correct in thinking that Chris' project is kind of in the same boat as 'Royalties'? As in it is quite a ways away if it even happens? I just feel like these articles are so premature in getting fandom's hopes up!

That is the way I understand it. Studio attached, pilot being developed and will be shopped around. The difference (I think) is that because he is producing and writing it himself (and maybe directing??) - I think he may have the resources to film the pilot and then shop the pilot around. But I could be wrong about that.

So yeah, basically the same. But still exciting because he’s writing and producing and acting and this is our first signal that he is still interested in show biz!