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guys someone talk to me about poe dameron - best pilot in the resistance, top dog, guns-blazing male protagonist - and how he was so kind. how he took an ex storm trooper at face value and with unconditional, immediate trust and even a fierce kind of joy- yeah, you go buddy! fight the darkness. i’m here to help you. i’m here to work with you. i’m not here to take control- we won’t get out of this unless we work together. 

how he didn’t treat him with suspicion or macho posturing despite the fact that he’s a top tier pilot and has probably been at war with people like FN 2187 for years. how the first thing he does once they’re out of immediate danger is give him a name, treating him like a person worthy of respect and not like another faceless white mask. how he is patient with a panicking Finn even under the incredible stress of a life or death situation, ensuring he knows what to do and being endlessly positive and encouraging instead of berating him when he falls short.

how he gets out of his jet at the end of the big firefight and sees BB8 and his whole face just lights up. how he unselfconsciously runs to BB8 like a kid, automatically lowering himself to BB8′s level. 

how he doesn’t need to be the spotlight, the center of attention. when they gather around the hologram to strategize, star pilot and battle veteran poe dameron shuts up and listens. 

how he never has a Trek-reboot Jim Kirk-style playboy sequence, no endless string of girls. not even a hint, and you know they could have stuck it in there if they wanted to. how we never see him treat another being, human or otherwise, with anything less than respect, optimism and good nature. i’m just. i mean. do you realize how significant this is?

you guys, if poe dameron is the future of male protagonists in big action movies, sign me the fuck up. 

A random but objectively correct thought I had at work today:

A Pacific Rim RWBY AU would be amazing.


  • The amount of flirting and puns Yang could get out of “Drift Compatible”
  • Crescent Rose isn’t a Scythe….it’s a giant mech…..with a scythe.
  • Ruby and Weiss syncing up for the first time and Ruby just hugging her in the cockpit because she knows about her family.
  • Penny being designed for the sole purpose of being able to solo pilot.
  • Ironwood having cybernetics due to the fact he Solo Piloted in a battle.
  • Sun Wukong controlling a Jaeger.
  • Salem controlling Kaiju instead of Grimm.
  • Cinder and crew being Kaiju worshipping cultists.
  • Hardened veteran pilot Coco Adel.
  • Pyrrha Nikos with a Jaeger
  • I don’t think you heard me and understood….

I feel… at peace.

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Regarding the theory about klance co-leading, if you watch the scene in s2 where Zarkon and Shiro were fighting in the astral plane, watch out for the top left part of the screen and you'll probably spot a blue and a red star amidst the purple sky. Might be coincidental but you never know.

yes! Yes! YES! I noticed too! I know we could be reaching lol, but in animation even the tiniest of things like this foreshadow so for it to be a red and blue star that are so prominent amongst a plethora of small white stars could mean something especially because these two stars are seen between Zarkon and Shiro’s battle over piloting the black lion. plus if you rewatch you see them over and over again throughout the whole battle. 

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Father's Day fic thing: Luke getting a message unexpectedly from Vader (can be about anything really, from his mom to "I saw what you did in that last battle, good piloting but HOLY HECK NEVER DO THAT AGAIN") and Luke gets Emotions

This gets real fluffy, real fast. After Luke decided to show up all beat up with no inital explanation.

Luke groaned as he flopped back onto his bunk. His entire body was sore, every muscle aching, and he would swear that even the tips of his hair hurt. About the only part of him not in pain was his prosthetic hand, and that was simply because the false nerves in the synthskin registered pain, sent that information to his brain once, to document in the initial injury, and then ceased firing to avoid a continuous ache.

He was sure the damage to the synthskin – skinned knuckles, for all intents and purposes – had happened when he’d punched the destroyed console of the ship he’d crashed, though he hadn’t noticed until far later, once he was allowed a moment’s rest in the back of the shuttle Wedge had picked him up in.

Luke clenched and unclenched his fist, watching the wires and metal bones move where the synthskin was torn away. He hadn’t damaged any of the components, which was good, though he would have to get the synthskin replaced sooner rather than later if he wanted to keep the delicate wiring intact. He didn’t really want to visit the medbay for his other minor, if painful, injuries, knowing Leia would find out exactly how bad of shape he was in if he did. He had managed to talk Wedge out of dragging him to the medbay the instant they landed back at the base, at the price of allowing his wingmate to fuss over him and put bacta patches on the worst of his cuts. A healing trance would ease the worst of the aches from the crash. There was no use wasting pain meds on him, and he could really do without yet another entry into his med file.

He had barely managed to sink into a light healing trance, the Force swirling around him and through him, dulling the pain and healing the bruises and cuts on his body, when the holotransceiver on his bedside table beeped at him. Luke seriously considered ignoring it. He had been promised a few hours rest after his debriefing, so it wouldn’t be anything important from Command. And they would use his comlink frequency anyways. But the third beep was accompanied by a sharp nudge in the Force; it wanted him to take this call.

Sighing, Luke sat up and grabbed the device. He didn’t recognize the number, but the Force was still encouraging him, so he accepted the call.

Only to nearly end it again the instant it connected.

But surprise kept his fingers frozen, and by the time he could think to move again, Vader was already speaking, and it was too late.

“Your recklessness nearly got you killed today, my little one,” Vader said. He spoke with such easy nonchalance, as though comming his Rebel son was an everyday occurrence, that Luke nearly missed the possessive.

Luke scowled. “How do you even know about that?” he demanded. He glanced over at the door, checking to make sure that he had locked it.

“My son, you cannot expect to crash a stolen shuttle and get into a fight with half a dozen loyal Imperial citizens at a local cantina without reports of it reaching me.” Luke thought he could detect a slight bit of humor in his father’s voice.

“They started it,” Luke muttered. He hadn’t meant to get into a fight, but the wanted bulletins made his face rather infamous, and he hadn’t exactly known that that cantina was very Empire-friendly until he’d walked in and been set upon by a handful of angry and enthusiastic civilians interested in his rather substantial bounty.

“I am aware of that,” Vader said. There was an awkward pause, as neither of them were sure what to say. Luke was not quite sure what the protocol for this sort of situation was. He should probably end the call, because talking privately with the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Navy could get him in trouble for treason, even if, or perhaps especially because, the man was his father. But curiosity won him over, and he sighed.

“What do you want, Father?” The term of address slipped out far easier than Luke had expected, and it startled Vader as much as Luke, if the slight twitch of the Sith’s helmet was anything to go by.

“There was… blood at the cantina.”

“Yeah, that typically happens when there’s a bar fight.”

“Not all of it belonged to your assailants.”

Luke blinked. Had Vader really gone to the trouble and risk of contacting him just to find out if he was injured? That idea sent a little flutter of hope to Luke’s heart. If his father cared about his well-being, there had to still be good in him, right?

“One snuck up on me with a vibroblade,” Luke admitted. “Look, it’s no big deal, I’m fine. Just a few scratches. Nothing the healing trance you interrupted couldn’t fix. Besides, why – ”

Vader interrupted him. “You know how to initiate a healing trance?” Luke couldn’t be offended at the surprise he heard in Vader’s tone, because it was laced with pride.

“I may not be able to best you in a lightsaber duel, but I’m not completely untrained.” He crossed his arms over his chest and tried to bite back the wince as the motion pulled on one of the deeper cuts on his bicep. “Why do you even care?”

He needed to test his theory, needed to know if Vader’s concern was really concern, or just a ruse to draw him in. Too late, he considered the idea that the call was being traced and Death Squadron would be knocking on the Alliance’s door tomorrow. There was nothing he could do about it now, if that was the case. Their conversation had been going on long enough to have established a point of origin on Luke’s end.

“Is the Rebellion capable of treating your injuries?”

Luke frowned. “They’re minor. They’ll heal in a week. You’re avoiding the question.”

“My ship has the finest medical facility – ”

“I’m not setting foot on the Executor, Father. Why do you care?”

Luke held his breath as Vader fell silent. His father turned his head away for a moment, a display of embarrassment Luke had never expected him to make. When he finally spoke, his voice was much softer than it had been.

“You are far too valuable to me to lose, my son.”

prompts for writing about historical couples
hey u wanna start a comic or a fanfiction set in historical times but u have no idea what to write about? u’re tired of reading same shit set in victorian england or seeing stories of western world’s perspective of ww2 ? i have an idea for u. write about poland!! use our history! (all of those ideas are destined for same-sex relationships, please make them queer)
  • 10th century, after the Christianisation: gay couple splits up, when one of them converts to christianity and becomes a clergyman during his travel to rome. did i mention his boyfriend is a pagan druid? no? well, he comes back with a mission to continue christianisation and they reunite…
  • Teutonic Wars: they’re both Polish-Lithuanian knights, they fight together, Person A reportedly dies and Person B swears he’s going to found his partner’s killer (a teutonic knight, of course)
  • 17th century: love story between a winged hussar warrior and a cossack of a tatar origin
  • tadeusz kościuszko in america. flirting with girls as well as boys. that’s it.
  • emilia plater. just. her kissing other girls
  • Partitions:
    • polish napoleonic soldier who takes part in moscow campaign meets young lithuanian country boy
    • assistant/associate of viceroy of congress poland fells in love with young polish politician
    • austrian actress/artist falls in love with a beautiful girl from galician countryside; will do anything to rescue her from poverty
    • woman’s husband dies in november/january uprising, she meets another widow with children, together they help the wounded, take part in conspiracy, work at secret university, make love,
    • polish girl from poznań is forced to find job in prussia due to her family’s poverty, her landlady’s daughter falls in love with her. meanwhile, the 1848 poznań uprising breaks out and the girl’s family is in danger….
    • boy from kraków, who is a poet and boy from lviv, who thinks only about revolution
    • they once were a teenage sweethearts, then got separated, couple years passed and they both ran away because of november uprising’s repercusisionsand suprisingly reunited in paris
  • 20th century:
    • love between two medic girls during polish-soviet war 1920
    • big gay gang of cabaret artists
    • couple got split during ww1 and they end up in different former-partitioned lands; now they need to find each other
    • lots of multi-ethnic polish-jewish couples where they protect each other from prejudice (also good for 16th century); only requirement: NO ONE DIES
    • queer spies; queer couples in warsaw uprising; queer pilots during battle of england
    • polish art critic desperately tries to save as many works of art as she can before the governor hans frank’s people destroy them; her jewish/ukrainian/german/russian girlfriend helps her out
    • Person A signs up for insane attempt to save their significant other and/or their family from stalinist regime in early communist poland
    • full of internalized homophobia member of civic militia/security service/the communist party gets involved in operation hyacinth and he’s terrified when he discovers he’s in love with one of the “suspects”
    • casual queer teenage couple doing casual stuff in polish people’s republic, drinking pepsi-cola, dreaming about american jeans, listening to republika, kult and t.love, destroying communism and shit
    • power lesbian couple in solidarność

feel free to add more ! go and write/draw/read, get inspired and remember, have respect and research is your friend!!