pilot bag


What’s in my pencil case?

In the flap section i keep my basics:

  • Pilot precise V5 pen
  • Muji correction pen
  • Muji mechanical pencil
  • Muji retractable ballpoint pen
  • black pilot juice pen

In the back, I keep all of my colored pens and extras

  • Pilot juice .5 mm pens
  • Flash drive
  • Muji acrylic ruler
  • extra pencil in case someone needs to borrow one

9. 8. 16 // Finally finished all my school shopping. Most of it was bought online: the 12-tab folder, my new frixion pilot pastel highlighters, my .38 Juice pilot gel pens, and the cute pen bags. Everything else was bought at Target (The composition notebooks, the bag, the pencils, the tape, the 5-star folder, and the Sugar Paper planner) or Office Depot (The quad ruled notebook). Anything not listed is something I’ve had for a while and didn’t have to buy new this year.

Also, I got my schedule today! Have to change a few classes, but I’m so ready for this year.. maybe a little too ready. Hoping I don’t burn out.

13 days until school starts


There was nothing like “Doug” prior to 1990. Most of what came before the rise of the new order of Nicktoons – “Ren And Stimpy” and “Rugrats” – consisted of pre-approved ideas, taken to the small screen after they had already been widely popularized. That’s not to say there wasn’t variation, but there was no original content. Shows like “Ninja Turtles” and “Charlie Brown” were taken from comics that came long before their characters found a way to your Saturday morning tube. “Where’s Waldo” had already been a hit as a book. The “Doug” pilot, “Doug Bags A Neematoad,” was the first in a new era of kids’ programming and, perhaps more important, the lessons it taught continue to pervade pop culture more than two decades later.

“It was impossible.” Jim Jinkins said, remembering the way his show got picked up. Not only were networks not yet trading in original ideas, but Jinkins hadn’t even counted television among his hopes for the character, which started out as something he was doing just to process his day.

Where Doug had a diary, Jinkins had single-panel cartoons. The creation of Doug popped up as an alter ego who just so happened to be easy to draw. “Those are not hair plugs!” Jinkins said, clarifying the identity of the eight lines sticking out of Doug’s head. “That was just my way of using the least amount of lines to create this character and this world.”

Read on for more 1990’s nostalgia on how  'Doug’ was created. 

After You’re Married Part 8

Part 7

“Luke,” You said turning to him. “What did you mean when you said there was a change of plans?” You asked looking at him.

 “Huh,” Luke said turning to you.

 “Luke,” You whined shrugging.

 “Alright, alright. I have a surprise for you,” Luke said smiling. You raised and eyebrow waist for him to explain more. “I’m not telling you anything else. Well, we have to leave in a couple minutes.”

 “We just got here,” You said grabbing your glass of wine.

 “An hour and a half ago,” Luke added. “I know that you just want to sit in bed all day but trust me. You’re going to love it.”

 “Michael,” You said turning to him.

 “You’re going to like it,” Michael said. You hated that the boys knew you already. You sighed and looked around your surroundings.

 "Alright, we can leave now,” Luke said standing up. You looked up at him, watching as he talked to Ashton. Luke held his hand out, glancing for you to Ashton as he waited for you. You slowly grabbed Luke’s hand, being very hesitant. Once you grabbed Luke’s hand he tightened his grip and helped you up.

 “Is the jet ready?” Luke asked.

 “Everything is set,” Calum said putting his phone back into his pocket. “Have a fun time you two.”

 “I don’t even know what we’ll be doing,” You said looking at Luke and then at Calum. Luke laughed and kissed you head.

 “If we don’t leave now we’re going to be late,” Luke said starting to pull you to the entrance.

 “Alright. Alright,” You said picking up your dress so that while you were running you wouldn’t trip. People looked at the two of you as you ran, but you didn’t have time to stop. Luke ran into the car and pulled you with him. Once the door was closed the driver took off, fairly quickly.

 “Our bags are packed and the jet is waiting for us,” Luke said pulling his phone out.

 “What is going on? Are we leaving Australia?” You asked watching Luke.

 “We are but that’s all I’m going to tell you,” Luke said smiling. You crossed your arms and sat back in your seat. You waited patiently as Luke talked to someone, you assumed it was his mum, on the phone. You soon pulled into a plane hanger.

 Once the car stopped Luke rushed out and to a man waiting by a jet. You got out feeling a cool breeze in the hanger that made you shiver. “Alright babe,” Luke said running to the back of the car, helping the driver grab the bags that were in the back.

 The driver and Luke rushed to the pilot with the bags as you took your time, part of your dress still balled in your fist. “Luke,” You said with a stern tone. Luke stopped rushing around and looked at you. “Where the hell are we going?”

 “I told you that it’s a surprise. Just trust me please,” Luke said rushing up to you. “You’re going to love it.”

 “Alright. Fine,” You said nodding. Luke smiled and kissed you before grabbing your hand and walking with you onto the jet. You knew that the flight was going to be long but Luke had brought a change of clothes for the both of you. You change and sat down on the couch, leaning on Luke and falling asleep.

 When you landed Luke gently woke you up and helped you up. You were brought to a car and then started to drive. “This place is warm,” You said looking out of the window.

 “You’re very perceptive,” Luke said smiling as he played with your fingers. His arm was wrapped around you and he had your hand in his, your normal position. You looked up at Luke and smiled. Seeing his hat on backward and his lip ring was one of your favorite sights in the world. You kissed Luke and then looked back out of the window.

 “Can you tell me where we are now?” You asked smiling.

 “You tell me detective,” Luke said with a smirk.

 “Luke,” You whined. You buried your head in chest, letting go you his hand and wrapping your arm around you. You looked out of the window and saw tropical plants and trees. The water was a clear blue, making you smile.

 “We’re almost there,” Luke said messing with his wedding ring.

 “I love your lip ring,” You said chuckled.

 “Then maybe… you should…give it a kiss,” Luke slowly said. You laughed and pressed your lips to his, grabbing the sides of his face. When you pulled away Luke gave you another kiss and then kissed your neck. “We’re here,” Luke said as the car slowed down.

 You looked around and saw nothing. Luke got out of the car and grabbed the bags from the back, and bringing them to the front just as you got out. “Let’s start walking,” Luke said as the driver took the bags from him.

 Luke held his hand and you took it, keeping close to him as you walked through a small jungle of palm tress and ferns. When you were able to see the ocean Luke stopped and pulled a blindfold out of his pocket. “Put this on,” Luke said.

 You turned around and let him put the blindfold on you, grabbing his hand once it was on. “Alright. I’m going to be your eyes, so just continue to walk straight,” Luke said in his calm voice.

 You walked on the concrete path, trusting in Luke completely. “Now the terrain is going to change,” Luke said from behind you.

 Just like Luke said the next step you took you sunk into the ground a bit. “This is sand,” You said continuing to walk.

 “Very good,” Luke chuckled. You took a couple more steps waiting for Luke to tell you to stop. You could hear the ocean, that by the volume you assumed was very close to you. You could smell the salty air and feel a nice beach breeze. “Alright, you can stop now,” Luke said, you could hear the smile in his voice.

 “(Y/N),” Luke said bringing his fingers to the tie of the blindfold. “Welcome to Rio De Janeiro,” He said pulling the blindfold off.

hope you liked it. FAKE will be up in twenty minutes. give or take a minute