pilot bag


What’s in my pencil case?

In the flap section i keep my basics:

  • Pilot precise V5 pen
  • Muji correction pen
  • Muji mechanical pencil
  • Muji retractable ballpoint pen
  • black pilot juice pen

In the back, I keep all of my colored pens and extras

  • Pilot juice .5 mm pens
  • Flash drive
  • Muji acrylic ruler
  • extra pencil in case someone needs to borrow one

what’s in my school bag // college on a budget (purchased at the dollar tree, on clearance from Walmart/Staples or gifted)

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5 things you’ll find in my bag:

  1. pilot g2 .38 black pen
  2. water bottle 
  3. chapstick 
  4. a bunch of half filled moleskine notebooks
  5. a banana that’s kind of smushed 

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  1. banjo
  2. 10+ books i ordered for a class i ended up dropping and about 10 others on girlhood/boyhood/womanhood for my free time
  3. a cup with 2 sips left of cold tea 
  4. a stack of records 
  5. a bunch of pictures and notes all over my walls 

5 things I want to do in my life:

  1. road trip alone and with someone i love
  2. release a (somewhat?) successful album/play cool shows bc of this 
  3. publish something i’m actually happy with, and preferably, other people are happy with
  4. fuck with all preconceived notions relating to gender
  5. make my dad happy & proud

5 things I’m into right now:

  1. studying illustrations of boyhood & girlhood in lit and film (this has potential to be a start to a senior thesis, SO if anybody has anything i should check out, send me a message)
  2. bates motel
  3. dreaming about spring 
  4. trying to balance my time/assert my independence/grow in ways i feel i have not been lately 
  5. photo journalism books and badass female musicians (realize these aren’t related but i ran out of space and i also want suggestions for these toooooo)

5 things you might not know about me:

  1. i’m intrigued by the 1950s and love rock and roll/blues from this decade
  2. i have emetophobia 
  3. i’m really good at being weird 
  4. i (think) i have accepted the fact that i’m a little pretentious and a little narcissistic. (but i’m also unconfident and a people pleaser, so)
  5. i grew up desperately wanting to be a boy and had a lot of fucked experiences because of this 

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Update: my amazing best friend has a bunch of points because she travels for work. She used them to get me a room at the double tree nearby. I’ll have to take a shuttle to the airport tomorrow and then another shuttle from the airport to the double tree (I could maybe Uber if the weather isn’t shit? Idk what Philly is expecting to get but the shuttles are running. And shuttles are free). But she’s saving me literally at least a hundred dollars. Talk about A1Day1

I’m still frustrated that I paid for a 5 day trip to Providence and I’m gonna only have 2 days there now since I’m stuck in Philly until Wednesday night. With the same clothes since the fucking pilot checked my bag on a whim (trust. If he hadn’t walked by me I would have been fine as the bag was already okayed and the flight wasn’t full. It’s a jet so I’m used to valet checking the carry on. But nope, fucker sent it to Providence). My biggest issue is that my skin isn’t really irritated and I gave no good lotion. My biggest issue tomorrow will be different and will be along the lines of having no deodorant or new underwear (thank you Caribbean family upbringing, as I have no qualms or confusions about how to handwash my delicates so I guess I’ll do that and go commando while they dry 😧) but for now I wish I had my cocoa butter.

And having to stay in hotels is gonna cost me more. Because now I’m paying for (overpriced) food whereas in Providence while I would have bought a couple meals I would mostly be eating at home.

It’s “Lift off” for Rag & Bone’s ideal handbag collection:

The Rag & Bone “it” bag has been revealed in the June 2012 issue of Vogue and it's utilitarian as well as Boho chic.  The satchel is dubbed the “pilot bag” because it was inspired by the bags used to hold helmets by air force pilots. But instead of heavy duty nylon the Rag & Bone interpretation is made from superluxe Italian Vachetta and calf leathers, tactile English tapestries and striped melton blanket fabric with the brand’s signature military grade hardware with steel trimmings made by a factory that produces D-rings for the U.S. military. This bag is perfect for the Boho-cool chick kicking butt one fashion victory at a time. 

The “Pilot bag” is strong and beautiful just like the women who will carry it around with them…

If Rosie the riveter was a fashionista, she might tote the Rag & Bone “Pilot” bag..

{photo from Vogue}

The night before I was supposed to fly out to L.A [to film the pilot],. my bag got stolen and I had to go to the police precinct. And then when I got to our set, I was just really amazed. The attention to detail—down to nicks in the wood of the gate in the office—was the kind of stuff I had just seen at the real NYPD precinct. I guess it was a good thing that my bag got stolen; it didn’t feel so great when I was at a police precinct at 7 A.M., but it was actually really cool research.
—  Stephanie Beatriz talks about her experience in a real New York Precinct