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you’re gonna rattle the stars art by thekoreanpineapple on tumblr

Pinkzebra - Larger Than Life
Passion Pit - My Brother Taught Me How To Swim
Zack Hemsey - I’ll Find A Way" (Instrumental)
05. Short Hair - Mulan OST
Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein - Kids Two
Avicii - Hey Brother (Syn Cole Remix) [Radio Edit]
Jose Gonzalez - Step Out (The Chainsmokers Remix)
Star Wars - The Force Awakens - Rey’s Theme - Violin vs. Maschine cover
Twenty One Pilots - Trees (Culture Remix)
Peter Pan - 02 - Flying
Alex Skrindo & Geoxor - KawaiiStep
The Machine - Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)
Undertale - Asgore/Heartache (Cement City Remix)
The Midsummer Station - Bombshell Blonde (Full Track w/
She’s A Genius - Jet (lyrics on screen)
FL Studio - TRON: Legend of Korra
【Touhou】Bad Apple!! Gameboy 8 - bit ver.【Shadow Art】【東方】
Porter Robinson - Lionhearted feat. Urban Cone (Arty Remix) (Audio) feat. Urban Cone
Porter Robinson - Sad Machine (Darren Styles & Gammer Remix)
Kingdom Hearts - Dearly Beloved (Leg Day Future Bass Remix) - GameChops
Gabrielle Aplin - Home (Eyes Remix)

But how about subterfuge and illegal transit headcanons guys!

Heero Yuy, who travels the world on forged student visas stamped into fake Australian, Peruvian, Brazilian, or Philippine passports. He changes his accent accordingly.  The documents weren’t so hard to construct; it was getting the RFID chips to read correctly.

Duo Maxwell, who carries around a ragged black tote loaded down with a heavily dog-eared Bible, youth ministry and mission pamphlets, and notebooks filled with sermons on forgiveness and love for one’s neighbor. Sewn painstakingly into the bag’s seams are pieces of a transmitter linked to an orbital satellite enslaved by the L2 resistance.

Trowa Barton, who sometimes slips into the ranks of new recruits before going AWOL.  Other times, he leverages the Barton name (and a flashy watch he stole off some guy he beat up in an alley) to his advantage.  His encyclopedic recollection of the real Trowa’s life events - and other people’s general concern about crossing the wrong colonial family - gets him access to his enemy’s upper ranks quick enough.

Quatre Winner, who hides in plain sight, acting as the dutiful son to an empire when cover is required.  He moves green-lighted “Winner Enterprises” shipments in the dockyards without too much fuss, feeding any curious by-stander some well-rehearsed line about his father wanting him to learn the business from the ground-up.

Wufei Chang, who links up with L5 blockade runners who act as his suppliers once he is Earth-side.  They’re an unsavory bunch, but they’re stalwart patriots and they can get him what he needs.

Dead Jackal Gold Album.

01.No Roots -Alice Merton | 02.Different Colors - WALK THE MOON | 03.Renegades - X Ambassadors | 04.Tear in my heart - Twenty one pilots | 05.Cool Kids- Echosmith |  06.Stressed Out - Twenty one pilots | 07.Wolf in Sheep’s clothing - Set it Off | 08.Underdog - Imagine Dragons | 09.Unsteady - X Ambassadors

[ L I S T E N ]

Fake OC band albumart 

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5 things in my bag

  1. 1 small journal
  2.  Pencil Case
  3. liquid lipstick
  4.  folder
  5.  novel 

 5 things in my pencil case

  1.  4 mildliners
  2. 15 cm ruler
  3. 1 pilot brush pen 
  4. pilot g2 05 pen in black
  5. mechanical pencil

 5 things about myself

  1. I’m bilingual, learning my 3rd language
  2. I’m an infj
  3. I’m a pen junkie
  4. I love to travel
  5. I love photography

 5  Top playlists 

I’ve made all these playlists myself lol (its just 4) 

  1. LIT - for when I hit the gym lol i dont, or when i need the extra boost
  2. LIT LATIN MUSIC - for when i want to listen to spanish upbeat music
  3. LOVE - when i feel down or lol haha ,, i like gushy love stories 
  4. HAMILTON - spectacular musical , i luv lin-manuel 

5 studying apps
1. Momentum
2. Word Reference its not an app but i use this for french
3. Forest chrome extension 
4. Readism article reading time chrome extension
5. Duolingo  i use it to study portuguese at home 

Things I impulsively ordered from Amazon that should be in my hands by the time I get back home on Wednesday:

So be on the lookout for a haul video coming soon, as I’ll also be making a trip to Target when I get back home :)


in this issue: muji mechanical drafting pencil 05, pilot frixion slim 038, pigma micron fineliners

hey fam so like idk i’ve recieved a lot of chill stationery lately so i thought i’d start a series of stationery reviews where in each post i’ll share my opinion on different stationery items [runon sentence? ya.]. and i’ll tell u some of the worst stationery i’ve gotten so you guys don’t waste the $$. letz go! 

muji low center of gravity mechanical pencil [0.5mm]

ok so i’ve had this pencil for around a month now and gosh i really like it! it’s a drafting pencil but i just use it for writing & stuff at school. it feels super high quality and has a super fine needle point. the lead that comes with it is hb and super smooth. but i think i’m going to switch it out for #2 lead since i prefer darker lines. before i got this pencil i was worried about the grip and i thought i would hurt my fingers, but!!! it’s actually great and i can write with this pencil for dayz. a con for this pencil is the eraser. the cap on the end can be taken off to reveal the eraser. the eraser is sooooooo small and lasts about an hour which is probably just because it’s a drafting pencil so thats okay, i just always have an eraser with me so it doesn’t matter that much to me : )

4.5 omgs out of 5!

pilot frixion ball slim [0.38mm]

i’ve heard alot about this pen and i was so excited for it to arrive in the mail. i don’t usually use erasable pens so i was a bit skeptical. if you were thinking about buying this pen, i advise you not to. it was such a big let down! the pen feels cheap and it skips a lot! the ink is also not close to black and is more of a medium-dark gray. also the pen feels as if it is scratching the paper you’re writing on and it isn’t a pleasant experience. i tried writing with these but after a little while i got fed up with the light ink and skipping i buried it at the bottom of my pencil case lol. now, all of the ink and other problems aside, the eraser actually works pretty well. it completely clears away the ink and that’s pretty much the only great feature on this pen. it smudges a little and doesn’t bleed too much but this pen was a lil sad.

1 omg out of 5!

pigma micron fineliner [01, 03, 05]

i bought this set of pens from michaels for like a fortune bc yes stationery but you can get them for much less on amazon + other places! so i know these pens are generally used for art and i line some of my sketches with them from time to time but usually i use them at school. the ‘archival ink’ is so so so high quality like you can actually tell. the nibs are smooth and glide along paper well. i’m really scared of flattening the nibs so i press lightly but the only nib that has started to flatten a bit is the 01 size [which may i add, is incredibly thin!]. i’m more of a fan of the 01 and 03 sizes but for headers/titles the 05 size comes in handy! they are comfortable to hold and a good writing experience! they’re about a step up from my staedtler fineliners but don’t come in the pretty staedtler colours. the 03 and 05 sizes do bleed but i’m okay with that. if you let them dry they don’t smudge under most highlighters.

4 omgs out of 5!

conclusion -

i would definitely rebuy the muji pencil and the pigma micron fineliners! i hope you guys enjoyed this and want to see more? i’ve got a ton of stationery in the mail and some cool stuff has arrived already so yea! i hope i didn’t ramble too much lol xx hope u have a chill day!

songs to sing loud in the car

01. short skirt/long jacket // cake 02. action cat // gerard way 03. end up here // 5 seconds of summer 04. fairly local // twenty one pilots 05. jet pack blues // fall out boy 06. wow, i can get sexual too // say anything 07. don’t trust me // 3OH!3 08. loverboy // you me at six 09. cruel // the veronicas 10. same suit, different tie // the maine 11. like em young // tove lo 12. hurricane // bridgit mendler 13. mr. brightside // the killers 14. hostage // sia 15. burnin’ up // jonas brothers 16. please please // mcfly 17. move // little mix 18. buddy holly // weezer 19. off to the races // lana del rey 20. body language // kid ink, usher & tinashe 21. are you gonna be my girl // jet 22. chelsea // the summer set 23. ghost // halsey 24. new romantics // taylor swift 25. good ol’ fashion nightmare // matt & kim 26. still into you // paramore 27. all about it // hoodie allen & ed sheeran 28. girl almighty // one direction 29. canals // all time low 30. top down // fifth harmony ////////// listen