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chapter 5: the fifth and final chapter of SLEEPERS.

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Pinkzebra - Larger Than Life
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Peter Pan - 02 - Flying
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The Machine - Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)
Undertale - Asgore/Heartache (Cement City Remix)
The Midsummer Station - Bombshell Blonde (Full Track w/
She’s A Genius - Jet (lyrics on screen)
FL Studio - TRON: Legend of Korra
【Touhou】Bad Apple!! Gameboy 8 - bit ver.【Shadow Art】【東方】
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Gabrielle Aplin - Home (Eyes Remix)

Hi everybody! I’ve gotten a couple of requests for this post, so I thought I’d finally put together my process for making a weekly spread!

Disclaimer: This is simply a system I find to be simple and doable for everyday life. By no means is this the only way or the best way to bullet journal! It’s just a way that I find to be realistic and aesthetically pleasing. 

Before we start: most of my layout is based on @studypunked’s and the moodboard I used was made for me by @sapphiccstudies! 

Supplies I used: Hardcover black Moleskine (grid paper); Green Mildliner; Pilot Hi-Tec-C 05 gel pen; Pony Brown stickers; Clear tape

Step 1: Decide on a color scheme! I always choose a monthly theme (for example, January’s was outer space and March’s was plants). Then, for each week I choose a subtheme! (ex. the first week of January was moon phases.) Then, I choose a Mildliner color that matches the theme. This week, I used a pink moodboard with green accents, so I used a green mildliner! 

Step 2: Weekly planning

I list the week number at the top of the page, and underneath that I put the dates within the week. (This has no purpose other than making me feel organized.) Then, below that I like to make a little monthly calendar (because it’s surprisingly often that I need to know what day of the week a certain date is!) Finally, below that I have a weekly schedule. This is where I write the dates of any tests, quizzes, projects, holidays, birthdays, etc! Generally, these are transferred from my monthly event calendar.

Step 3: Weekly tasks

This step makes my job pretty easy throughout the week! It’s as simple as listing the date and then making check boxes next to any tasks for the week. (This way, I don’t have to worry about much on days when I’m busy.)

Step 4: Finding images

Finally, the weekend rolls around and I’m ready to get into the fun stuff! Usually, here’s where I scour Google Images (I like to use the keywords ‘tumblr’ and ‘aesthetic’ along with my chosen color and theme) for pictures, but this week was easy for me thanks to a moodboard :)

Step 5: Drawings

After choosing my images (usually three, but it’s summer and I don’t have many tasks so I used six) I draw some stuff that goes with the theme in anywhere there will be empty space. Sometimes I also look for quotes and get a little prwctice with typography!

Step 6: Arrange and paste images

I play around with the layout of the images until I find the arrangement I like best, then use little loops of scotch tape to paste them down (usually straight but sometimes crooked if I’m feeling artsy)

Bonus Step: Add Stickers!

I only sometimes do this, but the gist of this is “put them wherever you want, but not too many because stickers are expensive.”

And Voilà! Here’s the finished product:

  • Duo: looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you
  • Trowa: looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll
  • Quatre: looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll
  • Wufei: looks like they could kill you and would actually kill you
  • Heero: sinnamon roll

But how about subterfuge and illegal transit headcanons guys!

Heero Yuy, who travels the world on forged student visas stamped into fake Australian, Peruvian, Brazilian, or Philippine passports. He changes his accent accordingly.  The documents weren’t so hard to construct; it was getting the RFID chips to read correctly.

Duo Maxwell, who carries around a ragged black tote loaded down with a heavily dog-eared Bible, youth ministry and mission pamphlets, and notebooks filled with sermons on forgiveness and love for one’s neighbor. Sewn painstakingly into the bag’s seams are pieces of a transmitter linked to an orbital satellite enslaved by the L2 resistance.

Trowa Barton, who sometimes slips into the ranks of new recruits before going AWOL.  Other times, he leverages the Barton name (and a flashy watch he stole off some guy he beat up in an alley) to his advantage.  His encyclopedic recollection of the real Trowa’s life events - and other people’s general concern about crossing the wrong colonial family - gets him access to his enemy’s upper ranks quick enough.

Quatre Winner, who hides in plain sight, acting as the dutiful son to an empire when cover is required.  He moves green-lighted “Winner Enterprises” shipments in the dockyards without too much fuss, feeding any curious by-stander some well-rehearsed line about his father wanting him to learn the business from the ground-up.

Wufei Chang, who links up with L5 blockade runners who act as his suppliers once he is Earth-side.  They’re an unsavory bunch, but they’re stalwart patriots and they can get him what he needs.


First thing is first: I do not take any credit for the art style or original ideas. These are ALL take from Hiimdaisy’s Persona 4 comics. I repeat: I TAKE NO CREDIT FOR ANYTHING NOR AM I TRYING TO! These were just for fun.

During an RP with roesart I made Quatre say “no fighting” and we both thought of this. And well… This is what happened.

Added captions for episode clarity (and hilarity).

Bonus (that doesn’t make any canon sense):


aaand the whole set in one photoset for those who don’t want to spam their followers by reblogging each individually XD

Quatre looks like he’s about to explode if he doesn’t get a chance to hug Trowa this instant and Trowa is all like. Quatre.. now is not the time for that.


I just wanna say thank you once again for 1K followers!! AAAHH

And yes, as you can see I’m doing a small giveaway in celebration of this. Not gonna lie, I’ve been delaying this for a while, but it’s better late than never. Right? 

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