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The droid looked down at her. “Jyn,” he said. “I’ll be there for you. Cassian said I had to.”

She held back a laugh and looked to Cassian. And she remembered that while Cassian—and Bodhi and the Guardians—had seen her at her worst, she had seen them broken, too. Bodhi, who had been tortured; the Guardians, who had lost their home; and Cassian, who had betrayed himself as easily as he had Jyn. They all had their shame.

With one another, at least, they had no vulnerabilities left.

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So finished the Captain Rolfe sketch. Hope you guys like it.

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  • What she said: "I'm fine."
  • What she really meant: "my favorite band was near me and I could've went but I didn't get tickets in time and plus they are so expensive and no one will go with me so now I'm at home watching videos of them thinking that I could have seen them preform this live but no really I'm fine I'm not crying what are you talking about and this isn't a run on sentence it's a Fall Out Boy title by Panic! At the Disco."

here’s a voltron x star trek crossover that’s really old bc i haven’t drawn anything lately (the style is so different omg)

(shiro is the captain, keith pilot/helmsman, lance navigator, hunk chief engineer, pidge science officer, coran chief of operations(could also be medical), and allura science and first officer (she could also be communications? or admiral))

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Peter Cushing as Captain Clive Judd in Cone of Silence (1960).

Not all of us became shippers from the moment we watched them on the show or movie, some us us became shippers from a piece of art, a video, o as a side Pairing (you had never heard of, or one you had but wasn’t into it), and suddenly we thought they were perfect for eachother.

Harry/Daphne Greengrass wasn’t even a possibility for me (Hansy is IT for me),until I read Ride or Die a while back.

Now I sorta dig it.

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