ya know i always pictured comedian!john having his typical floof hair and his regular clothes, like a jumper and his dark coat and then his normal clothes ya know, but like, comedian!john with the sunglasses. the suit. slicked hair. sherlock sees him for the first time and his heart is in his throat and he’s like “that’s got to the be the most beautiful man ive ever seen” and he’s FUNNY too and his first joke is about how he swings both ways and sherlock giggles all throughout and they make eye contact and EVERY TIME john licks his lips when he sees sherlock looking and the next time sherlock sees him it’s after the show and his hair is rumbled up and his clothes aren’t as tidy because he’s getting ready to go home and he looks so comfortable with himself off stage and JOHN approaches HIM and sherlock notices for the first time that john has the slightest bit of stubble and john says “hullo” and sherlock can only laugh and say “hello” and john compliments his laugh and tells him where his next show is and sherlock smiles and johns like “if you’re trying to hide the ‘im a twink’ thing, it isn’t working” and sherlock blushes and says “i wasn’t. trying to hide it” and john licks his fucking lips