GMW Pilot + BMW 5x09 ‘How to Succeed in Business’

Riley’s valiantly defending her friendship with Maya because the girls are worried Cory’s not going to let them be friends anymore (as if Cory Matthews would EVER 😭). Riley goes on to say her civil war is over and she won—implying she’s made the world completely her own just by “rebelling” against her father…who of course NEVER would’ve made Riley ditch Maya in a million years in the first place—so she’s not ACTUALLY rebelling here.

As lovely as Riley’s sentiment about Maya being the one to get them into trouble while she gets them out of it is…she’s living in her father’s world still. She’s “Cory” and Maya’s “Shawn” and that’s that. (Although of course Maya actually more closely parallels Cory when she leads the homework rebellion…👀).

Cory’s reaction shot here is interesting though, because ultimately not only is Riley living in her father’s world in terms of “she’s the Cory & Maya’s the Shawn,” what Riley doesn’t know yet is that it won’t be like that forever. In the right hand column, we see teenage Cory talking about how it’s “always been.” Out of context this seems like a pure and lovely parallel to Riley in the pilot, but the truth is: Cory was actually being a huge jerk in 5x09. He was upset because Shawn did really well in their work study program—better than Cory. Cory got a big complex about it, even going so far as to tell Alan, “But I was supposed to be the one to succeed, not Shawn. Everyone knows that.” Sounds an awful lot like Riley telling Maya that’s she’s “turned into Riley” because she’s behaving better and getting good grades now, doesn’t it? 🤔

In BMW 5x09, Cory essentially wanted to box Shawn into the “screw-up rebel” role. He couldn’t handle Shawn succeeding at something because it was different from what he was used to, especially since Cory himself didn’t do so well. Cory even admitted that Shawn’s success was “killing him.”

In the end though, Cory realizes he was just jealous. He gets over it and tells Shawn he’s proud of him. Now, I’m not going to go so far as to claim Riley was driven by primarily by jealousy in the non-triangle arc (although her outburst at Lucas in True Maya hints that there’s a little bit of that in the mix), but ultimately I think Riley just doesn’t know how to handle Maya not being “the rebel who gets into trouble,” because if Maya’s not the one who “gets them into trouble so Riley can get them out of it,” that messes with Riley’s own sense of self as well. She wasn’t ready for things to be different than they’ve always been. Maya on the other hand…was.

So…cue Girl Meets Bear, huh?


TUI 787 departs Schiphol for St Maarten!

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When I was a kid I saved up all my dough so I could buy C-3PO
Put Mentos in my Diet Coke in the backseat of the bus
When I was a kid I ate Spaghetti-Os, played laser tag and G.I. Joes
And if you vowed “no girls allowed, ” then you could join the club
When I was a kid I spent my Saturdays
Blowin’ on Nintendo games
The newest thing was “Lion King, ” and I could feel the love

It’s unbelievable
This is as good as it gets
It’s unbelievable
Don’t know what’s gonna happen next
It’s unbelievable
You haven’t seen nothing yet
It’s unbelievable, it’s unbelievable

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Rafe Adler x reader - PILOT chapter - Treasure.

Hello ladies and gentlemen! This is my first first fic here on tumblr and I’m nervous and excited at the same time, and also I’m gonna say that English is not my first language, so sorry for some mistakes here and there. Hope you can understand!!

And please let me know your opinions dears!!
Special thanks to @rafe-notdead-adler for her lovingly support!!! ♥

★——★ RAFE POV. ★——★

I woke up. I was alone, as always. 

 I go downstairs to ate the delicious breakfast that one of the maids were doing for me. 

 “Good morning Mr.Adler. what the sir would like today?” The girl on the counter with a black and white dress smiled to me as I sit on the chair. 
“Can be a pair of eggs, some bacon and a fruit salad?” I asked while shaking my legs back and front under the table. 
“I suppose the sir would like the eggs and bacon mixed, am I well?” I nod and she bow. “It will be ready in a moment Sir. Milk, water, juice…?” 
“Okay. If the sir could wait a moment…” She give her back to me and go to the task she was given.

I started wondering where my parents could be. I use to be alone in the huge house, yes, but it was Sunday, dad is always free and here in the morning. Suddenly, someone clearing his throat snap me out of my thoughts.
“Good morning Mr.Adler.” A tall man wearing something like dad’s suits was by my side. The butler of the house and the leather of the workers here: Sebastian.
“Good morning Sebastian!” I jumped out of the chair and hug the man who let out a soft chuckle.
“Good morning to you too Sir. I have your schedule for this month.”
“I’m afraid so sir.” He looked at me with sad eyes. I sighed.
“Can you give it to me later when I end my breakfast?” “Your dad specially said that he wanted you to know your tasks as soon as possible sir.” I groaned and nodded as I sit again on the chair while some maids were arriving with my breakfast.
 “I suppose the Sir want to know why his parents are not in home.” I nod, as I take a slip of the water in front of me. “They go to pick up Ms.Amanda and her daughter.”
“The ladies are going to live with us since today.” I spit my water.
“As far as I know sir, the ladies were beaten and abused by the husband of Ms.Amanda. She broke up with him, and without any place to go, the secretary asked for a favor. ”
“If father let it be, must be because of something in exchange.”
“Ms.Amanda accepted to receive half of her salary, the other half will be to pay her time here, as well as her daughter.” That’s it. My father is crazy. Why let such common people enter here? He must win something in exchange. Not just pay half of the salary.

And I was right about that. That day, ten years ago, I met a little girl with big brown eyes, dark chocolate curly hair, round face. She was wearing a white dress with little purple flowers on the edge, as well as white closed shoes. She was curious, she loved and still loves art in all it forms, she is calm, she has a deep, calm voice. She was the one who was always there in front of my door with the first aid kit when I have a fight with stupid people. She always asked me something she didn’t understand. We shared calm and pleasants silences moments on the library. We shared stories. I loved her, I still love her. As my little sister. The sister I never have. But I feel like she’s much more than that.

“Where is she now?” I thought to myself as a blonde sighs contently on my bare chest and I let my hands rest between the pillows and my head.
“I never thought you were so good Rafe.” She purrs and she’s on top of me. Again. She’s letting wet kisses along my chest until she reach my mouth and close the distance without shame.

 Shame. Shame. Shame.
The same words Father repeated again and again.
<b>“You’re a shame for the Adler’s family! How you dare to bring here such shameful grades! You’re such a failure Raphael Adler!”</b>

I felt the air leave my lungs and I make her broke the kiss, suddenly out of air. “Stone cold. Stone cold.”
“What the hell is that?” She asks angry.
“My phone.” I mutter as I try to get up, but as usual the bitch doesn’t let me.
“Ow, come on! Let it be and have another round with me” she purrs and approach my face to kiss me again, but I cover her mouth. She look at me with wide eyes and a glimpse of angriness.
“Get off from me.” I whisper angrily and she rolls to her side of the bed. The phone stopped ringing when I were going to answer the call. I sighed and cover my face, feeling my bad temper taking control of my body and actions. “Great.” I spat.
But She’s back again, hugging me from behind. “Get of off me Katherine.”
“C'mon, you’re stressed you need to relax.”
 “What the fucking shit I need is to you let go of me!” I scream and jumped when the phone started ringing again. Katherine sat on the edge of the bed, arms crossed, angry, and maybe, just maybe, betrayed. I looked at the screen, it was a private number. “Hello? You’re talking to Rafe Alder.” I answer and looked to Kath on the edge of my vision.
“Raphie?” The shake voice of a woman greeted my ears.
“Rose?” I couldn’t believe it. The last time I talk to her was almost two years ago, when I go away from home to start college. “How you get this number?”
“Sebastian” Ah, old man. Wait. She was crying?
“Something happened? Are you crying?”
“N-No, I’m not.”
“Please, I’m not stupid, girl. What the fuck happened? Tell me.”
“Michael.” That was it. Michael Lommer, he was Rose’s boyfriend. He hit her once, he was drunk that time so everyone let it go. I hoped he didn’t do it again.

I was wrong.

“Please. Please Rose, tell me he didn’t do it.” I pinch the bridge of my nose, closing my eyes.
“S-Sorry Rafe, I-I…”
“Fuck it the “I’m sorry Rafe thing” don’t let it happen!!“ I spit through the phone. “Stay with me Rose, I’m going to pick you. Where are you?”
“The Five Elements bar” Katherine was looking at me with fire in her eyes.
“Who is she?! Is your girlfriend isn’t it?!” I shake my head as her tone was more high with every word.
“Wanna speak with her?” I smirked and she slap my face. I look at her angry and she back off, realizing what she had done. I change to the speakers mode, trying to ignore the urge to let her know who dominates here. “I have you high little girl.” I say as I let the phone on the nightstand and pick my black T-shirt putting it on.

Amanda started to change as well.

 While I was driving to the bar Rose was, Katherine didn’t stop screaming like an idiot, telling my I was a cheater and things like that. I stopped to one side of the road, in front of a boutique and sighed. “Get off.” She looks at me, puzzled.
“What?” Her tone is normal for once
“I say get off of my car. You understood now?” She makes a grin with her lips augmented with botox.
“Are you leaving me here?!” “No. I’m the one breaking up with you, you’re a brat, a slut, a harlot, call yourself what you want, but honestly Katherine, I thought you were a better woman, but you ended just as another gold-digger.” I can see fire in her eyes and that makes more funny the whole situation. “Out.” She takes the security belt off and storms out of the car. “You can keep whatever I give you. It doesn’t worth anything since you have it.” She didn’t decide if it was better to scream or stay shut, judging by her mouth opening and closing.

“I’m going to tell to all the magazines that the grate Raphael Adler is a motherfucker who is a fucking cheater!!”
“Let’s see if someone believes you girl.” I spit and started driving again, letting her on the edge of her high voice, almost breaking her cords for screaming so much. I call Rose and she picked up at the first beep.
“Rafe? Wh-Where are you?”
“On my way dear.” I grab the wheel so tightly I felt my knuckles rip. “Stay calm please.” I take a deep breath as I turn left.
“Look who talks. Mr.calm guy.” A smile appears on my face without noticing it.
“You’re suppose to be scared.”
“I am. I truly are, I just…don’t like it.”
“I know it Rose. I’m on the front door.” I say as I parked the car and get out. “Where are you?”
 “Bathrooms. Locked. He has tried to take down the door.”
“Don’t worry. I’ll solve this.” I hung up without a goodbye, a love you or stay calm. I’m not in the mood.

I cross the bar, feeling stares on me. I saw some girls licking their lips and batting their lashes, trying to seduce me. In other circumstances, I would let them, but not now. I go to the ladies room, being shortly blinded by the white light. At the end of the corridor was a boy hitting a door, and visibly drunk.
 “Hey. What are you doing?” I said approaching the drunken guy who look to me and chuckles. “Who are you talking to creepy guy?”
“Well, it’s only you and me here, so…”
“No, no, no no no! Hmmm mmmm” he waves his index finger to me and then points to the door. “The fucking brat of my girlfriend is there. Locked like a bitch, accusing me to be cheating on her! so, where three.” How old he was 19? “She slap me in front of everyone you know!!? And I’m not gonna let it pass. Not this time.” Something makes me shiver about his words. Not his time.
 “Wait.” He looked at me and shakes his hand.
 “Go away. Rose dear! Open the ducking door.” He laughs. “Or I’m going to rip your bones like the last time.” The drop.
 “You have abused her?!”
“Of course I did, dad.” He shrink his shoulders like nothing. “I tried to fuck her once without permission but the bitch make my face a divine painting!” He screamed the last words to the door. I sighed. I pick the phone from my pocket and called someone.
“What the fuck are you doing!?”
 “Calling someone to get her out of there.” I smiled and lied to him. He show me a smirk I didn’t like at all.  “Yeah, come now. With Monica too.” I talked to the other person and hung up.

In less than ten minutes three persons dressed in dark suits step in the corridor, take the guy out of there with the excuse she doesn’t go out if he’s there and take him to the back of the local. I take off one of my gloves and touch the door gently.

“I’m not gonna fall with that trick again!” She screamed.
“It’s me. Rafe.”
“Don’t use him you bastard!”
“Alice, it’s really me little girl. C'mon, go outside.”
“If it’s really you, you know the answer to this question.” She stopped. “Favourite painter?” I smiled.
“Too easy little one. Goya.”
“Favourite church?”
“Milano. You loved the painted glass and how high the building was.” She then open the door and throw herself to my chest. I take a few steps back standing still to don’t fall, rubbing her back in circles and trying to calm her crying which was increasing on my chest. “I’m here. It’s okay now.”
“How did you?”
“Monica.” She blinks and I wipe a tear that was running throw her cheek. She hugs me again, tightly.
“Why didn’t you told me this?” I asked after a few moments of silence and caress her hair.
“I was scared. He said he will kill you, mom and Mr. Adler if I didn’t shut up.”
“He beat you?” She nods.
“Enough. I’m going to tell Monica to drive you home.” I said as I started walking, one of my hands on her lower back.
“No! I want to be with you!” She begged when we reach the car. One of the guys was already there. Waiting. “Please!” I sighed.
 “Okay. But first I must do something.” She nods and I started walking to the back of the local through one of the backstreets. Knowing she was following me from behind.. I reach to the place, a very small and dirty yard made of concrete. “Please dear, tell me again what has he done to you.” I asked her with a deep low voice, I felt the tension in the air and the angry washing my senses, making me be alert to every move.

“Shut up you harlot! The only fucking thing I wanted you was to have some fun!” The guy in front of me points to her, I pick his finger and twist it. The drunken laugh, that fucking laugh was piercing my ears.
 “Call her that again, and I swear I’m going to broke you hand.” I groaned as he fell to his knees, face red as he has difficulties to breath properly.
“Do it then.” He smirks, a faint smile quickly changed to a scream of desperation.
“Don’t give me the word. I’ll not be in charge of my acts if I let my fury go to my hands and make yourself barely recognizable.” I hissed.

“Rafe! Please!” I felt Rose’s hands on my waist. “Please! His friends called the cops they will be here in any moment!”
“And is that a problem? You’re the victim, you can make him be in jail some months, and with the right lawyer some years.” I say dangerously, and her hold was more tight with every word.
“I just want to be out of here for now.” She turns around and she is between me and that guy. What was his name? Marcos? Jason? Whatever. “Please Rafe.” She whispers on my chest.
 “Fine.” I say and let him go.

For now.

I take her hand and go back to the car, nodding to the big guy to let him go and drove to the apartment to get some rest with her. “Sorry.” She whispers, with her head low and with trembling voice.
“I’m always causing you trouble Rafe!” She screams, tears running through her red face. “I’m sick of being useless!” She grabs the locks of her hair and pull them up.
“Stop doing that. Please Rose.”
“It’s the truth Rafie. It’s the fucking truth. If I can’t even defend myself how I’m going to affront life then?! I don’t like to depend on people and…and I always have the feeling I’m using you without knowing it and it makes me so sick, that I-I…” I put my hand in her leg and she looks at me with puffy eyes.
“You have always been there for me, girl. The last I can do is to repay the favor to the unique person who likes me like who I really are and not just a guy with a big inheritance. You used to clean my wounds, let me talk to you, be myself, asked for help, give me advice when I needed to…” I look at her and smiled. “You’re my treasure Rose Alice Marquez, and I’m not going to let anyone beat or humiliate you as far as I live in these world.” I said with my heart completely open for once. “And maybe creep you out on the other one.” I heard her laugh and I sigh in relief. “That’s my girl.” I stopped on a red light and look at her. A faint smile was plastered on her lips. A shy smile.
“Chocolate, ice cream and Netflix tonight?” She asks and I nod, receiving in exchange a chuckle and a happy “yes” that melted my cold heart.

She is my treasure. And no one is going to damage it.

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Norwegian 737-800 landing at Alesund!
From our “Top of the World” Cockpit Film

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Hey guys! One of the cartoons us folks over at @studioyotta worked on just got released today! It was a real doozy of a project (just over 9 minutes long), and it’s the first pilot Yotta’s done like…. ever! Check out “Obituary” now! Hope you enjoy!


Aeromexico E-190 landing at Mexico City!

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