The fossilized remains of a sea monster capable of eating a T. Rex as easily as a cheeseburger has been discovered off of the U.K.’s Jurassic Coast.   Belonging to the pliosaur family, it’s believed to have terrorized the oceans some 150 million years ago. Paleontologist Richard Forrest told the BBC: “I had heard rumors that something big was turning up. But seeing this thing in the flesh, so to speak, is just jaw-dropping. It is simply enormous.”   How large? The current remains include a jaw bone and upper skull each measuring almost 8 feet long. According to researchers, that would place this pliosaur at nearly 52 feet from head to tail; the largest ever discovered. It was also a highly effective predator – using its set of huge, razor-sharp teeth to tear off immense chunks of prey, or simply swallow them whole. “It would have been a bit of a blood bath,” said one researcher.