pillsbury bakeoff

One of the several thousand meals I have consumed today- by far one of the more healthy ones but I still give all the others two enthusiastic thumbs way, waaaaay up.

It’s Day Two of the 45th Annual Pillsbury Bake-Off. Already I know I want to be a fixture on the event for the rest of my life to come, despite my notoriety on the press team already for my lack of culinary expertise. STILL. I’m carving a niche out for myself through various other social media means and I also know quite a few of the Martha Stewart Living press team from other writing I’ve done so that works for me.

Speaking of Martha… tonight we’re going out to dinner with her. DINNER WITH MARTHA STEWART. I wonder how the seating arrangement will pan out. I wonder if there’s room in my stomach for more food. I wonder how much I’ll like Emeril’s cooking… yes, that Emeril.

Best quote of the entire day still stands from one of the press girls, Connie, who along with a small handful of other people knows about my big love for Poppin Fresh and quiet rage at the lack of his face being on all the things at the Bakeoff. “Oh my god, somebody get this girl a doughboy!”


I have been hit with the lucky stick and it is currently in sparkling pale eyeshadow atop my eyelids.