pills n shit

lazodiacale  asked:

YO! I saw you and someone else discuss skin care stuff earlier, and I was wondering if you had any tips. My skin has broken out a few months ago, so I went to a dermatologist...he gave me pills n shit & then I had more pimples. I stopped those pills, and my skin got better. Howeverrrr I need some tips on making my skin look better? DO YOU KNOW ANYTHING THAT MIGHT HELP? hpxgzhdhsy

I just don’t like pills. I never took/nor will take birth control. Yeah it’ll help my hormonal acne but it would do more harm to my body than goos(because I know it helps a lot of females with their periods and other health issues). If you don’t have to take pills don’t. What helps with mine is just making sure my face is cleaned every night. I double cleanse and I like to do masks and facia oils. I need to reintroduce an AHA(glycol is specifically) since I ran out. I also love moisturizers because my face is dry. I treated myself to a facial on Tuesday. It’s a nice little once a month treat to give my skin a few thorough cleaning. I have dark marks and I still get acne when my period starts, but honestly I’ve learned to just accept it. I eat healthy, I’m starting to exercise more. Being healthy is the first step and then your skin will reflect that!