these pills are fucking heavy and definitely not for any beginners hahah. not a good idea for a beginner/average tolerance to down a whole domino, you’d be in for one hell of a SITTING SESSION VIA THE FLOOR FOR A GOOD FEW HRS UNABLE TO STAND BECAUSE OF THE HIGHNESS BITCH.

if ya ain’t runnin’ with it run from it mothafucka, thizzordie~

Name: Green Heineken (cutout)
Location: Europe
Contentslabtested to contain 200-230mg of MDMA
Report: [x] | [x

this is one of the newer european presses currently in circulation, they are deemed safe to consume and well worth the money. happy hunting, tumblr!


Updated list of good local presses to surface on the west coast, more specifically the California region. Links to each press are in their individual captions.

For those on mobile: Green Poop Emoji Dragonball | Purple Mercedes Dragonball | Red Heart Dragonball | Pink Android | Green Moon Dragonball | White Atari

^ the names of each press listed above are hyperlinked so you can conveniently see their reports.