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(this is pillowsss btw :3) Dude what up with all the hate u've been receiving? *___* I mean Aradia's my Patron troll o A o (canon, not zodiac) And about the ships, I actually ship EquiAra and AraSol D: There actually a better artist out there who draws EquiAra >_< I just dont get all of the anonhate +_+

Hello sweetie~ 
Ikr, this anons been at it for weeks and every time I laugh cause what shit man. Go get life?

I ship Aradia with everyone (AraSolFef <3 ) and EquAra isn’t really an Otp but y’know the ships cute!!!  

but still yo, your gamzee blog is legit and i love it. 

My friend asked me if angel beats can make you cry…

And i said, “why dont you find out :333”

Lets see what she will say when she is done watching *grins*