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items are also available asstickers, prints, pouches, phone cases, pillows, totes,  mugs and more, take a look around!

to view all products choose a design, then click on this tab!

heads up: when clicking on shirts it won’t show you the other available products for now (site changes) but you’ll still be able to find them using the products list on the left in the “shop” page!

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Persona 5 Confidant Cases!

Ever wanted to show off your favorite confidant to everyone? Well now you can with these phone cases! Here are the Phantom Thieves; tomorrow I’ll be putting up the other confidants so keep a lookout!!

Also available on notebooks, travel mugs, posters, throw pillows, tote bags, etc. here!



New design! This time Sonic The Hedgehog related. Want some classic and obscure? This classic sonic design is a perfect conversation starter for that fan who knows his sonic history. Sonic’s taking on his biggest obstacle yet, keeping everyone safe while making sure they obey the law.

You can get this design as a shirt, pillow, tote bag, or whatever your inner Sonic fan desires HERE. Thank you for your patronage!! ;w;


Sunnysapphic Redbubble open!

the day has come when i finally cut the electronic red tape and open up my sapphic shop! i have over 20 designs available (shown above is just a sample) with over 40 product types including coffee mugs, notebooks, stickers, pillows, and tote bags  

shop link

request a design here 

if you do buy anything, tag your selfies with it as #sunnysapphic and i’ll reblog 


Hi Friends!

I am frustratingly stuck between jobs at the moment, so I set up a Redbubble account to see if I could supplement my nonexistent income a little bit. 

These are some of the things that I have up there. Right now it’s all ace-themed designs, and I’m working on adding more to it. I’m also open to design suggestions, so if you have a thought feel free to shoot it my way and I’ll let you know if it is within my graphic design capabilities. :)

It would be great if you could check it out! And even if you don’t want to buy anything, I would really appreciate if you reblog to help spread this around! Thanks!


Eggs are my favorite, so I drew this little Mister Egg Benedict, because it’s always egg benedict time!! 

(also, here’s another little mister egg guy I drew a while ago!)

It’s also available in my society6 store as almost anything you want!
(tote bags, pillows, duvet covers, prints, tshirts, pouches, bath mats, laptop sleeves, shower curtains, etc!) It would mean so much to me if you get one! (please send me a pic if you do get one) ♥ ♥ ♥

“You have a fever, you are going to stay in bed, I’ll take care of everything.” Zah says with a sigh. He tucks Davin in with a blanket and smiles gently. “I’ll get you more blankets.”

Zaharian taking care of Davin. @amarearts <3

Under Pressure?

My latest graphic design, “Squeeze” is here!

“Squeeze” is available custom printed on phone and electronics cases, bags, clothing, wall art, blankets, towels, comforters and more.  See the entire selection in my shops at MellowCat Society6 or MellowCat RedBubble.

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Cases & Skins available for all iPhones, iPod + Samsung Galaxy. Shirts available in different colors/styles/sizes. Search through the site for more. 

Links to shop below! 👇  NEW DESIGN! #HEYDJ

*Make sure you get the right model for your phone*

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