So I Start a Revolution from my Bed

Good news! I think we may have finally found a place. But we still need to review building documents which we’ll only be getting in about a week so I don’t want to post any photos just yet. In the meantime, I will tell you that I’ve been obsessing over the above bed from West Elm. It’s their Alexa model. It’s obviously expensive though so I’m still looking for a cheaper option. So far I’ve found one with a similar look from Crate and Barrel but I’m not completely sold. If you have any suggestions, please do share :)

I love its organic style and the different wood tones so I put together a little mood board around it. I don’t know if I’d keep the look airy with white walls or opt for something dramatic like a navy wall in the second photo. The pillows featured are Nate Berkus pillows I picked up a while ago at Target and I’m planning on painting/adding new hardware to two IKEA Rasts and using them as one dresser (can’t go wrong at 40$ each!).


Top 10 original and unusual cushions and pillows, to win even while sleeping 

Sleep in on Sunday morning is sacred. It is also necessary to have a pillow that will allow you to drag in bed all morning with class and comfort. When it comes to sleep well, designers and inventors can become very creative. Here is a selection of pillows for the less original.

Via: topito


Candy Color Pillows

Here’s a total of 9 vibrant pillows for those comfy sofas or lovely little simy armchairs. For this set I actually remade from my old pillow set, these you can consider as an update from the marshmallow pillows. I hope everyone likes the new cute candy color pillows. 

-NOTE- As my previous pillow set these are overrides of the marshmallow pillows I made a while back. Until I figure out how to fix that these will have to do for now. All come in one file.  

Download- | Dropbox | Candy Color Pillows Set

CC Used:


  • ShinoKCR for the mesh.
  • Sims 4 studio for tools. 

Please don’t redistribute or claim as your own!