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Fools (M)

Summary: Harbored feelings over the years start to build up. Both you and Taehyung are so obviously in love with each other – well at least it was obvious to everyone except the two of you – and the world (aka Park Jimin) has made it it’s mission to get the two of you to realize the feelings are mutual.

Word Count: 9.8k.

Warnings: *breathes heavily* College!AU, angst, smut; i.e. dirty talk, angry sex, slight overstimulation.

A/N: This is what happens when I have an idea and decide to run with it – I write a fucking novel. I was listening to ‘Fools’ by Lauren Aquilina last night and branched this off of that song. This is officially the lengthiest thing I’ve ever written and I can tell you I’ve never felt as satisfied with an ending than I have before with this one. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do! xx.

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What if we ruin it all and love like fools?

Your name: submit What is this?

There’s always an up in the air situation when it came to having a best friend of the opposite sex. Everyone always assumed that the two people were together and when they tell them they’re not, they’re faced with comments telling them ‘Oh, you’d be perfect together!’ Or ‘You’re pretty much together already so why not make it official?’ Which can lead to one of two things; an awkward atmosphere that ends up putting too much strain on said friendship, thus the two friends drifting apart and ultimately never speaking again. Or it could lead to the seemingly inevitable – admitting the hidden feelings.

When it comes to yours and Taehyung’s friendship, both of those options seem to scare the living shit out of you.

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-prompts you with rainy night motel room feels after one of the boys gets pretty decently cut up on a hunt-

They run out of peroxide partway through, and Sam has to duck out and go to the drugstore two blocks down, it’s faster than driving and finding a parking spot, and he knows he doesn’t have to run, really, it’s not so bad, not that bad, but he does anyway, slows down and swallows down the air for a second when he gets back outside the motel door. 

Dean’s on the bed, of course, where Sam left him, and mostly done bleeding - he’s holding a pad down firm over one thigh and there’s some red seeping up under his fingers, fabric soaked through, but it’s - under control, it’s not the silent pulsing gush that means or else. Sam finishes cleaning up Dean’s chest, two long lacerations across his ribs, messy but not clear through to the muscle, and Sam’s good at this, neat and quick with the sutures, tying his brother’s freckled skin back together, a line of puckered gut-kisses running up almost under one nipple, across the swell of his pecs. Dean breathes through his teeth but doesn’t make a sound, not till Sam ties off the last one and lets his hand rest a minute over the line of Dean’s ribs, little finger slipping down, unconscious caress. 

‘OK, Florence Nightengale,’ Dean says then, grumbling relief, and lifts his hand a little off the pad on his thigh. It sticks to his palm, crusted with blood, and he hisses a little pulling it off the wound. It’s a deep gouge, two levels of suturing, muscle and skin, and before Sam starts, just before, old habits (don’t take it too early, boys, it’ll thin out the blood, and only if you need it) Dean takes two long swigs of whiskey. 

Sam keeps his head down, doesn’t talk till he’s finished, muscles tensing up in visceral sympathy. When he clips the last suture Dean uncurls his fingers from the edge of the mattress and lets his breath out ragged. The muscles in his thigh are jumping, shock-response trembling, tiny fresh pricks of blood pulled around the stitches. Sam looks up, and their eyes meet, relief and fatigue. 

‘We got any good stuff?’ says Dean, blows an exaggerated raspberry, pretends it hurts less than it does. Sam tosses him the bottle of pills from the duffel spilled hasty out on the table, looks at him, considers a minute. 

‘Whatta we think,’ he says, ‘three days?’ They’ve only paid up past tonight, so far. Dean looks down at his thigh, licks his lips. 

‘Two,’ he says. 

On the way back from the motel office Sam stops at the vending machines and gets orange juice and saltine crackers, eight in a plastic wrapper, and -of all things - applesauce, plastic cups with peel-off foil tops. Dean throws him an inscrutable look when he gets back and dumps it out on the bed, but he eats the applesauce, gingerly, drinks some ginger ale, and that’s about it - it takes awhile, with the pain and the whiskey and the physical shock, to be able to eat. They both know. 

It starts to rain, battering slanted against the windows, cool and fresh through the screen where the glass is open a little. Dean’s still wound tight, shaking a little, but he breathes the rain in deep and leans back into the pillows, feels the painkillers start to take the edge off. Sam’s sitting at the end of the bed, eating the saltine crackers and toeing off his boots. The room smells like wet socks and blood and summer-humid rain. Sam finishes the crackers and shifts forward on the edge of the mattress, puts his hands briefly over his face, drags them down quick enough that it passes, almost, as a gesture of simple fatigue. Dean’s watching him, head tipped back against the pillow.

‘Gimme the remote,’ he says, eyes not leaving Sam. ‘Let’s find us somethin’ to watch for awhile.’ The tone is light but when Sam glances at him he smiles, the boyish bonfire-eyed grin that takes the years off his face. ‘I’ll even watch that thing about - badgers, y’know. The one.’ 

‘They were muskrats,’ says Sam, with dignity, ‘and I highly doubt it will be on repeat, but yeah, thanks, Gandhi,’ and he throws the remote at Dean and goes into the bathroom and holds white-knuckled onto the sink for awhile. 

Dabin on duty

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“Dabin,” you sniffled out through the phone. You could feel your nose running as you tried to find some tissue inside your backpack, slinging it to the front. He only hummed out in reply. “Are you busy?”

“Sort of,” he paused. “Why?”

“Oh nothing.” You respond, opting to just swipe it at the edge of your sleeves. You were tired from a whole day of class and being sick wasn’t really helping with the horrible mood you were in. It wasn’t even supposed to be the cold season. It was summer and here you were walking around with a runny nose and a horrible headache to boot. “Can I crash at your place for a while? I have another class in three hours and I don’t feel like going back home.”

“Yeah sure, go ahead baby.” He responded absentmindedly, probably waiting for you to hung up.

“When will you be back?” you asked, taking a left from the usually bookstore you frequented needing to stock up on your stationeries.

“I don’t know…,” he hummed underneath his breath. “Maybe in two or three hours?”

“Wake me up when you get back?”

“Yeah sure.”

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      You were pounding angrily on the inside of the Impala’s door, trying with little success to ball your sweater up against it in an even remotely comfortable pillow, when you heard Sam’s voice coming from the other side of the seat. “You don’t have to do that you know,” he said cautiously. You turned to face the tall hunter, who looked uncomfortably bunched up in the back seat with you. You had no idea why he was back here, but you had to admit you enjoyed being this close to the younger Winchester.

       You scrunched up your face in confusion. “What do you suggest I do then? It’s late, I’m tired. I need to sleep somehow.” Sam looked sheepishly at the ground – at least you thought he did, it was so dark you could barely see your hand in front of your face. Then he shifted on the seat and put his arm out, making a space for you.

       “You could – uh,” he swallowed, “you could lean on me.”

       Your breath caught and you immediately felt a warm flush spread over your cheeks – which suddenly made you immensely grateful for the darkness surrounding you – then you forced yourself to nod, feeling unable to form words. After an awkward pause and Sam clearing his throat just a little too loudly you scooted across the seat towards the waiting hunter, then leaned against his hulking form, your heart rate speeding up uncontrollably as you did. Once you were pressed up against him Sam cautiously wrapped his arm around your shoulders, and when you didn’t protest he pulled you in closer, letting you rest your head on his chest.

       You could hear your heart pulsing in your ears as you willed yourself to stay calm, forcing yourself not to think about Sam’s body warm and firm against your own, or that he was immeasurably more comfortable than the door of the Impala –

       “Hey,” Sam said quietly, pulling you from your thoughts and making you look up at him. “Relax, sleep.” You exhaled softly and smiled at Sam, suddenly feeling the tension in your muscles disappearing as he lightly squeezed your shoulder.

      “Thank you,” you finally whispered as you snuggled closer to him and closed your eyes, letting the steady rhythm of his heartbeat lull you to sleep.

      Then you slipped into unconsciousness with a smile on your face after you heard Dean say, “So that’s why you wanted to sit in the back seat,” after he’d thought you had already fallen asleep.

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Angelic Visitors

From this request: Request where readers healing from some bad accident in the hospital and the usual swing of angels(case gabe luck balth all them) come and visit? Even though they refuse to let the angels heal them?


“Ms. Y/LN?”

You looked over with your one good eye, finding a nurse standing in the doorway to your room. “Yes?”

“You have a visitor. Are you up for that?”

“Sure.” You scooted up against your pillow, aimed the remote at the television, watching the screen turn dark. A few moments later, a familiar face poked into the room.

“There she is! Safe from the brink of death!”

You smiled, still feeling a twinge of pain in your cheekbone. “Hello, Gabriel.”

The golden-haired angel stepped into the room, his arms laden with boxes of candy. “I brought you some nutrients. I know how horrid hospital food can be.”

“Gabriel, I don’t think the doctors will approve of this diet.”

“What do doctors know about that?”

You watched as he carefully stacked the boxes up in a tower on your bedside table. You hated to admit it, but it did look good… and the hospital’s food had been lackluster. The mashed potatoes had been okay, but the mystery meat had left something to be desired (not to mention it had been impossible to cut with the plastic fork they gave you).

When he was done with his project, Gabriel turned to you, his eyes scanning over your injuries. “Geez, Y/N, you certainly got banged up.”

“Looks worse than it feels.”

“That’d be the morphine.”

“Is it really that bad?” you asked after a moment.

“Nothing I can’t fix.”

“I can’t let you do that.”

“Come on, Y/N. One quick snap and–”

“And the doctors will consider me to be a medical miracle, healed days ahead of schedule, no trace of any harm.”

“She’s right, you know.”

The two of you looked up, finding Balthazar standing at the foot of the bed, a garment bag in his hands.

“Balthy! What are you doing here?” Gabriel asked.

“Same thing you’re doing. Visiting our dear friend.”

“And what token of your appreciation did you bring?”

Balthazar unzipped the bag revealing a beautiful summer dress. “I figured you must be tired of that old hospital gown. And looking like yourself is the first step to feeling like yourself.”

“It’s wonderful, Balthazar. But it clashes horribly with my bruises. And I’m not sure how easily I could undress and redress myself with my arm in a sling.”

“I’d be willing to help,” Gabriel said with a wink.

“Must you always be so nauseating?” a new voice asked, a voice belonging to Lucifer. He stepped forward and handed a large stuffed bear to you. The bear had a white bandage wrapped around its head, another wrapped around its wrist. On its stomach were stitched the words Feel Better Beary Soon.

“And you had the audacity to call me nauseating?” Gabriel asked, noting the cheesy phrase on the bear.

“Shut up. It’s the only one they had downstairs.”

“Geez, Luci. Balthy and I at least had the sincerity to get gifts from somewhere other than the hospital.”

“Boys, it’s fine. I appreciate each and every one of you and each of these gifts. Though you really didn’t need to bring them.”

“Should I not have brought this, then?”

The four of you turned to find Castiel making his entrance. In his hands was a small potted flower, a purple and white orchid.

You smiled at the newest angel. “Castiel, that’s beautiful. Thank you for thinking of me.”

The angel carefully set the plant next to Gabriel’s candy tower. “How are you feeling?”

“Sore, but I’ll pull through. I should be discharged tomorrow.”

“What exactly happened?”

“One werewolf turned out to be two, hunting together.”

Castiel’s blue eyes trailed over your wounds. “You are very lucky, then.”

“Tell me about it.”

At that moment, the nurse poked her head back into the room. “Where did you all come from?” she asked. “Last I knew, there was only one of you here to see Ms. Y/LN.”

The angels shared a glance, unsure what to say.

“Everybody out,” the nurse said. “She needs her rest if she’s to be discharged tomorrow.”

One by one the angels shuffled out of the room, heads bowed slightly.

There’s Something in Your Eyes Pt. 2

So, somehow this became a three part fic. This part isn’t even a prompt for Adrinette Month it literally just kind of happened, although it still falls under Day 13 with the Harry Potter AU. I’ll be posting the final part, that actually fits today’s prompt, later this afternoon. For now, I hope you enjoy! 

Part 1

Also Available on AO3.

It was 2 AM and Adrien was still wide awake in his bed. Nino’s voice was rattling around in his head. It had been all month, ever since Marinette had asked him to the Yule Ball.

“It’s like she’s the sun and your whole world revolves around her.”

Adrien’s mouth scrunched up. Ever since Nino said that, he’d paid closer attention to the way he interacted with his shy friend. Whenever they did something together as a group, it was true, Adrien was a bit more excited to hang out with Marinette. He’d always attributed that to wanting to get to know her better. After all, their best friends had been dating each other for a year and a half, and Adrien still wasn’t very close to her.

She was intelligent, fearless, and strong, but at the same time she seemed to have difficulty stringing together her own words sometimes. She had a tendency to trip over air, and she seemed to always be in a rush somewhere, but Adrien found all of those qualities made her that much more endearing. She was like a lesson in opposites.

Adrien shook off his thoughts. He really couldn’t keep staying up like this, especially when the next challenge was tomorrow. He, Alya, and Nino needed to be there to support Marinette while she prepared, and he couldn’t do that if he fell asleep on all of them.

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Prideshipping Drabble 09/18/17

Seto Kaiba and Atem © Kazuki Takahashi but I like to borrow them 

The jet lag hit Atem in the middle of Day 2 of their Paris trip.

Seto had been very surprised by how well Atem seemed to feel when they’d landed. He hadn’t slept very much at all on the plane, and there had been quite a few plane changes on the way to their destination. But he had seemed alert and pleasant, and couldn’t stop gushing over how lovely their hotel suite was and “the view, Seto, look at it! Have you ever seen anything so beautiful??”

Framed by the lace curtains with the sunny Paris cityscape behind him, Atem was quite right. Seto had never seen something quite so beautiful – and he wasn’t thinking of the city, but he kept that opinion to himself.

That bubble of energy had carried Atem through the rest of the evening. He was, as always, completely dazzling through the cocktails and the hors d’oeuvres, chatting up Seto’s potential business partners with all the ease and charm one could only expect from a former King. Seto wondered if there would ever be a day where he didn’t get knocked back on his heels by Atem, and secretly hoped there would not. He was the perfect partner, Seto thought to himself, watching Atem delight and astound their hosts. Even now, it was as if he could still anticipate where Seto needed him most, and leverage his skills to support Seto. Such engagements were a game of their own, after all, and there was no one would could play them better than Atem.

Day 2, however, the time change finally caught up to Atem in the middle of a small staff meeting. Seto’s concern was immediate when Atem suddenly slid his hand into his and leaned heavily against him, staring blankly at the floor. He looked deflated somehow, but said nothing and seemed resolute to make it through the next 30 minutes.

Seto wouldn’t have it.

He immediately dismissed his staff, sending them off to their errands before turning to the small man beside him. Atem only seemed to deflate more under Seto’s sudden attention.

“I’m okay,” he insisted. “I’m just tired, but I’ll be okay. We should get going or we’ll be late for that lunch meeting.”

Seto shook his head. 

“Forget the meeting. We’re getting you to bed.”

“Seto, no, I –” but the protest fell on deaf ears as Seto spun him about and ushered him back towards the bedroom.

That Atem did not fight him any further spoke volumes to Seto about how exhausted the man really must be, but he did seem overly concerned about ruining Seto’s schedule.

“You have to go.”

“We can reschedule,” Seto shrugged. “We’re here for a week. There’s plenty of time.”

“Seto,” Atem replied evenly. “You don’t have to stay.”

“I don’t,” he agreed, “but I want to.”

Atem had no arguments for that, and was too tired to continue anyway. In short order, Seto found himself reclining back on a mountain of pillows, remote in one hand, tv on mute with subtitles, and Atem curled up in the space between Seto’s outstretched arm and hip, sound asleep.

Seto was sure there was some sort of poetic, romantic notion he should have about how young and peaceful Atem looked lying there, but truthfully all he could focus on was just how small the man seemed. He carried himself in such a way that he filled up the whole room, but he really was so very small, wasn’t he? 

Seto sighed. Small but stubborn. He would have pushed himself past his limits if Seto had asked, which is why Seto didn’t. He used to; years ago when they’d faced one another on the dueling field. He had been a different person, then; they both had. Pushing one another to the breaking point had been…fascinating in its own way. Atem would always be on the verge of collapse and yet somehow always dug down deeper to find some other strength to come back with.

It had thrilled Seto in the old days. Now, on some level, he supposed that trait terrified him. He smirked. How interesting, the way things could change. He didn’t want Atem to drive himself to the point of collapse for him; not now, not ever. Atem’s wellbeing and safety were the highest priorities to Seto, now. He mattered so much more than business deals and profits and bottom lines. 

He was the love of Seto’s life. All of Seto’s wealth and fortune could disappear tomorrow and he wasn’t sure he would ever miss it. 

He looked down at the sleeping man pressed close to his side. He gently brushed some of Atem’s hair from his face.

He really was so small, wasn’t he?

Scott McCall imagine

“Hey can you do a teen wolf imagine where Scott McCall finds out the reader/girlfriend is very sick in her apartment and takes care of her. Sweet fluff moments. Plez and thank you”
You had woken up this morning with throwing up and high temperature

You honestly felt so sick that you could barely move

Walking into the kitchen you opened your fridge and seeing all the food made you want to throw up

Sighing you grabbed a bucket in case of throwing up, the tv remote, pillows and blankets and wrapped yourself up with them on the couch

About 20 minuts in to the movie you put on your stomach growled and you were bored

Thinking for a moment you thought of your friend of 4 years lydia

Picking up the phone you called her

Y = you, L = lydia
Y: hey L
L: hey love, whats up? You sound sick
Y: yeah im not feeling the best, i was wondering if you wanted to come over?
L: yeah sure ill be around soon!

And with that she hung up amd you sighed and smiled and continued to play the movie

About 17 minutes later there was a knock at your door causing you to groan and get up

Opening the door you frowned not seeing lydia but smiled when you saw your boyfriend of 11 month’s.

Scott. He stood there with a jumper over his shoulder, three bags in his hands and a cute innocent smile on his face

Smiling you let him in and closed the door behind him

“Lydia called and said you were sick and that i should come stay, she also said that you wouldn’t have had anything to eat so i brought ice cream, soup and your favourite snacks along with movies.”

You smiled at him and ran into his arms hugging him and kissing his cheek

“You missed.” He said and you looked at him confused

He pointed to his lips and you got what he meant

“I’ll get you sick.” You said as you stared at him

“I dont care lets be sick together.” He said smirking causing you to laugh

You saw him take a step towards you and you ran off with him following you

You ran for about 3 minutes when scott tackled you to the sofa and smothered you in kisses

“I win!” He said with a smirk on his face

Looking at his gorgeous chocolate brown eyes you got lost in them

Scott was lost in your eyes to, he raised his hand and pushed a bit of hair behind your ear and lent down

Attaching his lips to yours you felt the familiar sparks come up whenever he kisses you

“I love you” he said as he pulled back

You were shocked as this was the first timeeither of you ahd said the three word’s

Looking at him you pulled his down into a small kiss and then looked at him with a smile

“I love you too”.

Shownu Smut Shot

For quite a while now, you have been friends with Monsta X. They have even helped you move into your new apartment in Seoul. Actually, they very just did that. Today.

You close the front door behind you and behold your neatly organized new home. And unorganized the pile or rather frazzled men on your living room carpet. “Hey you guys, I got food!” You call out. Arms and heads rise from the pile and several men voice their agreement. “Is it KFC like we asked?” Wonho is the first one to speak up. “Of course it is, silly boy.” You cooe softly. Wonho pouts. “Don’t call me boy, I am a grown adult!” He huffs. You giggle and walk over to them. “Get up you seven. It is dinner time.” You sit down in your lounge chair and put the buckets of KFC on the coffee table. “Please tell me you ran by Starbucks as well.” Jooheon disentangles himself from his bandmates and sits down the couch. “Of course I did.” You unpack the many plastic bags, spreading out the orders of chicken and coffee. “I still don’t get you can eat KFC while drinking Starbuck.” You pick up your own cup of boba tea and take a sip.
The other boys get up as well and sit down. “Thanks for dinner Y/N!” They say in unison. “No no, I should thank you guys for helping me move.” You reply. “You know we would do anything for you.” Minhyuk leans over and gently squeezes your knee. You pat his hand and smile softly at him. “Plus, it was not such a big deal.” Shownu says. You look at your best friend, who sits closest to you, on your army print fat boy. He smiles up at you with a wide and happy grin. He’s always there for you when you need him. And you try to do your best to do the same for him.
The boys attack the chicken with quite some vigor. “Oh come on, don’t pretend you are starving.” You roll your eyes and tear into a chilli wing. “But we are!” IM says. “Yes Noona, you worked us like slaves.” Hyungwon complains. “You are such a drama queen.” Minhyuk teases gently. You giggle around a bite of chicken and reach out for your boba tea. At the same time Shownu grabs his coffee. You exchange a look and you laugh in unison.

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ask-the-seer-of-shade-ub  asked:

*I wear an oswald costume and give you an Ozzy plushie,poster,cake,pillow,bedsheet,clock,remote,blender,shirt,pants,pjs,boxers,glasse,and all the oswald the lucky rabbit tapes including a remade copy of "Oh what a knight* happy early/late birthday sis *hugs you*

*Hugs back and starts crying tears of joy! Thank you so much!

#134: Baby Series | Bottlefeeding His P.O.V

A/N: Can Calum please be the father of my child… Please?

Suggestion: Read the other prefs to get a better comprehension

Pregnancy Series Masterlist

First Night Home With The Baby


Diaper Changing

Bath Time 


”Hospitalized? For how long?” Y/N exclaimed in question and crossed her arms, not wanting to look at my direction at all and it made me roll my eyes and lean my head against the soft pillow behind me. ”I’m not sure yet but we’re gonna keep him here for next two days.” The nurse explained apologizing and I sent her a nod of approve. ”But we’ve made sure to bring another bed inside so you can stay overnight and we’ve also brought a baby crib for your son.” She said and sent Y/N another apologizing look but she wasn’t looking, just stared down her feet with no emotion on her face features. I nodded my head for her to leave and she smiled politely at me before walking out of the door and leaving us to the silence. I looked at Y/N for what felt like years and finally she looked up at me with shiny eyes. ”Hey… Come here.” I cooed and she sighed quietly before standing up from her chair and walked towards me. I rested my hand behind her thigh and rubbed my hand up and down in a soothing manor when she stood next to me. ”I’m so tired you won’t imagine.” She said so quietly I could barely hear her and I nodded my head agreeing, though I didn’t think much of sleep because the pain in my knee was a much more worse than getting sleep. I understood her. We had created this routine that meant we would go to bed before 10pm. Now it was over midnight and we had been at this hospital since I slipped on the bathroom tiles. To my luck nothing major happened to my head but I had sprained my knee and was determined to walk with crutches for the next couple of weeks.  ”Go to bed.” I motioned my head towards the bed next to me and her eyes glanced towards it with tired eyes. ”I won’t mind. I’m just gonna watch some TV or something.” I responded casually and she looked at me for approval. I nodded my head and she smiled softly down at me which made me kiss her hand before mumbling goodnight. She carried her tired limps towards the bed and it didn’t take her much than 5 minutes to fall asleep on top of the duvet and pillow. I grabbed the remote resting on the nightstand next to me and I was about to turn on the TV when small cries came from the baby carriage next to me and my eyes widened. I looked back at Y/N who looked so peacefully I couldn’t get myself to wake her up so I reached out for the carriage and drove it right next to me and moved my hands down to cradle William in my arms. He was starting to get fuzzy and I knew I had to handle it fast otherwise Y/N would wake up and I reached my arm down to the baby bag and fished up a lukewarm bottle. Y/N had heated it up before we left the house ‘in case of even more emergency’ and that was a total benefit for me now when I couldn’t get up from the bed without help from her. ”See what daddy has for you.” I said with a smile and looked down at William, moving the bottle to his mouth and he attached onto it immediately, starting to drink like life depended on it. ”You were really hungry huh? So hungry it woke you up from your slumber.” I chuckled and looked at him with a proud smile, watching as his eyes closed in pleasure by the lukewarm milk. ”Like I promised I will always be there for you guys no matter what even if I’m injured. And it’s because I’m so grateful of having you and mommy in my life, and I love you guys so so much.” I glanced away from William and towards Y/N’s sleeping form and a warm smile came to my lips. So so grateful.


“I knew this would end up being chaotic.” Y/N whispered and shook her head, leaning back in her seat and crossed her arms, taking a deep breath and tried to fight the tears ready to spill from her eyes. I bit my lip in thought as I looked at her with a worried look and my eyes glanced back at Alex resting in his baby carriage that we were going to return in half an hour when the counters with baggage would open. He was a crying mess and wouldn’t stop, giving Y/N both stress and headache. The morning had been pure chaos with packing the rest of Alex and our stuff which meant that Y/N got ten times more stressed than necessary and it was clear on her clothes. Not to mention that it wasn’t more than 4am in the airport and the boys hadn’t showed up yet in time for the check in. “Calum, he’s hungry.” She sighed from my right and I looked at her with shiny eyes while she moved the duvet from the baby carriage and lifted Alex in her arms, embracing him with the duvet and tried her best to make him quiet. “Can’t you just breastfeed him?” I asked, yet my voice was unsure and I took a look around the place. There were quiet a lot of people and I wasn’t even sure if it was legal to do it in here. “I’m not sure I’m allowed.” She mumbled and rocked Alex back and forth in her seat and it made me furrow my eyebrows. “Didn’t we take a few bottles with us?” I asked and she nodded her head but with a devastated expression. “We did, but we don’t have anything to heat it up.” She sighed and kissed Alex on top of his head and it made me think. My eyes glanced around the airport until they stopped on a small coffee shop and it made me bit my lip before I looked down at the bag next to our baby carriage and opened it. “What are you doing?” Y/N asked confused and leaned her head against Alex’s but I didn’t respond her just kept on searching for one of the bottles and when I felt the rubber I grabbed it and fished it up from the bag. “Cal, I just told you, we can’t use it…” She mumbled with a sigh but I ignored her words and stood up from my seat, my feet directing myself towards the coffee shop. Luckily enough there wasn’t anyone in line so I went straight up at the counter and leaned my elbows on it. “What can I help you with?” A young girl with a bun asked and I placed the bottle on the counter as well. “I’m in a desperate need for this to get heated up. My son was born a few weeks ago so he’s very addicted to milk and gets very fuzzy when he doesn’t get some. My fiancée is at the point of ripping her hair off because she can’t breastfeed him here so I would hear if I could borrow your microwave. Just for a few seconds?” The girl formed a small smile and grabbed the bottle, heading it up for me and my face was plastered with a satisfied smile when I headed back and I noticed how the other boys had arrived and crowded around Y/N. She looked pretty confused at me when I came back and took a seat next to me and I took Alex carefully out of my hands and grabbed the bottle, moving it up to his mouth. Silence overwhelmed Y/N and I and she looked at me with tired and surprised eyes. “You know I’m always here for you guys.” I said with a soft chuckle and kissed her forehead when she leaned her head against my shoulder, watching as I bottle feed Alex to everyone’s satisfaction.


My eyes were focused tightly on the chords before me on the MacBook screen, my eyebrows furrowing instantly when I tried to find out what John had made with the guitar chords. Everything was getting ready to be prepared for the next album recordings which meant that the guitar needed to be tuned along with the guitars and all Ashton’s drum pieces had to be collected. Y/N was currently in the shower, claiming that she smelled worse than a farm full of pigs, and that left me to take care of Celeste while she was gone. It hadn’t taken long for Celeste to make small cries in from her crib and after changing her diaper and trying to comfort her, I knew what was up. But since I couldn’t really fully her big need for Y/N’s chest I had to hurry down to the kitchen to mix up some infant formula and heat it up carefully so she could drink it. The waiting made some extra time for me to read the guitar chords on my mail but it wasn’t far after the milk was finished and I had to hurry back up to the bedroom, small whines still coming from Celeste. I placed the bottle next to my nightstand and fished my arms down to lift up Celeste and he instantly reacted by the sudden sight of me, but she didn’t kept quiet though, just stared at me with wide eyes puzzled. As carefully as I could I removed the pillows around in the bed so I could sit more comfortable and I sat down peacefully with her and brought her duvet along so she wouldn’t get cold. When I grabbed the bottle and moved it towards her mouth she reacted immediately, puking her lips to wrap them around the rubber, and it was like everything went quiet when she didn’t make any more noises than slurps from drinking. I leaned my head back on the pillow in satisfaction, both because he stopped her whines but also because I didn’t fail. This was the first time I had ever feed bottled Celeste on my own, I had always watched Y/N breastfeeding but this was totally different. The way Celeste would open her eyes carefully in enjoyment and shut them again made giggles escape my lips and I bit my lip by the sight in front of me. This was like a moment taken out from a film and it was almost like it wasn’t real. The way her heartbeat was pressed against mine in the same speed made my heart flutter, and I had to hold in a tear just by the affection. It was amazing to see how much she looked like me. Of course she had many similarities from Y/N as well but she was a clear Clifford. Both in her face and the way she moved her body. I knew my mom would go absolutely crazy when she’ll meet her again because she would never let go of her, just like I felt right now. The sound of a small sigh appeared from the other side of the room and it made me raise his head by the noise and my eyes landed on Y/N’s small form leaning against the doorframe to the kitchen. I smiled softly at her, my proud eyes clear and glimmering and I scanned her body, only wearing a towel around her chest and her hair with dripples of water were falling down onto her shoulder from the hair sticking out. ”What are you looking at?” I asked her and leaned my head against the pillow behind me, looking down at Celeste with loving eyes. ”Nothing. I just don’t think I can find a better sight in my life.” She responded and it made my cheeks burn a rose color and watched her as she blew me a warm kiss before turning her attention back to the bathroom, leaving me with the proudest smile I could ever wear on my lips.


God Ash, it might be yours and Y/N’s son but he sure is eating as just and exactly like Michael.” Calum commented from the other end of the couch, watching me closely as I sat with Zack in my arms and a bottle feeding him. “I’ve been thinking that the past 10 minutes.” Luke commented without looking at us, his eyes focused on the screen together with Michael. “He’s just making his uncle proud.” Michael said with a smirk and started to furiously press on the XBOX controller and a groan came from Luke when Michael had defeated him, probably for the fifth time since the boys had arrived for a visit. “You look so fatherly.” Michael said with a chuckle and threw the controller on the table before leaning his elbow on the armrest to his right. “Maybe because he is a father.” Luke mumbled obviously and it made Michael roll his eyes by Luke’s comment. “Yeah. It’s quite weird to think about sometimes. When Y/N and I have put the twins to bed it’s like we realize how much our lives have changed, both personality and physically. It makes us realize that we aren’t just a married couple anymore but parents too.” I explained and moved Zack’s head so he could lay better on the duvet I had wrapped him in to keep him warm and comfortable. “Where is Y/N?” Calum asked confused by the mention of her and I nodded my head towards the kitchen where the door wasn’t closed but just ajar. “She’s breastfeeding Cloe. It’s the reason why I’m bottle-feeding Zack. They get really fuzzy when they are hungry and it’s a battle when they’re hungry on the same time. Even though Y/N has gotten enough boobs for the job it’s difficult to feed both on the same time. So to not waste time I’ll just take one of them and Y/N will take the other on occasion like these. It gives me a better time to bond with them too.” I said with a chuckle and it made the boys awe and Michael stood from the other couch and took a seat next to me. “It must be an amazing feeling.” He said in awe and I nodded my head agreeing and looked down at Zack with a soft smile. “It’s moment like these that are my favourite. When everything is silent and all I hear is my son or daughter getting feed. Just the way they are cradling my finger while they’re slurping on the bottle makes my heart flutter. It’s just so amazing.” I almost whispered the last part and I could feel my cheeks rose up just by talking about it and it made the other boys smile up at me with adoring eyes. They had been so supporting with everything and I was grateful of it. They even suggested helping along with the twins if Y/N and I needed the help or were too tired to anything productively. Of course I knew the sound of just having the boys babysit would make alarms ring in my head and Y/N would most probably disagree, I just appreciated the thought the boys had. Even though none of them had experience with it they were still willing to take the task to help us. They had been helping through the pregnancy and now in the stages of Zack and Cloe being infants and growing up. There was no doubt in my mind that even if they sucked at being nannies, they would be amazing at entertaining and being pure fantastic uncles, running around the field playing football and gaming with Zack and do fun stuff with Cloe to. “Okay, I don’t see what you’re pointing out; he does not look like me at all.” Michael stated with wide eyes after observing Zack for a few minutes, and it made us crack up laughing and nod our heads, totally agreeing with each other to Michael’s disagreement.

“God It Fucking Sucks.”
  • Pairing: Reading/Luke Hemmings
  • Word Count: 1,635
  • Warnings: super cute Luke fluff!! that’s all really
  • Requested? Yes!
  • Summary: The one where you’re insecure about the comments fans give you and Luke comforts you.

You looked in the mirror, your body standing before it innothing but a pink undergarment set, matching as well. It shone out against your skin, making you only think more about you.

The thighs you carried upon your legs touched as if they were to burst once they separated. You wouldn’t classify your arms to be like you wanted. In place of where muscle should be living, there was soft skin that, seeming to you, hung so far down you could feel it at your knees. Of course, you knew you were exaggerating, but that didn’t stop your brain from seeing what was true.

Your eyes were too big, your fingers too short, your cheeks too puffy. Nothing seemed right and all you could do was stare. Every flaw that sounded so little looked like a big red siren yelling at you. You could only look for a few seconds longer before you turned your head away from the mirror and towards your closet.

You had been invited to go out with the boys for lunch. You were excited, but then it happened. There are those days that unexpectedly come and you’re left feeling like who you are is not who you want to be. It’s not every day, but when that day comes, it lasts almost the whole day. You know you’re not the only one but you frankly do not care.

Not so excited anymore, you decided to go anyway. You weren’t going to keep anyone home because of your petty feelings. Walking into your closet, you looked through your clothing, reaching up and sliding the plastic hangers across the metal rod one by one until you came across something deemed good enough to wear.

Just as you went to put the items on, you saw your phone light up. It was a tweet from Luke with the caption, ‘My beautiful girlfriend!’ Once you opened it, there was nothing there but a blank, gray slate and a message. ‘Tweet could no longer be displayed.’ You shrugged, locking your phone and place it once more on the bed. Although, the notifications didn’t stop there. Actually, they increased. Your eyebrows wriggled together, your breathe releasing as you sighed and slipped your clothes on, sitting at the edge of the bed and reading through them all.

As your eyes scanned the screen, you did not read one compliment. Insults shot you at all angles, feeling physical pain throughout your body. Finding out that Luke’s tweet was of you, standing in front of the mirror with your hands raised to the top of your head, your hair cascading down your back; just where you had been no more than five minutes ago. Some fans managed to save it. You shook your head, throwing your phone and lying on your back, letting your emotions pour out through heavy breaths.

“(Y/N), are you ready?” Luke asked, walking in the doorway and stopping, staring at you and chuckled. “What are you doing there, Sleepy?” He joked. You lifted your upper body on your elbows, situating yourself in a more comfortable manner to glare at him. Your face was harsher than anticipated, making Luke watch in confusion.

“Luke,” you growled as he walked closer, “how could you?” He cocked his head, asking what you’re talking about as your body flopped down on the bed once more, head hitting Luke’s pillow. “That picture… on twitter. I don’t know if you thought I wouldn’t see it or what, but I did. Let me just tell you, the responses were not very nice.” Luke sighed while he slowly walked over to the edge, kneeling down and taking your hand in both of his. He kissed your palm, looking up at you and resting his head on the bed.

“We both know hate is inevitable when you date someone famous. We talked about that, remember?”
“Yeah, I know.”
“It was a mistake baby. Honestly, I didn’t mean it. I meant to post that picture of us from yesterday, and I did.” His head turned to the window where your phone lay right under, basking in the ray of the afternoon sun. His hand left yours as he crawled to get it, unlocking and showing you. “You haven’t seen have you?” He asked as you shook your head and took the phone. Reading the responses, the majority was compliments. Beautiful saying about you, everything about you. Your hair, makeup, clothing; just you. Your face lit up like a Christmas tree as your body sat up once more. You could hear Luke smiling on the side; his hands gripped your thigh even tighter.

“Luke…” You whispered, continuing to scroll though the tweets, randomly reading ones the more you went down. Luke’s large hands went before your face, locking the phone off and sliding it out from your grip. Your head turned up to him, watching as he set it gently on the side table, never breaking the gaze with you. Both of your eyes locked together as your beaming face dropped.

“So, why is it okay and ‘gorgeous’ for me to be dressed up and have my photo taken with you but horrible and ‘whore-ish’ for me to be in my own room in something every girl wears?” You asked calmly. Luke’s hands drifted to yours once more, taking them both in his. He let out a large breathe, answering in an audible whisper. “They’re jealous. I know you’re going to roll your eyes and tell me that that answer is stupid, but it’s true. I know you haven’t seen it, but there’s a trend. About you might I add.; about all those stupid people who hate on you and how they should shut the hell up because you’re incredibly beautiful, (Y/N). This information might not help but… fuck, I think you’re stunning no matter what you’re wearing. Is that… is that not enough?” Luke’s voice cracked during the last words, his eyes closing to prevent himself from letting any tears escape.

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing, much less seeing. Luke’s never acted this way in front of you before and you had to admit, your heart broke from it. “It’s more than enough,” you whispered, kissing his hand. “It’s more than enough, Luke. I can’t tell you how much it means to me, but when there are thousands of people hating on you because you’re a certain way… God it fucking sucks.” Tears began to slowly fall from your eyes as you close them, tight along with the grip you had on his hands.

“(Y/N), I know it’s hard to believe this, but I think what we have-our love-is more than any hate anyone could give you. If you focus on what we have, the happiness we have together, nothing anyone could say to you would mean anything.” You couldn’t help but give a small smile, knowing that Luke’s words are genuine. They made you feel better, your heart swelling with each sound leaving his mouth.

“I’m sorry Luke. I love you…” You said sincerely. “Don’t be sorry babe, you didn’t do anything but be the perfect you. I love you too (Y/N).” He stood up and towered over your body that still sat upon the bed. He smiled down at you, kissing your forehead.

“Luke?” You whispered, looking up at him through hazy eyes. “Yes baby?” He responded as he stood up once more. You saw his chest rise and fall with his breath, the room growing silent, and a feeling of nothing but the two of you together feeling the room. “Do you mind if we reschedule lunch with the boys? I kind of just want to stay in and cuddle… maybe watch some movies with you.” Luke’s smile never left his face, his eyes glazed over with small sparkling stars while he looked at you. It seemed like every time his eyes stayed upon you, they studied you with the passion you’d see an artist give their most valued piece. Admiration.

“Of course,” he answered, nodding and hugging your head into his lower chest. “Thank you,” your arms wrapped around his upper back, holding it tightly.

“Now,” he said, his voice suddenly rising to a normal volume, “move over, you’re on my side of the bed!” He chuckled, pulling away from you as he rolled you to the other side, you giggling in the process. Your legs instantly sprung to his side, blocking his from letting his body touch the bed. “Not until you put a movie in.”
“Fine.” He groaned, rolling his eyes while slightly smiling at you. He made his way to the TV, opening the cabinet beneath. “What do you want to watch?” He said loudly. You pondered before lighting up and slightly yelling. “The Fault in Our Stars!”
“(Y/N), you always cry during that movie though!”
“Please! You can pick the next one.”
“Deal!” Luke jumped from the leaning position he was in and popped the movie in, grabbing the remote and returning to the bed. He lifted your legs effortlessly and laid down next to you, propping his head up with pillows and worked the remote buttons to get the movie to play. Your body moved so your head rested on his chest, your hands on his lower stomach as your legs intertwined with his.

As the music began to play the opening scene of the movie, your eyes moved up to see Luke watching the screen with interest hidden. You smiled and snuggled deeper into his, his arms holding you tighter while his lips kissed the top of your head. Truthfully, you know both Luke and you would much rather be doing this than going out to lunch, and you’re glad you are. You knew he was right; love is more powerful than hate.


Fight Me

a/n: my first phanfic how scary
based on this post:

category: fluff all fluff nothin but the fluffiest fluff

summary: dan is in the hospital for lung problems and his nurse is really cute. unfortunately, he’s not impressed with dan’s pillow mountains.
trigger warnings: none I don’t think?? it’s a hospital au so there’s lots of mentions of medical stuff (asthma and throwing up) I mention a tomato once and also taylor swift

Yesterday, Dan had been fine. A friend of his had invited him to go for a jog in the park, and Dan, being as athletic as a pillow, figured it would be nice. His lungs disagreed. The 24 year-old had to be rushed to the hospital because of severe breathing problems, and he didn’t mind that much after he got there.
When he was assigned a room in the ER, he was asked the basic questions (‘Are you athletic?’ ‘Do you take medication?’ 'Are you sexually active?’ 'Do you have any past medical history?’) and given a diagnosis. He had an extremely severe asthma attack, and he also found out he was asthmatic. He was moved to an overnight room in another wing of the building, and he was to stay for a week, just in case.
In the ER, Dan had had one person with him: his friend who invited him to go jogging, PJ. PJ had spent over half the time in the hospital apologizing to Dan, and Dan had spent an equal amount of time convincing him that it wasn’t his fault.
Dan was living alone in London, out of university with a degree in law, and he didn’t have any pressing matters that he needed to work on immediately. His parents and brother liver far enough away that visiting wouldn’t be worth it; his close friends were all on vacation this week (excluding PJ) and his extended family didn’t know he was in the hospital or care enough to visit Dan. It wasn’t severe enough that he needed visitors, anyways; this was just a precaution taken to prevent further damage to his respiratory system. In short, he had no one to visit him. He didn’t mind that much, really, he wasn’t quite the social butterfly.
When he was moved, the hospital limited PJ’s visitation hours to 2 hours a day. Dan got bored easily, so he wasn’t happy when he heard. He didn’t protest, though. It turns out the nurse was a friend of PJ’s through uni. PJ majored in filmmaking, as did the nurse, Phil, who also majored in medicine. Dan had minored in filmmaking, so he had some common ground. PJ said Phil made YouTube videos on the side, like Dan, so there was another thing they had in common.
When the nurse walked in, Dan was taken aback. “God,” he thought. “He’s cute.”
The nurse waved. “Hello, I’m going to be your nurse this week..” He looked down at his clipboard and read the name, “Dan! I’m Phil. I think PJ has probably already told you about me, but I’m going to introduce myself anyways.” He smiled. “Looks like you had an asthma attack, and moved here from the ER as a precaution. We’ll just be taking some CAT scans and blood samples this week. We’ll also be providing medication, of course, which you will be provided with at your release.” Phil laughed. “Gosh, sorry! That sounded like we had locked up, or something!”
Dan laughed too. “Sounds good. And it looks like my information sheet has already told you about me, but I’m going to introduce myself anyways.” He smiled. “I’m Dan.” The brown-haired boy extended his arm for a handshake and the nurse accepted.
“Okay PJ, as much as we all enjoy your delightful company, you’re approaching the three-hour mark now.” Phil laughed. “Time to hit the road, Peej.” He handed PJ his jacket and patted him on the back.
“I like the 'Welcome’ aura. I feel right at home!” PJ exclaimed sarcastically as he was walking out the door. He bid goodbye to Dan and Phil and he was on his way.
“I’m going to have to go now, too. There’s a patient down the hall throwing up every five minutes.” Phil said. “Here’s the TV remote, and if you need anything, press that red button.” Phil handed him a remote and pointed to a big red button on the bed side. “When you press the button, it calls me, almost. Say what you need and I’ll deem it worthy or unworthy.” And with that, Phil left. And Dan was pretty sure he was redder than a tomato.
The next day, PJ had work and Dan was unbearably bored. He saw a stack of pillows in the corner of the room and he had an idea.

An hour, twenty-two pillows and three accidental button pressings later, and Dan’s pillow fortress was complete. About ten minutes later, Phil decided to check up on Dan. When he saw Dan trying to hide under the pillows, he giggled, because the boy was 6'3 and trying to hide under a pillow fortress. When Dan exclaimed, “Fight me!” And emerged from the mass of pillows with the TV remote as a make-shift sword, Phil was startled but simply replied with, “Maybe later.” He proceeded to fix the pillows and exit. He left Dan an uncontrollable giggly mess, he left himself redder than Taylor Swift’s fourth album. He was chuckling all the way to the break room.
Today, Dan decided to really impress this guy. He couldn’t tell if it had worked yesterday, but he was going to try again today. He requested ten extra pillows, and another very confused nurse obliged. Today, Dan had a structure. He had colored pillows, blankets, a password and everything. It was big enough to hide him now. This time around, it took him 32 pillows, 5 blankets, 2 and half hours, but surprisingly, he managed to avoid the red button.

When he heard the door creak open and Phil’s voice go, “Hello?” He decided to strike. He grabbed his TV remote, pushed aside the blanket serving as a door, and once again, exclaimed, “Fight me!”
Before Phil could respond, Dan started coughing uncontrollably but returned to his battle stance when it had ceased. After a few moments, Phil said, “I would, but I know you’d win.” He smiled, fixed the pillows, and walked out. This time, Dan could see the man’s intense blush and wide grin.
This patient was seriously cute and he only had two days left. When Phil went in in the morning, he’d discovered Dan had another asthma attack overnight but had been treated. Phil tried to check up on him, but the boy was asleep. He figured he’d let him rest. He had one more day left to impress this boy, but man, was it hard. He’d figure out how to do it tonight. Today, he thought, he would deal with his conscious patients.
Phil had been extra careful to go in an hour early that morning and purchase a mug from the gift shop. He slipped a piece of paper inside of it and snuck into Dan’s room before he was awake. He was leaving in a few hours, so Phil set the mug down on his bedside table and left. He hoped he’d see it.
When Dan awoke, the news was on. He reached for the remote, but his hand found something different. It was a mug that said, 'Get well soon!’ with a wishing well on it. When he picked it up, he saw there was a piece of paper inside. It was a note that read, 'Call me and I’ll consider a fight. Phil.’ There was also a number scribbled on it in messy handwriting. Dan grinned and put it back on the table. He got dressed and filled out the remaining paperwork, getting ready to leave. He stuck the paper in his pocket and got a bag for the mug, put the bed back in order and alerted the nearest nurse he was leaving. He dropped the paperwork off at the desk.
On his way out, he caught a familiar eye. Dan looked at Phil, who winked at him and walked away. Dan laughed and left.
He definitely needed to come here more often.

030. Misunderstandings



It wasn’t the reaction he had been expecting, but he also knew you probably weren’t expecting to see Zayn wearing, nothing but a police cap on your junk. Closing the door behind you, you turned back with a horrified expression over your face as he walked closer and closer to you. He had practiced walking around the kitchen with nothing, but the hat on to make sure it wouldn’t fall off. It was easier to stay hard now that he was face to face with you and not just picturing your body in his mind. It was difficult, but you were trying hard not to laugh. You had been warned by one of your best friends that laughing at a guy while he is naked could lead to serious psychological damage for him.

“Why so dressed up?” You asked, biting on your bottom lip as your back collided with the door, Zayn just an inch away from your chest, your work uniform still on and complete with nametag. “Zayn, are you drunk?” He didn’t look it, but it wasn’t typical of sober Zayn to be wearing nothing, but a hat on his dick either.

With his eyes narrowing in on you tightly, how they usually did when he was in the mood, Zayn gave you a nod with his scruffy chin and went in to kiss you. You weren’t expecting him to be so rough, his hairs scratching at your cheeks as his mouth opened yours. His hands took yours and slid them over your head as he groaned into your mouth, “I’m going to have to frisk you, ma’am.”

It was sort of sexy, you could give him that, but without your consent, you burst into a fit of laughter, pushing his chest away from your body as you tried to compose yourself. Thirteen shades of red, that’s how colorful your face became as you threw your hands over your cackling mouth like that would happen.

“I’m sorry.” You tried to say. “I can’t take you seriously with a hat on your penis.”

Zayn was embarrassed now and when he was embarrassed, he became angry. With one motion, he tossed the plastic cap across the room and stalked into the bedroom, muttering inaudible curses under his breath.

“I feel like I missed something very important.” Once you had stopped laughing, you followed after him and leaned against the door, watching him step into boxers, his dick hurting as he moved into a semi. It wasn’t nearly as in as much pain as his ego though.

“I thought you fucking wanted something weird and fucking…I don’t know…” He ripped open the top drawer of the night stand on your side of the bed and then hurled a small paperback book at you, nearly smacking you in the face. “Fucking spicy.” Zayn stormed right by you, his feet stomping loudly on the ground, as you bent over and picked up the book from the floor.

“Zayn!” You called after him before going to the living room, finding him on the couch, looking between pillows for the remote control. “It’s a sex book. I don’t have anything highlighted. I have barely even read it.”

“Am I boring to you? The first page is about when sex gets boring.” He grunted. “Not that I fucking read it. I just saw it.” He was throwing the pillows to the ground, searching avidly.

You put the book down on the coffee table and reached underneath it, taking the remote and then handing it to him.

“Thanks.” Not wanting to say anything, he ripped it from your loose grip.

“You are not boring, Zayn, you know that.” Seriously, when One Direction decided to quit, he could have a very promising career as a male escort, this much you knew to be true. He was probably the most exciting you had ever slept with.

“Yeah, I know.” He mumbled, turning on the television and then wandering around the room to collect the pillows he had thrown about.

“I got it for me. I want to be able to do things that are exciting to you.” You explained, sitting down on the loveseat away from him. Zayn’s attention was all yours now. He just stared blankly at your face for a moment, trying to make sure you were being honest and not just trying to kiss his ego better. “But don’t think you’re going to come home to me in nothing, but a cop hat, buddy.” Trying to make him laugh, you joked. “Actually, that’s kind of hot.” You shrugged.

“You don’t need a book. You’re great.” Still a little uneasy, he mumbled. “Are you going to join me on the couch or not?” He nodded at you and patted down the empty leather cushion beside him. Smiling coyly, you got up and moved, joining him as close as you could without being right on top of his lap. You two watched EastEnders in silence, his arm over your shoulder, before he started to talk over the show. “So, was there, like, a position in the book you want to try? I mean, I’m open…” He wondered aloud.

NIALL – Your mouth was full as you chewed on your dinner across the table from Niall, but you smiled brightly at him anyway with your lips sealed together.

“You know, I’m totally supportive of what you decide, right?” After washing down his last bite with a sip of ice cold water, he told you out of the blue. You had both been so focused on your meals, take out chicken and pasta from your favorite eatery in the neighborhood, that you hadn’t really been engaged in any conversation.

Sitting up straighter, your eyes shifted from side to side as if to search for what he was talking about. You were truly the definition of confused.

“Am I pregnant?” You asked out loud, thinking that was a question you would never have to pose to anyone, but yourself or a doctor.

“I heard you last night on the phone with your Mum.” He explained, sounding as casual as he would if he was telling you about going through a car wash or an early morning jog. “I wasn’t eavesdropping, I just heard…and if you want to drop out of school, I support you.” Niall never went to University or college. He couldn’t empathize with the stress and pressure, but he did know about stress and pressure from his line of work and he was trying to understand.

“Um…I don’t remember saying I was thinking about that.” Putting down your fork, you scratched at your head and moved some hair behind your ears, trying to remember.

“You were just saying it was really difficult right now and you were having a hard time…you’re taking so many courses this term…”

“Oh yeah.” You didn’t complain to Niall about school since you didn’t think he would really be very interested in it, but clearly he was. “I’m stressed and I have a ton of work to do, like, I should be writing two essays right now, but I’m not going to drop out.” Shaking your head at the idea, you told him with a soft chuckle. “I’m going to get through it and get that degree.” Even if you had a long way to go.

“Oh good.” Niall lit up at the sound of that. He really wanted to see you up on stage with a diploma in your hand. He was so impressed by how hard you worked and he was proud of you already. “I’m glad.”

“But thank you for being supportive.” You winked, bringing another piece of chicken dipped in pasta sauce towards your mouth. “You’re bomb.”  

LOUIS – “Look what I got! Look what I got!” He had just walked in through the door, but you could hear Louis shouting as he kicked off his shoes and headed throughout your condo, looking for you to, apparently, show you what he had.

“I’m in the bedroom!” You called out and instantly heard him start moving in the right direction. On your tip toes, you were standing in the closet, putting away a box of yours and his winter coats.

“Oy, babe, don’t do that.” He scolded you, dropping his shopping bag onto the floor and rushing over to take the plastic box from over your head. Louis scooted in front of you and shoved it on the shelf above your shared wall of shoes. “You shouldn’t be lifting heavy things.” He turned around to tell you, kissing your lips quickly and then heading back to where he left his shopping bag.

“It wasn’t…that…heavy.” Slowly, you told him, thinking about all the times you had lugged heavy bags of groceries up the stairs of your apartment building without any help from anyone.

“Ta-da!” Out of the yellow tissue paper pieces in the bag, Louis pulled out a small soft looking yellow blanket and then draped it over his arm and began to sway from side to side. “It’s a swaddle blanket!” He shouted merrily while still dancing in place. “It’s for swaddling.” He explained, concerned by your lack of reaction. “Swaddling a baby…” He continued, not sure why you weren’t clued in or running over to thank him with kisses. “The lady at the store said they were important for newborns…even though I don’t know what on Earth swaddling actually is. I think this is the motion though.” As soon as he acknowledged how he was sliding his hips from left and right, he stopped and then walked over to you with the blanket over one arm. “Why aren’t you smiling? I’m trying to tell you that I’m okay with all this…” Louis took your shoulders in each of his hands and cocked his head to the side, trying to figure out what you were thinking and feeling. “When I spotted the test in the bin, I thought, maybe, you were worried I wouldn’t be supportive, but it’s okay…”

“OH!” Right in his face, you shouted, finally piecing together the puzzle that you had been struggling to form in your mind. “That wasn’t my test.” Shaking your head, you told him happily…as happily as he had been dancing around with the swaddle blanket. “It was the girl down the hall. She didn’t want her parents to know so I picked it up and let her take it here.”

“Are you fucking kidding?” Louis shouted before shaking his head at himself. “What am I going to do with this fucking swaddle blanket?” Holding it up in front of your face, he asked you.

“Well, if she keeps it now we have something to give her at the shower.” Shrugging, you swiped it from his hands and leaned in to kiss his cheek. “Trust me, if I was pregnant, you would know.” You whispered right in his face before walking away.

LIAM – He had told you that he was going to be swamped for the next week, running around the UK like some kind of wild banshee with nothing, but assigned tasks and places to be. While it would have been nice to go for breakfast or, even, just have a quick text chat back and forth, you were understanding and went about things as you would otherwise. In fact, you had had two girls’ nights in a row and it was pure bliss. So, you were surprised when you came home from dinner with your parents that Liam texted you that he was going to stop by.

“This is a pleasant surprise.” Your voice chimed out like the strings of a harpiscord being plucked all together as you put a plate of leftovers from dinner in the microwave. Liam was a very big and public fan of your mom’s cooking.

“Stop.” Staring at his shoes while leaning against the fridge, he sighed. “Stop being nice to me.”

As the microwave began to work, you looked back at Liam a little bit confused by his attitude and sadness.

“Okay…” You moved closer to him until your side was against the fridge. “Get the fuck out.” Gruffly, you spoke in what you considered to be a manly voice, pretending to be mean to him. “What’s going on? What happened today?” You assumed something must have caused his mood to be so foul.

“This morning…I came in to pick up some of my stuff….you were out, I don’t know where…”

“I went to a Zumba class.” Proudly, you announced. It was nice that Liam was using the key you gave him though, you were wondering if he ever would.

“Your iPad was on the bed and, I guess, your texts come through and I read some of the messages.” He knew he was guilty, so Liam kept his brown eyes on the floor as he confessed.

Out of reflex, you crossed your arms over your chest and let the benevolence drain from your face promptly while waiting for him to continue.

“If you really want to break up, I won’t stop you….but you should know that I’m in this…I don’t think I could ever get over you.” Finally, his eyes were off the tiles of your small kitchen area and staring up at you, they were full of grief and bled into yours with their anxiety.

Instantly, your eyebrows fell down tightly over your eyes. You reached into the pocket of your long cardigan and took out your cell phone, pulling it out and scrolling through your last conversation, a group chat with your girlfriends.

“Clearly, you are a terrible spy.” Smiling to yourself, you looked up at him and handed him the phone. “Read it all this time, you dirty snoop. I said ‘I’m going to dump him’, but it’s directed at [YourFriend’sName]. I was saying I would dump her boyfriend for her because she’s too chicken to.”

That was all it took. Liam lit up like the sky on the fourth of July as the worry fled his body. He put the phone down on the counter and pulled you into a hug as quick as he could, breathing in the scent of jasmine on your neck as the microwave began to chirp behind you.

“Thank God. I was in pieces all day.” He confessed.

“Don’t quit your day job. You’d be a shit Sherlock.” Pushing his shoulder back, you laughed and then went to get his plate out.

HARRY – “[Y/N]! [Y/N]!” Harry rushed out of his bedroom of the Malibu house he was renting with the boys and their friends while recording the last of their latest album. He was carrying your tablet carefully in his hands as he took on the stairs quickly, rushing down them like they were made of lava that was eating away at his bare feet.

“What? What? What?” It sounded like an emergency, so you rushed away from the kitchen island where you had been slicing up peppers for the huge stir fry you were making for everybody with Eleanor. Your mind was already imagining the worst: He had sliced his face open while shaving, Zayn had inhaled too much spray paint, Niall had fallen off the bed and now his skull was cracked open like a piñata, your imagination was well in motion.

“What’s going on? Are you okay?” Harry demanded to know as you two met in the empty, but very messy living room. With one hand off of the tablet, he reached forward and checked your temperature through your forehead, then stepped back and examined you, before reaching forward and giving one of your boobs an aggressive squeeze.

You winced in pain before backing up yourself and frowning at him.

“What is the matter with you!?” You shot back.

“I was checking for a lump!” Defensively, he squealed before holding up your tablet. “I went to look something up and you’ve got three windows about breast cancer up. You got to tell me, are you okay? What is going on?” The questions sounded like one as he asked in a rush. “Should we go to the hospital? What happens now?”

“Harry, you’ve gone and lost it.” Scolding him, you shook your head. The living room was full now, Eleanor standing in the doorway with an empty frying pan held at her side, Louis and Liam right behind her, Niall and a few of his Irish friends crowding around on the stairs. Everybody was looking at the two of you, concerned and confused. “I really just googled it because I was curious…” In your mind, you could not have been the only one. “If you check my history, I also looked up Ninja Turtles and Heinz Ketchup. I couldn’t sleep last night…”

Harry’s arms fell with relief. He stepped in and kissed your forehead as everyone began to thin out, most of them laughing at Harry as they did.

“So, no cancer?” He checked, his free hand holding yours which you much preferred to random boob grabs.

“Not that I know of.” You replied, smiling. You still couldn’t believe he had freaked out like that.

“Just say no.” Whispering, Harry’s worried face begged you, so you obliged happily.


“Jack mate, we put too much soap in the washing machine and now the basement is flooded with bubbles. I lost Hana.”

“Yeah sorry Lucio, Junkrat ate all the ice cream bc I dared him to so there’s none left. But he has a stomach ache now so it’s kinda like revenge.”

Hana being too short to reach things and climbing onto Junkrat’s shoulders to reach it but then she can’t get down bc he has decided to run around like this and she needs to cling for her life or fall off.

Somehow they always have silly string no matter how many times Mercy takes it from them???? (She suspects Roadhog gets it for them)

Wrestling over the TV remote. Pillow fights. Don’t let them cook together.

The time Kurt and Blaine watched a scary movie


“Oh my God, not—not there—!”

They both jump as the masked killer leaps out from behind a wall to a crescendo of music and thunder. With the lights off in their apartment, the silver lightning shatters the living room into splinters. Kurt, legs pulled up against the pillow that he’s hugging against his chest, squeaks as the killer hacks his blunt sword against some innocent girl with a horror-contorted face. Blaine moves as though he’s going to reach out and lull Kurt’s tense muscles, but his fingers flutter in midair before he returns to the safety of his blanket.

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