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Harry Hook - “Interruption”

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Request: “A one shot where Harry keeps trying to admit that he likes the reader like each other but he keeps getting interrupted”

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Warnings: Slight use of language

“Hey, has anyone seen Harry?” You questioned walking into the VK “headquarters”.

It was really just an abandoned floor of an old factory, but it was used as Mal’s studio and a place for your group of five friends to hang out and enjoy each other’s company.

“Last time I saw him, he wanted to talk to you. He should still be on the docks.” Evie said, her eyes focusing on a new design in her sketchbook.

You thanked her quickly and bounded down the steps of the building. You were known as one of the evilest villains on the Isle and it showed in your confident nature and how you presented yourself on the streets.

You chuckled darkly as the Gaston boys physically shuddered when you passed them. Gil was one of your best friends, but his brothers were known to be assholes.

They soon stopped their mean taunts after you’d finished with them. “Love the new hair, Y/N!” One of the young members of Uma’s crew smiled as you sauntered passed.

“It’s a Dizzy Tremaine creation.” You smiled shooting her a wink. You had soon bonded with the rest of the crew with your blooming friendship with the first mate, and you secretly were happy with the new group of friends.

“Looky who it is.” Uma groaned as you arrived on the docks. You rolled your eyes in annoyance and scoffed.

“Hey, Shrimpy.” Harry shot you a warning look as Uma sent you a threatening glare. “You’re lucky I don’t hate you, Hook.” She muttered walking away from the two of you stomping.

“What was that about, Captain?” You questioned laughing at Uma’s unusual passive attitude. “Captain, really? And she’s just…in a mood.” He said waving his hooked hand in dismissal.

“Okay.” You sighed not really believing his excuse. “You’re cute when you’re confused.” Harry smirked as he ran his hook through a lock of your hair. Blushing, you smiled and got closer to his face, feeling his warm breath on your cheeks.

“Well, I—“ “Y/N! Mind helping me with something?” Gil exclaimed as he ran from a group of angry storekeepers.

“Guess he was on one of those unsuccessful theft sprees. I’ll talk to you later, okay?” You assured skipping off to help Gil in his time of need.

Harry nodded, but he couldn’t help the disappointed frown on his face as he watched his longtime crush run away, still not able to call you his.

Two Days Later…

You waltzed into Ursula’s Fish and Chips with Harry by your side as he growled at the incoming patrons, which you found kind of hilarious.

“You know, you don’t have to act like a psycho just because your dad is one.” You chuckled taking his hand and sliding into one of the booths on the other side of the restaurant.

“It’s just part of the image. You would know that better than anyone.” He smirked leaning back and placing a lazy arm around your shoulder.

“How’s your mom?” Harry questioned as he noticed your tense nature. “Still a flaming bitch, but I’m surviving.” You laughed leaning into his warm chest.

“Listen, Y/N. I’ve been wanting to tell you something and—“ Harry started before Evie barged into the semi-crowded restaurant looking distressed. “Y/N! Fashion emergency!” She exclaimed taking your hand and pulling you from Harry roughly.

You internally groaned as she separated you from the teenage pirate. “I’m sorry! Catch up later?” You suggested before Evie pushed you through the swinging doors quickly.

Harry sighed dramatically as he watched you go…yet again. This was going to be harder than he thought.

“E! I was busy, what’s the emergency?” You asked breathlessly as she pulled you halfway across the Isle back to the hangout.

“Red or Blue for the skirt?” She questioned shoving her messy sketchbook in your face almost violently. You studied the design.

It was a mid-length lace skirt that would be paired with a dark blue and black splatter patterned top. “Hmm, red. Just to mix it up a bit.” You decided handing her back the book.

She nodded excitedly and gave you a side hug before rushing off downstairs, probably to show Dizzy her new design.

You shook your head and giggled at the princess’ usual giddiness. You sometimes wished you could be more like Evie, the girly attitude.

Perfect hair, perfect makeup.

But you were just the tough girl, making sure that almost no one got through your rough exterior and see your soft side, because that wouldn’t fly around here, not one bit.

A few hours later…

You began walking down the shore of the beach as suggested by Gil when you ran into him at the marketplace.

He claimed it was a good way to clear your mind after a long day of business and confusion. What you didn’t know was who you would run into whilst on your little journey.

Letting out a small yawn, you didn’t notice a pair of calloused hands cover your eyes quickly. “Listen buddy, I have a dagger in my jacket. I wouldn’t want to mess with me.” You growled and the person chuckled behind you.

“Love to see you try and fight me off darling.” A familiar Scottish voice mumbled into your ear.

You let out a small laugh as Harry uncovered your eyes and now stood in front of you. “How’d you know I’d be here, Hooky?” You asked as he fidgeted nervously with his silver hook

. After knowing Harry for a while, you became accustomed to his habits, and this was one of them. “Had Gil influence you to come here, guess he actually pulled through.” Harry smiled looking up at you.

“I have a surprise, come on.” He said taking your hand and jogging farther down the beach as you struggled to keep up with him.

You began to breathe heavily until he finally came to a stop. “Thank God, thought I was gonna pass out.” You gasped giggling.

He was standing on the side of you as you saw the sight in front of you. In the sand there was a beautiful setup of various sized lanterns, each holding a lit candle on a large, slightly tattered blanket.

There were a few pillows lined up on one side of the blanket and the entire sight made you smile widely.

“Did you do this, for me?” You questioned softly as the dim light allowed you to see the cute blush that splayed over his tan cheeks.

“I did. A girl like you deserves a little attention once in a while.” He admitted plopping down on the sand.

You joined him, laying down so you could clearly see the bright stars that adorned the dark night sky. “I need to say something.” He blurted suddenly. You sent him a quizzical look, but told him to go on.

“Y/N, ever since I’ve met you, I’ve had this funny feeling in my chest and it won’t go away. Every time I see you, my heart flutters and I blush at all the badass things you do. You’re one of the strongest and bravest people I have come to know. I’m falling in love with you.”

He quieted down at the last sentence, but you still heard him loud and clear.

You quickly sat up and faced him, avoiding eye contact. “I get it, you don’t want to ruin our friendship.” He sighed getting up to leave.

You forcefully pulled him back down and moved your face closer to his, slowly but gently.

You leaned forward until you felt your lips connect with his as they moved in a synchronized motion.

Never had you felt like this before, but it felt pretty damn good.

After you pulled apart, you couldn’t wipe the smile off of your face as Harry said, “Nothing to say, huh?”

“Actions speak louder than words, Swashbuckler.”

the legacy of b. knight

“It’s Ford’s first meal at the Haus, so everyone be on your best behaviors, alright?” Bitty bustled around the kitchen, a bowl of biscuit dough tucked under one arm as he gave the gravy on the stove a stir. Though it wasn’t an official Team Brunch, Bitty was pulling out all the stops for Ford: biscuits and gravy, fruit salad, hash browns, Canadian and normal bacon, as much coffee as could be brewed at one time… 

“We’re always on our best behavior,” Holster said with a yawn. He and Ransom were slumped together at the counter, lethargically slicing fruit at Bitty’s command. 

“Yeah, Bits, we’re upstanding gentlemen,” Ransom said, grabbing Holster’s hand before he sliced his own finger. Holster gave him a sheepish grin and reluctantly put his glasses on.  

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Father’s Day

Summary: Bucky Barnes is absolutely horrified when his four-year old daughter tells him she’s getting married. When he tries to figure out what the heck is going on, he gets the best surprise of his life.

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Readers, OFC Becca Barnes

Warnings: Insane amount of fluff

A/N: So, this is super, ridiculously fluffy, but it’s Father’s Day and Bucky, not I’m not apologizing :P As always, thanks for reading!

Check out the other two stories with these characters!

Mother’s Day      She Gets It From You

Bucky Barnes had no idea what time it was, but he knew it was way too early for a pair of blue eyes to be staring him in the face.

“Becca, go back to bed,” he mumbled, pulling the covers over his head. He felt the bed dip as his daughter climbed up and cuddled against Bucky’s blanketed form. A small hand stroked the top of his head, and he couldn’t help but smile. He pulled the covers off and greeted his little girl.

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Edmund x Reader: Arranged

Prompt/ask: hi! could i request an edmund x reader where they had to have an arranged marriage but the reader loves him and she doesn’t think edmund loves her back? maybe like they’re in bed and sleeping on opposite sides and she wants to cuddle but she’s too afraid to ask him because she thinks he doesn’t love her? idk if that made sense but it would be amazing if you could write it! i love your writing! thank you!! 

Word count: 1,291

Warnings: None

Setting: Golden Age

A/N: Thank you to my lovely friend Danielle (@itsalwaysnarnia) for helping me with part of this story-please give this excellent human being a follow!

Your betrothal to Edmund Pevensie of Narnia was not something you had wished for. Unfortunately, it wasn’t something you had any say in at all.

An arranged marriage was not what you considered the dream future. You couldn’t think of anyone in their right mind who would actually enjoy being stuck with some stranger for the rest of their life, let alone upon meeting them a mere week before the wedding. 

But the moment you met Edmund Pevensie, he didn’t seem like a stranger. No, he was something much more than that in your eyes. It felt as if you had known him in a past life; Perhaps in a dream, or a dream of a dream. It seemed incredibly silly, seeing as you had only exchanged a few words with the young king, and although you were sure he didn’t feel the same, you couldn’t deny how you saw him.


You immediately snapped out of the trance you were in, turning to the dark haired figure standing in the doorway of the castle’s Great Hall.

 “Oh, sorry. I must have, um-” You paused, clearing your throat and avoiding Edmund’s gaze. “Wandered off…” 

The king tilted his head slightly, giving you a questioning look. “Yes, well, you should probably get to bed. It’s, I mean-” He looked at his feet, clearly uncomfortable. “It’s getting late.”

 You nodded, forcing a small smile. “Yes, thanks.” The two of you stood there for a minute. “Right, well, I’m going to uh…” You felt the apples of your cheeks fill with heat. 

“I was just getting to bed, I can walk with you if you’d like.” Edmund offered hesitantly, almost as if he felt an obligation to. 

You nodded gratefully, obliging and taking a step towards the winding marble staircase. “Thank you, Your Highness.” 

Edmund shook his head, almost sadly. “Please don’t call me that. It’s bad enough that we’re stuck in this situation, I don’t need you treating me like I’m somehow…above you.”

 He paused, taking care to avoid eye contact as he walked a few steps ahead of you. 

“Edmund?” You asked, stopping before the entrance to your marital chambers. The king turned slowly on his heel to face you. 

“I’m sorry. For all of this.” You croaked out softly. 

The two of you looked at each other for a moment. Edmund just nodded, remaining silent. He understood what you meant. 

Edmund apprehensively began to unlatch the door, opening it with deliberate listlessness. You took a couple timid steps towards the entrance, watching as the young king tugged at his waist to undo the buckle from the side of his robes.

You stepped into the dark chambers, tugging at the sleeve of your gown and shutting the door behind you as you did so. It made a thunderous sound as the latch clicked once more. 

You had been in these chambers three times before; once on your wedding day and then again on the two evenings that followed. Yet on all three of these occasions, you and Edmund lay on either sides of the bed, not acknowledging each other whatsoever. 

“So,” You said softly, pulling and unbraiding the laces on the back of your gown,  “Uh-”

“You don’t have to try to talk to me.” Edmund replied plainly, letting his robes fall to his feet. “It’s alright.”

 It was immensely dark in the room, so you were unable to see anything more than the general outline of Edmund standing before you. 

You bit the side of your lip, dropping your hands from the laces. “I know, but-” You sighed, gliding your gown over your shoulders and down to your waist. You felt the chilliness in the air run through your body.

Edmund ran a hand through his scraggly hair, looking at you with an odd expression. “Hm?” 

You shook your head rawly, letting the last of your clothing fall and quickly reaching for the nightdress that hung by the wardrobe. “It doesn’t matter.”

You drew what you could see of the bed coverings back, making room for you to lift your legs from the edge of the mattress and settle them under the sheets. It was still cold under the many blankets. 

You sat there silently, leaning against the pillows lining the headboard as you waited for Edmund to join you. You could feel a cool Narnian breeze come in through the cracked window, making you colder than before. Narnia was different than Terebinthia…too different. Nothing was keeping you sane here anymore. 

“You okay?” Edmund asked from beside you. You nodded slowly, sinking down into the blankets.  

Edmund let out a small, slightly defeated sigh, and adjusted his position to rest his head on the flimsy pillows. Although he lay merely a few feet from you, he seemed a great distance away. 

Edmund remained silent, but you could hear him breathing somewhat rapidly. Gradually, your loneliness became much more prominent and the winds became much stronger. 

As you lay there in the cold sheets, restless and completely unsure, thunder began to brew outside your window. You inhaled sharply, praying that the storm would pass. You had never responded well to weather like this.

It was still for a moment before the first lighting cracked. You felt your body tense up instantaneously, your breathing stopping suddenly. You bit your lip, feeling the blood rush to your face and your hands start to shake. 

It was a silly reaction, sure, but you couldn’t help how your body responded.

You gripped the sheets and closed your eyes, holding back the fear that coursed through your veins. You had every intention on letting Edmund sleep peacefully, but with this thunderstorm, it might not go as planned.

“Ed?” You said softly, almost afraid of his response. Edmund groaned from the edge of the bed. 

“What?” He asked, rather roughly. You licked your lips, trying to ignore the sounds coming from your window. “Nevermind. Go back to sleep.” 

You could feel Edmund roll over, assuming that he was facing you now. 

“Is everything alright? You’ve been squirming.” 

Before you could respond, a loud noise that sounded like hundreds of canons erupting came from the window. You whimpered, wincing slightly. 

“I’m fine.” You said hastily, sensing that Edmund was about to say something. You turned away from him in the darkness, clutching the sheets and curling up on the edge of the mattress. 

For a minute, both of you were still. Then, precipitously, you felt a cold arm making its way around your waist. 

You hadn’t heard Edmund move closer to you-perhaps you had been too focused on the horrific noises coming from outside of Cair Paravel-but, regardless, there he was.

You felt his breath on your bare neck as his arm extended to reach all the way around you, pulling his body closer to yours in the process. His lips were mere centimeters away from your collarbone. 

You felt oddly calmed in this position. Even if you didn’t know what to make of it, it was nice to feel his body against yours, keeping you warm. 

“I know the storms here can be a bit scary sometimes,” Edmund whispered, his hot breath hitting your neck with every word he uttered, “You’ll be okay.” He paused, breathing a bit heavily now. “I just want you to feel…safe.” 

You nodded in acknowledgement, a smile beginning to form on your lips. The feeling of Edmund beside you was something you never thought you needed, but now that it was happening, you realized you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

As you lay there, smiling to yourself, the storm slowly dying down and Edmund’s arms around you, you began to think that you would start to feel a little more sane here. 

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Does Taehyung ever randomly come in one of you guys bedroom and hugs them while he sleeps??

JK: he does that a lot. 

(oh my god i’m sorry for the third one ik the lighting on Tae isn’t right but i accidentally deleted the sai version and well- i tried)

consider: it’s 8am in the morning. blitzen emerges from the bedroom, radiant, beautiful, a true gift. his shirt reads: “i woke up like this”. behind him, hearthstone stumbles in. hair swept entirely to one side, eyes squinted shut, pillow lines on his face. his wrinkled shirt reads: “there’s no way you woke up like that”.

Up Late?

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Worldbuilding: Economy and Trade

Money makes the world go ‘round.  That’s what they say, anyways.  Still, the economy is an important part of culture and figuring out how buying and selling in your world works helps you figure out just how easily your character can buy that sword he or she has always wanted.
In this post, I’ve compiled a list of questions pertaining to economy and trade.  This list is by no means exhaustive; however, the hope is that it will get you started on building the trade system in your world or culture.

Get as detailed as possible and ask questions not on this list, but remember to have fun.

The questions compiled are inspired, taken, modified, or edited from three forums on the NaNoWriMo website: Respond, Answer, Ask 2016 Worldbuilding, Respond, Answer, Ask, 2016 Fantasy, and Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions. 

What is the main monetary system?
Do they have cash?  Do they use credits?  Does money not exist and they get what they need by trading what they have?

What is the economy like?
Booming? Failing?  What kind of economy is in place?

What are the well known trade routes?
Are they given names?  Well guarded?  Or is every man for himself?  Do bandits frequent those roads?

What are the common imports?
Apples? Potatoes?  Gold?  Diamonds?  Magic dust?

Which imports are considered a luxury?
Oranges?  The fancy dresses that seamstresses in town couldn’t replicate?  Silk?

What are considered to be valuable trade items?
Anything people would put high value in.  Whether it’s swan feather pillows, fur lined boots, or pieces of jewelry made by a certain creator.

What are common exports?
Something the town makes and sends off.  Perhaps they specialize in peanuts.  Or sugar.  Maybe it’s a certain kind of wood.

How are the imports and exports moved?
Trucks?  Oxen and big carts?  Rivers? Dragons?  Is magic involved?

Who trades with whom?
Who trades with whom definitely affects what people might have.  What if one country isn’t talking with another?  Are there countries that are banned from trading with each other?  Are items smuggled in these cases?

What are the items and supplies that are easiest to access?
Anyone can buy a rake.  Or perhaps that book no one wants.  Or milk.

What are the items and supplies that are hardest to access?
Maybe it’s harder to buy a weapon.  Or wands.  Perhaps there are heavy regulations on certain items.  If that is the case, why is it so?  What caused the government or the town to place such heavy restrictions on those items?

How has magic affected the trade system?
Does it help cons duplicate valuables and sell unwitting people knock-offs?  Is magic used to catch counterfeits?  Is magic allowed in the world of trade?

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This (Not My Jersey pt. 3)

Anonymous said:

You need to make another Auston Matthews imagine. It’s one of my favorite ones I’ve ever read!!

Anonymous said:

Please make another part to the Auston Matthews one!! It was so amazing!!

Anonymous said:

I neeeeed a part three to Not My Jersey!!!!!


can you do a part 3 to Not My Jersey? my friend and I are hooked 😅

nyland3r said:

hey! I don’t know if you take requests or so, but I’ll take my chances. I loved both parts of “not my jersey” and was wondering if you could write some more parts? (: I loved both the relationship with Mitch and the aspiring relationship with Auston, and would love to read more about both! Have a great day! hugs x

Word count: 2563

Author’s Note: Ask and you shall receive! I really hope you guys like it, and if you want me to continue this series, let me know!

Part 1 - Part 2

Originally posted by matthews-nylander-marner

You liked to think that you were good at a number of things, but sleep was not one of those things. For the longest time, you had struggled night after night with finding a cure to your insomnia. You had tried melatonin, heating pads, moving electronics out of your room and only being on your bed when it was time to sleep, all to no avail. No matter what you tried, you still found yourself tossing and turning, your sheets tangling into a mess when you finally were able to find sleep. Mitch liked to joke that you were secretly a vampire and that was the reason why you couldn’t sleep until the sun was almost up and why you walked around with perpetually dark purple rings under your eyes.

Nothing made your sleepless nights worse than when you were home alone. Your anxious mind kept your thoughts racing with thousands of scenarios on what could go wrong with Mitch so many miles away and not in the next room. Needless to say, team road trips usually had you huddled up on the couch, watching Netflix with the lights on until you eventually passed out. You’re in this position tonight, blankets piled around you as you tightly clutch the remote, trying to focus on anything but sounds and shadows that might get your mind racing.

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Stitch stimboard! 


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Prompt #39: "Hey, I was gonna eat that!"

Alec savored nights like this.

It was rare that Alec, being the Head of the Institute, got the entire night off. Usually when he had nights off, he was required to stay at the institute just in case a problem arose.

But tonight, Isabelle practically pushed him out of the doors, assuring that she’d cover for him.

Alec quickly stopped to pick up food, moving as fast as he could once he spotted the dark clouds that filled the sky, threatening to pour their contents onto the city.

He was just a block away from Magnus’ apartment when he felt a drop of rain on his hand. That was the only warning he got before the sky opened up, and heavy rain began to pour down.

Alec sprinted as fast as he could, trying his best to shield the styrofoam takeout containers with his body to prevent the food from getting wet. He let out a sigh of relief once he entered the building, but he was soaked from head to toe.

Cursing under his breath, Alec made his way up to his boyfriend’s loft.

He turned the knob and pushed the door open with his back, arms full with his glamoured bow and the food.

“Alexander?” He heard, and his boyfriend walked into sight, eyes wide with surprise, brows knitted in concern. “You’re a little…wet.”

Alec rolled his eyes, but grinned nevertheless. He closed the distance between them and pressed a kiss to Magnus’ lips in greeting, droplets of water dripping from his hair onto Magnus’ nose.

When they broke apart, they stayed together, enjoying the peaceful feeling of each other’s close proximity.

“Go change,” Magnus finally took a step back, and Alec could tell that he didn’t want to. “I’ll get dinner set up.”

Alec nodded, handing the food over to Magnus before turning and entering Magnus’ room.

He opened the closet and kneeled down, pulling open a drawer. His drawer, actually. It was filled with dark shirts, pants, everything he needed. It made him feel special, having his own place to store clothes at Magnus’ loft.

After changing out of his wet clothes and into a dry t-shirt and dark jeans, Alec made his way back out to the living room.

Magnus had set up their array of Chinese food on the coffee table, and while Alec could tell that his boyfriend had conjured up some extra goodies, he wouldn’t chide him for it. The couch was equipped with an arrange of blankets, and a paused episode of Chopped was lit up on the TV. It was a comfortable setup, and Alec couldn’t wait for their night to begin.


“That’s totally unfair!” Magnus argued through a mouthful of Chow mein. “Sure, Brian left out a basket ingredient, but Ramirez served the judges raw meat!”

Alec laughed at his boyfriend’s rage. Magnus was obsessed with this show, and over time, Alec had become obsessed with it, too. He swallowed a bite rice before responding. “You know shows like this are rigged. Ramirez probably sucked one of the judge’s dicks before the show.”

“Wouldn’t surprise me if it was true. She has that I-use-sex-to-get-what-I-want look.”

At that, they both laughed out loud.

Alec was still giggling as he looked down at his plate. He frowned, however, when he realized that he had no Potstickers left. Looking over at Magnus’ plate, he noticed that Magnus had one left.

Alec turned his head to the side, widening his eyes and looking toward the doors that led to the balcony. “Is that a cat?” He asked out loud.

“What?” Magnus turned his head, and Alec took the opportunity to quickly use his chopsticks to snatch the Potsticker off of Magnus’ plate.

“Alexander, there’s no c-” Magnus turned around, and Alec smirked before stuffing the Potsticker into his mouth. “Hey! I was gonna eat that!” Magnus’ mouth hung open, a look of betrayal on his face.

Alec swallowed and smirked devilishly. “Maybe if you kiss me, you’ll be able to taste it.” He teased.

Alec heard Magnus let out a low growl, and before he knew what was happening, he was tackled backwards, his head thumping against one of the many pillows that lined the couch.

“Say you’re sorry.” Magnus threatened, straddling Alec’s hips, hands pressing down on his shoulders to hold Alec under him.

“Make me.” Alec smirked, narrowing his eyes, and he was ready when Magnus dipped down and captured his lips in a heated kiss.

The kiss was messy, Magnus tilting his head to deepen the kiss, tongues exploring mouths. Alec tried to lift his arms to hold Magnus’ hips and pull him impossibly closer, but Magnus held him down firmly, so Alec gave up and let himself be dominated.

Alec wasn’t sure how long they’d been kissing when Magnus finally pulled back. Alec looked up at his boyfriend, pupils blown wide, lips parted, swollen from the delicious roughness of Magnus’ kisses.

“If only you always tasted like that…” A smirk curled onto Magnus’ lips as he panted, still out of breath.

“Am I forgiven?” Alec stuck out his bottom lip, giving Magnus his best puppy eyes. Magnus finally released his arms, so he lifted his hands to press against Magnus’ chest.

Magnus sighed, rolling his eyes playfully. “You’re forgiven. Now shut up and kiss me.”

Alec didn’t think twice before gripping the fabric of Magnus’ shirt in his hands and pulling him down into a passionate kiss.

The rest of their food went forgotten, going cold and untouched over the next hour.

(This was completely self-indulgent. I’m sorry. Send requests to my inbox if you’d like!!)


[Request: Hope I’m not too late, can you do a fic where Reader is dating Diana Prince and when Diana gets invited over she sees that Reader has all this Wonder Woman merchandise (pillows etc) and finally after consideration decides to tell reader her true identity.]

(This is so cute! now I’ll make it sexy lol).

Originally posted by jynersos

You found yourself jealous of a spoon as it slipped between Diana Prince’s red lips, carrying a bite of ice cream. The longer you sat outside under the Paris stars the chillier you became, and although the warm yellow lights of the patisserie were lovely, you had someone just as warm and much more stunning in front of you. Stars, lights and pastel pastries in a glass case could not compare. So when Diana gracefully pulled the silver out of her mouth, completely cleaned of the sweet treat, you invited her to your place to stay a while. She gave you a coy smile before taking another bite of ice cream, her eyes sparkling like champagne. You shivered, wondering if her lips would taste like vanilla bean.

They did. And her lips turned out to be just as impatient as yours. You had barely made it into your unlit house before Diana had you up against a wall, silencing you with dark eyes.

You asked her what she was waiting for. Her fingertips came to rest on your cheek in reply, her thumb moving to brush over your bottom lip. The tip of her nose gingerly bumped against yours as she moved in, replacing her thumb with her full and wanting mouth. The wall behind you dug into your shoulder blades and pressed against the back of your head, and you loved the feeling of Diana pinning you in place with her slow, rhythmic kisses. But Diana took your comfort into consideration (and wanted to feel you under her), so she suggested you move to your bedroom. You took her hand and led her there, flicking on the lights out of habit.

She instantly took interest in your array of Wonder Woman merchandise, which ranged from posters to pillows to figurines lining your shelves.

“I take it you’re a fan of Wonder Woman?” She moved to your bedside table and picked up an action figure, examining it closely.

You nodded and sat on the edge of your bed, suddenly self conscious. “Oh- yeah, she’s my favorite.”

“What do you like about her?” Diana carefully set down the miniature version of the superhero and turned her attention to a large poster above your bed.

“Gosh, I mean - what is there not to like?” You laid back, folding your hands on your stomach. “She stands for everything that’s good in the world. She’s smart and merciful and deadly when she has to be. And she still has faith in people even though we can do some awful things. I’m still surprised she’s stuck around this long.“ Diana joined you on the bed and copied your position.

“You sound like you know her.”

“I wish. But I wouldn’t really know what to say. I feel like I’d mess up or something, I don’t know. I’d need some time to prepare before I met her.”

“You’ve done a pretty good job so far.”

You wrinkled your nose in confusion and looked at the woman beside you. “What?”

“I’m sorry to ruin your plans of preparation,” Diana joked, turning to rest on her side, her head in her hand, “But it seems that you’ve been dating her for the past month.”

You lifted yourself onto your elbows and stared at Diana in disbelief.

“Just so you know,” she smiled sincerely, “You make ‘sticking around’ much easier than it should be.”

Chris Evans Imagine

Every single day till this moment right now had been the best for you and Chris and your first child that was slowly growing bigger by the day. Now Chris felt like his world was falling apart, like was going to lose everything in his life. And there was nothing he could do. Not a word he could say that would make it better. 

The day you went into labor was just like every other. Happy, full of laughter, even then your water broke it still wasn’t bad. Chris didn’t even freak out. He thought when the moment came he would lose his cool and be a mess, but no. He was on point. He had planed the faster rode to the hospital, he had already got a privet room so you could have the comfort and peace you wanted, he already had saved a massage on his phone he was going to send to his and your parents. Chris thought he had planed everything till the last moment, but he hadn’t planed what happened in reality. He hadn’t planed you being in this much pain, you both knew you would be in pain, but not this much. Chris already felt something wasn’t right, he felt in the anguish filled yell you let out. His heart started to beat faster, and not in the excited way of knowing you’ll be holding your baby in your hands. 

Then he saw something he never ever wanted to see and fell the feeling of unbelievable fear of losing two people at the same time. Chris was by your side, he held your hand, kissed your head and whispered to you: 

“Everything will be fine. Just hold in there. I love you” he would say it over and over again, every time a contraction came and made you yell, but the last yell you let out the one that made him lose control over the station, the one he knew he’ll never forget. As another contraction hit you leaned forward just as you let out one small yell, a big one followed right after and with your eyes rolled to the back of your skull and you fell back. Chris saw it all happen, to him it was like a slow motion horror scene. He saw as your head fell to the pillow and the line on the heart monitor went almost straight. There were no movements in you, it seemed like you weren’t breathing anymore. Suddenly he was being pushed out of the room by the many nurses and doters that came running in. They all were yelling some doctors terms and the looks on their faces weren’t saying anything good. 

“Sir you have to wait outside” the nurse said and before she could go back in to the room Chris just felt like he had lost everything, he grabbed her by the hand

“What’s going on with my wife and baby? Tell me” she apologized to him and went back, there was nothing she could say, no one at that point knew what was going on or was going to happen. Chris stood there looking at the door when his brother and rest of the family ran to him

“Chris, what’s going on?” Scott saw his brothers eyes and felt like his heart had also stopped “Chris?” to Scott you were just as important, he always looked after you while Chris was away working. Chris looked at everyone he didn’t know what to say, he didn’t know what to do. He wanted to fall to the ground and cry but then again he knew he had to be strong for you. When he thought he could finally speak and tell his family what had just happened the door to your room opened and all the nurses and doters were pushing you in your bed. They ran past Chris, he head a small second to see your face, it still looked so pail, so out of life. He stopped one of the doctors who was running by,

“What’s going on? No one is telling me anything” the doctor looked at Chris who was in a full on panic.

“You wife is having excessive bleeding” Chris’ arm dropped to his side, every one around him gasped in shock and fear.

“What does..what” Chris couldn’t finish a single sentence. He was scared to ask the most important question.

“If we don’t do something right now, we might” the doctor stopped him but knew he had to finish and run right after you ”we’ll do everything in your power to save your wife and the baby. But you have to know that there is a chance you might lose one or both of them” Chris stepped back and watched as the doctor talked and walked away, but at that moment Chris couldn’t hear a word, he didn’t hear anything around him, he lost all feelings. To him the room started to spin, his mom came to his side too comfort him, but there was nothing she could say that would make him feel better. Chris started to walk, he walked till he got in the car and started to drive, in the rear view mirror he saw Scott running after him. Chris drove without really knowing where he was going, until he found himself in his garage. He had no reason to be there, he should be by his wife’s side, but there was nothing he could do that would make it all better. He started to pace around just as anger filled him, he picked up the closest thing he had and throw it at the wall, shattering it into little pieces. His heart felt the same way the broken pieces looked, broken and just helpless. Looking at the blank wall his tears ran down his cheeks,

“Chris” he didn’t need to turn around to see who it was, but turned around to meet eyes with his brother. He looked as worried and broken as Chris.

“I’m about to lose the love of my life and my first child and I’m here breaking stuff, but I don’t know what to do.” Chris placed his hands on the table and looked at the ground “I can’t be there, I just can’t hear those words that will make my world dark for the rest of my life.” Scott moved closer to Chris but then jumped back as his brother yelled out. He was in so much pain ” This wasn’t planned. We were supposed to have kids and be together till we both grow old. I’m not ready to say goodbye, I won’t do it.” Chris looked back up with red eyes and wet cheeks.

“Chris”  Scott tried to talk, but he didn’t know what to say. He didn’t know how Chris felt and he wished he didn’t have to feel that way.

“If I don’t say goodbye she won’t be gone” Scott couldn’t take it anymore himself

“Stop, just stop. I don’t know how you feel but I also am broke about this and non of us are ready to say goodbye to her, but you know what we won’t have to. That won’t happen. I’m not going to even accept that and you shouldn’t too” Scott was sorry for his bother but also angry. Angry to see and hear him give up. “Now get yourself together and drive back to the damn hospital. Both your son and wife will be fine. Just” both brother looked at each other with tears in their eyes. “please” Chris took a deep breath and walked to his brother hugging him.

“I’m terrified” Chris whispered letting out more tears.

Scott drove Chris back to the hospital, because he wasn’t able to drive anymore. In that small drive Chris thought back to the day you two met, the day of your first date, the time he asked he asked you to marry him and the day you told him he’ll be a dad. All those happy memories, he wasn’t ready to stop there. He then did something he hadn’t done in many years he prayed to God. He pray to be able to hold you and his son in his hands. He prayed to once again see the same smile he fell in love so many years ago. When the hospital door opened and he walked down the halls, now it looked more dark there then before. They all sat in the waiting room for what felt like hours, in that time your family came and he had to explain what was going on, but he broke down in the middle and his mom had to finish, so now everyone sat in such painful silence. It was the first time in all the years that no one of your and his family spoke, it was the first time there had been a complete silence between all of them.

“Mr.Evans” a voice interrupted the silence, Chris looked up to find the same doctor he spoke with before.

“How is she? How’s my son?” Chris tried to see in the the doctors eyes some answer but couldn’t find anything, making Chris fear the worst. The doctor looked at everyone in the family, he looked in everyone sad eyes,

“We saved them.” three words that made everyone yell out in joy, three words that shined a light in a mans words that started to turn black. “Your wife needs a lot of rest, but she’ll be fine, the baby was born health.” he placed an arm on Chris’ shoulder “They both will be fine. Your wife is very strong just as you son” Chris felt tears of joy in his eyes. Everything will be fine.

“Can I see her?” he whispered. The doctor allowed people to see you, but just on at a time. Chris went first. He walked in to the sound of a beeping monitor, that let him know you really were alive. When he walked around the corner, he saw you sleeping in your bed, your cheeks had a slight pinkish color, he walked to your side and kissed your head. “I love you Y/N” he whispered as you were sleeping. Moments after he sat in a chair next to your bed and held your hand, a hand he was never going to let go, ever. A nurse walked in, carrying a sleeping baby, his baby. She placed him in Chris’ hands. He looked down at his new born son, with one finger he stroked his cheek making him move a bit in his hands, but not wake up. “hey there. I love you.” he said for the first time to his son. “I will always love.”

“Hey there” your voice, so low and weak filled his ears. He looked up and immediately smiled. “Can I see him?” Chris slowly stood up and turned to you, showing you your son. Then you moved to give Chris some space on the bed but stopped when pain went through you.

“Easy, please be careful” Chris said seeing your pain filled face. You looked up at him and slightly smiled, telling him you’ll be fine. There were so many things Chris wanted to say. He wanted to tell you how scared he was to lose you, how broken he was. How he thought he had lost you for ever, but decided not to. He knew you were terrified yourself and you already knew he felt horrible, you could see it in his eyes. So instead you both held your new son who you named Aaron, that meant “miraculous” and just enjoyed being with each other. This was a beginning or a new life. A life where you are thankful of every day you have.

Even Angels Fall pt. 2

Pairing: Philip Hamilton x reader
Word Count: 3,727ish
T/W: Angst, slight smut, blood, hospitals, surgery scars, pills 
A/N: Philip was in a “mafia” group (aka family) and claimed he’s out for good. (Set in “gangster” time, late 1920′s-1930′s)  I’m sorry, in advance.
Song mood: Big Eyes - Lana Del Rey & Love Don’t Break Me - BILLY
Tags: @justfangirlingaround@iworshipmusicals

 “Philip is like fire. He’s warm and comforting from a safe distance, but once you come closer you will be burned. Just like fire. It doesn’t want to be feared, it wants more, just as Philip did. And I am a love letter being consumed by his flames. Why, you might ask? Because I love him. Everything about him, he’s my beautiful spark. I love him.” ~ y/n. February, 15th.

You were woken up by a nurse’s heels clicking against the concrete floor. Opening your eyes as she pulled back the blinds, officially waking you up. Stretching out in the visitors chair, you looked over to your side, seeing Philip still “asleep” in the hospital bed. You rubbed the back of your neck, feeling a pain, most likely from having spent the night in a very uncomfortable chair. 

“You must really love him, Honey,” the older lady in all white said, smiling at you. 

“Hmm?” you asked, still waking up mentally. 

“Most young ladies wouldn’t stay around for their guy like this,” she stated, “they usually find another boy, saw it all the time during the war, poor guys were heart broken.”

“Well, Philip’s my only,” you smiled over to your curly haired boy, “I could never leave him.”

She nodded respectfully, leaving the room. You moved the chair to the side of his bed, sitting and holding his hand. You kissed his knuckles, still bruised from the fight. Resting your chin on the edge of the bed, you studied his beautiful features. Thinking about all the memories you had with him, he couldn’t leave you. Not yet. Tears pooled in your eyes, just remembering how you had left him, he must’ve been so scared.

“You gonna wake up today?” You whispered, barely able to get the question out. “It’d be a great day to. I could see your smile, and hear your voice. You could-” you had to pause to take a shaky breath, “you could let me know you’re okay and I could tell you I love you.”

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Playing Games

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Playing Games by evansrogerskitten

Sam x Reader 

Warnings: Smut, Explicit, Oral Sex, Fingering, Using a xbox controller as a vibrator, Fluff! 

WC: 2104  Also on AO3

Request from @dadd11e for a kink “ya know how an xbox or playstation controller vibrates?  Well, yeah that. Like Sam playing video games and next leads to next?” This is the first time I’ve written Sam x Reader, so it was great to start with this fun request! Hope you like it! 

It’d been storming in Lebanon for four days straight. The entrance to the bunker was flooded by a large puddle and a giant branch had fallen across the garage exit. Thankfully the power never went out, so while we were trapped inside for the time being, we had light, heat, and food in the fridge.

After 36 hours Dean was going stir crazy, wandering around the garage and library. He was impatient and whiny, frustrated that we had no case and the weather was keeping us inside. Finally he gave up. He made Sam bundle up and go out to the garage, and the two of them lifted the branch out of the driveway.

I held my fleece blanket tight around my body as they came back in, their clothes dripping wet. Dean was scowling but Sam laughed and shook droplets all over me like a giant puppy. We said goodbye to Dean, acknowledging he probably wouldn’t be back until the next day, probably going off to shack up with a girl in town.

Sam and I worked in the library for a few hours, staying busy as we catalogued books we’d recently found in a witch’s den. It was comfortable silence and in the foyer we could hear the rain pounding on  the concrete shell of the bunker. Sam made a dinner of tomato soup and grilled cheese- a perfect meal for a cozy day- and we settled in our bedroom after.

I curled up in one of Sam’s plaids and rested against the pillow lined headboard. I was deep in my novel, following the sagas in the first Game of Thrones book. Sounds from the Xbox echoed in the background as Sam fought vampires on screen, his lip tucked under his teeth as he concentrated. Every so often I’d look up with a smirk as he groaned after losing a level, his beautiful hazel eyes focused on the game.

Sam wasn’t a “gamer” per say. In fact I teased that he was too old to be that cool. But it was somewhere he could escape to, even if he was still killing vampires. The fun was that these vamps couldn’t kill him.

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