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Pillow Fort

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Prompt: “Pillow fort?” “Pillow fort.”

Pairing: Finn Balor X Reader

Warnings: Swearing.

Word Count: 200+

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You stepped into your home. Dropping your keys and bag onto the table in the hallway. You shrugged off your coat and kicked your shoes off.

You walked tiredly into the living room, dropping yourself next to your boyfriend, Finn Balor.

“Hi ya, Love. How was work?” You reset your head against Finn’s shoulder. “My boss was an asshole. My coworkers were jerks and the customers were mother fuckers. Work was terrible.

“I’m sorry, Love.” You shrugged. “It’s not your fault.”

Finn rubbed your back gently, his fingertips gently dragging up your spine. “What can I do to make ya feel better?”

You shrugged again. “Nothing.” Finn frowned then smiled. “Pillow fort?” You remained quiet for a moment before smiling. “Pillow fort.”

You giggled as you cuddled up next to Finn. The couch cushions surrounded you, your dining room chairs held up your comforter. 

Pillows from your bedroom and the guest room were laid all over the floor along with extra blankets.

Finn pressed play on your favorite movie, keeping you close to him. He kissed your forehead when you kissed his chest. “Feel better, love?”

You nodded your head. “I do. Thank you.” Finn smiled sweetly. “You’re welcome.”

Pillow Fort Love

pairing: finn balor | original character

summary: Pillow fort love never dies.

author’s note: request for a fluffy baby fic with finn, but i cheated a little and made it a toddler. just trying to keep it fresh around here.

tags: @neversatisfiedgirl @baleesi @wrestlingnoob @motleymoose @blondekel77 @justhavingfun123469 @wrestlingxbalorxrollins @ambrosegirlforever @nickysmum1909 @kyoukohorimiya

“Sh! Mom is coming home soon!” I hear my son whisper yell. I don’t have the heart to interrupt his adventures with Finn, as Finn is rarely home like this with days to spare.

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