pillow bomb

I’m gonna ramble about Desert Glass

-I don’t think she’s corrupted. My proof? Well, it’s mostly reasoning. Why would the Crystal Gems put a corrupted gem in an object instead of a bubble? Additionally, if they knew she can control sand, then why would they leave her in a desert? So this leads me to believe she was put in that pillow before the corruption bomb, so she should be fine.
-Sort of, because we know how fucked up a gem can be after thousands of years of imprisonment. I want her to be mad at the gems and at the same time ecstatic about her freedom. I’d like it if she used sand to battle the Crystal Gems while she happily exclames to herself “I’m free! I’m finally free!”.
-I made a design of her not so long ago and I like the idea of her having no eyes ?? Just something I thought of. So she’d be blind.
-In order to make up for her lack of vision, maybe she has the ability to sense the presence of gems (something that a few other gems have shown to possess, but not all). She can tell the difference between different “races” of gems, too. I like to think she thought Steven was some sort of defective Rose Quartz at first.
-She and Lapis could bond maybe ?? I don’t want her to get barned by any means, but I think Lapis would relate to her. Desert Glass on the other hand would be a little bitter (“How come they freed YOU and not ME?”). Though she doesn’t hate her and feels bad that she also spent millenia trapped in an object.
-So maybe she could go to live in the desert and build structures from time to time, but always making sure she doesn’t cause any trouble (this of course would only happen after her redemption arc).

if only...
  • canada: *holds lesbian content ransom*
  • world: wait...wut
  • canada: you can have the lesbians back but ONLY if you pay attention to our election and help us
  • world: ...but... we're not canadian... what could we possibly do to hel-
  • canada: *pulls out gun and points it towards lesbian content*
  • world: OH GOD NO! no no *sweats nervously* we'll pay attention, okay? w-we'll reblog information about the elections when it comes our way... to help! w-we wanna help, honest!
  • Canada: *smiles and puts gun down* see, was that so hard?

Now that she’s officially going to the Olympics, Simone should start making crazy demands to Martha

- if we don’t walk in the opening ceremony I’m gonna take a huge hop on my amanar in quals AND tf :)))

- I want breakfast in bed: pancakes with a blueberry smiley face on them and bacon or I’ll go OOB on floor :) :)

- I want my bed made, bath drawn w/ a lush bath bomb, pillows fluffed at a 90 degree angle, and netflix on by the time I get back from practice or I’ll take an extra swing on bars :))

- I want a shirtless zac efron to be at our table in the cafeteria ready to feed me grapes every single day or I’ll fall on beam :) :) :)