My mom (who sews them) who was initially lukewarm, is now *very* into selling Dynacats . We’ve made about 25 now as gifts for friends and their new babies, but never sold them before.

Dynacat designs will be limited edition, individually numbered, and come with stickers and maybe a signed art card. (Haven’t decided what the extras are yet) 

Underpants Kitties– there’s one in the back of the group picture– would come with a knitting pattern for a hat (pussyhat, naturally) and a sewing pattern simple shirt/dress (’cause they aint got no clothes on!)

On etsy, the cheapest home-sewn plush seems to be about $12 up to thousands for the needle-felted panserbjörn. The question is how much to charge for a handmade soft kitty what I drew?

If you’re interested, reblog with how much you think they should be priced or thoughts on what should come with each toy.

The Wonky Corner

Hey guys! My sister, Jen, is an awesome quilter and she just opened up a shop! She makes pillowcases and quilts mostly, and would be more than happy to make you a custom project (if you wanna pay for it, of course). She made me an awesome fandom quilt a while ago–had supernatural on it, star trek, sailor moon, captain america, and ladybugs and cats on the back side! It was awesome! My point is, she could totally make cool stuff for you guys too! So y’all should check out her stuff! She’s happy to do custom quilts and pillowcases if you know what fabric you want (be it online or in a store), or you could always do as I did and design your own fabric for her to use! 

Here’s the link to her store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheWonkyCorner/items

And here’s some stuff she has in her shop! There’s a lot more than this, so be sure to check it all out!

 Octopus Pillowcase

Morning Coffee Pillowcase 

Little Mermaid Pillowcase 

Too Hot To Handle Pillowcase 

Black Cat Love Pillowcase 

Ladybug Pillowcase 

Alaskan Raven Quilt

She will also do Custom Pillowcases   

And Custom Quilts!

If you’re interested in a custom quilt, it will require time and one-on-one communication with her, so just message her on Etsy!

And these are pieces of my quilt, just as an example. If you can get/design/find the fabric, she can make it!

So be sure to CHECK OUT HER SHOP! 

And reblog too if you can :D

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