Three late 19th- through early 20th-century Jewish devotional books for women and girls published in German offered in honor of #WomensHistoryMonth:

    Fanny Neuda, Stunden der Andacht (New York: Rosenbaum and Werbelowsky, 1890).

    Jacob Freund, Hanna: Gebet- und Andachtsbuch für israelitische Frauen und Mädchen (Breslau: W. Jacobsohn, 1897).

    Daniel Pillitz, Deborah: Andachtsstunden für isr. Frauen und Jungfrauen (Vienna: Jos. Schlesinger, 1903).

Sifre Tehinot like these both supported women’s participation in communal spiritual life with their vernacular translations of Hebrew prayers and suggested devotions appropriate for a range of family or domestic occasions.

From the I. Edward Kiev Judaica Collection.