Lick It

(context: 5e with homebrew. in a room with 4 pillars and party is unable to speak, touching a pillar appears to break the silencing spell. group is a tiefling warlock, human paladin, elf druid and my character is a half-elf cleric.the warlock never lost his voice, and the druid has broken the spell)


*rolls 16*

Dm: (OOC) well i was going to be mean but dammit

Dm: …. You lick the pillar, your tongue picks up small inscriptions in an ancient language, you are still voiceless

Cleric: I decide to touch the pillar instead

*rolls 2*

Dm: The pillar appears to be completely smooth to the touch, you cannot feel the inscriptions that your tongue picked up. You become convinced that the pillars inscription can only only be read by tongue.

Paladin: *doubles up laughing silently*

(we gave it up as a bad job and left the room, regaining our voices in the next room