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LOTR CHAPTERS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING - Chapter Eight: Fog On The Barrow-Downs

The hobbits sprang to their feet in alarm, and ran to the western rim. They found that they were upon an island in the fog. Even as they looked out in dismay towards the setting sun, it sank before their eyes into a white sea, and a cold grey shadow sprang up in the East behind. The fog rolled up to the walls and rose above them, and as it mounted it bent over their heads until it became a roof: they were shut in a hall of mist whose central pillar was the standing stone.

My botany professor was showing us how a jade plant, when it got really old, would merge with the stone pillars it was climbing over. It became a weird fleshy coating clinging tightly to the stone, that was so thin it was translucent. I realized that all around us the walls were half-covered in the membrane, which was all part of the same plant.


Time to get a sense of the Rygnios environments

These are just some quick roughs I made to get a sense of the world

The Rygnios Plains

The most defining feature of the plains is the off stone pillars that are scattered across the land. Believed by some locals to fossilized fragments of a colossal’s bones that was shattered in times past.

Trio of Towns Multiplayer Tips

Played around with the multiplayer sections of Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns, and I’ve noticed some things that I feel would be helpful for new players, or for players who haven’t tried out the feature yet!

And if you haven’t, you should. Cool, random items await you! Plus, there aren’t many players out there, so you tend to hit the same people over and over when you’re using the Visit Anybody option over the Internet – which is fine, but it’s always cool to see new players & their outfits! :D

So, here’s my list of tips:

Bring Cool Things (If You Can)

This tip is aimed more at people who’ve gotten a bit farther in game. When it comes time to pick your four items to bring, it’s always nice to give the other players (who might be in early game) something awesome!

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This was a real review on Amazon for a real figurine of Caesar Zeppeli I don’t know how much more I can handle of this. THESE LIPS AIN’T JUST FOR EATING PIZZA. and they reviewed Kars and Esidisi too I’m crying!


prequel to this bangdae au     wmu!daehyun character study

It’s past curfew, and the streets lay empty. Daehyun keeps to the shadows, sliding along the walls like a cat. Shadows are a bottomless darkness under the white streetlights. He makes it off the main street, and continues toward the outskirts of town. If the Fingermen show up, he knows how to run. Has been running all his life.

Through a hole in the fence, there’s an abandoned building—a palace in broken concrete. He comes here often; to breathe, to exist. Lying on the cold ground, he feels safer staring up at the moon through the roof surrounded by stone pillars, than he does in his own home. Even though he’s risking what little he has left in this world by going out at night, it’s worth it.

Because out here feels like the real world, and the city with all its corruption is the nightmare. He doesn’t come out here just to be rebellious. He comes here to wake up.

“You’re back,” a voice says, deep like thunder. “Again.”

Daehyun jolts, propping himself up on his elbows. Stepping out from behind one of the stone pillars, a man emerges from the shadows. For a split second Daehyun thinks about running, but the stranger doesn’t look like the men he usually runs from. He doesn’t look like anyone Daehyun has seen in a long time.

He looks awake.

“What, you’ve been creeping on me before?” Daehyun asks, making no move to get up.

The man scoffs, but it doesn’t have much mirth to it. He leans back against the pillar he just appeared from, hands in his pockets. His gaze stays with Daehyun, and the raw intensity of it makes something hot coil within Daehyun’s gut.

“Guess we both just use the same place,” the man rumbles.

Daehyun frowns. “For what?”

A faint smirk tugs at the corner of the stranger’s mouth.



This is from a series that has

  • Vampires and zombies
  • Martial arts that allow you to control the power of the Sun through breathing
  • Aztec gods of fitness who were imprisoned in stone pillars for thousands of years
  • Cyborg Nazis
  • Fighting spirits that are made out of pure spiritual/mental energy and are invisible to most people
  • Time-stopping


Peter Pevensie - House Sorting

Out of all of the Pevensie siblings, the Sorting Hat knew Peter was its easiest decision. He was chivalrous, brave, and honorable, qualities that fit the model Gryffindor. Peter could roar, if he only had the confidence to.

That was his issue his first year. Peter had spent his entire life caring for his siblings and protecting them from monsters under the bed and monsters in their heads. However, he never had somebody to protect him. Thus, his intense humility had made him into a shy boy, made stronger by the fact that for the first time in his life, he was all alone.

But, all lions roar, no matter how long it may take. A day before Halloween, Peter was walking towards his dormitory, when he saw a Ravenclaw first year quietly shuffle down the hall. Peter caught a flicker of red behind a stone pillar, and just then, a Gryffindor sixth-year jumped out, disguised as a werewolf, and screamed at the student. The reaction was obvious. The first year fell into tears, with the sixth-year beginning to laugh. Before he knew it, Peter was standing in front of the older student, yelling at him for potentially scarring the first year for life. The Gryffindor and the Ravenclaw were surprised, but Peter was the most shocked by the outburst. Since that day, Peter began a crusade to aid all the Hogwarts students that didn’t have anybody to defend them.

By his second year, Peter tried out for Chaser and got the position. Occasionally, he would drop by the dungeons and see Susan, but she seemed perfectly capable of handling herself. His crusade continued, only strengthening after Narnia. He became Quidditch captain, leading the team to victory as well as the House Cup in his last year. Peter was the golden boy, the star, the king. He was a lion, his roar the loudest.