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happy sapphic music videos masterpost

(or: a list of music videos that arent horrifically tragic or angsty) (let me know if u have any to add that arent on here!!)

shura - whats it gonna be
child actor - against the night
see - potions
BETS - jenny 
human life - wherever we are
hayley kiyoko - girls like girls  / cliffs edge 
the happy mess - backyard girl 
beatrice eli - girls
gia - only a girl
mary lambert - she keeps me warm
garden city movement - move on 
cri - chemin
luna blake - horizon
goldroom ft. chela - fifteen 
honebone - sausage 
radical something - pure 
to kill a king - love is coal 
pillar point - dove
studio killers - jenny
mary lambert - hang out with you 
delenn jadzia - for you

maloulottelalisa  asked:

um idk how to do this but u mentioned violas in that yoongi classical!au n no one ever pays attention to us so thank u sm idk man i just appreciate it um do u have a prince bambam au or could u do one for me? i love ur blog a lot ( im talking too much sorry have a gr9 day)

no problem!! and thank you!! here’s a prince!bambam for you~

  • is a public prince,,,,a prince,,,,,,for the people,,,,definitely has no fear when it comes to going out in public and you know,,,,just Being,,,,,,
  • because let’s not lie to ourselves looking at prince bambam is like looking at art,,,,,he’s just so,,,,,,,,,,beautiful
  • comes out in an outfit that gets talked about for weeks on end until literally every socialite in his country owns the same outfit because yes our prince Did That he Wore That so i need to wear it too,,,
  • donates all his money to the arts: theater, museums, concert halls, etc. but,,,,,when he donates he makes it a rule that those places must let students in for free because to him there’s nothing more important than kids getting to explore their creative talents!!!
  • and even though he tries to play it cool and stylish,,,in his expensive suits,,,,,dark eye makeup,,,,,and literal catwalk on the streets like,,,,,,he’s a big soft guy on the inside
  • literally grabbed the mic at a royal press conference to drag prince jb who was visiting from another country and ,,,,, true he literally put his life on the line because if this wasn’t being filmed jb would have hoped the table and came @ him 
  • but it was such a funny drag that the entire country was in uproar about it the next day and ,,,,,, like for every good picture of bambam in the newspapers and whatnot,,,,,,,his public instagram is full of his own customized memes
  • his mother, the queen is like please bambam think of your image and his royal siblings are like baMBAM but he’s like “it makes my people laugh, and whatever brings them joy brings me joy”
  • and you happen to be an art history major with an internship at the biggest museum in the country and,,,,,,,you really just get to spend the day cataloging pieces
  • but on the day the prince is to come and get a private tour,,,,instead of having it lead by the head of the museum bambam asks that a student take him around
  • and that student is YOU GUESSED IT IT’S Y O U 
  • and when they tell you you almost faint on the spot but coworker taemin catches you and you’re like asdfkjsfk a tour,,,,for the p R IN CE 
  • and you can’t believe it but an hour later it’s just you and prince bambam in this big hall full of full scale portraits from the middle evil century and you’re like sweating palms, sweating forehead, voice stammering
  • and when you finally dare to look up at the prince,,,,,,literally you think you’ve seen an angel
  • because he looks EXTRA handsome,,,,the collared shirt slightly unbuttoned, long legs, full lips, contact lenses that make his eyes a shimmering green and you’re just: it’s too much
  • you think you might overheat and you keep dabbing at your face with your sleeve until bambam is like 
  • “look at me again” and you flick your eyes up to see him standing in front of a large painting of a king leaning against a pillar and you’re like?? and bambam suddenly pretends to lean and he’s like “don’t we look alike?”
  • and you’re like,,,,speechless,,,,,because,,,,,,,is the prince trying to joke around nOW of all times
  • and you’re like ummmmmm,,,,,y,,,yes??? you’re both royality-
  • but bambam makes a pouting face and he’s like nO! i mean isn’t it funny?
  • and he goes to the next painting and imitates it, this time a goddess on the verge of fainting near a fountain
  • and you can’t hold back a giggle because his expression on his face matches her’s perfectly but the minute it comes out you put your hand over your mouth
  • and you’re like im sorry!!! i didn’t mean to laugh-
  • but bambam walks over to carefully remove your hand from your mouth and he leans in closer to be at eye level and he’s like “no, i wanted to see you smile. you looked really nervous and plus, i was right.”
  • and he leans back up to walk down the hall and you’re like ?????????? wait what ???? what were you right about-
  • and bambam with his hands behind his back stops walking and turns to look at you with a grin and he’s like 
  • “that your even more charming when you smile~ i think you’re making me fall for you~”
  • and your jaw almost hits the floor as bambam continues down the hall and you’re like trying to gather your thoughts???? because ????? your prince just flirted with you????? openly??????
  • and you must have phased out because you hear bambam’s voice and he’s like “aren’t you going to come over here and tell me about this painting, love?” and you’re like L O V E??????!?!!??!?! but also you’re rushing over to say something
  • but bambam is like “you don’t have to actually say anything, i just wanted you to be closer to me~” and you’re like aGAIN PLEASE PRINCE YOU’rE GOING TO GIVE Me a HEA R T A TT A CK  
Kagehinatsukkiyama HCs

So I really love this ship and all variations of it I’m so sorry but I just reallllyy love Kagehinatsukkiyama ahaha okay so here are some headcanons:

-Aged Up! AU Where they live together.
-Hinata is a big cuddler. So whenever they have sleep, they take turns “sacrificing body warmth” to Hinata in their futons. (Kageyama secretly hogs him more. Don’t tell the other 2.)
-Yamaguchi and Hinata drag Kageyama and Tsukishima to go shopping together for cute hair accesories and outfits!
-“SHO YOU LOOK SO CUTE!!! AAA I COULD JUST EAT YOU UP!” *picks Hinata up and spins him*
-“TADA-CHAN LOOKS SUPER CUTE TOO!!” *Giggles* *gives him cute kisses*
-Kageyama and Tsukishima are fighting their nosebleeds in the background.
-“S-s-o King… can you still handle it?” -“Y-yea… no… this is too much.”

-Hinata makes Tsukishima pick him up and ride on his shoulders.
-Tsukishima grumbles and complains WHILE carrying him on his shoulders.
-Sometimes he’ll just swoop him up bridal style. Then kiss him where ever he wants. Hinata beams.

-Tsukishima and Yamaguchi watch Dino movies together and Yamaguchi would have to deal with useless Dino facts and crying everytime one dies. But he doesn’t mind, he’ll kiss all the tears away.

-Tsukishima facepalms and Yamaguchi snickers. But they secretly find it endearing.

-Yams and Kags go to buy cakes together ocassionally while the other 2 sleep on the couch all cuddled up.
-One time it gets cold and Yamaguchi realizes he forgets his gloves.
-“S-stupid… take this…” and Kageyama gives him one if his gloves then proceeds to take Yamaguchi’s otherhand in his and shove it into his pocket. Kageyama is blushing madly and Yamaguchi giggles.
-“You and Tsukki are the same… I love you all.”
-Kageyama nearly faints that was too cute.
-It becomes routine and Yamaguchi always “forgets” his gloves. Not that Kageyama minds at all.
-They buy Tsukishima strawberry cake and Hinata chocolate cake!

-“Stupid King, hotblooded useless…” -“Tall gigantic egoistical pillar of salt.”
-Stuff like that are muttered in between kisses and Yams and Hina are just staring at them like *sighs* “They never change.” “It’s still cute though.”

-If anyone DARES to hurt Hinata, he’ll have 3 guys, all over 180cm, ready to fight and wearing the scariest expressions ever.

-Tsukishima is the only one able to kabedon™ Kageyama. When he does it’s usually really intimate and he whispers all sorts of stuff in his ear to make him blush.
-Hinata and Yamaguchi are watching all of this with matching blushes and squeals.
-“It’s like one of Noya-san’s BL mangas…”

-Daichi is kind of concerned at times like “IS NOBODY IN YOUR HOUSE RESPONSIBLE BESIDES YAMAGUCHI????” When he and Suga come over to check on their kids.
-Sugawara smiles and shakes his head.
-“You kids are wonderful but how about trying not to wreak havoc throughout all Miyagi okay?” With the Mom Face™ and Mom Tone™ and honestly they’re all more terrified of him than Dadchi. (Daichi totally understand because Suga scares him too 60% of the time.)

-They all hug Hinata when he’s feeling down and he feels super loved. “Stupid Hinata, we love you don’t ever doubt that.” Then they all carry him around to make him feel tol.
-Yamaguchi gets warm loving words and cheek kisses from everyone. (Tsukishima aims for the mouth though that cheater.)
-Kageyama gets Hinata and Yamaguchi  pulling him to dance around the room and Tsukishima ruffles his hair. It’s an odd comforting method but he loves it.
-Tsukishima gets movies AND cake AND 3 wonderful boys snuggled up beside him. How spoiled.

-Hinayama dates are like: Yamaguchi takes Hinata out to the lake and they gaze at the sunset leaning on each other. They say the sappiest, cutest things.
-Kagehina is when Kageyama takes Hinata out on “dates” and brings the volleyball so its 70% volleyball, 20% making out, 10% actually being romantic and 100% chance of BOKE! They run around open fields and make flower crowns too that’s super cute and fluffy.
-Tsukkiyama dates usually include going to museums (the other 2 are kinda ummm yea not into that) and Yamaguchi gets to see Tsukki light up talking about Dinosaurs. He gets to tease him but it’s really cute. Awww. Slow dancing under the moon at night too.
-Tsukkihina dates include “Tsukki take me to see the floating lights!” “You mean the stars?” So they go to the observatory. “The stars look just like the ones in your eyes.” Tsukishima almost cries because that was adorable. They’ll walk home at night hand in hand with matching blushes.
-Tsukkikage dates are… relatively normal. They chat in cafes with lots of banter but they enjoy it alot and share milkshake. Tsukki likes to rub it in that he’s taller. It’s fun riling up his king.
-KageYama (no wait Yamakage makes more sense.) Dates include watching romcom movies in the theaters and Yamaguchi attempting to explain the jokes, puns, romantic lines, etc. Kageyama is kinda… blank??? But Yamaguchi finds his innocence super precious. So throughout the movie Kageyama mostly just watches Yamaguchi and honestly it’s so much better than any movie.

-When all of them go out together it’s SUPER HECTIC BUT SUPER FUN and they do all sorts of stuff yayy!!!
-Super surprising but the one who cooks the best is HINATA. So he’d make them breakfast and dinner and it’s just sooooo good.
-This ship is so pure please consider it thank you.

‘Ipet-Sut’ (“Karnak”), the highly sacred Precinct of the God Amon-Ra at 'Uaset’-Thebes,
Festival Hall of King Thutmosis III (the 'Akhmenu’):
detail of a column from the Pillared Hall with the “Horus name” of King Thutmosis III:
K3-nḫt ḫˁj-m-W3st, whose meaning is “The strong Bull Who appears in 'Uaset’-Thebes”

Happy Sumptuous King Saturday! 

In a great hall with pillars hewn out of the living stone sat the Elvenking on a chair of carven wood. On his head was a crown of berries and red leaves, for the autumn was come again. 

J.R.R. Tolkien: The Hobbit 


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Disclaimer: © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved. The Hobbit/Thranduil trademarked to Middle-earth Enterprises and licensed to New Line Cinema. No profit is being made.

Silk [VIXX, Leo]

Originally posted by coffeeprincetaekwoon

Characters : VIXX’s Leo || OC

Royalty Au inspired by the Shangri-La era.

My Leo trash ass is to be blamed.

Rating : PG

Warnings : Blindfolds? Implied sexual intercourse? Implied nudity? 

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Attacked Prince!Haechan AU

“hEllo heLLO may I request for a prince!donghyuck au?? HAHAHA” -@donghyuckstudies

I am so sorry it took so long but it’s finally done

Warnings: Death of Villains, Blood, Violence

Member: Donghyuck/Haechan

Type: Angst/Fluff

Plot: Your a princess with a fighting side, so when your at a party in Donghyuck’s castle and are under attack Donghyuck is very impressed with your ability to defend yourself.

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

Donghyuck was a unique prince. Who are we kidding he was a savage, roasting kid who would sass any gold seeking princess within a hundred mile radius. He couldn’t stand the princesses that would bat their eyelashes at him and compliment him for the sole purpose that he would become king someday. To make matters worse his parents keep setting up ‘events’ for princes to meet lovely princesses and fall madly in love, uggghhh. When events like this came around he just hang around with his crew at the corner of the room eating food and roasting each other and try to make his way through the waves of flirty princesses.

The best escape from this life was knight training, where him and the other 16 princes from nearby kingdoms trained with the best knights, to develop their skills in sword fighting, archery, knife combat and strategy.
Each prince had different talents for example Kun, Jeno and Jaemin were all archers whilst Taeyong, Johnny, Jaehyun, Mark, Jisung, Yuta and Haechan himself were all particularly skilled in sword fighting.

At the big princess meeting events the kings and queens hosted the boys would sit around and talk about all the best strategies and who was best at what. Sometimes they would sneak out and just chill around the palace or practice their skills in the nighttime darkness.

He was excited to be a fair ruler of his kingdom and knew about all the responsibilities that the title of king would come with but he knew by the time he step up to the thrown he would be ready. The only part he was uninterested in was, of course finding himself a suitable wife.

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@undinelance So about that little mermaid au

Lance is King Alfor’s youngest and only son
Lance has 5 sisters, Allura being closest to Lance

Luxia is the eldest
Allura is next
Nyma is after Allura
Florona after Nyma
Shay is the youngest of the sisters
Lance is the baby brother

…oh boy this is getting long so…I apologize in advance as you probably were not expecting the wall of text coming your way…

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IgnisxReader Fanfiction Chapter 3

It’s finally here! Omg I know it’s taken me forever to get this done, and I’m super sorry but I really hope you all like it! Shits really gonna go down in the next few chapters and I can’t wait to get going on them.

Again I can’t thank you all enough for the support you have all given me and my work it means the world!

Here’s the links to the first two chapters




You stood at attention shoulders square and looking straight ahead. You looked like a statue at the bottom of the ornate stair case leading to the throne. The room was uncomfortably quite, as if foreboding. You stifled a yawn being as professional as you had to be. You hadn’t got much sleep from the night before, having stayed up late talking the night away with your friends.

You were snapped back to full attention when you heard familiar footsteps enter the room. You didn’t move a muscle but looked at the visitors entering the room. Noctis walked in first , he was very nonchalant and almost disrespectful. Behind trailing to close was Prompto, his gaze darting this way and that way looking around the massive room in awe. Ignis and Gladio were walking behind him, they were both somewhat used to being in the throne room and knew the drill as they respectfully bowed to the king.

Gladio glanced in your direction and nodded his head, he knew well that you couldn’t reciprocate the greeting.

“Noctis” the room stood at a stand still as the king stood up from his throne addressing his son

Noctis crossed his arms and tapped his foot impatiently, the sound echoing through the marble pillars.

The king started to slowly make his way down the steps towards his son and group of friends.

The king walked by you his robes billowing around him, you fell behind him at attention, your hand resting on your ornamental sword at your hip. You knew it was just for decoration just like the ornate armor and helm you were adorned with, you knew your real arsenal was within.

King Regis stood in front of his son and just stared at him, his eyes wanting to say more then he knew he could.

He begun to speak to Noctis giving him minor details about the plans for him to leave for Altissia in secret and meet Lunafreya and be wed, and then told him that Ignis would fill him in on the rest during the journey.  

King Regis motioned for the group to leave the throne room and head outside, he walked in front of everyone next to his son. You trailed closely keeping at attention and watching your surroundings. Your job was to keep the royal family safe at all costs.

The group made their way outside to the top of the stone stairs, awaiting at the bottom was the kings car, the Regalia. Everyone looked at it and back at the king.

The king said his goodbyes to Noctis and his friends, and all you could do was stand to the side and do your job. You had an incredible urge to run up the boys and give them all a huge hug and kisses. They meant so much to you and you knew what sort of horrors lay beyond the wall. It was their first time leaving the city and you worried, you had secretly wished the king had sent you with them but understood your duty to the Kingsglaive and to the King himself.

Before getting in the car, Ignis stopped and looked at you in longing his eyes searching yours, and nodded a goodbye and got into the drivers seat.

“Bye!” Prompto waived at you before hoping into the front seat, Gladio shook his head and laughed waving at you before getting in.

Noctis walked over to you and grasped your arm

“Take care of him” he said as he turned to walk swiftly down the stairs and to the Regalia.

You and the King watched the Regalia drive away until it was completely out of view.

You felt your heart sink, and worry wash over you. You knew they could handle their own, but knew what they could face beyond the wall and it made your stomach turn. All the images of Kingsglaive members that had fallen crossing your mind. You shook it off, it’s not like the were headed off to war, more just a road trip of friends, like a big bachelor party. This though made you feel slightly better and you followed the king back to the throne room.

“We have matters to discuss” the king turned to you

“Of course” You bowed slightly

“The peace treaty” he began to say “its a ruse” he finished

You searched his eyes and nodded your head slowly

The king began to explain the plan for having Noctis leave and met Lunafreya in secret and be wed, that he didn’t trust the Empire and knew something wasn’t right, as to why he was making moves first. You knew he had sent Crowe to go and get Lunafreya and escort her to Altissia. All the pieces were falling into place for you now.

“I need you to be ready with your glaive at any moment” king Regis said before turning to walk away

You waited for him to motion you off but before he did he turned to face you once more

“And no matter what happens” he said sternly “you promise me, you’ll protect Noctis” he pleaded, his eyes almost sad.

“It is my honor” you spoke as your mind was racing trying to understand what the king was getting at, you weren’t with Noctis on his journey and wondered what he could possibly mean.

“He will be the king you protect” Regis finished as he walked away

You watched the king leave with his guards and trusted advisors.

Your mind was racing, was the king implying he was going to leave? You didn’t understand but knew you had to trust him.

You went and put away your ornate armor and gear and put on your Kingsglaive uniform and left the Citadel. You walked outside trying your best to not get stopped by everyone wanting to chat, you had a lot on your mind and wanted to be alone. You walked to the parking garage and hopped onto your incredibly fast motorcycle, you reved it up and started making your way back to the Kingsglaive headquarters.

You walked inside the headquarters, you could hear people fighting. You walked by the training room and saw Titus teaching a girl how to dodge a ball of flames that another member was shooting at her. You smiled proudly to yourself and kept walking towards your office.

You walked inside and shut the door behind you locking it. You flopped down onto the couch you had and threw a decorative pillow over your face and shut your eyes.

You awoke later to a bang on the door, you jumped up startled and adjusted your clothing and hair. You didn’t mean to fall asleep, but getting no sleep the night before and the stress must have caught up to you.

“One moment” you yelled out as you stood up and fumbled to find the light switch, you walked over to the door and opened it up

“All good?” Nyx asked leaning against the door frame

“Yeah” you mumbled as you walked over to your desk and sat in your chair.

“You don’t seem it, haven’t seen you all day” Nyx said with a frown as he walked in and closed the door behind him

“Just exhausted” you rubbed your eyes forgetting the makeup you were wearing and smearing it

“I feel ya” he said as he sat down in the chair across from you and the desk.

You yawned and pulled out your phone and opened up your messages

“Noctis farted and I’m going to die, this is gonna be the longest trip ever!” Prompto had sent you

“Stay safe” Gladio was never one to send long messages

You replied to the texts and was slightly disappointed to not have one from Ignis or Noctis. You thought about Noctis and he was probably sleeping or trapped inside his own head thinking, he was currently going through a lot, you were sure. Ignis was driving, that’s why he didn’t message you.

You looked up from your phone and out the window and noticed it was almost dark out.

“Shit” you sighed “I slept all day”

“Your body needed it” Nyx smiled at you “you push yourself to hard”

“Nah” you said with a smirk and looked back at your phone

You opened your messages with Ignis and started to write one

“Please be safe and keep me updated” you sent to Ignis

You set your phone down and looked at Nyx, looking at his beautiful eyes, his jawline and his muscles along his shoulders and arms. God damn he was so handsome, you felt bad for having these thoughts about one of your soldiers.

He eyeballed you looking like he wanted to say something.

“Yes?” You asked raising an eyebrow

“Nothing” he shook his head with a sweet smile

You just shrugged and kicked your foot up onto your desk.

“You know I was kinda sad you didn’t text me back last night” Nyx said coyly

“Sorry something came up” you smirked

“It’s ok,” he laughed “I don’t usually have to chase a lady, but I kinda like it” he said with a wink

You smirked and sighed

“I’m not someone you would want to be with” you said seriously

Nyx was taken aback, and shook his head

“No that’s not true,” he started to say “you’re exactly the type of person I would want to be with” he gave you a serious look

“You don’t understand” you blushed

He shook his head and looked away. You could tell he was slightly upset and almost hurt.

“Nyx I adore you” you began “but my work doesn’t allow me that sort of privilege” you finished

He just nodded his head understandingly. You always liked Nyx but even if you could be with him you weren’t sure you would, you always felt that your heart might be with someone else, although you tried to bury those feelings deep within.

“The rules can always be bent” he forced a smile at you his eyes hopeful

You nodded at him and didn’t reply. He knew that you existed for the royal family and wouldn’t ever jeopardize it, but he held onto some hope, you made him feel a way no one else ever had before. You made him feel like he was at home. You both sat in silence for a while.

“I feel I can trust you with anything” you began to say “I need your help”

“Anything” he snapped back from his thoughts and gave you a serious look leaning forward in his seat

“Things are about to change, there are serious things about to happen.” You eyed him “and I don’t know what but I do know I want to be ready”

“Just give me directions boss” Nyx said teasingly but his eyes serious

You leaned over the desk and gave Nyx a fist bump

“Let’s talk about it over dinner” Nyx suggested wiggling his eyebrows

“I don’t wanna discuss it in public” you got up and started to pack up your stuff

“Your place then?” He opened the door for you

“Fine” you sighed teasingly and walked out the door and turning to lock it behind you

“Perfect” he smirked to himself and grabbed a bag from you helping you carry your stuff

“Don’t get any ideas,” you said with a laugh “strictly business”

“Of course commander!” He said trying his best to salute you but failing with all the bags around his arms

You laughed and made your way out the building, Nyx following closely next to you. Your mind was racing and you had to find a way to best prevent the oncoming shit storm you knew was brewing.


Monument of Aemilius Paullus


167 BCE

9 m. high

the monument commemorates the Roman victory in the Battle of Pydna against King Perseus of Macedon. The partially completed pillar was intended to be a base for a portrait of King Perseus. It was originally created to make the Macedonian presence known in Delphi to remind the Delphians of the tradition of friendship existing between them and the royal family. However, the monument was taken over by Aemilius Paullus to celebrate himself and Rome’s victory noting that, “it was only proper that the conquered should give way to the victors.” The Monument of Aemilius Paullus stood in front of the Temple of Apollo along with two other commemorative pillars to Eumenes II of Pergamon and Prusias II of Bithynia. However, this pillar dominates over the other two. The completed monument was a bronze equestrian statue atop a rectangular pillar that soared over 9 meters high. While the equestrian statue that was originally on top of pillar no longer remains, the cuttings in the plinth show that the horse would have been in a rearing position. An inscription near the base of the altar survived, which translated reads, “Aemelius, son of Lucius set this up from the spoils which he took from King Perseus and the Macedonians.”