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happy sapphic music videos masterpost

(or: a list of music videos that arent horrifically tragic or angsty) (let me know if u have any to add that arent on here!!)

shura - whats it gonna be
child actor - against the night
see - potions
BETS - jenny 
human life - wherever we are
hayley kiyoko - girls like girls  / cliffs edge 
the happy mess - backyard girl 
beatrice eli - girls
gia - only a girl
mary lambert - she keeps me warm
garden city movement - move on 
cri - chemin
luna blake - horizon
goldroom ft. chela - fifteen 
honebone - sausage 
radical something - pure 
to kill a king - love is coal 
pillar point - dove
studio killers - jenny
mary lambert - hang out with you 
delenn jadzia - for you


Be the Desi Ahsoka You Wish to See in the World

I had the fortune to go to NYCC this year on Friday, and decided to dress as Ahsoka. I can’t really sew and didn’t have the energy to really learn after work, but I’m creative and a little crafty! So I got a dress of the right shape from forever 21, borrowed a bag from my mum’s closet, a tie from my dad’s closet, a necklace my grandmother gave me for my sixteenth birthday, et voilá!

I was on the main show floor trying in vain to understand the map provided on the app. I had put several signings and events on the Schedule but I couldn’t figure out where on earth they were (if you’ve ever been to the Javits Center you’ll know it’s Enormous). And then I heard someone shout, THERE’S AHSOKA!!!!

It was @ekjohnston herself??? After I got over my complete confusion at someone that I was hoping to meet calling out to me I went over to say hello and she complimented my costume and asked to take pictures with me???? I tried to be Chill but jsyk I died a little. (She wrote the Ahsoka book you guys. I love this book. It’s phenomenal and sad in its very Star Wars way and it’s centered on Ahsoka finding her purpose and new identity after the events of rots. Read it immediately if you haven’t already.) anyway so I took pictures with her and then immediately went and bought a copy of the book and had her sign it. She’s got a really cool signature. I told her so.

A little later Ashley Eckstein @heruniverseofficial did a panel offsite at the Hudson Mercantile. She spoke quite eloquently about her upcoming book and the importance of chasing your dreams. Afterwards I had the chance to meet her and I thanked her for bringing Ahsoka to life, as it was one of the few times I have been able to turn on the tv and see someone who looked like me. Ahsoka is named after Ashoka, an Indian king; the Ashoka pillar is literally on Indian currency, like Washington is on the American quarter. George Lucas has consistently borrowed from eastern cultures for Star Wars - everything from names like Ahsoka, Padme, and Shaak Ti, to the very philosophy of the Jedi. Ahsoka in the show is a Togruta and her skin color is brownish (I know people consider it orange but I still can’t look at her and not see a little of myself. To me, she’s brown.) Ahsoka is incredibly important to me and to a lot of other girls and women like me, and she feels like representation.

((I still can’t believe I got to meet both the voice of Ahsoka and the author who wrote the Ahsoka novel while dressed as her. It feels surreal. I can’t wait to wear bits and pieces of this outfit to work if only to smile to myself.))

Suffer-Not-Injustice Vimes wasn’t a pillar of society. He killed a king with his own hands. It needed doing, but the community, whatever that was, didn’t always like the people who did what needed to be done or said what had to be said.
—  Terry Pratchett, Feet of Clay
Kagehinatsukkiyama HCs

So I really love this ship and all variations of it I’m so sorry but I just reallllyy love Kagehinatsukkiyama ahaha okay so here are some headcanons:

-Aged Up! AU Where they live together.
-Hinata is a big cuddler. So whenever they have sleep, they take turns “sacrificing body warmth” to Hinata in their futons. (Kageyama secretly hogs him more. Don’t tell the other 2.)
-Yamaguchi and Hinata drag Kageyama and Tsukishima to go shopping together for cute hair accesories and outfits!
-“SHO YOU LOOK SO CUTE!!! AAA I COULD JUST EAT YOU UP!” *picks Hinata up and spins him*
-“TADA-CHAN LOOKS SUPER CUTE TOO!!” *Giggles* *gives him cute kisses*
-Kageyama and Tsukishima are fighting their nosebleeds in the background.
-“S-s-o King… can you still handle it?” -“Y-yea… no… this is too much.”

-Hinata makes Tsukishima pick him up and ride on his shoulders.
-Tsukishima grumbles and complains WHILE carrying him on his shoulders.
-Sometimes he’ll just swoop him up bridal style. Then kiss him where ever he wants. Hinata beams.

-Tsukishima and Yamaguchi watch Dino movies together and Yamaguchi would have to deal with useless Dino facts and crying everytime one dies. But he doesn’t mind, he’ll kiss all the tears away.

-Tsukishima facepalms and Yamaguchi snickers. But they secretly find it endearing.

-Yams and Kags go to buy cakes together ocassionally while the other 2 sleep on the couch all cuddled up.
-One time it gets cold and Yamaguchi realizes he forgets his gloves.
-“S-stupid… take this…” and Kageyama gives him one if his gloves then proceeds to take Yamaguchi’s otherhand in his and shove it into his pocket. Kageyama is blushing madly and Yamaguchi giggles.
-“You and Tsukki are the same… I love you all.”
-Kageyama nearly faints that was too cute.
-It becomes routine and Yamaguchi always “forgets” his gloves. Not that Kageyama minds at all.
-They buy Tsukishima strawberry cake and Hinata chocolate cake!

-“Stupid King, hotblooded useless…” -“Tall gigantic egoistical pillar of salt.”
-Stuff like that are muttered in between kisses and Yams and Hina are just staring at them like *sighs* “They never change.” “It’s still cute though.”

-If anyone DARES to hurt Hinata, he’ll have 3 guys, all over 180cm, ready to fight and wearing the scariest expressions ever.

-Tsukishima is the only one able to kabedon™ Kageyama. When he does it’s usually really intimate and he whispers all sorts of stuff in his ear to make him blush.
-Hinata and Yamaguchi are watching all of this with matching blushes and squeals.
-“It’s like one of Noya-san’s BL mangas…”

-Daichi is kind of concerned at times like “IS NOBODY IN YOUR HOUSE RESPONSIBLE BESIDES YAMAGUCHI????” When he and Suga come over to check on their kids.
-Sugawara smiles and shakes his head.
-“You kids are wonderful but how about trying not to wreak havoc throughout all Miyagi okay?” With the Mom Face™ and Mom Tone™ and honestly they’re all more terrified of him than Dadchi. (Daichi totally understand because Suga scares him too 60% of the time.)

-They all hug Hinata when he’s feeling down and he feels super loved. “Stupid Hinata, we love you don’t ever doubt that.” Then they all carry him around to make him feel tol.
-Yamaguchi gets warm loving words and cheek kisses from everyone. (Tsukishima aims for the mouth though that cheater.)
-Kageyama gets Hinata and Yamaguchi  pulling him to dance around the room and Tsukishima ruffles his hair. It’s an odd comforting method but he loves it.
-Tsukishima gets movies AND cake AND 3 wonderful boys snuggled up beside him. How spoiled.

-Hinayama dates are like: Yamaguchi takes Hinata out to the lake and they gaze at the sunset leaning on each other. They say the sappiest, cutest things.
-Kagehina is when Kageyama takes Hinata out on “dates” and brings the volleyball so its 70% volleyball, 20% making out, 10% actually being romantic and 100% chance of BOKE! They run around open fields and make flower crowns too that’s super cute and fluffy.
-Tsukkiyama dates usually include going to museums (the other 2 are kinda ummm yea not into that) and Yamaguchi gets to see Tsukki light up talking about Dinosaurs. He gets to tease him but it’s really cute. Awww. Slow dancing under the moon at night too.
-Tsukkihina dates include “Tsukki take me to see the floating lights!” “You mean the stars?” So they go to the observatory. “The stars look just like the ones in your eyes.” Tsukishima almost cries because that was adorable. They’ll walk home at night hand in hand with matching blushes.
-Tsukkikage dates are… relatively normal. They chat in cafes with lots of banter but they enjoy it alot and share milkshake. Tsukki likes to rub it in that he’s taller. It’s fun riling up his king.
-KageYama (no wait Yamakage makes more sense.) Dates include watching romcom movies in the theaters and Yamaguchi attempting to explain the jokes, puns, romantic lines, etc. Kageyama is kinda… blank??? But Yamaguchi finds his innocence super precious. So throughout the movie Kageyama mostly just watches Yamaguchi and honestly it’s so much better than any movie.

-When all of them go out together it’s SUPER HECTIC BUT SUPER FUN and they do all sorts of stuff yayy!!!
-Super surprising but the one who cooks the best is HINATA. So he’d make them breakfast and dinner and it’s just sooooo good.
-This ship is so pure please consider it thank you.

rapgodyeri  asked:

um idk how to do this but u mentioned violas in that yoongi classical!au n no one ever pays attention to us so thank u sm idk man i just appreciate it um do u have a prince bambam au or could u do one for me? i love ur blog a lot ( im talking too much sorry have a gr9 day)

no problem!! and thank you!! here’s a prince!bambam for you~

  • is a public prince,,,,a prince,,,,,,for the people,,,,definitely has no fear when it comes to going out in public and you know,,,,just Being,,,,,,
  • because let’s not lie to ourselves looking at prince bambam is like looking at art,,,,,he’s just so,,,,,,,,,,beautiful
  • comes out in an outfit that gets talked about for weeks on end until literally every socialite in his country owns the same outfit because yes our prince Did That he Wore That so i need to wear it too,,,
  • donates all his money to the arts: theater, museums, concert halls, etc. but,,,,,when he donates he makes it a rule that those places must let students in for free because to him there’s nothing more important than kids getting to explore their creative talents!!!
  • and even though he tries to play it cool and stylish,,,in his expensive suits,,,,,dark eye makeup,,,,,and literal catwalk on the streets like,,,,,,he’s a big soft guy on the inside
  • literally grabbed the mic at a royal press conference to drag prince jb who was visiting from another country and ,,,,, true he literally put his life on the line because if this wasn’t being filmed jb would have hoped the table and came @ him 
  • but it was such a funny drag that the entire country was in uproar about it the next day and ,,,,,, like for every good picture of bambam in the newspapers and whatnot,,,,,,,his public instagram is full of his own customized memes
  • his mother, the queen is like please bambam think of your image and his royal siblings are like baMBAM but he’s like “it makes my people laugh, and whatever brings them joy brings me joy”
  • and you happen to be an art history major with an internship at the biggest museum in the country and,,,,,,,you really just get to spend the day cataloging pieces
  • but on the day the prince is to come and get a private tour,,,,instead of having it lead by the head of the museum bambam asks that a student take him around
  • and that student is YOU GUESSED IT IT’S Y O U 
  • and when they tell you you almost faint on the spot but coworker taemin catches you and you’re like asdfkjsfk a tour,,,,for the p R IN CE 
  • and you can’t believe it but an hour later it’s just you and prince bambam in this big hall full of full scale portraits from the middle evil century and you’re like sweating palms, sweating forehead, voice stammering
  • and when you finally dare to look up at the prince,,,,,,literally you think you’ve seen an angel
  • because he looks EXTRA handsome,,,,the collared shirt slightly unbuttoned, long legs, full lips, contact lenses that make his eyes a shimmering green and you’re just: it’s too much
  • you think you might overheat and you keep dabbing at your face with your sleeve until bambam is like 
  • “look at me again” and you flick your eyes up to see him standing in front of a large painting of a king leaning against a pillar and you’re like?? and bambam suddenly pretends to lean and he’s like “don’t we look alike?”
  • and you’re like,,,,speechless,,,,,because,,,,,,,is the prince trying to joke around nOW of all times
  • and you’re like ummmmmm,,,,,y,,,yes??? you’re both royality-
  • but bambam makes a pouting face and he’s like nO! i mean isn’t it funny?
  • and he goes to the next painting and imitates it, this time a goddess on the verge of fainting near a fountain
  • and you can’t hold back a giggle because his expression on his face matches her’s perfectly but the minute it comes out you put your hand over your mouth
  • and you’re like im sorry!!! i didn’t mean to laugh-
  • but bambam walks over to carefully remove your hand from your mouth and he leans in closer to be at eye level and he’s like “no, i wanted to see you smile. you looked really nervous and plus, i was right.”
  • and he leans back up to walk down the hall and you’re like ?????????? wait what ???? what were you right about-
  • and bambam with his hands behind his back stops walking and turns to look at you with a grin and he’s like 
  • “that your even more charming when you smile~ i think you’re making me fall for you~”
  • and your jaw almost hits the floor as bambam continues down the hall and you’re like trying to gather your thoughts???? because ????? your prince just flirted with you????? openly??????
  • and you must have phased out because you hear bambam’s voice and he’s like “aren’t you going to come over here and tell me about this painting, love?” and you’re like L O V E??????!?!!??!?! but also you’re rushing over to say something
  • but bambam is like “you don’t have to actually say anything, i just wanted you to be closer to me~” and you’re like aGAIN PLEASE PRINCE YOU’rE GOING TO GIVE Me a HEA R T A TT A CK  

‘Ipet-Sut’ (“Karnak”), the highly sacred Precinct of the God Amon-Ra at 'Uaset’-Thebes,
Festival Hall of King Thutmosis III (the 'Akhmenu’):
detail of a column from the Pillared Hall with the “Horus name” of King Thutmosis III:
K3-nḫt ḫˁj-m-W3st, whose meaning is “The strong Bull Who appears in 'Uaset’-Thebes”

MAGI 359 Full Spoiler Translation.

Disclaimer: i only to this for fun, to share it with you guys, and to practice my japanese :) which is very basic so keep in mind that i could be completely mistaken in some parts.  This is just a fan translation of incomplete spoilers so: Don’t forget to support the official releases of Magi!  

Please don’t repost without giving credits. If you use this translation, don’t forget to share the link to this post!.

Source: From Tieba Baidu’s Japanese scans and from Jump-Netabare’s texts , some pics also belong to marumaru’s korean scans.^^  Special thanks to @hirohy for the full raw!

@maumauxmau @sayakakat2012


UPDATE: I added the info that was missing. You can read this together with the japanese raw. the link is on my blog!.

  • Page 1

*Jump-Netabare text: Something floats up from the valley to the sky. The people point to the sky.

Heliohapt Citizen:  What is that? Did the valley…rise up?

*Jump-Netabare text: There is a gigantic magic circle suspended in the sky.

Alibaba: !?



Hostility from all the people in the world, a threat without any interruption. How does Alibaba plan to overcome this by fighting alone!?

(TN: How does he plan to overcome this problem from his lone position?)

NIGHT 359 “Metal Vessels are for the sake of this day”


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Silk [VIXX, Leo]

Originally posted by coffeeprincetaekwoon

Characters : VIXX’s Leo || OC

Royalty Au inspired by the Shangri-La era.

My Leo trash ass is to be blamed.

Rating : PG

Warnings : Blindfolds? Implied sexual intercourse? Implied nudity? 

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anonymous asked:

Character: Halfdan Setting: Viking Prompt number: 180 Extra’s: smut

Halfdan The Black x Reader

Note: Smutalert, enjoy!! ;-)
Words: 670

You walked into the great hall, usual attitude, chin up, proud as always. You had your right to be proud, certainly after the things you accomplished. You weren’t one of his to begin with, you were a shieldmaiden ranked under the previous king of this lands, against your will. Harald captured you in the attack and in all of that you saved them. Despite all of that it wasn’t Harald laying his eyes on you, it was his brother, Halfdan the Black. You stood still before that one throne and bowed shortly, changing a short look with Halfdan who was eying you from his stop against a pillar. ‘You wounded?’ King Harald asked. You looked down, to the blood on your clothes and shrugged. ‘Not mine.’ You lied. Harald smiled widely. ‘So it worked?’ ‘It worked.’ You answered, looking over your shoulder to a few men walking in. Harald dismissed you with his finger and you came to stand aside Halfdan, walking as straight up as you could although the pain flared in your stomach a little. ‘You are hurt.’ Halfdan stated. You looked aside to him, shrugging like it didn’t mean anything. ‘What you gonna do about it Halfdan?’ You challenged him, smiling before walking out, leaving him all alone with that desire of him.

It was late, ale filling your head a little, music pounding your ears. Your hand flattened against your stomach, arching your back to feeling the pain a little out. It was then that his hand covered yours, sliding down over that wound to the edge of your tunic. ‘You have no idea what you do to me.’ He whispered over your shoulder. The tips of his fingers touched your bare skin and you slowly turned your head looking to him. ‘What is it that I do to you?’ You asked him calmly, playing along. He leaded your hand towards his body, that hard bumb in his trousers. You squeezed it, giving him that small grin. ‘I see.’ You stroke the fabrics over it and he pulled you closer, your back contacting with his chest. ‘Praying on a wounded animal now?’ You asked, giving in on the brutality of his movements. He hummed in your ear before placing a kiss underneath it, dragging his teeth over your neck. He pulled you away from your place and you let him, following him outside as he took you to a shed, sheep making noise while he so freely started to make your armor loose. His mouth tasted like ale, a consuming taste that took your deeper into your own blurriness. He freed the upper part of your body and looked down to you. ‘Such beauty.’ He curved his fingers around your breasts before his attention felt on the wound you had. He stroke it with his thumb and you hissed, looking up at him heated. He chuckled, dark and slide his fingers over the edges of your trousers. You unbuckled his belt, throwing it down before loosening his pants, seeing what it released. You licked on the thoughts of the feeling that could cause while he loosened your pants and pressed you with your back against the wall. He stroke his member between your legs and you moaned, wrapping your arms around his neck as he kissed you again. ‘I want you,’ he groaned, lifting you up stroking you in every possible way he could. ‘Every night I image myself doing this,’ he pinched you against the wall of the shed, feeling your wetness. Your breath hitched as you looked up to the ceiling of that shed, moaning his name. He lined himself up with you and you gladly took it, not even being able to breath when he sunk deeper into you. ‘So good.’ He breathed with that typical possessive tone. He started moving, the mix of your pain and his movements inside of your made you come much faster than you anticipated. Maybe you needed a man after all. He was right … so good.

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