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Our local cinnamon roll is in search for a Dad, to apply you must be awesome and love the roll till death.

Or in other words, I am in deep hell where I search for a suitable Dad for Izuku (tho we all know everyone are good to be Dad for Izu), anyone got any other candidates? ;D Please share.

Cause while Izu has the Best Mom TM ->

Our Roll still needs a Dad, cause ->

We don’t know where this shithead is.

5x09 review-One Fettered Slave

I can’t believe we’ve come to this point.

One episode before the final epilogue and it feels so surreal-i can’t even begin to imagine  how it must’ve been for the people that have sticked to this show for 4 years.

Ep 9 was what i imagined it to be: quick paced, action packed and extremely emotional.

I was scared about the analogy between the Helena moments and the general mythology arc cause they had to show a lot of things- especially after Siobhan’s death- but they balanced it well.

let’s analyze the different thematics:

  • The Funeral

Siobhan’s funeral  started with Sarah speaking . In an episode that is focused on another character i think the writers did a good choice not showing Sarah’s vulnerability.

She’s suddenly the pillar of the family and eveyone is expecting directions from her. She has to be the strong one there’s no other way. Her grief and feelings are not her priority right now  so she won’t break down. Not in front of Kira, not in front of everyone.

Sarah’s grown so much.This moment says it all

what am i supposed to do?

she can’t afford losing her child as well. She’s the reason she’s keeping it together after all. So she stays with her and comforts her. Something Ms S had done all those years when Sarah was absent.

I also adored the symbolism of her wearing her mother’s jacket.

Sarah taking responsibility, lifting the weights of this family

also congrats for letting Tatiana without make up in her  portrayal of Sarah (or rather the “no make up” makeup ya know) cause it made her emotional chaos more humane… her eyes said it all..

also about her breaking down- i believe we’re gonna see her grieve the way she’s supposed to after everything is finally over. Last episode is Sarah centric so it totally fits to have her moment in the epilogue.

What i didn’t like from the funeral scene was the singing at the beginning, which i found anticlimactic..it would be much better if we could just hear Sara and Felix speaking with no other sound in the background..

Also the fact that 4 days after S’s death they could walk and talk in a house that is a murder scene was totally unrealistic..Police had to be all over the place investigating and all…

Unless Art handled the situation in a way..but still a plot hole is a plot hole

  • Team working together

Cosima,Felix, Art, Hellwizard, Scott, Rachel ok what a pleasant suprise to see everyone working together. I loved the fact that supporting actors got the chance to actually help the ledas and be useful. Each one helped in their own field.

Cosima helped with the Dyad information and Scotty-Hell with the security system (even if it was kinda weak to hack the security system with such convienience-i’m bypassing that lol)

Even Rachel helped!! Rachel!!! My only complaint was Alison’s minimum participation in this but i get that given the circumstances her involvement  would be extremely difficult

Should i talk about Art??

Cause everything



and all this time i ‘ve been crazy rambling about how his chances of surving are veeeery  low…. ep 9 built his exodus cause the final episode will be Leda/Sarah Centric…so be prepared guys…

i get Ebro’s schedule..i trully do..and i was fine with Sardinia..i was fine with Geneva as well cause there was a reason behind it plotwise but we’ve come to the point where there isn’t even an explanation about this…

they didn’t clarify the reason she left… cause it doesn’t make sense when Siobhan’s funeral was 4 days after the gallery party…there wasn’t a reason good enough to justify her absence that’s why the writers didn’t give one…they prefered to let the fans decide which reason was good enough…let’s be real though that was sloppy..and as much as i love orphan black i’m gonna point out  it’s weakening points as well.

  • Coady+ Mark

So Mark died absolutely clueless…his death matched Ira’s death, both manipulated by their creators, hoping for a cure that never existed in the first place.Too bad that there wasn’t any building up to bring tension and to make us care about those characters… so this scene felt kinda flat at least for me…i believe the reason behind this was cause ob writers didn’t want to make Coady a grey character…. well i for once celebrated her death after this scene

wait it is confirmed that Coady is dead right? I mean Helena beat the shit out of her so it would be  impossible to zombie out ?? or should i be worried??

  • PT + Rachel!Sarah

oh god PT without his wig is like a bulb with ears lmao

anyway so i loved these 2 together…this is the first time Sarah meets John am i right?

also congrats to the props team and the level of detail they use in each scene…i liked that Sarah didn’t wear the same patch Rachel wears…

a++ to the dialogue about PT perving out on Rachel because in that way Sarah put herself on Rachel’s shoes and actually saw for the first time how they were monitoring her sister and what actually means complete lack of privacy…

also both Susan and PT seem to have a perplexed image as to what a father/mother figure looks like

you don’t fuck your ‘son’/ or watch you ‘daughter’ masturbate and then call them “son/daughter” lol

but it gave me pleasure that Rachel never actually called PT “father” and that’s how Sarah got exposed..

the moment she cut him with the knife i was like “yaaaas finish him lol”




don’t get me wrong the kid was very good/ super talented and all

but how could they do this???

i mean it was SO.FUCKING.OBVIOUS that this isn’t the face of a leda clone you couldn’t concentrate on anything else!

at least i couldn’t! Especially when 2 episodes before they used canonically Cynthia!

i mean


it defies logic?? there’s no excuse??

they could have dubbed the ukranian parts i don’t care if little Cynthia couldn’t play that good that was so wrong in so many levels… it had the “Spongebob takes a bath in the sea” logic lol

and it was really such a shame cause the flashbacks were so amazing..

first of all i loved the whole “pleasures of the flesh are unacceptable in a religious environment” thematic cause it adresses real social issues like the austerity and fake puritanism of social institutions.

the reason behind Helena’s bleached hair was a nice touch even though little Helena should also have some  burn marks after this…we got to know why she has those pink shades under her eyes as well so that was good..

as far as to why her hair is still blonde after all this time…well i choose to patch this plot hole by believing that Helena did this to herself again and again..she bleached/dyed them as a sign of punishment, self harm  and guilt cause that was the way she was raised- a mouthpiece and killing machine of others..

the art department did a brilliant job with the dollhouse and the correlation between Helena’s fixation with dolls back in her Rachel assassination attempt

Tomas took her and hide her the fact  that she’s a copy..she grew up in the illusion that she was special..that she was the original..in fact Rachel and Helena fantasized about the same thing and it is so fascinating to see how they are 2 different sides of the same coin…

  • Most Heartbreaking moment

Oh god this moment…

what kind of mother could you possibly make?

jesus Tatiana each time you give more and more, i haven’t seen an actor as committed and devoted as you are, you deserve all the praise girl woah

Coady found Helena’s weakness and it is not how she smells, looks or talks…it’s about her capacity of giving a future more bright and beautiful to her children than the one her younger self  had to endure…

and at the end of the day she’s willing to take the bait..  it’s either freedom or death…exactly like Rachel..there’s no middle ground..she won’t leave her children become experiments so that’s why i find super important that we finally get a Rachel Helena scene…there’s a high probability Rachel won’t make it in the finale so at least lets have a last glorious scene with the 3 of them as they try to escape…or so i hope…



all this crazy rambling about this being a Sarah-Helena season finally came true! Everything came full circle and this moment was SO important like you guys don’t understand…

Sarah finally made up for Helena..she gave her her blood to keep her alive…she put each and everyone of her friends and family searching for her, she made her a priority- drowning her grief -cause she couldn’t lose another one..especially Helena.

And now she will help her give birth..she will be there for her, protect her, give her life even..even tho after the obspoilers fiasco my theory now is that Art is gonna save Sarah…because it is super symbolic .. it would be his second chance and his redemption after losing Beth.. now he’s gonna do it right. Idk it is so foreshadowing… i wonder what Rachel’s role is gonna be..i sure hope she’s the one that’s gonna kill PT but who knows at this point.

Ep 9 set the mood for a very powerful ob series finale..Helena’s inner world was raw and pure and it’s going to  parallel  Sarah’s  final  gut-wrenching episode.The twins are going to set the epilogue and i trully hope their journey will be as magical and  satisfying as this show was  for all of us.


history meme (french edition)  →  free choice: relationships (4/?) Antoinette de Bourbon & Anna d’Este

The specificity of the relationship between Antoinette and Anna lies in the fact that the two women became the pillars of the Guise family, more than the Guise men themselves, and managed to find comfort and support in each other. The bond between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law survived the darkest hour of the 16th century, and was so strong that Anna attempted to recreate it with her own daughter-in-law, though without much success. Born in a turbulent family, daughter of an outspoken and daring mother who never feared to speak up at any cost, Anna suddenly enjoyed the strong mind and sang-froid of the Guise mother, two qualities that would prove to be not only useful, but determinant in her life.

P&G Interview (1 June 2016)
What figure skating taught me– “Bonds of Family"

~A blessing to be “Hanyu family’s Yuzuru”~
From the time I was in elementary school, whether for skating or daily life, my family gave me self-sacrificing support and I can never thank them enough. Especially my parents who brought me up with the direction of “No matter how much you love skating, we want you to know the world outside of skating”. Even when I became an adult, even when I got the gold medal(s), that has not changed. To my parents and sister, I am still the same as before, eldest son and youngest child of the Hanyu family. And I also want to be “the son of these parents”, I always feel that this is such a blessing.

~Family’s words become strength~
Especially at times when I am feeling troubled, I clearly feel the blessing of family. I know what I should do but I just cannot act on it. At those times, a word or advice from my family becomes a switch, and many times it is an impetus for things becoming better. Particularly from my mum who is always close to me, her words are special. This is what others would say too (about their own mothers), not just me. Mother, how many months she cherished me in her belly, gave birth to me after a hard time, always together with me since I was a baby, because of that, there are things she understands. Those words and thoughts have weight and go straight in, and echo deeply within.

~Each member has a different personality~
The 4 people in the Hanyu family all have different blood types. Not sure if it’s due to that, all our personalities are different. Strong-willed me sometimes get into a trivial argument with Mum, my serious sister will go “maa-maa” [t/n. like “now, now” to calm things down] and tries to mediate, Dad will be watching with “today, whose side should I take to settle this matter”;  it’s often this pattern. (laughs)  Because our personalities are different, we recognise that and accept one another, unity is not a problem. Being all different, I think we are a very well-balanced family.

Dad stays in Sendai because of work, so usually he is not with me, but what he has decided stands firm. His presence has that kind of weight. He is like the spiritual pillar supporting the Hanyu family. Long time back, I used to get yelled at, but now, he watches over me and advises me calmly.

Mum is most often with me, and I can tell her anything. Good things, bad things, whatever my thoughts, I just say it out to her honestly. There are also things I don’t say because it will make her worry, but Mum still knows it. In recent years, it is Mum’s role to give me the chiding.

~Big Sister~
Sister is gentle and loving, and always thinking with me from my position. Being a sister, there are things she understands with a different view point from my parents. As children, we also understand each other’s feelings towards our parents.  My relationship with my sister basically has not changed from the time I was 4.  She is still my ‘oneechan’ who spoils me. [*pronounced 'oh-nay-chan’ meaning big sister]

~With family~
During (skate) season, Mum and I are in Canada, so there is very little time that the 4 of us can be together. I really look forward to spending time in my family home. When I return home after a long period, Dad and Sister dotes on me like I’m a little kid. Skating is not mentioned much; we get excited about topics on TV or we enjoy games together. Sometimes we have silly arguments. (laughs) Home is a place where I can return to “plain” [t/n. or base or origin]. It is very comforting.

An interesting bit: 

Q: 21 year-old Hanyu-senshu, are there times when you drink alcohol with your family?

When I turned 20 and I returned to Sendai, for celebrating "Coming of Age”, I drank sake for the first time, together with my grandfather and male cousin(s). Then later, Dad also joined in and everyone drank, but my speech started to slur. Sake is nice but I think it does not suit my constitution. As an athlete, not being able to drink alcohol, it’s just right. (laughs)

-translated by me; source: P&G myrepi


- When I was growing up, I had no one telling me that I can lean on them. I had to support Bok Nam and my grandma as the pillar of my family. You were the first person who said those words to me. What you said gave me solace. It made me feel safe.
- Bok Sil, I will say those words to you for the rest of our lives. Just trust me. […] Bok Sil, I love you.
- I love you, too.

Listen up, kids

This is Kate Kane AKA Batwoman and I’m gonna tell you 3 reasons why I love her and why you should too

1. She’s a lesbian – in fact, she’s DC’s highest profile gay character 

She attended military academy and there fell in love with a fellow student. When the military found out that Kate was a lesbian, they forced her out of the school. Kate refused to give her partner’s name, thereby protecting her partner and allowing her to stay in the academy. 

2. She’s Jewish! How many Jewish superheros can you name? And in the Bombshell comics set in the WWII era, she’s a woman baseball player who by night, takes out Nazis 

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anonymous asked:

obviously there's a lot more to compatibility but just in your opinion, which signs do you think would work best in a relationship with capricorns?

i think, a lot of capricorn types really admire and want to achieve competence and stabilitye in some way. they want to be professionals in their field or achieve something of importance, yfm? they want to be pillars of society. i’ll list why all signs can be good with capricorn

aries and capricorn work well because although they are square each other, aries is a leader, aries is someone with conviction and power and capricorn greatly admires that and wants to achieve it but can sometimes clash with aries. both are willfull personalities. both can be fiercely devoted to the ones they love though. both have strong leadership qualities and are ambitious, but capricorn also has much more stamina and perseverance than aries sometimes. they have a lot to learn from each other. 

taurus and capricorn both crave security, as earth signs they understand the power of security and of being rooted down. this pairing gives me the sense of a strong traditional couple, the high school sweethearts who have a slow courtship but a relationship lasting a lifetime. taurus might be too complacent, capricorn seemingly cold, but ultimately, this is a relationship where there’s a level of understanding innately, a yearning for the same or similar things. security and comfort are the goals and are easily and amazingly achieved with these two. A Power Couple™

gemini and capricorn are likely to seem too different to function well as a pair, because mutable air gemini is up in the clouds, scattered, ephemeral, and capricorn is someone who wants and usually achieves rootedness, solidification, and who’s usually a pillar for the family or friends. but they can contrast each other and complement each other well, too. gemini can do with the grounding influence capricorn provides, and can help direct gemini’s attention to something singular, while capricorn can learn from gemini and learn to get unstuck. pragmatic capricorn could learn a thing or two looking at problems from a thousand different angles the way gemini does

cancer and capricorn are sister signs and thus have the most magnetic and opposing and fulfilling relationship, i think. the most to learn from each other. cancer is the other side of capricorn. where capricorn achieves something for the family, a way to prove their worth, cancer’s achievement is their family and their home. cancer and capricorn bring to mind the housewife and the working husband, and as outdated and oppressive as that concept is and was, this is something that is ideal to them. a cancer loves a nice home, a cancer belongs in a nice home and idealizes the perfectly decorated house full of life and love and light, and capricorn is another member of that and can learn to be one. capricorn isnt cold, theyre warm, theyre working to provide for the ones they love, and cancer needs to learn how to accept that, just like how capricorn can learn to be unafraid, can express their vulnerabilities with others and be stronger for it. i could go on but i wont cuz this is mad long already, but theyre a Power Couple™

leo and capricorn share a commonality which i rarely see discussed, but it’s that both of them are intensely aware of how they are perceived by others. leo is ultimately more intuitive and successful in this regard because it is a relational sign, but both signs want to be admired and respected, if not loved and liked. both can have a “stage fright” around others they like, an unwillingness to be vulnerable or afraid to make a move lest they make a mistake and look incompetent. the success that comes with the both of them learning how to be unafraid and outwardly passionate and ambitious is amazing and i think that unexpected kinship can bring a lot to the both of them.

virgo and capricorn, as earth signs, innately understand each other and their desires on a certain level. both want to achieve a security and comfort like capricorn and taurus. virgo loves to serve, and capricorn can bring virgo out of that, can help virgo and give virgo the recognition that they think virgo deserves. virgo loves to work in the shadows and works in humility and modesty, something attractive and yet confusing to capricorn. and virgo can teach some modesty and humility to capricorn, can teach them that sometimes recognition doesn’t mean as much as the work itself. capricorn and virgo both innately crave to serve the ones they love, because love is work done for the other person, in the name of another, work is work and love is love and idk how to even go on, tbh, this relationship is a very devoted one. 

libra and capricorn are square each other, so there’s notable tension, but tension isn’t necessarily bad. tension can serve as energy to fuel something exciting. saturn rules capricorn and exalts in libra, indicating a love of rules and regularity, an understanding of class and tact, of propriety. both are intensely image-conscious signs, too. a libra looks at others and wants to be liked, a capricorn looks at others and wants to be respected. im a libra and i always like capricorns or capricorn types :( cap can be a little too oblivious, or sober, or too straightforward for libra who can be coy and likes to flirt and is a little more playful, and libra can be too impatient and dynamic or too coy and indirect for capricorn. they also have a lot to learn from each other. a Power Couple™.

scorpio and capricorn are extreme, i think, in the way that scorpio can penetrate and read capricorn in a way they are very clearly not used to, and it excites and scares them the way scorpio scares and excites everyone else. capricorn can seem so at odds with scorpio too, i dont think anyone can come close to holding all the emotions scorpio has, i dont think anyone can come close to holding in all that intensity given to them by a scorpio except maybe another scorpio, but… a capricorn comes pretty close i think. they both hide, and capricorn and scorpio give tremendous power to each other once they start being vulnerable with each other. 

sagittarius and capricorn are very much like gemini and capricorn, capricorn enjoys routine in a way these signs dont, and they can bring capricorn to tremendously new far away places. capricorn can interpret things more dynamically with sagittarius in a way that betters them, but capricorn can teach sagittarius the unseen, every day beauty, the beauty of adventuring and learning and exploring and then coming back to a place and a person. an unlikely seeming but very beautiful pairing imo

capricorn and capricorn innately understand and know each other in a way no other pairing does, they understand why the other does what they do. they can be hypocritical and be forced to taste some bitter medicine if theyre unaware of themselves, but this is a strong couple. there’s not much to say about it tbh bc both of them are similar people and there is strength in it, for them, they’re beautiful. this is the couple that’s as in love at 90 as they were at 20. 

aquarius and capricorn are intensely attracted to each other i think… capricorn feels pressured, and can stick to conventions of politeness and propriety and classiness very well, but aquarius gives a taste of rebellion that proves addicting and exciting to capricorn. theyre both ruled by saturn in antiquity, so there’s an inherent understanding of society and what is preferred and condoned by society, and capricorn can experience a freedom with aquarius in shunning that for the first time, while aquarius can gain an appreciation for what makes things the way they are, can appreciate the beauty of tradition. 

pisces and capricorn are an unlikely but still very beautiful couple, because with pisces, capricorn feels the need to look beyond the secure and physical and material. pisces can appreciate the structure that capricorn provides as always, and capricorn can benefit from more awareness and attention given to the spiritual. to riches and achievements that are for something beyond the self… and capricorn likes feeling protective of things and pisces likes feeling protected i think.

sorry i jus liked doing this like i got RLLY into it

Sean and Robin

Hi Sean! Hi Robin! I just wanted to say that you two did an excellent job on the Anti video. It was awesome and I can’t wait to see how the rest of this adventure goes!

Robin, you have done an amazing job on editing not only the Anti videos, but Sean’s other videos as well. You don’t seem to get the credit you deserve for all that you’ve done, but we love you and your work!(Que applause/cheering/whistles)

Sean, you have been so awesome during this whole thing. From Anti’s first appearance to having the community flipping their shit, you have been so great at listening to us theorize and make headcanons about Anti and taking them into account. You incorporated these theories and hcs into your Anti videos and appearances and it’s all just sO GOOD!

I really appreciate you guys for putting the effort you do into these events. They’re such a fun thing for the Septic Family to bond over. I call the community a family because that’s what we are. And as main pillars of this family, you two have done your part so well. You listened to us (even when we didnt listen to you). You communicated with us (even when we made no sense and were just screaming hysterically).

I love you guys,

@pixlpit @therealjacksepticeye

Yoongi Scenario: Good Day.

Request: You go to a picnic in the park with Yoongi and your children.

Genre: Fluff / Family.

Yoongi was going to sleep until noon today and there was nothing in this world that could stop him, until he felt the heavy thud on his back. At first he tried to ignore it the best he could but then the “thud” still on his back started jumping and Yoongi couldn’t handle it anymore.

-Yonghyun first warning- he muttered and the little boy did another jump as an answer. –Second warning- this time all he got was giggles and two other jumps that made Yoongi groan. –Third warning Yonghyun- the kid giggled again and even pulled a little at his father’s hair. Yoongi started to count down from ten and when he was for number five the kid screamed and got off the bed giggling, getting out of the room screaming “daddy” and other unintelligible words.

You came into the room and stared at him with a little smile on your lips. –He’s not going to bite the warning thing anymore-

Yoongi sat on the bed still gathering strength and will to get up. –I’m too sleepy to chase him-

-I can see that-

-Daddy! - Both of you heard the high-pitched voice of your son calling for his father to keep playing with him.

Yoongi couldn’t help but smile. –I’m going to go find you right now! - He shouted although he was still motionless on the bed.

You heard your son’s laughter again, he was probably running around outside the room; you shook your head, your husband was smiling like an idiot. –I don’t know which one of you enjoys this game the most-

-You- Yoongi replied and that made you laugh, he was right.

Rolling your eyes you walked towards him and gave him a quick kiss. –Get up already, we are going out today remember? -

He made a face and took your hand. –Do we really have to go out? –

-We could stay in and watch some movies the four of us-

You leaned in and bumped your forehead to his, an affectionate gesture you both shared. –No, you promised Yoongi-

-Mommy! - This time it was another voice that could be heard and you straightened up.

-I have to go and dress Taeyeon and Yonghyun, you go and start to get ready-

-Alright, I’ll go and help you when I’m done-

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Pillar men are a family in a modern AU

  • Kars the dad
  • Esidisi the mom
  • Wammu and Santana are in university


  • The busy dad of the family that comes home during dinner, trying to support the family (I like to see him in a suit)
  • Probably works as a business man/ jeweller, great with his hands and at the same time interested/ obsessed with the red stone of Aja
  • Still hides his hair in a turban like scarf as he thinks it will detract his clients


  • The stay home mom of the family
  • Tries multiple times to try to bake cookies on himself
  • Puts the cookie batter on each ab and chest as he found them to be the flattest surface on his body
  • Asks Kars to help him put the finished batter on him as he lies oh so still on the kitchen table


  • The university that he studies in is near home so he comes back for food
  • Works part time as a trainer at different martial arts/ boxing clubs to get opportunities to spar
  • Pokes cars and wammu awake before he heads off to his classes in the morning


  • Studies Human Sciences abroad in Germany
  • Returns home only during the holidays
  • Once or twice when he returned, esidisi hugged him with the cookies still baking on him. santana absorbed the cookies into his body through his clothes whenever this happens (if its possible)
  • Unintentionally impresses his class mates with his contortionist ability
  • Sneaks into the other language classes to learn, the teachers are chill with him.
  • Ties his hair up in a bun and it became a trend
Big family>>  Mark, you

This was requested by Anon. Enjoy reading

Sometimes you came to wonder how you ended up dating someone like Mark. He gave the vibe of someone who would go out with a super-hot Victoria’s secret model, but somehow he ended up going out with.

Looking at him from your seat, at one of the corners of the cafe, as he was making an order for the both of you, he looked dreamingly awesome. Sharp jawline, puppy eyes, full lips. 

You couldn’t help but to admire the way he stood confidently, the way he smiled, the way he kept glancing at you from time to time. When he did that, you would smile at him shyly.

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“There has never been a heroine I have loved more than Batwoman. Her flaws, her ferocity, her struggle to rise above her own history and find a way to serve the greater good and those she loves—she’s always cut me straight to the bone. To be a queer woman and to see a queer woman as not just a part but a pillar of the Bat-family was life changing, inspiring and gave me the courage to pursue this career in comics. The opportunity to add to Kate Kane’s story and legacy is both an honor and a sincere dream come true.” — Marguerite Bennett (x)