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Listen up, kids

This is Kate Kane AKA Batwoman and I’m gonna tell you 3 reasons why I love her and why you should too

1. She’s a lesbian – in fact, she’s DC’s highest profile gay character 

She attended military academy and there fell in love with a fellow student. When the military found out that Kate was a lesbian, they forced her out of the school. Kate refused to give her partner’s name, thereby protecting her partner and allowing her to stay in the academy. 

2. She’s Jewish! How many Jewish superheros can you name? And in the Bombshell comics set in the WWII era, she’s a woman baseball player who by night, takes out Nazis 

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- When I was growing up, I had no one telling me that I can lean on them. I had to support Bok Nam and my grandma as the pillar of my family. You were the first person who said those words to me. What you said gave me solace. It made me feel safe.
- Bok Sil, I will say those words to you for the rest of our lives. Just trust me. […] Bok Sil, I love you.
- I love you, too.

I wrote it already as a response and it might appear insignificant at first, but I thought I would give it a try nontheless because a few things recentely revealed during this week got me thinking.

This panel is from chapter 14 of Re and a former tumblr user pointed out this very panel to me and suggested that this in red underlined guy is actually Furuta.

This was one year ago and I couldn’t support or deny this suggestion, I couldn’t even make much sense of the scene itself, but I think I might have finally found a theory and yes, I think it is Furuta, especially because he is the only one who dares to stand so casually like that, but that is actually not the gist of my theory and beside the point. For now.

In order not to dance around the bush, I think this group who are formed like a pyramid are actually representatives of each family there is in Sunlit Garden, and yes, I mean every sub-branch, Arima, Ihei, Furuta and now Suzou (due to the recent revelation of Yuso being a relative of Kishou, additional branches in those families exist too, but let’s leave it with “main families” for now). There are, or possibily used to be, 9 families, 10 if we include the guy in the white shirt (although I personally don’t think his presence has anything to do with representation) and 11 if count the Washuu main branch, who might or might not be represented here.

Possibly some of you are asking why Arima ain’t here, considering he is the mightiest of all Sunlit Garden children, but truth to be told, Arima doesn’t seem to be someone who wants to hold responsibility over trivial things like that, especially because he resented the hierachical and oppressive structure V and Sunlit Garden upheld. And considering there are not any brothers of Arima mentioned so far, especially in the family tree, I would argue that someone from the other Arima branches was the representative of his family (name), maybe a close relative of Yuso. 

And then we have probably Furuta, slender, younger and smaller, surrounded by older men. What I find so strange is just that. Why Furuta, a youngling, would be already the representative of an entire family. That might be a craktheory at this point, but it might be because he is the only representative of his family, or his relatives are way too young to act as one, if he still has any. Or maybe the Furuta family consists mostly of women and we all know that the Washuus are a bit on the patriarchal side here. I have been thinking about Rize’s escape and maybe he was found guilty of being responsible for Rize’s escape, which could have meant the eradication of his “family” (technically everyone in this goddamn prison is related to him somehow) or mother. 

But what I suspect is that these very representatives actually do not live anymore and got annihilated with the Washuu massacre. Suzou’s bio mentioned that she is the only remaining member of her family if I remember correctly, which might, only might, indicate that they already died before the massacre, Re or even the first series began or that this extinction applies only to her for some reason. But I still do not give up my suspicion that they all got murdered for the sake of the new world order Furuta has planned. Additionally, a lot of V members themselves, possibly failed ones who do not belong to any branch, were thoroughly dissatisfied with the structure the Washuus established and were eager to bring it down for good, which might include killing the 9 pillars of the family patriarchs. 

To mention one last thing, I wonder why Furuta is actually at the top of the “pyramid”. If we take into account how hierachical V is, I would expect him to be at the bottom, especially because of his known status as a half-human. 

Pillar men are a family in a modern AU

  • Kars the dad
  • Esidisi the mom
  • Wammu and Santana are in university


  • The busy dad of the family that comes home during dinner, trying to support the family (I like to see him in a suit)
  • Probably works as a business man/ jeweller, great with his hands and at the same time interested/ obsessed with the red stone of Aja
  • Still hides his hair in a turban like scarf as he thinks it will detract his clients


  • The stay home mom of the family
  • Tries multiple times to try to bake cookies on himself
  • Puts the cookie batter on each ab and chest as he found them to be the flattest surface on his body
  • Asks Kars to help him put the finished batter on him as he lies oh so still on the kitchen table


  • The university that he studies in is near home so he comes back for food
  • Works part time as a trainer at different martial arts/ boxing clubs to get opportunities to spar
  • Pokes cars and wammu awake before he heads off to his classes in the morning


  • Studies Human Sciences abroad in Germany
  • Returns home only during the holidays
  • Once or twice when he returned, esidisi hugged him with the cookies still baking on him. santana absorbed the cookies into his body through his clothes whenever this happens (if its possible)
  • Unintentionally impresses his class mates with his contortionist ability
  • Sneaks into the other language classes to learn, the teachers are chill with him.
  • Ties his hair up in a bun and it became a trend
Big family>>  Mark, you

This was requested by Anon. Enjoy reading

Sometimes you came to wonder how you ended up dating someone like Mark. He gave the vibe of someone who would go out with a super-hot Victoria’s secret model, but somehow he ended up going out with.

Looking at him from your seat, at one of the corners of the cafe, as he was making an order for the both of you, he looked dreamingly awesome. Sharp jawline, puppy eyes, full lips. 

You couldn’t help but to admire the way he stood confidently, the way he smiled, the way he kept glancing at you from time to time. When he did that, you would smile at him shyly.

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Yoongi Scenario: Good Day.

Request: You go to a picnic in the park with Yoongi and your children.

Genre: Fluff / Family.

Yoongi was going to sleep until noon today and there was nothing in this world that could stop him, until he felt the heavy thud on his back. At first he tried to ignore it the best he could but then the “thud” still on his back started jumping and Yoongi couldn’t handle it anymore.

-Yonghyun first warning- he muttered and the little boy did another jump as an answer. –Second warning- this time all he got was giggles and two other jumps that made Yoongi groan. –Third warning Yonghyun- the kid giggled again and even pulled a little at his father’s hair. Yoongi started to count down from ten and when he was for number five the kid screamed and got off the bed giggling, getting out of the room screaming “daddy” and other unintelligible words.

You came into the room and stared at him with a little smile on your lips. –He’s not going to bite the warning thing anymore-

Yoongi sat on the bed still gathering strength and will to get up. –I’m too sleepy to chase him-

-I can see that-

-Daddy! - Both of you heard the high-pitched voice of your son calling for his father to keep playing with him.

Yoongi couldn’t help but smile. –I’m going to go find you right now! - He shouted although he was still motionless on the bed.

You heard your son’s laughter again, he was probably running around outside the room; you shook your head, your husband was smiling like an idiot. –I don’t know which one of you enjoys this game the most-

-You- Yoongi replied and that made you laugh, he was right.

Rolling your eyes you walked towards him and gave him a quick kiss. –Get up already, we are going out today remember? -

He made a face and took your hand. –Do we really have to go out? –

-We could stay in and watch some movies the four of us-

You leaned in and bumped your forehead to his, an affectionate gesture you both shared. –No, you promised Yoongi-

-Mommy! - This time it was another voice that could be heard and you straightened up.

-I have to go and dress Taeyeon and Yonghyun, you go and start to get ready-

-Alright, I’ll go and help you when I’m done-

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“There has never been a heroine I have loved more than Batwoman. Her flaws, her ferocity, her struggle to rise above her own history and find a way to serve the greater good and those she loves—she’s always cut me straight to the bone. To be a queer woman and to see a queer woman as not just a part but a pillar of the Bat-family was life changing, inspiring and gave me the courage to pursue this career in comics. The opportunity to add to Kate Kane’s story and legacy is both an honor and a sincere dream come true.” — Marguerite Bennett (x)

P&G Interview (1 June 2016)
What figure skating taught me– “Bonds of Family"

~A blessing to be “Hanyu family’s Yuzuru”~
From the time I was in elementary school, whether for skating or daily life, my family gave me self-sacrificing support and I can never thank them enough. Especially my parents who brought me up with the direction of “No matter how much you love skating, we want you to know the world outside of skating”. Even when I became an adult, even when I got the gold medal(s), that has not changed. To my parents and sister, I am still the same as before, eldest son and youngest child of the Hanyu family. And I also want to be “the son of these parents”, I always feel that this is such a blessing.

~Family’s words become strength~
Especially at times when I am feeling troubled, I clearly feel the blessing of family. I know what I should do but I just cannot act on it. At those times, a word or advice from my family becomes a switch, and many times it is an impetus for things becoming better. Particularly from my mum who is always close to me, her words are special. This is what others would say too (about their own mothers), not just me. Mother, how many months she cherished me in her belly, gave birth to me after a hard time, always together with me since I was a baby, because of that, there are things she understands. Those words and thoughts have weight and go straight in, and echo deeply within.

~Each member has a different personality~
The 4 people in the Hanyu family all have different blood types. Not sure if it’s due to that, all our personalities are different. Strong-willed me sometimes get into a trivial argument with Mum, my serious sister will go “maa-maa” [t/n. like “now, now” to calm things down] and tries to mediate, Dad will be watching with “today, whose side should I take to settle this matter”;  it’s often this pattern. (laughs)  Because our personalities are different, we recognise that and accept one another, unity is not a problem. Being all different, I think we are a very well-balanced family.

Dad stays in Sendai because of work, so usually he is not with me, but what he has decided stands firm. His presence has that kind of weight. He is like the spiritual pillar supporting the Hanyu family. Long time back, I used to get yelled at, but now, he watches over me and advises me calmly.

Mum is most often with me, and I can tell her anything. Good things, bad things, whatever my thoughts, I just say it out to her honestly. There are also things I don’t say because it will make her worry, but Mum still knows it. In recent years, it is Mum’s role to give me the chiding.

~Big Sister~
Sister is gentle and loving, and always thinking with me from my position. Being a sister, there are things she understands with a different view point from my parents. As children, we also understand each other’s feelings towards our parents.  My relationship with my sister basically has not changed from the time I was 4.  She is still my ‘oneechan’ who spoils me. [*pronounced 'oh-nay-chan’ meaning big sister]

~With family~
During (skate) season, Mum and I are in Canada, so there is very little time that the 4 of us can be together. I really look forward to spending time in my family home. When I return home after a long period, Dad and Sister dotes on me like I’m a little kid. Skating is not mentioned much; we get excited about topics on TV or we enjoy games together. Sometimes we have silly arguments. (laughs) Home is a place where I can return to “plain” [t/n. or base or origin]. It is very comforting.

An interesting bit: 

Q: 21 year-old Hanyu-senshu, are there times when you drink alcohol with your family?

When I turned 20 and I returned to Sendai, for celebrating "Coming of Age”, I drank sake for the first time, together with my grandfather and male cousin(s). Then later, Dad also joined in and everyone drank, but my speech started to slur. Sake is nice but I think it does not suit my constitution. As an athlete, not being able to drink alcohol, it’s just right. (laughs)

-translated by me; source: P&G myrepi

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Hi~ Could I request for a boyfriend material of Adachi Yuto please~?? Thanks!!

Yuto… I want to fight him…

Yuto, the hard-working, caring boyfriend. Good manners and a kind heart, he’s the type of guy your parents would approve of, no kidding. 

Originally posted by y-u-t-o

He’s a pretty quiet person, one who doesn’t easily show his emotions so you wouldn’t really expect him to tell him how much you mean to him that often verbally (unless he’s pressed to, which is a pretty fun way of teasing him). Instead, he lets you know how much he cares through his actions, making the effort to let you know he cares with all the odd little gestures and acts of kindness that have you Shook™. He really is the ultimate embodiment ‘actions speak louder than words,’ and is always surprising you with things like washing your dishes, buying medicine, killing bugs or even fixing those squeaky door hinges you’ve been ignoring for months… Things which really don’t seem like a big deal but shows just how concerned he is and how much he loves you.

Originally posted by yeo1

He’s not going to admit it but a lot of times, he really does crave human touch and tenderness. At times like this, he’s going to turn to you. Think of it - a smol bean living alone in a foreign country, far away from his family… It’s tough on him, much more than you realise. He’s going to consider you his family, his pillar of strength and emotional support, and all the love and fondness he has, it’s going to be for you. He’s someone who chooses his significant other very carefully, someone who’s really really committed and serious about the relationship (this might be why he hasn’t liked anyone since middle school…). He doesn’t date to pass time, he really does see himself marrying you, growing with you, building a family with you. Heck, he even talks to his family about you.

Originally posted by y-u-t-o

Of course, he considers you a great friend. He’s the kind of boyfriend you’d be able to talk about anything to, the kind you’d be able to completely be yourself around, to be able to let all your guards down, and with you, of course, he does the same.

Yuto is actually pretty affectionate, whether it’s alone or whether it’s somewhere other people can see. Like, he’d grab your hand and play with your fingers as he holds them, or put his arm around you, but the thing about this is that most of the time he’s not even aware of it. He doesn’t know he’s doing it, he doesn’t notice anything strange - it’s just something he does subconsciously (unlike you, who’s very aware of what he’s doing and inwardly throw a fit). He also has a habit of touching your neck when he kisses you… To be able to touch you, feel you in the flesh, it makes him feel safe. But also, it might be because he feels a very strong sense of duty to protect you.

Originally posted by y-u-t-o

He’s someone who remembers the little things, like what your least favourite colour is, which movies you liked the most as a kid or what your first pets were named… All the details, the things which almost nobody else bothers with. Yuto would be a bit of a mom sometimes, too. He’d call you every morning to make sure you get up (you always hit snooze at least twice) and even takes note of your schedule, texting or calling you so you don’t forget, say, your doctor’s appointment or the student council meeting you were supposed to attend. Even your parents rely on him to keep an eye on you. What would you do without him, honestly lmao?

I do imagine him as the type to get jealous easily, but wouldn’t say anything about it. Sure, he trusts you a lot and and knows he shouldn’t be getting jealous over small things he can’t help it. That’s why, rather than telling you how he feels, he tends to bottle it up inside him and acting weirdly stiff and odd for the rest of the day. When you notice and ask what’s wrong he just says ‘nothing’ really quickly and when you finally figured out the real reason, you laughed at him for like 20 minutes (to which he responded with his usual pokerface, but you could see his nostrils flare ever so slightly, and you laughed even more cause it was cute…)

Originally posted by y-u-t-o

Dates! He’s the type of boyfriend who’d like to be around you a lot, to take you out regularly. No matter how busy his schedule is, he always makes sure he has time to spend with you. The best dates don’t have to be lavish or expensive, it’s the ones where you’re able to fully enjoy yourselves, have fun and enjoy each other’s presence. Sometimes he takes you to the park, to that one cafe at the end of the street, to the bookstore, grocery shopping, even, and when you’re feeling more adventurous maybe the two of you would go thrift-shopping downtown (he fucking loves that shit - one time he found an ancient pepe meme and it made him happy for 2 whole weeks).

Originally posted by y-u-t-o

Anyways, Yuto would try his best to make you feel as special and loved as he can. He knows when to be loving and when to be serious, when to make those terrible crappy jokes. He’d care for you and love you so deeply and genuinely, work hard to achieve his dreams, for a better life which he could spend by your side. Sure, he might not tell you he loves you every day, but you can definitely feel it. Yuto - well, if you believe in soulmates, then he really is The One™

Little Things

F!Shenko Fic

If it hadn’t been for fraternization regulations, Kaidan would have delivered her first eulogy.

Instead of talking about the hero, Commander Shepard, the savior and soldier, he would have talked about the woman, Alexandra Shepard.

He would have talked about how she preferred to be called Alex by everyone except him, who either called her Allie or Alexandra, depending on the mood. He would have talked about how she loved music; she always had it on when she had a free moment. She loved to dance, even though she was bad at it. Her favorite color was pink, a secret she’d only told him once. She was calmed by physical contact and loved to snuggle, even platonically. She never learned to swim outside of emergency training in the military, so she was deathly afraid of deep water.

He’d talk about how he was horrified by the way she took her coffee—strong enough to stand a spoon in, but sweet enough he was pretty sure he was obligated to call it dessert.  He’d talk about how she loved to cook, and they would spend long, sleepless nights trying to make something edible out of military rations (they were never successful, but they had fun either way). She loved sitting on her bed with him and Ash when off-duty and watching vids.

He’d talk about how she hated the cold, and had about half a dozen blankets on her bed. He’d talk about this indestructible woman being terrified of spiders. He’d talk about how she cried after Feros and Noveria and especially Virmire; how she felt the loss of every innocent she couldn’t save. They’d clung to each other when Ashley died, crying together over their mutual guilt.

He would talk about all the little things he fell in love with, and now he’d have to learn to live without them.


On their fifth wedding anniversary, he mulled over these things once more.

She still drank awful dessert-mud coffee. She still loved music, and filled their home with it. She still loved to cook; especially now she could cook for her family. She still insisted on Kaidan dealing with every spider that she found (though she begged him to let it out in the garden and not squash it). She still loved to snuggle, and she still had way too many blankets and pillows on their bed.

But he thought of the way she’d changed.

She moved less sharply—a combination of old injuries and the luxury of idle domesticity. Motherhood had softened and filled out her curves. She kissed him deeply every morning when they woke and every night when they went to sleep. She’d even made a sort of peace with the Bay their Vancouver home was built on.

He also liked to see the things he’d never imagined, even in his fondest and most earnest dreams. Of all the horrible things in this world he’d seen (and even done or been part of) he couldn’t have expected the bottomless well of happiness that was his wife and children. He couldn’t imagine the joy on the day when his Shepard had first responded to someone saying, “Excuse me, Mrs. Alenko”. He’d never dared to hope how wonderful it would be to see her chasing their son and daughter across their yard, or being called Dad, or being the pillar of a family he’d built.

If he could go back and tell his younger self, just after Shepard had died, that it could be this wonderful—that his life could be what he’d always hoped for—he would. He would tell himself to hold onto the little things he loved about her, instead of trying to forget.

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👨‍👩‍👧‍👦- What's your family like?

My family is an interesting grouping of people from opposite sides of the financial spectrum. I have relatives who lead relatively quiet and unassuming lives, and I have others that are professors at UCLA and richer than I think I’ll ever be. Wouldn’t probably change any of them save a few that have ended up being lil shits to the rest of us. That being said in the more immediate sense, my mother has the patience of a saint and has always sort of been the pillar for the family. My father when he was alive was sort of the firebrand, in a sense. He always had some new crazy scheme or idea, and never finished a single one of them. His workshop is a catch all of half finished projects and various bits and baubles he collected over the year. Together they both taught me to be the man I am today, whether emulating them or learning how to not be like them. My brother is sort of the guy who you always think is neat but also kind of cooky in that he keeps coming up with a bunch of relatively get-rich-quick esque ideas that never really pan out. I’ll just say we’re all glad that he has a relatively stable job, and that his wife is able to deal with his notions.