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The Other Side of Sunday

Relationship: Tenth Doctor x Rose Tyler

Rating: Teen

Summary: In which they have no concept of personal space. He never lands on Sundays, he thinks they’re boring. So they stay in the Vortex and he shows Rose a new room on the Tardis. They share a quiet and lazy moment, drawing on each other.

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Today feels like a Sunday even though there’s no way to tell. At first, Rose had tried to keep track of days, held on to her calendar, but now she appreciates the elasticity of time. All she knows is that it’s a day for sweatpants and no make-up, for crossword puzzles and a cup of tea. The Doctor seems to be on the same wavelength – grey t-shirt and pyjama bottoms low on his hips – when she meets him in the corridor, just outside the kitchen. She likes to think she’s the one who taught him the value of lazy days.

“Good morning!”

Even his smile is lazy today, the corners of his mouth rising slowly and crinkles reaching his slightly hooded eyes. The unusual smile turns her insides to fudge all the same.

“Morning Doctor. Where are you going?” Rose asks, noticing the loaf of bread and the jam he’s carrying.

“Did you know that there’s a Sun room?”

Knowing the Doctor and the Tardis, Rose imagines a room so hot you can’t survive in it. Maybe he’ll use it to make toasts. She’s reluctant to follow him to such a place but – let’s be real – she’d follow him anywhere. With an old copy of the Sunday Times under her arm and a mug in her hand, she walks behind his lanky frame.


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i live enfilade
grotesque &
balefire roiled
though void
the spirit of nepenthe
serpent, subaltern
black blade and ivory altar
my sorcery angles the pillars of Hercules
bathes the coral & shale solstice
at the rock of gibraltar
i made life from Hades
taught the monolith of his mind
how to seed and reap
the rivers from a twilight sleep
it is from my body the world flows
out; the blue limb of a waterfall
i am the way,
the will and the wall

Scherezade Siobhan©

dwsecretsanta present for dirty-hugo: DW AU where the Tenth Doctor is the first that Rose meets, and when he regenerates, he regenerates into some leather clad, Northern bloke…

Merry Christmas! I hope you have a good holiday :)


The scream pierced the Doctor’s ears and the pain it caused rivalled the slice he had just received across his chest. The Dalek, he assumed, had been destroyed as there was no second laser beam, and instead the Doctor felt small, shaking arms slip around his shoulders and hold him upright.

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youraveragemage  asked:

Merlin was in a prison, sitting patiently for something. At the moment her magic wasn't working as the price of getting to this realm was for the need to recharge as it were. The aliens wanted to use her to destroy their enemy. Not happening.

“Oi! What’s going on here?” the Doctor cried as he gripped onto the console of his TARDIS, his knuckles growing whiter as his TARDIS shuddered and violently lurched from side to side. Something was terribly wrong: he’d not been able to land in his original destination and every time he tried, the TARDIS acted like she was going to fly herself apart.

He pressed a button, and the emergency landing sequence began. He had no idea where he’d end up…he hoped it wasn’t a planet with an unbreathable atmosphere, or a stinky swamp world. But whatever it was, it’d be better than his TARDIS coming apart.

Checking the console monitor, he saw that he’d landed…in a prison? Sighing heavily, he adjusted the viewscreen and saw a woman in long robes and long, wavy brown hair sitting in one of the cells.

He trusted his ship. There had to be a reason he landed here.

Diving his hands into his various pockets, he checked…sonic screwdriver…psychic paper…banana. Once he was satisfied, he bounded down the ramp away from the console, grabbing his long brown trenchcoat from one of the coral pillars. He pulled open the TARDIS door, and peered outside…