Ok pet peeve.  When TV shows film scenes during the day and then amp up the blue to make it look like night, scenes like when Dorothy and Lucas kiss, when Tip pushed Jack off the balcony, Dorothy introducing Lucas to her iPod, Eamonn finding Dorothy’s pill bottle in the middle of the field with no torch. argh. This makes it hellaish trying to work with in edits and vids plus they don’t show proper night lighting from things like a campfire and moonlight.

I decided for my library I would render a color corrected and conversation only file so I wouldn’t have to do the same corrections over and over.  Then I thought I would share the clip since I’m seeing edits with the same problem.

scene: Dorothy x Lucas kiss

password: dorcas

Feel free to use in your edit, just reblog this post if you use it and if there’s interest I might do more or do a tutorial of how I did it (I use Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition).

anonymous asked:

Could you please do something during the games where haymitch and Effie sleep in the same bed but don't have sex because Effie is on her period and they realise how domestic it is?

Here you go! [X]

A Trial Run In Domesticity

There were papers everywhere. Schedules, speeches, to-do lists, piles of notes concerning mayors’ names, possible safe topics of conversations for the children to start during the various dinners… Effie’s bed was covered with them, so were the floor around it and both her nightstands. She and Haymitch were sitting with their backs to the headboard, trying to make sure the next District stop would run smoothly.

It was late, Effie’s eyes were burning and the light rocking of the train, as it rushed into the night to District Eight, wasn’t helping her sudden bout of sleepiness. She shifted for the third time in as many minutes, trying to relieve the latent pain in her lower back. She could have taken a pill but the bottle was on her dressing table, too far away for her to reach – besides, moving would disrupt the system they had going and she wasn’t about to do that until they were ready to tidy up and go to bed. It was a pain to organize.

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I’m turning off anons for a while.

“You’re honestly such a bitch for breaking her heart. If she commits suicide, it’s honestly your fault and I hope you feel guilty for the rest of your life.”

When I was 10 years old my dad committed suicide. What this anon said above is something my mom frequently said to me as a child. One night my mother told my little brother to start cleaning the house ‘for when the people bring the food’ and asked me to sit down next to her as she laid on the couch. She asked me ‘Do you love me?’ I said yes, and she emptied a bottle of pills in her hand, picked one up, and swallowed it. She asked me again, ‘Do you love me?’ I said yes, and she took another pill. I started crying. I tried saying ‘NO I DON’T LOVE YOU’ I tried not saying anything, I tried asking her if she loved me. Nothing worked, she took a pill every time. I cried harder, started screaming and got desperate. I picked up the phone to dial 911, and she yanked the phone from the wall and said ‘You’re gonna kill me just like you killed your daddy. You’re gonna sit here and live with it until the police come because people can smell my body rotting.’ The last thing I remember is quietly checking to see if she was still breathing as she slept.

I am someone who suffers from Anxiety and PTSD and seeing comments like this are very triggering for me. I haven’t been able to stop thinking of that night since some of you have been sending me similar messages. Please think about the things you’re saying to people on the internet. You don’t know what they have been through. We are people, after all, with feelings.

Don’t you say that you’ll stay and then leave anyway. I’m not a door you can fling open only to slam shut; nor a shelter from a storm that you just leave when the thunder and the rain gives out. I’m not a hiding place, I’m not ephemeral solace, I’m not a bottle of pills that you can push to the back of the cabinet once the pain eases off. If you have every intention of walking out, please don’t dare walk in.
Modern Witches

Modern Witches make sigils in Galifreyan and Elvish runes because why the fuck not. Also we’re nerds.

Modern Witches will use old pill bottles to store herbs or moon water. 

Modern Witches will use Harry Potter spells because they clearly work. 

Modern Witches will call their God edgy when they’re being edgy.

Modern Witches will also Kinkshame their Gods because who gives birth through their forehead or turns into a horse to have intercourse with a magical stallion. 

Modern Witches will use emojis to cast spells because magic is everywhere. 

Modern Witches will use their Kindle as their ancient grimoire library and their laptop or a binder as their book of shadows. 

Modern Witches will make witchy memes because???

Modern Witches will use Dovahzul for spells because if the Dragonborn could break shit by screaming, so can we. Did I mention we’re nerds?

Modern Witches will talk to their crystals bc they’re our only friends.

Modern Witches will also take their craft seriously and be the most inventive people out there.

Modern Witches, mate.

In 2012, Danish police officers arrested a sex offender and found child pornography in his computer. But catching the guy looking at the pictures is only half the battle in situations like this – they needed to find the asshole who took the photos. No doubt fighting every instinct to just set the hard drive on fire and drink the memory away, the officers examined the images and found a detail that could help catch one of the photographers: a pill bottle with a tiny, blurry name.

The Danish shared this evidence with Homeland Security’s Cyber Crimes Center, where special agents used classified technology to undo the blur on the bottle – to the point that they were able to pull off part of a surname, the name of the medication, and the first two characters of a prescription number. Detectives then used that information to find the owner of the bottle, a human-shaped mound of shit called Stephen Keating.

However, this didn’t necessarily prove Keating did anything. Maybe he lent the bottle to a friend, or the real child pornographer had stolen the pills from Keating as part of his mission to just commit every possible type of crime. Luckily, the feds had another impossibly high-tech trick up their sleeves.

One of the photos showed a man’s hand, and by putting it through special filters, they managed to get a fingerprint impression. We’ll repeat that part: they got his fingerprints off of a digital photograph. If you saw that on CSI, you’d call bullshit and switch to a more realistic crime-fighting show, like The Flash.

7 True Crimes Solved By Twists Too Ridiculous For Network TV

The worst part of downing a bottle of pills, isn’t the pain you are in to do so. No, the worst part is laying in the hospital bed and hearing your best friend come sprinting down the hall. The worst part is the moment you see him, and his blue eyes are full of tears. The worst part is the way his arms shake when he hugs you, and how the nurses have to pull him away from you because the risk of heart failure is too high.

The worst part of attempting suicide, is surviving.

—  Alex Plotnikoff-Alexander