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In 2002, the childhood of 7 year old Hannah Milbrandt was turned upside down after she was informed by her parents that she was dying of leukaemia. However, both Hannah and her father Robert remained completely unaware that the entire situation was a hoax devised by her own mother, Teresa.

For nine months, her scheming mother and distraught father planned fundraisers for their ailing daughter and raised a substantial $31,000 for the family- which was entirely the result of generous donations from businesses and people within the local community. During this time, Teresa shaved Hannah’s head to keep up the facade, as well as constantly plying her with sleeping pills and taping bandages to various parts of her body. She claimed to concerned relatives and friends that the bandages hid “medical ports’ through which Hannah received treatment. Just under a year later, the whole plot was revealed after Hannah’s school teachers grew more suspicious. In 2003, both Teresa and Robert were imprisoned for 6.5 year and 5 years respectively for the charges of theft and child endangerment. 

Robert to this day maintains his innocence by asserting that he was completely unaware as his wife took charge of taking Hannah to all of her medical appointments. Hannah herself has since spoke of how falsely awaiting her own death has triggered periods of depression and suicidal thoughts but is doing her best to carry on with life. She has spoken of how her own mother ruined her life, but has also acknowledged her father’s innocence by stating that his conviction “weighs very heavy on my heart.” Robert had not allowed Hannah to testify on his behalf, and so instead she has spent many years trying to seek justice for him since his release from prison.

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Oh my god, I was watching Untold Stories of the ER and this one woman littarly did that to her daughter. She was trying to make her daughter thinner for beauty pageants, so she gave her a tape worm pill. They came in thinking she was pregnant and thought it was constipation, it turned out it was hundreds of tape worms living in her gut.

what is wrong with that woman


I made my own watercolor travel palette with QOR water colors. I decorated a travel pill case with washi tape and stickers and the paint is in little wax mould plastic square thingies. YEAHHHH.