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First off, here am I waking up this morning after Hamlet. 

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Second off, OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!! I just…there are NO WORDS! The play starts out with HIddleston sitting at a piano, silence, then he starts playing AND SINGING! It was this absolutely heartbreaking song and the whole theater is dark except for one spotlight right on Tom. Then all of sudden FANFARE LIGHTS, SET CHANGE, PANDEMONIUM as the play truly begins. @imaginaryboyfriendcollection and I were sitting in the last two seats on the end, in the front row literally ON THE STAGE. I was on the very end so I was right by the stage entrance and the entire night the actors kept freaking me out because I couldn’t hear them creep up behind me preparing to come out on stage. This also meant every time Hiddleston came out on stage from my side his lovely most wonderful smell of happiness, rainbows, and sunshine would waft past me. It was the greatest high ever! My favourite part of the play was when Rozencrantz and Guildenstern are sent to figure out why Hamlet is going crazy. Rozencrantz and Guildenstern are played by two AMAZING women and so they changed the gender of the names to RosAcrantz and GuildAstern. My favourite was Ayesha Antoine who plays Rosacrantz (seriously Tom NEEDS to date a WOC I SHIP THESE TWO SO FUCKING HARD!) Anyhoo back to the scene, Hamlet is sitting on a couch brooding wearing a hoodie, black jeans, war paint on his face, and his shoulders a draped in the flag of Denmark. When Rosacrantz and Guildastern walk in with a black BeatsAudio Pill speaker playing an upbeat song, Hamlet jumps up and a dance party ensues. I believe this is where the couch humping part came in but I can’t really remember because I was so in awe of everything. But the moral of all of this is Ayesha Antoine and Tom Hiddleston are soul mates and my OTP and my true ship and good god I need them to date after this because they were amazing together and shes all short and petite and he’s all tall and amazing and just UGHHHHH I LOVE THEM! Anyhoo, the play continues, Hiddleston crys real tears and at one point a teardrop drips off his nose and poor baby he looked so sad and miserable. Don’t even get me started on the sword fight between Hamlet and Laertes all I could think about was Coriolanus and that interview where Tom says his sword broke and went flying through the audience. Since I was sitting literally RIGHT THERE I could just see that sword breaking and flying at me or someone losing their footing or something. Another thing to note is throughout the entire play everytime Hiddleston would raise his arms his shirt would rise up and his little tummy would peak out and it was cute and adorable and in his death scene he falls to the ground with his arm reaching up and you can see his abs peaking out and basically I couldn’t cry at the death of Hamlet because I was too busy oogling Tom’s abs staring at me within touching distance. 

So yeah…that was my night. Please keep and eye on @imaginaryboyfriendcollection blog today as she is a far more eloquent writer than I am and probably remembers more details. But now you know my favourite scene, the fact that Tom needs to date a WOC, and he humped a couch. 

Beats by Dre are releasing a beats pill speaker and by there FCC filing and a sighting at UK retailer HMV’s online store, the beats pill is a Bluetooth wireless speaker with four drivers, serves as a speakerphone, aux-in jack and will last for a typical 8.5 hours on its USB-rechargeable lithium-ion battery, it comes in white, black and white. The price will be around £170 and could be available end of September early October.

I done it again yall, I wrote some spice!! 

Canvas, 3.7k

Kylo is a struggling artist who’s doubting his worth, and Hux decides to show him exactly how talented he really is. 


The minute Hux closes the front door behind him and toes off his brogues he can tell something is off. There is no music blaring from Kylo’s shitty little pill speaker he refuses to replace, no sounds of clattering pans and food boiling over, let alone the dour cloud of a bad mood that’s practically tangible in the air around him.

The apartment is silent, the kitchen light the only one on in the house and spilling forlornly across the hall, and Hux sighs. He’d really been looking forward to the steaks Kylo had been texting him about grilling up for dinner.

Resigned to having to order takeout and already mentally rummaging through the stack of menus in the junk drawer, Hux loosens his tie and rounds the corner into the kitchen. He stops suddenly, blinking down at the neat little pile of white paper boxes from his favorite Thai place already sitting on the counter, tied up neatly in a plastic bag. Huh. He sets about untying the bag and setting the still-warm boxes out one by one, and a shred of light glints up from the bin and catches his eye.

He peers down to get a closer look and notices with a pang that it’s a shard of porcelain, his favorite mug laying in pieces with the garbage. He has only a second to mourn its loss before Kylo speaks from where he’d been sitting, still as the dead and unnoticed at the kitchen table and making Hux nearly drop a handful of pad see ew.

“It was an accident, but after the mountain of shit that has been my day-” He heaves a defeated sigh. “Yours was an accident, mine was on purpose.”

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Alexander Wang has partnered with Beats by Dre to create a custom line of products. The strictly limited, pale gold with matte black pieces include Wang’s signature embossed glossy stingray case with zipper and clip.

Included in the collection are the famous Beats headphones ($449). These are the latest – the Beats Studio. There’s also the Beats Pill wireless speakers ($299). The Pill is lightweight, portable, and wireless enabled. Finally, there’s the urbeats ear buds ($149) #FilthyLIFE

The Mannequin Challenge continues to solider on—you probably noticed your Facebook friends’ middle-aged relatives finally getting in on the action during Thanksgiving—and Taylor Swift isn’t ready to let the trend pass her by. She took some time out from Thanksgiving to post her own Mannequin Challenge to Instagram, and it features several of her famous friends. Todrick Hall, Martha Hunt, Leah McCarthy, and Lily Donaldson help Swift out, along with her brother Austin.

It’s a fine effort—let’s be honest, it’s hard to make a Mannequin Challenge video with wow factor these days—and the group seems to be enjoying themselves. Swift even manages to work in a plug for Beats, owned by her corporate bae Apple, by posing with a Beats Pill speaker. They at least managed to finesse a nice beach location for the clip.

—  Complex Magazine reviews Taylor Swift’s mannequin challenge 😂😂😂😂
Chapter 11! Enjoy xx


The sky was clear, kids played and sweated under the merciful, blazing sun. The beautiful day only caused Rae’s bad mood to increase. It was the nicest Sunday in a while and Rae hated that she was going to be spending it in such a furious state - the only Sunday where the sun finally cracked the flags and she wasn’t allowed a nice, refreshing fruity cider. She had been in this mood from the moment she left the doctor’s the previous day. Dr. Nick had told her that he and his team weren’t happy with the medication she had been put on as she had made no progress in the six weeks he gave her and that he wanted to change it. Reason being why this was such bad news was because on the new one’s there was a strict ‘No drinking’ Rule. As although she still drank on the old ones; the new ones made you vomit violently if you even sniffed Barcardi. 

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